Eclipse Hunter V4C1: Emotion Switch

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 4: Truth and Lies, Separate Worlds

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter One: Emotion Switch—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Dr. An Te Qi, I am going to school. Good bye.”

Ri Xiang Ye was carrying a satchel, dressed in his school uniform, and had tidily combed hair as he waved goodbye to An Te Qi. He looked completely the part of an obedient, good student.

As usual, An Te Qi looked as haggard as a drug addict in the morning. When he heard the words “going to school” and “good bye,” he reflexively raised the hand that wasn’t holding a coffee cup and swayed as he said without energy, “Bye, Ah Ye. Take care.”

Ri Xiang Ye walked out of the door to the house. He saw Ezart leaning against a wall not too far away. He immediately walked over and greeted, “Good morning, Ezart.”

“Mmph.” Ezart was biting into some bread and snorted out his nose as a response.

The two of them silently walked along the road to school for a long time before Ri Xiang Ye said, “You arrived very early today.”

Ezart swallowed a mouthful of bread and wiped his mouth. He grumpily replied, “You’ve been weird lately. Your old man told me to watch you. Cost me a good night’s sleep to get up early. The way I see it, you’re just a bit quieter. Nothing too strange about that. I don’t know what they’re worried about!”

Ri Xiang Ye suddenly stopped in his tracks. He looked at a shop front by the side of the road.

“You want to buy the latest chip?”

With just a glance, Ezart understood. It was the toy store. Ri Xiang Ye always came here to buy the newest Xiao Ai chip.


“What?” Ezart hadn’t heard clearly.

Ri Xiang Ye was quiet for a moment. He didn’t clarify. He just shook his head and replied, “I do not want to buy the newest chip. I must go to school. I cannot be late.”

“It’s still early!”

Ri Xiang Ye just shook his head.

Ezart scratched his head. Aside from being quiet, there was still something not quite right with Ri Xiang Ye. It seemed like it had been a long time since Ezart had last seen him looking like a puppy begging for a bone… Thinking so much isn’t going to do a damn thing! Ezart straightforwardly grabbed Ri Xiang Ye by the arm, determined to drag him into the toy store.

Ri Xiang Ye forcefully tried to shake off Ezart’s hand. He solemnly stated, “I must go to school and attend class diligently. I cannot be late.”

But Ezart held on tighter. With Ezart’s increase in strength and ability and Ri Xiang Ye’s unwillingness to hurt him, Ri Xiang Ye was unable to shake free.

“We’re only taking a quick look. You won’t be late!” Ezart stubbornly dragged him in.

Ezart was originally a freak with alarmingly high strength. He had also recently accidentally ingested Dr. An Te Qi’s experimental drug, which was meant to increase strength. The experiments from before had all exploded and died without exception. Only Ezart had been lucky enough to escape death.

After surviving the mishap, he was currently just as strong as tank. At the same time, his speed and reflexes weren’t the same as before either. His current strength was so high that even calling him the reincarnation of the ancient Greek demigod Heracles wouldn’t be an over exaggeration.

However, Ri Xiang Ye definitely wasn’t a small fry either. He had an identity completely the opposite of his current dorky schoolboy look. He had undergone seven years of modifications, and the final result was what could be called the ultimate cyborg—Dark Sun.

These two people, the demigod Heracles and the ultimate cyborg Dark Sun, were locked in a struggle at the entrance of a toy store.

“Stop! The two of you, please stoooooooooooooooooooooooop!”

The shop clerk from the toy store screeched, but he didn’t dare draw closer to the two people.

Ezart was using so much force that veins were bulging all over his face. But his opponent, Ri Xiang Ye, was in indescribable agony as well. His strength couldn’t compare to that of the current Ezart, but his combat techniques were still better by far. So he ingeniously utilized strength from his entire body to match strength with the tank-like person in front of him.

Only, the pain was like if a tank repeatedly ran him over. It was unbearable.

Although they were locked in a bitter struggle, the two of them stiffly turned their heads. Through gritted teeth, they said to the shop clerk in unison, “What. Do. You. Want?”

The toy shop clerk pointed at the ground beneath their feet, with an expression as though he were about to cry.

