Big and Little Sun Go Go 13: Happy Children’s Day

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 13: Happy Children’s Day—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su; C/E edited by lucathia)

The ball of holy light was only around the size of an egg, and it was not very bright either. However, when Charles’s eyes faced it directly, he felt an indescribable pain pierce through his eyes, as if, while in complete darkness, someone had suddenly shone an extremely large flashlight straight into his eyes. The brightness quickly made his head begin to hurt as well.

“Triggered first use of holy light: Attack dark creature.”

Hearing Will’s message, Elaro hurriedly stepped forward to block the holy light, and Grisia simultaneously retracted it as well. The two of them were extremely worried about the vampire’s condition.

“Are you all right?”

Charles blinked, his senses gradually returning to normal. He turned to smile at the others, indicating he was uninjured.

“I never imagined that holy light would be so effective on me. It is truly intriguing.”

What kind of creature did you think you were? The two holy knights were completely speechless.

Charles bowed slightly in gratitude. “Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. Since we do not have much time, let us continue searching for clues.”

What a conscientious helper! Grisia once again felt thankful that he had “communicated” with the readers beforehand. Just look at how useful this summoned party is!

Charles continued explaining the clues he had discovered. “As a vampire, I am highly sensitive to blood. For example, this living room has a strong scent of blood. I already smell rotting. It has likely been several days since the event occurred.”

He pointed to the area beneath his feet and said, “There should have been a person lying here at the door. They lost an extremely large amount of blood, so I am afraid it is unlikely they survived.”

“In addition, the girl in the photograph is unquestionably dead as well.”

Grisia asked in confusion, “How are you so sure of that?”

Charles calmly replied, “She was torn into pieces. But with her blood pointing the way, I can see a large quantity of her… remains.”

The other two’s expressions instantly plummeted when they heard the devastating situation Charles described, despite the fact that Grisia had already anticipated this earlier.

Charles softly continued, “In addition to the putrid blood, I can also smell some fresh blood.”

Fresh blood? Grisia was stunned for a moment as he realized this meant that there was someone alive. They needed to find this witness!

Charles shifted and pointed at the door of the residence diagonally opposite them.

“From the smell, there is a decent amount of blood. We may need to act more quickly.”

Grisia and Elaro were not concerned about this point. Will had already told them that the witness would die in three days. This was only the first day; they had enough time.

However, they still needed to speed up the pace, as the summoned Charles would only exist for twenty-four hours. The next summoned party could be much less cooperative for all they knew.

“Elaro, go and break the door open—”

Before Grisia finished speaking, he heard the sound of Will’s system notification.

“It has been detected that the readers are currently celebrating Children’s Day. Today, children hold the highest position. Player Grisia will earn one of the following rewards.”

  • Children’s Defense Law: For the next 24 hours, nobody, and that means any living, undead, or aberrant, can hurt children!
  • I Want to Quickly Grow Up: In this world, Player Grisia can temporarily transform into an adult for three hours.
  • You Have To Play With Me: The next party summoned by the player will stay for a longer period of time.


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  1. Blub the Bloop

    I love this series so much! Yu Wo is such a creative writer to let her readers do a majority choose-your-own story. She can incorporate so many things that wouldn’t normally fit in the main storylines of the various characters. It’s too bad I can’t participate, but I love looking at possible options!

    I hope the readers pick “You Have To Play With Me” so we can have more fun with the next summon!

    • kamui

      I know, right? I feel like the two most influential authors for me are Bill Waterson (Calvin and Hobbs) and Yu Wo. They help frame the world in such a unique way, it always brightens my days.

  2. dollyfishe

    the choices are fun 😂😂 too bad we cant read the other choices not choosen

  3. MaplePanda

    Is this really the origins of Thirteen? So he had a little girl and maybe that’s why he became so attached to the little girl from the camp? Makes me feel so anxious ><

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