Big and Little Sun Go Go 11: Vampire Butler

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 11: Vampire Butler—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Xuan; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

Grisia carefully read the three choices.

“Teacher, it seems that of these choices, the Dictator of Life would be the strongest?” Elaro asked with some uncertainty. A powerful word like “Dictator” was being used, so they couldn’t possibly be weak, right?

“Stronger is not necessarily better.” Grisia cautiously replied, “The stronger the person is, the more likely it is that they might not want to help us. This world is only a simple novice world. With you here, physical prowess shouldn’t be an issue. What we need is a guide, someone who can help us understand this world.”

Elaro pondered this over and completely agreed. However, the two other choices were just names; there were no clues to go off of.

“Readers chose Summon: Charles Endelis.”

As soon as the dull, monotone voice finished speaking, an enormous water mirror materialized before them, ripples forming on the surface. Then, a person stepped out from the mirror.

It was a black-haired man with a faint smile. His appearance was neat and handsome, and he wore a collared shirt, vest, and dress pants. His movements were graceful and refined, though he did not seem to belong to a combat profession.

Most importantly, aside from the vest, his clothing was identical to Elaro’s, which raised their spirits. If this man was dressed similarly, then that meant that he must be at least more familiar with this world than they were, right?

The man inquired with a smile, “Are you two Grisia and Elaro, the two holy knights the system mentioned?”

Elaro did not want to reveal too much information, so he simply replied, “I’m Elaro. This is Grisia.”

“Greetings, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Charles Endelis, a vampire butler.”

Holy knights and vampires, two extremely mismatched types.

Charles had already learned of the general situation from the system’s explanation. He was a “helper” that had been summoned by these two. Nevertheless, he was a vampire, and had expected to see their disappointment and possibly even hostility.

“What is a vampire?” Elaro asked in confusion. Although this person had an astonishingly high amount of dark element, he was definitely a living creature and not an undead.

What is a vampire? What a truly philosophical question. However, it seems they actually do not know what a vampire is, nor do they seem to have any enmity?

After contemplating this, Charles could only explain by raising the most concerning points. “Vampires are a type of race that require sucking blood to survive. They also do not like sunlight.”

“You need blood?”

Grisia felt that this was a huge problem. Neither his blood nor Elaro’s would likely suit this vampire’s taste. The Sun Knight’s blood was filled with holy element. Even a death monarch like Roland would not emerge unscathed after drinking their blood.

Charles politely answered, “I will not need any for the next twenty-four hours.”

“Then that’s great.” Elaro sighed in relief and said, “Both my blood and Teacher’s blood would be poison to you, so we can’t offer any.”

Charles was stunned.

Grisia simply used a kitchen knife to prick his finger. He squeezed out a drop of blood and presented it to Charles while kindly saying, “Just give it a light tap. Do not under any circumstances rub it.”

Upon hearing this, Charles also grew curious. He lightly tapped the drop of blood and instantly felt a searing pain from his finger. This blood was even more terrifying than silver!

These two people were correct. If he drank their blood, he would likely end up lying in a blood bath for another year, if that; he might not have an opportunity to recover at all.

“The system said your professions were holy knights. It appears that I was mistaken. You two are not holy knights from the Church, but holy knights from a fantasy world then?”

Grisia was somewhat puzzled. He automatically answered, “If by Church you mean the Church of the God of Light, then we are indeed holy knights of the Church.”

And the top ones at that!

However, he did not know what “fantasy world” meant.

The Church of the God of Light sounded like a religion that would only appear in novels. Charles was extremely intrigued; it was as if he was looking at people who had stepped out of a novel and were now standing before him and conversing with him.

Fortunately, an advantage of being a vampire was a long life. Having lived for over a century, Charles had seen countless films and novels. Not only did he immediately accept the summons explanation from the so-called “system,” he also understood after only a brief exchange that these two people were the type of medieval holy knights in fantasies that would often shout “Oh, Holy Light.”

However, these two medieval holy knights were currently in a living room that had been completely destroyed by bullet fire. The walls were littered with bullet holes caused by powerful firearms.

It was no wonder they had needed to summon a helper.

Charles sighed, “The apocalypse truly does seem very dangerous, and entirely decrepit as well. It is a pity that the one you summoned was me; if you had summoned my young master, he would have undoubtedly loved it here. The young master always likes dangerous places.”

He continued surveying the surroundings. “Although I do not have an understanding of this world, the science and technology looks very familiar. If my memory is correct, this era should have happened in the 2000s with an error margin of less than twenty years.”

The two medieval holy knights did not understand any of this. However, that was fine since they realized that this vampire really did understand this world!

“Then, can you help us?” Grisia pleaded. While this vampire might know that Grisia was actually an adult, the adorable appearance of a little girl definitely had to have some effect.

The fact that the other party had admitted their blood would cause him harm left Charles with a very positive impression of them. After thinking it over, he answered, “I heard the system mention that there will be a reward for coming here. I will count this reward as my payment for the day’s employment, but I cannot be responsible for combat. Are you willing to accept these conditions?”

“Not being responsible for combat is not a problem at all!” Grisia immediately agreed, especially since the other person did not appear to be the type that could fight anyways. Moreover, Grisia had originally only needed a guide in any case. Still, he candidly clarified, “However, it’s not up to us whether you earn a reward or a penalty, but rather the readers.”

After contemplation, Charles said, “That is fine. A penalty is also a kind of reward. The system said that I would not die in this world, and that any fatal injuries would just result in a return to my own world. If I retell my experiences here as a story for the young master upon returning, he will surely be very pleased.”

So that’s how it is! Grisia and Elaro instantly understood. If the summoned person simply returned to their original world upon dying here, the vampire’s easygoing attitude was not strange at all. To him, this was just a day trip!

Grisia answered, “All right, Will, I would like to request the readers’ support.”

“Readers’ Support: Give the summoned party a reward or penalty.”

Reward: For 24 hours after returning to your original world, you will be able to hear all of the young master’s thoughts.

Penalty: For 24 hours after returning to your original world, the young master will be able to hear all of your thoughts.

“…” The two medieval holy knights were still completely lost.

Charles bitterly laughed, “This truly is a very effective reward…and penalty.”

Although his smile is forced, he doesn’t seem angry? In addition to the fact that this person had unconditionally given them a lot of information, Grisia quickly determined that this Charles they had summoned was very kind and had no malicious intent. Plus, he’s as easy to bully as Leaf!

Hm, the readers’ choice wasn’t bad at all!


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