The two of them looked at the ground. Then they both let go of each other at the same instant. Because of the recoil, the two of them were forced back several steps. They saw that two pairs of footprints, ten centimeters deep, had appeared in the spot where they had originally been standing. The area around the footprints was full of cracks and broken rocks.

Ezart was silent for a while. Then he raised his head to look at the shop clerk, whose expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot. Ezart nudged the person next to him, asking, “Hey! Your bro will pay for it, right?”

Without a word, Ri Xiang Ye pulled a black credit card out of his shirt pocket.

“How is it? Have you read it yet?”

Eli shook his head while being glared at by Eloise. He just lowered his head and didn’t pay any more attention to her.

Seeing that, Eloise became angry instead. But she didn’t dare to bother Eli anymore, so she propped her head against the window and wailed, dragging out the final syllable, “Ah Ye! My adorable Ah Ye! You don’t smile anymore! You’re not cute anymoooooooore!”


Today, the combat academy’s underachieving Class D was unusually peaceful compared to their normal ruckus from loudly playing dice games, dealing firearms, and having group brawls. It seemed particularly quiet today, aside from the girl plastered outside their classroom window, loudly wailing and occasionally screeching.

Taking a more careful look inside, the underachieving class was completely different today. The biggest difference was that every student was obediently sitting in their seats!

“Hello, class. Today in combat history, we will learn… My apologies. I seem to have walked into the wrong class.”

The teacher walked into class, talking to himself. As he walked in, he saw a class full of well-behaved, quiet students. He froze, immediately bowed his head and apologized, then hurried out.

But less than a minute later, the teacher came back. He stood in the doorway, eyes wide as he stared at the number on the classroom door. He stared for a whole five minutes before walking in, his face full of suspicion. He stood at the podium and stared at the students with wide eyes. The students also stared back at him with wide eyes.

The teacher looked around. In the classroom, Ezart was fast asleep as usual. An Xiang Ye also diligently had his pencil and notebook out, waiting for class to start. The others were “obediently” sitting in their seats. Although only a few people had textbooks out on their desks, the fact that the entire class was well-behaved and sitting in their seats was already hair-raising. If they even had textbooks out on their desks, then he would have bolted straight out the door.

The teacher didn’t know what was happening. He just took out a handkerchief, trembling, and wiped his sweat as he asked the students, “S-Shall w-we self-study today?”

The students stared but not a single one dared to respond. Seeing that, the teacher also didn’t dare to declare a self-study period.

“What do you mean ‘self-study?’ Why not just say class is over?”

Eloise was sprawled out next to the window as she unhappily complained, “If it’s class, Ah Ye will just ignore us and say something about paying attention in class. If it’s self-study, Ah Ye will still ignore us and then I’ll even have to wait a whole period for class to be over! So annoying.”

The students sharply inhaled in unison and then shot death glares at the teacher at the podium. The teacher read the room well and said, “Class dismissed.”

Inside the classroom, the students still didn’t have any response. Instead, it was Eloise who began cheering and rushed inside the classroom. Then, a second later, the entire class screamed and rushed outside.

Eli unhurriedly strolled into the classroom through the tide of fleeing students. Although the students had squeezed themselves into a mass in their hurry to get out as fast as possible, they still left a path for Eli to walk through, so not even a corner of his clothes was disturbed.

Finally, the teacher rushed out of the classroom after the students with his face white, not even daring to glance at Eloise. Are you kidding me? Someone who can scare off an entire class of students… Is she even human?

As soon as Dark Sun heard that class was dismissed, his microchip instantly informed him that if class had ended, he should return home. Therefore, he silently packed away the notebook, pencil, and other stationery on his desk in preparation to go home.

Eloise rushed in front of him, shouting, “Wait a sec!”

As Dark Sun packed his things, he politely greeted, “Hello, Eloise.”

Eloise’s hands clapped onto Dark Sun’s shoulders and she asked, somewhat out of breath, “A-Ah Ye. Want to eat lunch together?”

Dark Sun shook his head, reminding her, “It is currently 10:30. It is not time to eat lunch.”

“Then what about breakfast?” Eloise rubbed her stomach. She really hadn’t eaten breakfast yet!

“I have already eaten. Thank you for your invitation. I must return home now. See you another time.”

Seeing that Dark Sun had finished packing and had lifted up his backpack, preparing to leave, Eloise found her hands were tied. She could only look at Eli, but Eli was still looking at the ground. She could only switch to looking at Ezart… That guy’s still asleep?

