Big and Little Sun Go Go 45: Secret Laboratory

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 45: Secret Laboratory—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Minthe; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“Readers selected Reward: Your gluttonous dragon will eat half as much food for a month.”

Elaro let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was still a reward. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t have wanted to think about how much money Liola would have to spend on buying enough meat to feed his dragon if the amount the dragon ate was multiplied.

Although the Church provided meals, he was poor enough that he was all too familiar with the experience of going hunting and the like whenever he was out doing missions.

Liola looked at the reward. How will Baolilong react when he finds out he can’t eat as much? And Kaiser, he’ll definitely be overjoyed that he won’t have to feed Baolilong so much meat…

He faintly smiled.

He’s finally smiling? Elaro was greatly relieved. Because of his own mistake, he had been forced to summon someone into such a bad situation. He really felt very apologetic toward Liola, so luckily the reward was able to make up for all the trouble.

Before long, the motorcade arrived at the guard tower, since Elaro hadn’t strayed too far away from it in the first place. The cars passed by an encampment of civilians, then entered through the gates of the military base.

The civilians outside all wore expressions of resentment. They yelled things like, “Why do they get to go in first?” and “Let us in too!”

Elaro thought it was strange too. Why not let the people outside come in?

Before getting off the car, Elaro saw that his teacher was still sleeping so soundly that he couldn’t be woken up. All he could do was improvise. He said to Liola, “If there really is danger, you don’t have to think about us. Even if you decide to run away immediately, it’s fine. Or, as I heard from Charles… The last summon said that if you die, you’ll return to your original world. If you still have an issue with anything, you can choose to go back.”

Elaro felt like that professor was watching Liola fervently, almost like when Pink spotted a perfect corpse. In short, it definitely wasn’t anything good!

Liola indicated that he understood, but he didn’t currently have any plans to have “dying” be the way he went back. Although the system had also mentioned it, it was really hard for an assassin to believe in as strange a method to go back as “returning after dying.” Unless he really had no choice, he would rather use a normal means to go back.

After getting off the car, the professor scurried over, afraid that Elaro’s group would run off. The suddenly-appearing water mirror could summon people here. If it could bring people here, it could probably send people away too!

The other civilians in the car were sent elsewhere to settle in. Only Elaro’s trio was still surrounded by troops.

They were led straight into the guard tower, entering a strange, small, square room. Everyone packed themselves inside this small room. This confused Elaro, but then suddenly the room moved. The sensation of moving downward startled him, and even the sleeping Grisia woke up.

Grisia opened his eyes. As soon as he lifted his head, he saw Elaro and was reassured. He extended his ability to sense the elements in all directions to examine his surroundings.

Everything around them was of the metal element. The entire room was roughly rectangular… Wait, don’t tell me this is the thing I saw in the crystal ball? It’s just several times bigger. I initially thought it was a box, but maybe it was a room after all?

Liola saw there was something off about the pair’s expressions, but he didn’t understand what was wrong. That said, it also wouldn’t be a good idea to ask in front of so many people, so he just continued to remain silent.

The sensation of moving downward stopped. The doors opened once more, revealing a sight that was completely different from before.

It was then that Grisia understood. So, this room has the same effect as a teleportation spell? So that’s what the Crystal Ball of Divination meant… But this hint is totally useless for us! Elaro and I have no idea how to use the room!

After walking out of the small room, Elaro realized there was clearly something wrong with this place. Every person looked extremely professional. Aside from the soldiers with guns, it was just people wearing long white coats like the professor. There wasn’t a single ordinary civilian. There was no way he and his teacher could have blended into the crowd to sneak inside.

Will: “The players have found the military base’s secret laboratory. Main quest: ‘No one knows that he will become the future king of aberrants’ has been updated. Find ‘him.’”


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