Big and Little Sun Go Go 47: Elaro’s Choice

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 47: Elaro’s Choice—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by lucathia)

Will: “Readers selected: Don’t draw blood: Do draw a combat-type summon. Duration one hour.”

This option fit what Elaro wanted. Compared to weaving a story full of holes and inconsistencies, Elaro would rather fight. But he remained silent and looked at his teacher sleeping soundly against him.

The door opened. Several people in white coats carrying boxes of medical equipment came in. Elaro knew that he had no time to hesitate.

The professor smilingly said, “There’s no need to worry. It’s just drawing blood. You must be very interested in knowing where he came from, right? Oh, right. We need to draw your blood to study too.”

He muttered in a low voice, “He was able to use such a unique ability since day one. I have to study him…”

Elaro looked at Liola. He didn’t want to neglect Liola’s agency. He asked, “Are you willing to have your blood drawn?”

Of course, Liola was unwilling to inexplicably have his blood taken. But looking at the child sleeping in Elaro’s arms, he still chose to nod.

With that, any misgivings Elaro had vanished.

Two people in white coats walked in separate directions to Elaro’s and Liola’s sides and indicated for them to hold out their arms. Then the people in the white coats tied tourniquets around Liola’s and Elaro’s arms, then pulled out syringes…

“Oh, right.” The professor suddenly said, “Get a vial from that kid too. We can compare the blood from those two brothers.”

Elaro retracted his arm, coldly saying, “I won’t let you touch my little brother.”

A person in a white coat impatiently said, “It’s just taking your blood, not your life. Hold out your arm.”

Elaro turned his head to look at Liola and asked, “Liola, are you able to help me take care of Teacher?”

Liola ripped off the tourniquet on his arm, nodded, and said, “I will protect him.”

“Try not to wake him as much as you can.” Elaro handed his teacher to Liola to hold. Then he vanished from where he stood. Everyone froze, except for Liola, who immediately crouched down as he held the child.

“Where did he go?” The professor cried out, “Is his ability related to space? No, hurry and notify everyone in the vicinity to find him. This person’s abilities are inconceivably strong! We have to keep him!”

The two soldiers by the door let out horrible screams as they fell to the ground, the two of them clutching their knees as they wailed. Astonishingly, there were small knives buried in their kneecaps, with only the hilt of the knives visible from the outside. The rest of the knife was buried deep into bone. It was so painful that the two soldiers were unable to counterattack as the guns in their hands were ripped away.

Will: “Used concealed weapons to defeat two enemies armed with guns.”

Shortly after, the professor and several of the people in white coats had been struck in the back of the head. One after another, they fell to the ground unconscious.

“Come on! We’ll hide first.”

A gun was shoved into Liola’s grasp and suddenly Elaro’s voice came from beside Liola’s ear. But Liola wasn’t startled and only said coldly, “I will not use guns. This place likely has security cameras. We will be able to run out, but it will be difficult for us to hide.”

At this moment, Will reminded, “In accordance with the action selected by the readers, the reward is: draw a combat-type summon. The following candidates for summoning are those who have agreed to come out to fight.”

  • Carol
  • Dark Sun
  • The Demon King

Agreed to come out to fight?

This is a stroke of good fortune. He glanced at the options, which unexpectedly had “the Demon King” on the list. Although he didn’t know which demon king it was, Elaro could guarantee that the summon this time would be very strong. He succinctly said, “Will, I want to activate the Players’ Summon. Summon Hungri!”

“Liola, hold Teacher and follow me. Don’t let him get hurt, O.K.?”

“Understood.” Liola nodded.

A young person with black hair and black robes came out from the water mirror. Hungri looked around for a certain “someone” with his face full of dissatisfaction. Before he could find his target, his hand was grabbed by something he couldn’t see. In shock, he tried to shake it off, but then he heard a certain someone’s voice.

“It’s me. There’s no time. I’ll fill you in as we walk.”


4 Responses

  1. ArmadaTW

    Could the Demon King be a previous incarnation from Grisia? That would be really interesting. I’m most eager to see Carol joining though; it’d be great to see her interaction with Hungri and find out what her reaction would be regarding her and Sylie’s legacies.

  2. Crimson

    I love that little detail where Elaro teleporting and attacking those guards. Liola just braced himself and prepared for retreat. It’s really different when you have two skilled fighters on your team.

  3. Moe_Ronn

    Ah, I really hope it’s Carol that comes out. I do wonder which Demon King would come out though if they asked for The Demon King.

  4. Citarra

    Wait, how could he summon Hungri if that wasn’t an option, or did he just know Hungri would agree anyway?
    Thank you for the update

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