Big and Little Sun Go Go 14: Eyewitness

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 14: Eyewitness—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su & J Tao; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations to Player Grisia for earning the Children’s Day Gift ‘You Have To Play With Me’: The next party summoned by the player will stay for a longer period of time.”

A nice surprise had unexpectedly fallen from the heavens!

Grisia couldn’t help but smile as he said, “What a wonderful holiday this is. I sincerely hope the readers have holidays every day!”

Charles could not hear the system notification. However, he heard about the matter from Elaro and politely said, “Congratulations.”

“Let’s take advantage of this bout of luck. Elaro, go ahead and break open that door.”

Hearing this, Charles wondered if he should provide assistance. He saw that Elaro only held a metal baseball bat, the type that was hollow inside. Breaking open the thick, metal door with it might not be a simple task…

Elaro quickly dashed forward and kicked the door. The heavy bang was nothing like the sound a human would make with a kick. It was as if a colossal monster had slammed into the door, creating a deep dent; nearly a hole.

I see, he was not planning on using the baseball bat in the first place!

The door had not been kicked open. Elaro furrowed his brows. He had misjudged the door—he had not expected it to be this sturdy, having assumed that there would be a limit to how thick the front door of a home could be. As a result, he had only used slightly increased strength. However, he had overlooked the fact that this world was not his own; he could not use his usual common sense to make judgments.

After some reflection, Elaro readied his leg once more to kick the door open completely; however, a shout came from within.

“Don’t take me! I’m not injured—I’m not about to die! You guys can’t capture me for experiments!”

“Seems like your conjecture was very accurate,” Grisia said to Charles. The latter smiled.

Elaro called out, “We aren’t going to capture you. We just want to know what happened to the neighbors.”

“We just want to find Uncle’s family!” Grisia said intentionally. He was currently a child; it was easy for him to lower the other person’s guard.

That person seemed to want to open the door now, but it was deformed from the kick and made an ear-splitting screech. Elaro moved forward to try and help open it, but the person behind the door instead pushed back against the other side, screaming in terror. Elaro had no choice but to stop his actions.

Finally, the door was open by a small crack. The person cautiously peeked through the gap and asked, “Are y-you guys really relatives of the Du family? Why are you foreigners?”

Grisia pulled Charles by the arm and answered, “He’s the relative of the Du family. My brother is his teammate, so we’re looking for Uncle together!”

They did not know if the other person believed this or not, as they kept hiding behind the door without a word.

Grisia tried his best to pull the child act, recalling Charsia’s manner of speaking: as “naïvely and innocently” as possible. “Uncle, are you hurt? We can help—”

The other person immediately refused. “I’m not hurt! Don’t come in! I’ll tell you guys about the Du family. Then, hurry up and leave!

“That day, several people in the building wanted to run out as a group to find some sort of refugee camp. They ended up attracting a bunch of monsters. The Du family didn’t follow. Finally, after drawing the monsters over, those death-seeking idiots charged straight to our floor, only to be trapped. They frantically knocked on the Du family’s door begging to be saved—the Du family didn’t open their door. But those monsters ate everyone, then destroyed the door…”

The person’s voice was full of panic, as if recalling the desperate scene from that time.

“Then ‘those people’ came. They had guns and killed all the monsters. I originally wanted to open the door and beg for them to take me with them, b-but they said something weird…”

We’re too late, looks like everybody here is dead…

Huh? It seems like this one is still breathing. Oh, so it wasn’t a fatal wound. Take these two back. Perfect, see if there are any differences between the fatally and non-fatally wounded transforming into monsters.

The person cried out fearfully, “They clearly said the person was still breathing, yet they didn’t save them and even wanted to watch them turn into a monster!”

Charles murmured to himself, “So, that is the situation. You were injured. Afraid of them wanting to watch you turn into a monster as well, you chose not to open the door to leave with them.”

The person remained silent, not admitting that he was wounded.

Elaro asked, “Who are ‘those people’? You know this door cannot obstruct me.”

The person had no choice but to reluctantly continue, “They said they would bring the others to the guard tower, which has a refugee camp. It’s in the southeast! That’s all I know! You guys should hurry up and leave. Don’t attract the monsters here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was heavily slammed shut.

Grisia opened his mouth to say, “Elaro, just heal him.”

If the person wasn’t healed, then the previously stated three day time limit would likely be his time of death.

They were separated by a door, but this did not cause any significant difficulty. With a wave, Elaro shot a beam of holy light straight through it.

At this moment, Will’s notification sounded. “Player has found the eyewitness and discovered the truth. Main Quest: ’Nobody knows that he will become the future king of aberrants’ has been updated. Find the base of operations of ’those people.’”

The three of them exchanged looks with one another. Before they could discuss their next action, the front door suddenly opened a crack again, and an object was tossed outside…

  • Food
  • Map
  • Gun


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  1. 15B

    Nooooooo! I wanted Invincible Grisia! A small child bullying everyone due to their invincibility! Even if he can only deal 1 DMG, if the enemies can’t hurt him back, then winning is guaranteed.

  2. Gandire Alea

    So, this is Yu Wo’s way of telling us events she couldn’t figure out how to write into her stories??

  3. Blub the Sub

    Wouldn’t guns be not as useful if they’re only about the same as Leaf’s arrows? Food or a map seem like better options. Looking forward to what the majority will give them!

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