Update: January 2022

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January Chapters
  1. Eclipse Hunter V3C9: Leisurely Days, Anxious Heart
  2. GODV4C2: Set Sail, Doom!
  3. Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C2: Apartment, Part 3—Spirit Car

Bet you didn’t think we’d show up this month, haha. Well, we’ll show up when there are actually chapters. :’) Happy Chinese New Year~

Short update, though we have a return from a series that’s been missing for quite a long time already—GOD!

Grisia Sun and Georgo Earth won the poll of being the most likely duo to cause trouble, followed by Shooting Star and Alan (who are definitely around in the middle of trouble in the new chapter, haha).

New poll is also up now, thanks to Anon. o/

Here are the choices for Cinderella:
🌪️The bullied Ceo Storm perfect with added dark circles (#3nonsleepdayscorrectingSun’sdocument)
❄️ The scolded Jiang Shuyu sporting pitiful eyes and a timid demeanor (#justrecentlygettingseriouslyinjured)
🩸 The tortured Lin Zhixiang screaming mournfully while being dragged off (#firstmeetingwithZiya)
❌ Kenshin the perfect housewife material – donning the apron of course (#withColdFoxeyinghimallthetime)
🤵 Full-time butler part-time vampire Charles Endelis (#it’shisjobtobeaCinderella)

Do you have any poll ideas for us? Throw them at us here!

19 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    Woo! We made it!
    Oh gosh, I honestly forgot we were midway through a story of GOD. Here I thought we ran out of the new version.

    Delighted that we were able to get a chapter of Illusions, Lies, Truth this month. ^^

    And wow, were just breezing through Eclipse Hunter.

    • Jasae Bushae

      How big of a difference is it between the new and old versions?ive been getting the impression that the original was of a much poorer quality

    • [PR]lucathia

      The prose is slightly different, a bit more refined in the new version, and there are some expanded scenes as well. More in v4 than before, with Saiximili expanded on the most. There seemed to be plans to depict the opponents a bit more too, but we might never find out? I was hoping the new version would flesh out the ending more, because as it is, I would probably rate it as the least satisfying ending out of Yu Wo’s works. Though I guess at least it has an ending. :’)

    • Jasae Bushae

      So theres a chance that the updated version will have a radically different ending from the original? :o

    • [PR]lucathia

      That was my impression! Since more scenes were being added and some characters got more fleshed out. But I don’t know if the new version is being continued any more.

  2. ArmadaTW

    Thank you as always! So great to see God again!

    The poll question is an odd one. Are the choices made to reflect Cinderella at different points of her life in the story and just choose the one that would be the perfect Cinderella at that particular point in life?

  3. Shay

    Happy cn new year. Thanks for the translations as always
    *protesting for more DE*

  4. Jasae Bushae

    Regarding the poll I had to pick Storm out of pity for the poor thing and because Storm deserves to be pampered.

    Besides, if Charles had the role then hed probably decline attending the ball to focus on more housework

  5. Kamui

    Oh boy! Made my day! Soon-to-be happy Setsubun to PR and anyone else! As for the poll, hmmm. I will take it as who is the best cookie-cutter representation of the classic Cinderella based off the provided descriptions? Which definitely is Deatheo in my mind. He is abused, gains no benefits, and mostly doesn’t object, but dreams of better days. Yup. Congratulations Storm Knight! You are the second princess of the Holy Knights (after the frequently-sleeping beauty known as Sun).

  6. Bunnybell

    Choose Charles because he is only one fits “picked by handsome prince” situation, at least to me XD

  7. Liolia

    Thank you for translating for all these years, I’ve read on your site since I was a teenager like maybe 8 years ago? I remember when you all were still translating 1/2 prince. You guys have allowed me to live in a wonderful world I would of regretted never having experienced.

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