Big and Little Sun Go Go 10: How Deep Goes the Scheming?

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 10: How Deep Goes the Scheming?—translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su & Xuan; C/E edited by Taffygirl13)

“Successfully wear a cherry short-sleeve top with jean shorts. Player can earn 10 points.”

After hearing the choice, Grisia inwardly sighed in relief.

Fortunately, the readers had ended up choosing the choice he desired.

Grisia had actually been very worried that his actions might have angered the readers, making them deliberately choose the hardest option each time from there on out. However, it had still been necessary for him to demonstrate that he and Elaro were not people who would be willing to do anything and everything for the sake of points.

If they encountered a side quest that they were unwilling to complete, they could give up on it, but if it were a main quest, what were they to do?

“Thank you, all.”

After Grisia solemnly expressed his gratitude, he coughed twice and explained, “I actually do not mind too much about what I wear. I just wished to use this chance to ascertain if the ‘readers’ that Will mentioned truly do exist, and whether or not we can negotiate the choices with you.

“If everyone likes seeing us wear different clothes…” He thought it over and said, “As long as the outfits are not too excessive or impossible, Elaro and I will do our best to cooperate. However, I hope that everyone will assist us when it comes to choices that involve danger by choosing the options that are easier to accomplish.

“In particular, for the target of the ‘Readers’ Summon,’ if you could summon someone who is useful and kind, that would be a great help to us. This world is far too different from the world we come from.”

After he finished speaking, Grisia ducked into the child’s wardrobe and found the three girl outfits. He said smiling, “Three outfits: a pinafore dress, a lace dress, and a cherry top with shorts. I will change every day for you all to see. If there are more side quests involving clothes, we can also wear all the options.”

He turned and told his student, “Elaro, go back to the other room and change into the suit and black leather shoes. After we find leather pants, you can change into the cool, leather pants set.”

Elaro nodded.

The two of them immediately began to change their clothes.

***System black screen separator***

Grisia looked at his reflection in the mirror. A blond, blue-eyed child… Fine, it was actually a “girl.” Small pearls were sewn into the round collar of the top. The design on his chest was that of a red cherry, and the sleeves were puffy princess sleeves made out of transparent cotton. The jean shorts had pockets decorated with lace trim.

Even though he had put on girl’s clothing and looked just like a girl, Grisia did not think anything of it. Some male nobles wore apparel that was much fancier than this.

“Player Grisia completed the task: “Successfully wear a cherry short-sleeve top with jean shorts.” Reward: 10 points.”

“That’s amazing! Teacher, we have twenty points now.”

Hearing his student’s voice, Grisia turned to look.

Elaro was clothed in a deep, steel gray suit with black leather shoes. The sight amazed Grisia. Even though it was an outfit he had never seen before from his own world, it did not look strange on Elaro. In fact, Elaro appeared even more mature and dependable. No wonder it was called a “mature-looking suit, dress shirt, and tie, with black leather shoes.”

“Readers’ wishes detected. Side quest triggered: How can you wear a suit without parting your hair into the businessman hairstyle! Player Elaro combs his hair into the businessman style. Reward: 5 points.”

Only five points? Grisia was a little disappointed when he first heard the task, but then he saw the image of the hairstyle Will displayed. How easy is that? The two of them immediately went to find some grease and a comb. After some combing and rubbing, they were done.

Grisia stared at Elaro, even more surprised. He practically transformed into a different person after a hairstyle change! The student he had watched for so many years seemed to have turned into an extremely imposing character…

It was fortunate that Elaro smiled at his teacher then; he was still that student with a brilliant smile.

“Player Elaro successfully completed the side quest. Reward: 5 points.”

We’ve actually earned five points this easily! After earning points in succession, both of them felt quite exhilarated.

Maybe earning twenty thousand points actually isn’t too difficult a task to complete? Grisia said with ease, “Elaro, you look pretty good in that. Is your mobility affected?”

Elaro raised his metal pole and swung it about. Even though it was not as good as an outfit made for combat, it was not much of an issue. He shook his head and said, “I can move around.”

Grisia nodded. He spoke to the air with a smile, “Elaro and I have both finished donning the clothes. Do you all find it acceptable? Now, in order to find more clues that Elaro and I have missed because of our unfamiliarity with this world, we would like to conduct a ‘Readers’ Summon.’ Please be sure to lend us your hand!”

“Players conducting the Readers’ Summon for the first time. Novice special treatment rewarded. The summoned target this time will remain for twenty-four hours and accompany the players through the most difficult time period to endure: a novice’s first day.”

Their eyes lit up when they heard this. If they managed to summon a good target, they would truly receive great assistance!

“The random choices are as indicated below.”

  • The Dictator of Life
  • Shangguan Chensha
  • Charles Endelis

Note to the readers summoning a target for the first time:

The summoned targets’ average stats will not be too different from each other. Those with knowledge will be weaker in power. Those with power will be lacking in knowledge. Those with knowledge and power may have problems concerning the time period they are from. For example, a certain vampire’s strength is very different at the start and end of the story. Those with knowledge and power and who are strong throughout the entire story are even more susceptible of fraudulence.


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  1. kamui

    Only because I wanna see him meet Shuyu, I would go for Dictator of Life. Also because I think knowledge is most important right now and he would qualify as a knowledge character? I mean, yeah, he has power in a game, but not outside.

  2. Jasae Bushae

    HUH! I’ll be honest I in no way expected the results. The fans are nicer than I expected

    Hmm…That warning of power limiting is curious… Id immediately jump on Dictator of Life since his powers are so vast.
    While they give the option of Charles one of the most popular characters of all, I predict the one voted will be the guy from the setting

    • Jasae Bushae

      Charles is the vampire butler primary protagonist of No Hero. Hes been a professional butler for hundreds of years and has a bunch of vampire powers.

      The Dictator of Life was the quasi big bad of 1/2 Prince, the god of that world and was basically an OP reality warper who could rewrite reality to his whim. With full knowledge of anything and everything in his world which he ruled over as its god.

  3. ArmadaTW

    I hope the readers chose Charles! It would be so good to see how the real House Keeper and Hold Keeper would react to each other!

  4. MaplePanda

    “Those with knowledge and power and who are strong throughout the entire story are even more susceptible of fraudulence.” – does this mean that for example Dictator of Life who was powerful throughout the whole story may end up tricking them? if he’s summoned

  5. Blub the Bloop

    I feel like the longer this story goes on, the more we’ll see of how Elaro does childcare for his knights.

    The first summon options make me look forward to future summons. It would be funny if they summoned one character and later run into that character again in that character’s world (ie. summon Charles and then run into the world of No Hero and meet Charles again). Would the summon characters retain their memories, or will everyone’s memories be wiped afterwards?

  6. kiara8

    I thought “Readers” would be us… Who would have thought… kek!

    Are the Readers in a separate space from their own world? Otherwise how could Xiao Sha have the time or connection to be watching this livestream right now?

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