Big and Little Sun Go Go 43: Big Brother Foolishly Jumps Into a Pitfall

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 43: Big Brother Foolishly Jumps Into a Pitfall—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Xuan & elisa; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“Their parents having turned into aberrants, the older brother was forced to face powerful aberrants to save his younger brother. He personally killed his aberrant parents with his own hands and has been deeply remorseful since. Meanwhile, his younger brother asks about Mama and Papa every day!”

Seeing the “backstory” the readers had selected, Elaro had no idea what to say to the woman next to him. His only thought was that he should wear an expression full of bitterness and resentment. He scrunched up his brow and replied, “It wasn’t that bad.”

“Did you just happen on these strange circumstances while traveling to this country?”

The woman looked at Elaro’s blond hair and blue eyes. He was so handsome that he could be a celebrity. Plus, the child he was cradling had blond hair as well. Don’t tell me these brothers are of mixed descent?

Elaro nodded. They were indeed foreigners. After all, this wasn’t the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound.

“That’s a pity. Take good care of your little brother.” The woman felt even sorrier for them. For someone to encounter this sort of misfortune in an unfamiliar place, she simply could not imagine how awful it would be.

Elaro found a chance to say, “I will. After all, Mama and Papa have already…”

He painstakingly made a sorrowful expression, but he really could not squeeze out any tears.

“Were they eaten? Oh dear, the world we live in…”

Instead, it was the woman who first began to cry quietly, causing everyone else in the car to also look mournful.

Having successfully guided the conversation to his desired topic, Elaro immediately said, “No, they turned into monsters. To protect my little brother, I had to kill my parents myself.”

Although telling strangers such personal matters was quite strange, not to mention his unnaturally urgent tone, these issues were too much for Elaro to worry about. He wanted to at least get the ten points from sharing his backstory. As for the bonus points, he had already completely given up on them.

This lady has so much sympathy for me. Maybe I can actually get bonus points this time? Elaro couldn’t help but hope. He didn’t want to repeat his backstory later…

He didn’t expect the woman to scream, “You can kill those monsters? Don’t tell me you’re a monster too!”

She frantically tried to rush toward the front of the car, completely unwilling to stay by Elaro any longer. The other people didn’t know what was going on, but in times like these when danger was constant, everyone had developed the skill of fleeing first and asking questions later as soon as a commotion began. Everyone rushed to the front in unison, leaving only Elaro, child in his arms, in the back of the car.

The car instantly came to a stop. Everyone rushed off the vehicle. Then a group of gun-wielding soldiers surrounded the car.

“…” Elaro felt like he had stirred up trouble. All I wanted to do was share my backstory!

“I’m not a monster,” Elaro tried to explain to the people outside the car, but as soon as he stood up from his seat, everyone outside lifted the muzzles of their guns. He was afraid that if he made any further motions, he would be gunned down.

Although Elaro wasn’t afraid, the current mission was to sneak in, not storm in.

At that moment, a person wearing a long, white coat suddenly rushed into the car. Following behind him were soldiers with completely helpless expressions. They hastily grabbed him so he wouldn’t get too close to Elaro. The person excitedly asked, “You were able to kill two monsters? You absolutely must have a special ability, yes? What can you do? Hurry, hurry! Show me!”

Elaro frowned. He felt like this person’s actions and demeanor were very strange. In order to blend into the crowd and sneak inside, should I make up for all this by using my ability…

“Elaro?” Grisia rubbed his eyes, his face full of sleepiness.

Elaro lowered his head and pretended to soothe the child, “Brother, don’t be scared. They just want to know what kind of ability big bro has.”

Hearing that term of address, Grisia narrowed his eyes. Although he had no idea what was going on, the armed people had not immediately fired upon him and Elaro. Does this mean there’s still a chance to turn the situation around?

The other person wants to know what kind of ability Elaro has?

Grisia quietly said, “Will, I want to activate the Readers’ Summon.”

Right after that, Grisia recalled the way his own daughter spoke. With a childish voice, he said, “Then big bro, you should summon them to show everyone!”

Elaro froze, but then agreed, “Yes.”

Sorry to whoever we summon this time. You’re being summoned as a distraction for the other group. Grisia hoped that the summon wouldn’t be as nice a person as Charles. Otherwise, his conscience would really start to gnaw at him.

  • Liola
  • Alan
  • Lu Yang


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    It’s def Lu Yang, isn’t it? Poor guy getting thrown to the fishes

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    If they summon any of these, the pit is going to be a crater…but then they can just throw the crazy scientists and abarrents in together. It will be great.

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