Big and Little Sun Go Go 16: Arrival at a New World

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 16: Arrival in a New World—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su & J Tao; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Side quest: holy knights to steer Hummers instead of horses! Readers’ choice: Steal. Note: Please arrive at the destination marked with an X on the map before 5 PM.”

“Another system notification?” Charles noticed the other two suddenly go still, so he guessed that something had occurred.

Elaro explained the event to him.

After hearing the contents of the side quest, Charles studied the two holy knights. He had a somewhat difficult time grasping how they would react to “stealing.”

The holy knight that had transformed into a child seemed rather flexible and adaptable to different situations, but the one wearing a modern suit radiated righteousness. He seemed more like a police officer than Charles’s policeman friend, Yue Gang. Saying the word “steal” in front of this person made Charles feel as if he would be instantly handcuffed and led away.

“The choice is to steal?” Grisia decided that this was a good choice. “The chances of success seem higher with this. Fortunately, the readers didn’t choose the car factory; I don’t want to make a detour and waste the time that Charles is here for.”

Seeing an angelic, adorable girl claiming that stealing was good like a proud, experienced old sage made Charles feel strongly indisposed, and he chose to shift his gaze toward Elaro. The latter did not understand why he was being looked at, and merely gave a friendly smile.

…Well then, perhaps I was mistaken. In reality, holy knights are able to steal.

“Stealing a bad person’s car makes it much more convenient. If we stole from a good person, we would have to tell him to get compensation from the Church of the God of Light. The Pope always makes a fuss about having me pay for it myself…”

Midway through his words, Grisia abruptly recalled that this was not his own world. Even if he said such words, nobody would have anywhere to seek compensation.

Mm, luckily, it’s a bad person’s car. Elaro can take the place of the Judgment Knight and deliver the punishment of the harsh God of Light!

“Let’s go!” Grisia did not want to waste any more of Charles’ limited time.

Without any further delay, the three of them directly took the emergency staircase down to the first floor.

Once they had exited, Charles looked around for a road sign to find their way. However, he instead spotted the two holy knights standing motionlessly in a daze as they surveyed everything around them. They were both amazed and in disbelief.

Charles finally felt like these two holy knights truly had come from a completely different world. If they had instead stayed calm and composed the entire time, they truly would not have seemed like people who had arrived in the future from an older world.

Grisia and Elaro could barely take in everything they saw. While inside the house, their field of view had been limited. Although they had seen things they had been unable to comprehend, the internal structure of the house was familiar: there were still chairs, beds, and other furniture. The analogous objects had made them more at ease.

They had looked outside the windows, but gazing from afar did not give a sense of reality. Only now that they had walked out from the main entrance did they really get the sense that they had arrived in an entirely new world. The towering buildings around us are so tall; how were they built? Will they not collapse…?

Everything before their eyes was so different. They could not even discern what some things were.

After staring for a long while, Grisia finally forced himself to calm down with much difficulty. However, he had to confirm with Charles yet again, “Charles, is this world actually similar to yours?”

Charles smiled, understanding the other’s anxiety. He immediately clarified, “The world I currently live in would approximately be a hundred years in the future if this world had not faced an apocalypse. While there are many objects that have already been phased out over time, I have lived for a long time and have seen these things before. I will explain everything to you two.”

Grisia felt greatly reassured by this. Summoning Charles was seriously a blessing from the God of Light—Ah, no, it should be considered a blessing from the readers.

“Teacher.” Elaro asked in a low voice, “Can we really go back?”

Grisia confidently answered, “We can. Otherwise, the God of Light would definitely not be so calm.”

So that’s how it is! As Elaro suddenly realized this, he finally felt some relief. But then, he spotted something wrong, and his expression drastically changed.

“Teacher, watch out!”

A black shadow pounced toward Grisia—

The black shadow is:

  • A horned mouse
  • A carrion-bloom bird
  • A tier one aberrant


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  1. Jasae Bushae

    Ah, looks like I guessed wrong.
    Since Dominions End is the one Yu Wo series I don’t read, ive no idea what would be best in this case

    • ArmadaTW

      You’re missing out then; it’s easily my second favorite series after LoSK.

  2. Kamui

    Bring on the birdy! It will be fun! And, besides, I want to see how Elaro compares to Ice Emperor the second!

  3. Vapor

    I vote carrion-bloom bird. XD Though hopefully Grisia won’t be flown far far away, lol. This series is so good. <3

  4. ArmadaTW

    I’m hoping for a Tier 1. We still haven’t even experienced one in the main series, so it’d be interesting to see what it is and how they deal with it.

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