She angrily slammed her hand on Ezart’s desk and roared, “Hedgehog Head! Wake up! Class is over!”

Ezart stirred. He frowned as he raised his head, but his eyes were still glazed from lack of sleep.

Eloise screeched next to his ear, “Class is over! Hedgehog Head!”

Ezart leapt up. He yelled back, even louder, at Eloise, “Whaddya mean class is over? How can class be over already? I just went to sleep… Huh?” Halfway through his shouting, he suddenly realized there wasn’t a single student nearby and even the teacher wasn’t at the podium.

Is class really over? Ezart scratched his head. He wasn’t really sure what was going on.

“Let’s go to the battle simulator!”

Eloise really wasn’t in a good mood, and she really wanted to find someone to beat up. But as soon as she finished speaking, she remembered that the level of strength of the guy in front of her wasn’t the same as before. In a one on one fight, she wouldn’t be the one beating him up but would be asking for a beating instead. So she hurriedly added, “Also, I want to team up with Eli!”

“Fine,” Ezart straightforwardly agreed.

At this moment, Dark Sun politely said goodbye to the others while carrying his backpack, “I will be leaving first. Ezart, Eloise, Eli, good bye.”

Ezart seemed somewhat disappointed as he said, “You’re not coming?” After his strength increased, he still hadn’t had a chance yet to have a proper battle with Dark Sun!

Dark Sun shook his head.

“You’re not trying to tag along? Weren’t you always begging to go eat midnight snacks together?”

Even though he said that, Ezart still shrugged and didn’t really care. Even though he wasn’t going to fight Dark Sun, there was still Eloise. And if he still wasn’t satisfied after fighting her, he could find Eli to fight.

Eloise poked Ezart’s chest while shouting, “There’s clearly something wrong with Ah Ye! You big numbskull!”

“He’s just throwing a tantrum at his big bro!” Ezart didn’t even consider her idea.

“It’s not like that!” Eloise stubbornly said, “Earlier, didn’t An Te Qi-bàba say that Ah Ye isn’t Ah Ye anymore but Dark Sun instead?”

“What Ah Ye or Dark Sun stuff?” Ezart irritably said, “Ah Ye is just having an argument with his big bro. It’ll be fine after a bit. With that guy’s personality, he’s not going to stay mad for long.”

“You, you don’t understand the situation at all!” Eloise angrily yelled.

As though he didn’t hear the bickering behind him, Dark Sun walked out of the classroom and was planning on heading in the direction of the school gates.

“Ah Ye, wait a moment.”

Dark Sun immediately determined that this voice belonged to Elian and was coming from approximately one hundred meters away.

Based on Elian’s previous behavioral patterns, he likely was not trying to ask Ri Xiang Ye to eat a very late breakfast or very early lunch at 10:30 AM. It was most likely a matter of relative importance. Therefore, Ri Xiang Ye stopped walking and waited for Elian to approach.

“Ah Ye, the Principal is looking for you.”

The color of Elian’s face was unsightly. He continued speaking, “He said he has a mission you must accept.”

This mission that couldn’t be turned down just had to happen while Ah Ye wasn’t quite right. Elian had the urge to start loudly wailing like Eloise. If Ah Ye didn’t want to accept the mission but the Principal insisted that he accept it, then what would happen to the rest of them caught in between?

Dark Sun fell silent for a moment. He didn’t give any sort of reply. Instead he had his microchip determine what the best course of action was.

The answer the microchip gave was that doing missions was something that he had already agreed to earlier. Furthermore, with his capabilities, it would be simple to complete a mission. This way would also avoid retaliation from the Principal and prevent the master from discovering he had already agreed to this sort of thing.

“O.K. We will go meet the Principal.” Dark Sun nodded.

Seeing this, Elian let out a sigh. Then he felt on edge again. Although Ah Ye currently was going with him to see the Principal, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would accept the mission. Even if he accepted the mission, if he were injured during the mission, then the Sun Emperor…

Elian suddenly felt his stomach start to hurt.

“Elian. Are you coming?”

Elian raised his head. It was a long time before he replied, “Yeah.”

He bitterly smiled. Really, I’m not used to Ah Ye calling me by name! I really hope Dr. An Te Qi can hurry and think of something to make the Ah Ye who calls me El-gē return.

