Big and Little Sun 44: Bad News

We don’t talk about closing, no, no, no!
We don’t talk about closing… but.

It was our release day
It was our release day
We were getting ready but there wasn’t a chapter in sight
No chapters to be seen

Lucathia shows up with extremely bad news
No releases for now, we’ll be back
But will they, will they really be back?

Lucathia says, “The stockpile’s gone.”
Why did she tell us?
Last time I waited until dawn
Readers, get out the pitchforks
Let down in a million ways
What an awful day… but anyway.

We don’t talk about closing, no, no, no!
We don’t talk about closing!

Hey! Grew up enjoying PR’s translations and creations
I could always visit the site with no exceptions
I associate PR with quality and commitment, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It’s a heavy job with a mob so wanting
Always left the staff and the readers hanging
Grappling with release dates on the very last day.
The very last day!

The readers and us
Come along as one
When you ask for us
Nothing can’t be done
Yeah, we’re here with you
Making something new (yeah!)

We don’t talk about closing, no, no, no! (We don’t talk about closing, no, no, no!)
We don’t talk about closing (We don’t talk about closing!)

You told me the site would die
The next day: still alive! (yes, yes!)
You told me I’d never leave!
And just like you said… (yes, yes!)
You said that all my time would disappear, now look at my time (yes, yes!)
Your fate is sealed when you visit PR! and read!

You told me that the chapter of my dreams would be released here on this site.
You told me that the series would be done, just like ½ Prince and Sun Knight.
Hey, the chapter’s on its way!

You told me that the chapter of my dreams would be just out of reach
To be published soon
I really want it now
Hey you, I want more comments out of you (Help us keep going on)
Help us keep going on

Hey, PR…
Yeah about those chapters
I really do need those new chapters
Gimmie the chapters and more chapters, PR!
(Readers, your chapters will be here!)
Time for reading!

7 Responses

  1. Crimson

    Happy April Fool’s!!! This reminds me of the time I first visited this site. Back in high school I was surfing manganet and came across a manhua with a really unique title. Who the hell names a series 1/2 Prince eh? The fraction scared me but judging on the name, it promised romance. Boy oh boy five chappies in and I was slapping my thighs in amusement, tummy hurting from the laughs and gags of Odd Squad. On one of the end pages, someone posted the novel’s dialpgue of Prince’s desire to be the number one trannie with Lolidragon. Copying the link, here I am. It’s been seven year(ish?) since I’ve lurked and the April Fool’s never cease to amuse me. Everyone at PR! are doing a great, great job! Imho I never minded the slow releases since the quality is top notch but the reality is that fewer people are frequenting the site. Hell, I’ve discovered FFnet from Lucathia’s posts alone. Sadly I don’t know a lick of Chinese or how to read it. There’s also the upkeep of the site to keep it running. I’d like to help in monetary ways but alas, I’m a broke college student atm. Would love to hear we readers can help you guys. I love this niche little group that enjoys Yu Wo’s works (thoroughly respecting and taking care of these precious works of art). You guys opened my eyes to Chinese novels, letting me get comfortable to Taiwanese culture. That’s how I then transitioned reading xianxia and the cultivation world. PR is that little secret that I indulge in and honestly, it’s gotten me through tough times. Love ya PR team and staff!!! Don’t be disheartened, no matter how small we may seem but we’re always here~ ❤️❤️❤️ I implore you, let us help you this time in the ways we can.

  2. Kirsu

    I have loved all these novels and your aprils fools chapters for years now.

    I still keep visiting every month, but I have to admit it gets less frequent when there is no chapters to be found. I was happy to slowly read those other series to the end, even if once a month seemed to be pure torture at times.🧗🏽‍♀️

    I still keep checking, as these series are good enough for waiting, but it might be harder to gain any new readers if they can’t see a steady progress.

    Still, I love you guys for sharing these series with us. ❤💗❤💗❤As we are getting these chapters free of charge we can’t complain, but everyone of us hopes you can return back to the steady progress at some point.

  3. Citarra

    Don’t talk about closing, no no no!
    I’ve been following you since 2008 or so!
    Since 1/2 prince wasn’t on volume four.
    I’ll be back whenever you are.
    Give me more more more.

    • Citarra

      Okay maybe it was 2010 not 2008. Waaay back when I was in school and followed to here from Odd Squad

    • Kirsu

      Same thing for me too. From Odd Squad to here and after that I have kept reading all these novels. The end of the month never comes soon enough.

  4. Hans

    Same situation as Crimson. Been stalking you guys for so long🥰. Speaking of April’s Fools… The one I love the most and totally fallen hard for should be the one when the site turned chinese🤣🤣🤣. I kept F5-ing my screen and even turn google translate on🤣🤣🤣. It was when I glanced at the date that I get what was going on🤣🤣🤣.

  5. Andi

    Happy April Fools everyone! This is the one site I always look forward to at the start of April haha. Wow, I really have been following this site for so long. I believe the chapters will come! It just might take time.

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