Big and Little Sun Go Go 12: Oh, Holy Light

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 12: Oh, Holy Light—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Xuan; C/E edited by Simone & lucathia)

“Readers selected Reward: For 24 hours after returning to your original world, you will be able to hear all of the young master’s thoughts.”

Charles smiled when he heard Will’s words. The ability to hear the young master’s thoughts would improve his ability to carry out his responsibilities as a butler.

Grisia felt more at ease when he saw Charles’s expression. This Charles person’s smile was as gentle as the warm sun, making him seem absolutely nothing like someone from a race that required taking human blood. Could such a mild vampire actually suck blood from a human?

Charles said, “I have received the reward. Now, please let me know how I can help you two. Or perhaps if you do not mind, you could tell me about the contents of your quest so that I may better provide assistance.”

Charles believed that since these two holy knights were from a very different world, it was possible that they were unable to understand the quest at all.

Elaro glanced at his teacher. Seeing that he did not voice any objection, Elaro took the initiative to explain the situation. There was no reason to conceal any of the events that had occurred up until then, so Elaro clearly described every detail, including the triggered side quests.

Charles murmured, “Speaking of the apocalypse, I wonder if it refers to a world similar to those in zombie films. Have you two heard the word ‘zombie’ mentioned yet?”

Elaro shook his head.

“I see. No zombies, yet the main quest mentioned ‘King of Aberrants.’ It is possible that these ‘aberrants’ are the zombies of this apocalypse, and this living room is where their king was born.”

He carefully scrutinized the photograph Elaro had taken from the system. The man appeared to be a normal member of the working class. Charles examined the countless bullet holes in the walls and recalled the things the Church had done to him in the past. Unable to hold himself back, Charles said, “Perhaps he transformed into an aberrant in the beginning of the apocalypse and was subsequently discovered and captured by one of this world’s organizations?

“These are all only my hypotheses.”

Still, these ideas were inferred from zombie films. Charles thought back to the apocalyptic-type films he had watched in the past; all other types of apocalypse themes did not quite seem to match their current situation and main quest.

He recalled that humans in these zombie films mostly used firearms as their weapons. Adding to that the fact that the living room walls were littered in bullet holes, it appeared that the guns had to have been extremely powerful since ordinary guns would not have been able to leave such gouges.

Slightly worried, Charles reminded the other two, “If you see a gun, please do not try to face it head-on. Those holes in the walls were made by guns, extremely powerful ones.”

Hearing the mention of threatening weapons, Grisia immediately asked, “What are guns like? You’re not referring to spears,1 right?”

Charles released his blood ability to form the general shape of a gun as he explained, “Guns more or less take this shape. They are able to shoot bullets from far away to injure people. The bullets travel at extremely fast speeds. It is impossible for an ordinary person to dodge them. Guns far surpass bows in both power and speed.”

He watched as the two studied the gun’s form closely. They were not surprised in the slightest by the blood ability. As expected of people from a fantasy world.

“Judging by its appearance, it doesn’t look like a formidable weapon. Is it really more terrifying than Leaf’s bow and arrows?”

Grisia was glad he had used the readers’ summons so early as he realized how many things there were in this world that neither he nor Elaro understood. It would not have gone well to continue like that; they had undoubtedly needed to summon a helper.

Elaro inspected the holes in the walls and asked in confusion, “Are guns really that powerful? Valica can leave these kinds of marks with a bow and arrow.”

What? Can bows and arrows truly leave such imprints? Ah, perhaps they can in a fantasy world? Charles started to think that his concern may have been excessive. These two were not ordinary knights, but rather knights that possessed “holy light.”

He could not help but ask, “You two can release holy light?”

The holy knights exchanged a look. Elaro nodded and answered, “Of course we can. However, holy light would make you extremely uncomfortable, and could possibly even hurt you.”

Elaro did not know what level of dark creature a vampire classified as. Although Charles possessed a very high amount of dark element, he did not seem to be very strong.

Hearing this, Charles slide stepped and moved to the door as quickly as if he had teleported.

“Please release it.”

Grisia was dumbfounded. Exactly what kind of lightless world did this dark creature come from to willingly want to see holy light?

It’s real holy light! Charles strived to continue maintaining the calm attitude of a butler. He had seen it in so many films and novels, but this was the first time he was able to see actual holy light! The young master would undoubtedly also want know what holy light was like.

A small ball of holy light materialized in Grisia’s hands. He did not let Elaro do it since he truly did not want to accidentally injure this useful and amiable vampire.

“Side quest triggered: Omnipotent Holy Light. Please exploit the various applications of holy light. Upon completion of this world, the number of uses will determine the size of the reward.”

#PaceSlowedAfterCharlesAppearedAsExpectedOfCharles (implication unclear)


1 “Guns and spears:” A gun is called a 搶 (qiāng) while a spear is a 長槍 (chángqiāng), a “long gun,” which leads to Grisia wondering if Charles is talking about spears.

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  1. Andi

    #PaceSlowedAfterCharlesAppearedAsExpectedOfCharles (implication unclear)
    This is a great combo. Leave it to Grisia to get along with a nonviolent creature of darkness. It’s interesting to read how they perceive each other. Charles is abundant in dark element but still a living creature. It makes sense, but I never thought about how different that is from how some vampires are considered top tier living dead. Even Charles sleeps in a coffin! I’m really curious how aberants will be considered. Undead right? The body is a host that died, and then something… ELSE… has taken over? Although it seems like there are some hybrid cases where the host hasn’t fully died. Hrmm..
    Also, I wonder what they thought of Charles’ blood ability? A mix of water and dark element that uses his blood as a medium?

  2. Mizuhino

    Hee hee hee, Charles is good at keeping the flow to his own pace! Thank you!

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    Exploit holy light? Like use it as a light to save in electricity? Ah, maybe blind your enemies with it! If you’re lucky, you might exorcise them

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    Ohmy… Pace slowed!!! As expected of charles 😂😂😂 yuwo having fun teasing us readers 😂😂😂

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    The “word” in “As expected of people from a fantasy word.” should be “world” :)

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