“Bodyguard mission.”

Principal Ah Na Yi pushed down on the surface of the office desk. His complexion was unsightly as he growled, “This time you have to accept no matter what.”

Ri Xiang Ye—No, by this time he had already switched to Dark Sun’s look, with his red shirt, long boots, and the all-important visor on his face to conceal it—Dark Sun looked pitilessly at the Principal through the visor. He used a completely monotone voice to ask, “Specify the contents of the mission.”

Ah Na Yi cut to the chase, bluntly asking, “You’ve heard of Raines, right?”

Dark Sun also bluntly replied, “No.”

Ah Na Yi’s mouth immediately fell open. He didn’t know how to continue with the conversation. That sentence had just been a leading remark. He hadn’t really been asking if Dark Sun knew who Raines was… The number of people in the world who didn’t know about Raines was probably only slightly more than the people who didn’t know about the Sun Emperor.

Elian’s expression changed. He hastily pulled Dark Sun over to a corner to have a private conversation.

“Ah Ye, Raines is the most famous singer in the world. He rose to fame at eighteen, and ten years have already passed. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of him…”

Once he had said that, Elian was at a loss for words. Isn’t the person in front of me someone who doesn’t know about Raines?

Dark Sun nodded and returned back to the Principal’s desk. He said, “Continue.”

Ah Na Yi hurriedly hid his bizarre expression. Currently, the important thing was that Dark Sun accepted the mission. It didn’t matter if he didn’t know who Raines was. In any case, this mission only needed a sufficiently strong person to do the task. It didn’t matter if said strong person lacked even the most basic common knowledge.

“The mission is to stay close to Raines and ensure his safety.”

“I refuse.”

Receiving such a blunt reply, Ah Na Yi’s face distorted. He frigidly said, “You can’t have forgotten that you agreed to five missions and have yet to complete a single one?”

“I have not forgotten.” Dark Sun shook his head and explained, “I am unable to follow someone closely 24/7. I still have another master, another mission.”

In response to hearing that, Ah Na Yi’s expression relaxed slightly and he explained further, “Only protecting him during class hours will suffice. The duration will be one month. It isn’t long.”

“I cannot leave the school,” Dark Sun still refused.

Ah Na Yi clapped his hands, smiling lightly as he said, “You won’t need to leave the school. I want you to stay here, at Yelan Academy, to protect him.”

“Raines wants to come to our school?” Elian couldn’t help blurting out.

You know, the news sensation this will cause is only just below that of the Sun Emperor coming to Yelan Academy… Then again, right now the odds of the Sun Emperor sneaking into Yelan Academy to visit his little brother aren’t that low.

Elian didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. It seemed like after meeting Ah Ye, a lot of “impossible” things suddenly became a lot more likely.

“Correct.” Ah Na Yi’s expression darkened and he muttered, “I don’t know what’s wrong with that guy. Instead of singing his nice little songs, he suddenly said something about how his old dream was to go to a combat academy, and now he wants to make his ‘dream come true.’ And even with all the combat academies out there, he had to choose us.”

“That’s really unfortunate.” Elian finally understood why the Principal was so insistent on having Dark Sun accept this mission.

It’s Raines, after all! Not just anyone!

The number of people who would either want to kidnap or kill him had to be at least eighty thousand, if not a hundred thousand. In addition, of those, at least eight hundred, if not a thousand were expert kidnappers and killers. If something happened to him at Yelan Academy, then Yelan Academy would be forced to shut down, every student would have to be classified as a suspect, and even the Principal’s later years would probably be fraught with peril and assassination attempts.

“Death and I can follow closely to protect him together,” Elian said with absolute sincerity.

“No, no!” Ah Na Yi said, with an expression like he was getting a headache from the worry, “That annoying guy said something about coming here to learn and that he could fight too and didn’t need anyone’s protection… Anyway, in the end, he only accepted having one bodyguard. And…”

“And?” Elian asked curiously.

Ah Na Yi expressionlessly said, “That the bodyguard following him closely had to be beautiful, with a slender body, excellent temper, supple hair, as well as having outstanding fighting capabilities. Only the gender wasn’t specified.”

Elian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he asked, “Is he looking for a wife or a bodyguard?”

