Big and Little Sun Go Go 15: This Vehicle Is Not That Vehicle

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 15: This Vehicle Is Not That Vehicle—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

Elaro picked up the object. Before he could even look at it, he heard Will’s notification.

“Triggered second application of Holy Light: Heal.”

This application was not out of Elaro’s expectations. However, the two most important uses of holy light had already appeared—what could be next?

Soon after, Elaro recalled his teacher’s amazing holy abilities that far exceeded others, unlike Elaro’s average aptitude. Moreover, with his plentiful experience, there were definitely many more different ways to use it.

At ease, Elaro studied the object in his hands. It was a map with the words: “Tourist Map” written at the top. He chuckled and said to the door, “Thank you, this is very helpful.”

The door was opened a crack once again. The person still refused to show himself, but his voice was clearly much friendlier.

“Their firepower is terrifying, to be able to kill those monsters. Plus, their guns are very quiet. Y-you guys best not go over there. I think there’s little chance Mr. Du is still alive. Better not go and hand over your lives like that.”

The person then shut the door completely. There were no more signs of movement.

Grisia took the map from Elaro’s hands and handed it to Charles, asking, “You are probably able to understand this map better than we can?”

“What a truly nostalgic paper map.”

Charles sighed in admiration. As a vampire that had lived for over a century, he could naturally read anything from paper maps to electronic maps. He carefully studied it, and swiftly found the guard tower.

“The guard tower is here. Its location is almost outside of this city. If we rush over now, perhaps by nighttime…”

Charles pointed at the lower right corner of the map as he spoke, but midway through his words, recalled that they did not have any means of transportation. This was also a monster apocalypse, so he truly was unable to accurately assess when they would arrive.

“Perhaps we should locate a vehicle as a means of transportation.”

Grisia shook his head. “The streets outside are blocked up. There’s no way a carriage could pass through. Perhaps horses would work.”

Charles’s expression shifted slightly at these words. Attempting to find horses in this city would likely cost more time than simply heading toward the guard tower on foot, I would think?

However, these two were holy knights. The desire to ride horses could not be any more normal.

Charles tactfully explained, “Locating horses would be too difficult. I am afraid that will not work.”

Grisia nodded to indicate his understanding. “Even if there were horses, they probably would have been eaten by the monsters.”

When Charles heard these words, he suddenly remembered that he only had twenty-four hours before he had to leave. Perhaps he should explain more details about this world while he was still present, so that the holy knights could comprehend more?

“When we are outside, I will explain more about ‘vehicles.’ The people here no longer use carriages, nor do they ride horses. Rather, they use a different type of ‘vehicle’—”

These words made Grisia recall a moment earlier when he had looked outside the window and seen many strange objects crammed in the streets. Could those possibly be the vehicles Charles is talking about?

“Triggered side quest: holy knights to steer Hummers instead of horses! There are three options to acquire a Hummer that the readers can choose from.”

  • Steal: As a holy knight, one cannot do bad things. However, we can steal bad people’s cars!
  • Hitch a ride: There’s an adorable little girl on the side of the road. Would this good Hummer not stop?
  • Car factory: While a bit of a detour, a Hummer is worth walking even to the ends of the earth to search for!


4 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    1. Bad peoples cars doesn’t really sound viable to identify when nobody is around

    2. Sounds devious and tricky and I can see the fandom liking this idea. XD

    3. Car factory sounds the most interesting though I doubt they know what a hummer is

    • kamui

      If the dispic-*e-hem* discerning Holy Knight Sun determines that it is an evil person’s car, I am sure no one would object?

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