Big and Little Sun Go Go 44: [spoiler]

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 44: Liola—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Minthe; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“The readers have selected: Liola.”

This time, the water mirror’s sudden appearance scared a lot of people. After the surface of the mirror rippled, a person wearing black clothing came through the mirror. In a stroke of luck, he happened to be standing in the middle of the vehicle, right between the person in the white coat at the front and the holy knights at the back.

“T-This kind of special ability is unprecedented!” The person in the white coat was so shocked they were stuttering, though ultimately he quickly cried, “We absolutely must bring them back to the lab!”

“Professor, don’t get so close.” The soldiers tried very hard to keep ahold of the person in the white coat to stop him from rushing forward.

The person in black didn’t say a word. He surveyed the situation, taking special note of the soldiers holding the guns, then turned his head to ask the two holy knights, “What must I do to return home?”

Grisia assessed this “Liola.” From the outside, he looked like he was a bit younger than Charles. His black hair was draped across his shoulders, and he had a pair of unique silver eyes. He didn’t speak much and was very cool-headed.

“You don’t need to do anything.” Elaro explained, “They only wanted to see my ability.”

Liola was silent.

The professor excitedly began making demands. “Don’t tell me, this is a summoning ability? There’s actually an ability like this? It’s simply one-of-a-kind! Hurry up and put them all in that vehicle!”

Unexpectedly, the soldiers insisted against it, agreeing only to dispatch people to guard the vehicle they were currently on.

A few soldiers stood by the seats toward the front and faced the back of the car. The entire time, they did not lower their guns. Elaro and the others sat down in the last row of the vehicle, which was very spacious since none of the civilians dared to sit together with them.

Grisia tried to suppress the constant sleepiness that kept welling up, and let his student explain the situation.

After hearing the whole thing, Grisia really wanted to smack his student on the head but was entirely unable to due to the people still watching them. He could only clench his teeth and quietly scold, “I let you learn swordplay from Roland, but don’t tell me you picked up his personality too? Even if you don’t learn from me, couldn’t you at least emulate Lesus? At least Lesus has some common sense!”

Elaro knew that he hadn’t done very well just now, so all he could do was lower his head and listen to the lecture.

Huffing with anger, Grisia tossed out a single sentence. “When you return, you should listen to Hungri more! That kid has much more common sense than you do!”

“Understood,” Elaro immediately agreed.

After he finished scolding his headache-inducing student, Grisia turned his head to look at the person who had been summoned this time. Ever since they had sat down, this person had kept watch of the gun barrels in front of them without saying a word. It looked like he was the taciturn type.

Although he had only summoned this person as a diversion, Grisia felt that he should still treat this person well. Who knew if they would summon the same person in the future?

“Liola, do you want us to ask for the Readers’ Support? We’ve tried it twice and the readers picked a reward both times. You can try it out.”

Liola calmly said, “I don’t want a reward. I only want to go back.”

“After eight hours, you can go back. In addition, Will’s reward seems to be tailored to what you need. It will be quite useful to you. Are you certain you don’t want it?”

Hearing that, Liola’s eyes flickered. He asked, “I need to earn money. Can the prize be money?”

Grisia felt very sorrowful at that. As expected, no matter the world, everyone needs money.

“You’re so young. You can’t be earning money to support a family, right?”

“No—” Halfway through speaking, Liola corrected himself. “Or perhaps it still counts? I need to buy meat to feed my dragon.”

“Feed your dragon?” Elaro asked in amazement, “You’re not afraid that the dragon will eat you?”

Grisia didn’t dare to say that he had killed a dragon when he was younger. Who knows if this Liola guy is one of those people who love dragons more than life itself?

Eat me? Liola thought about his Baolilong, shook his head, and said, “He doesn’t eat people, and he definitely wouldn’t eat me.”

“Your dragons sound completely different from our dragons! Our dragons eat people! They love eating people!”

Grisia hurriedly made clear the differences between the two kinds of dragons, just in case the fact that he had killed a dragon accidentally slipped out.

Liola asked, “Can your dragons become human?”

“No.” Grisia was stunned. Dragons becoming humans? What kind of legend is this?

“Your dragons eat humans. They can’t become humans. They are most likely lesser dragons.”

Lesser dragon? Grisia didn’t understand, but he immediately nodded. In short, the dragon he had killed definitely wasn’t the same as the kind of dragon Liola was feeding, at least!

“Is it always a reward?” Liola said hesitantly, “In the past, my luck… Hasn’t been very good.”

“It doesn’t rely on luck. It relies on the readers! It should be a prize. The readers are pretty nice.”

Liola was silent for a while, then said, “All right.”

Elaro waited, but he didn’t hear his teacher request assistance. He turned to look, and his teacher had actually fallen asleep…

All he could do was say it himself. “Will, I want to request the Readers’ Support.”

Will: “Readers’ Support: Give the summoned party a reward or penalty.”

  • Reward: Your gluttonous dragon will eat half as much food for a month.
  • Penalty: Your gluttonous dragon will eat twice as much food for a month.


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  1. Jasae Bushae

    oh wow, its Liola~!
    From back when he was still some crazy OP assassin from a xianxia world even before all the extra dragon knight stuff. XD

    • NeoPhantom

      He has Baolilong, so its after the dragon knight stuff.

      I miss that story, hope yuwo makes a sequel like No Hero for it some day.

  2. Crimson

    Baolilong! So they are able to summon from KnM as well. I’ll prepare some popcorn in case the ILT world allows summons. This will be fun~

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