“I also have my suspicions.”

“Dark Sun really does match most of the description… But he can’t take off his visor, so he can’t be considered beautiful, right?”

Elian glanced at Dark Sun. Aside from the visor, he really did fit Raines’s requirements. But in any case, Dark Sun would never agree to removing the visor. Elian couldn’t help but suggest to the Principal, “Maybe you could send Death instead?”

“No! I would rather send you than Death.” Ah Na Yi shouted, “Missions to kill people are not a problem for that Death guy, but I can’t assign any missions to him that require people staying alive.”

That’s true! Elian frowned and thought to himself for a while. But he still shook his head and said, “That won’t work. I can’t guarantee Raines’s safety on my own. If Eloise and Eli were there too, it would be manageable.”

“Absolutely not.” Ah Na Yi said with annoyance, “If that were permissible, I would have already sent the entire Elite Combat Class to be Raines’s classmates!”

Elian couldn’t help but nod. For a person like Raines, having the entire Elite Combat Class be his bodyguards wouldn’t be excessive.

But Raines insisted on having just a single person. So the person they would choose would of course be … The two of them looked at Dark Sun.

“I cannot remove the visor,” Dark Sun succinctly replied.

“You don’t have to take it off. Eloise has said that just from your build and your personality, she can tell you are very handsome.”

“Isn’t she biased?” Elian muttered.

Ah Na Yi coughed. “Anyway, I already gave a photo of Dark Sun for Raines to look at. He agreed. Now we have to see if you agree.”

So that’s how it is. Elian nodded. Then the two of them looked at Dark Sun again.

Dark Sun silently waited for the microchip to run its analysis. This only took a few seconds. But when he opened his mouth, his reply was, “The duration of this mission is too long. Unless this counts as two missions, I will not accept. As you previously agreed, I have the right to refuse missions.”

This is kicking someone while they’re down!

Ah Na Yi’s expression abruptly changed. His eyes grew as wide as a cow’s and he sent a death glare at Dark Sun. Even under the attack of this piercing gaze, Dark Sun remained completely expressionless. The Principal could only take a deep breath and then another one. After that, he gritted his teeth and said, “Fine, fine, fine! Two it is!”

Hearing that, Dark Sun nodded.

The Principal muttered to himself, “Mark my words, all of the missions I’m going to give you after this will be extremely difficult, or I’ll change my name from Ah Na Yi to A Mummy!”

Elian couldn’t help but feel worried. After all, Ah Ye’s true identity made him even higher status than Raines. He was the person the world’s leader doted on!

Under normal circumstances, if Ah Ye had said he liked listening to music, the first person to kidnap Raines would have been the Sun Emperor so that Raines could be Ah Ye’s personal music player.

Right now you’re having the most important young master be the bodyguard to a music player?

Just thinking about that made Elian feel a deep sense of helplessness and fear. If the most important master found out that his precious younger brother was actually guarding a radio, he would probably viciously smash Raines to a pulp.

“DSII, turn off the emotion suppressing switch.”

An Te Qi was holding a written report in his hand. The eyes behind his tiny spectacles were completely focused on the modified human copy of Dark Sun in front of him—DSII.


DSII was silent for a moment. Then with a brilliant smile, he reported back, “The emotion suppressing switch is now off, Dr. An Te Qi.”

Although the emotions suppressing switch had been successfully turned off, An Te Qi didn’t show the slightest trace of happiness. He asked in detail, “Were there any areas of conflict? Any conflicts with the previous order to turn on the emotion suppressing switch?”

“Nope!” DSII giggled and said, “Later orders override previous orders. Did you forget, Dr. An Te Qi?”

Hearing that, An Te Qi showed an expression of vexation. Of course he hadn’t forgotten about that setting. Normally, Dark Sun should follow the most recent command. That was a setting any robot would have. Otherwise, if the master first gave an order to walk, then gave an order to stop, was the robot supposed to walk or stop?

Previously, Ri Xiang Yan had first given Ri Xiang Ye the order to follow his own desires. Then he gave many orders to force the emotion suppressing switch off. However, Ah Ye still remained as the emotionless Dark Sun. Because Ri Xiang Ye didn’t want to turn the switch off, he was using the first order as a basis and following his own desires. He refused to listen to the command to turn off the emotion suppressing switch.

“Why doesn’t DSII have this problem?”

An Te Qi muttered to himself, “Or maybe real humans can’t be controlled with simple on-off switches?”

He suddenly remembered something. Before, the first time Dark Sun had turned off the emotion suppressing switch, he had entirely collapsed. However, DSII only needed a few seconds to turn the switch on or off.

“Because all you’re turning on or off is a switch for simulating human emotions, not real emotions! Sigh!”

An Te Qi looked at DSII. DSII used a smile with just the right amount of puzzlement as he looked back at him. He was adorable, innocent, and pitiful. Anyone would want a little brother who was this cute.

An Te Qi glanced at him, muttering, “You really do play the role of a little brother very well. No wonder even the Sun Emperor couldn’t help but treat you like a substitute for Ah Ye.”

Sigh! It looked like rebooting DSII was a waste of time. He and Dark Sun were fundamentally different.

Now how am I going to turn Dark Sun back into Ah Ye?

This was the first time An Te Qi felt completely powerless. A severed leg could be reattached. A ruined hand could be swapped out for another. No matter how many injuries were received, the worst that could happen would be that his entire body would need to be replaced. With the Sun Emperor’s financial resources and his own surgical skills, none of these were an issue.

But what can I do when his emotions are gone?

An Te Qi felt somewhat dispirited. Even though he was the most highly skilled surgeon, it wasn’t like he could open up Dark Sun’s head and shove something intangible like emotions in there.

But if he couldn’t think of a way to turn Dark Sun back into Ah Ye, he was afraid there was someone who would be all too willing to split open An Te Qi’s head.

“Dr. An Te Qi.”

An Te Qi raised his head to look. He didn’t expect the current source of his worry, Ri Xiang Ye, to have returned already.

He was a little suspicious. Although his sense of time wasn’t very precise, and day and night weren’t any different in the basement, why did he feel like it hadn’t been long since Ah Ye had left?

Clearly the clock on the wall also thought the same. It was only approaching noon.

“Ah Ye, why are you back so early?”

Dark Sun had just stood up from the sofa when another sofa descended. Ezart was sitting on it.

“The teacher dismissed class early,” Dark Sun reported succinctly.

“What the hell is that… Ah Ye’s twin brother?”

The first thing Ezart saw was a person who looked exactly like Dark Sun standing beside An Te Qi.

“Originally, in case the Dark Sun experiment failed, we prepared a modified human copy of Dark Sun. Just call him DSII, short for Dark Sun II.”

After An Te Qi finished his simple explanation, he looked with a little bit of excitement at Ezart, saying, “Come over here. I’ll help you conduct a checkup on your body’s condition.”

Ezart sauntered over.

An Te Qi couldn’t wait. He walked over himself and then immediately conducted a “pat-down.” As he stroked, he asked, “Have you felt discomfort or other odd symptoms?”


Ezart frowned. Every time he came over, it was like this. If he hadn’t known that this guy was treating him like one of his laboratory cadavers, he would have thought this doctor had some sick fetish.

“Just perfect!” An Te Qi couldn’t help but praise. “Why is it that I can’t replicate this myself? Ezart! Tell me again about what happened when you drank the muscle modification drug.”

“Again?” Ezart rolled his eyes and growled, “I’ve already told you over a hundred times!”

“The examination is very boring anyway. Just treat it like you’re telling an old man a story, O.K.?”

He really just called himself old. He really is a mad scientist… Ezart was speechless.

“Dr. An Te Qi, Ezart. I am going upstairs to modify guns,” Dark Sun suddenly said.

“O.K., O.K., O.K. You go do your own thing.” An Te Qi didn’t even turn around and just casually replied.

As usual, Ezart just waved with his back turned.

Dark Sun sat on the sofa again. Before it went up, he saw…

“Who are you?” DSII curiously looked at Ezart.

“Name’s Ezart!” Ezart replied irritably.

“DSII, help me prepare the examination instruments. Then have him lie down.”

An Te Qi suddenly felt excited. This whole morning had been setbacks, but now he could carry out an experiment… No, it’s an examination! Examination! The examination was even more effective than taking stimulants.

“O.K.!” DSII beamed and energetically shouted back, “Come with me, Namesezart!”

“It’s Ezart!”

Dark Sun pressed the button to go upstairs.

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