GOD V2C5: Dan’s Uncle, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Dan’s Uncle, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

Under the bright and clear moonlight, the swaying grass gave off a faint, silver glow. In the midst of the grass hid a glittering lake. If you didn’t take a close look, you might think it was a particularly dense expanse of grass.

Next to the lake was a handsome, carefree figure, whose posture was as straight as a pine tree, with supple, black hair tied at the back of their head and white clothes caressed by the night wind. It was a sight so beautiful that you wouldn’t be able to bear to make any noise to disrupt it.

Even Alan, who was a beautiful elf himself, was mesmerized by this sight. He quietly took in the view of the handsome figure before his eyes.

The figure suddenly turned around and smiled faintly, and even those amber eyes carried a trace of that smile. The elf couldn’t help but admit that even though he held no positive feelings toward humans, he could not bring himself to hate this human.

Bai Saya said with a smile, “The moonlight is resplendent today. It’s perfect for doing a certain task.”

“Do you wish to dance?” Alan expressed his understanding.


Update: January 2019

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January Chapters
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  4. Dominion's End V4C3: Foray into Lan City, Part One

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Dominion’s End V4C2: A Call Without A Response, Part Two

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Dominion’s End Volume 4: Battle for Lan City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: A Call Without a Response, Part Two—translated by Michimochi (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

Although I really wanted to find out how everyone’s ability had progressed, I only had three days. It wasn’t enough. Plus, I was going to take them into the city one by one, so I didn’t need to rush it. As a result, I hid in my room almost the entire time to continue figuring out the spear and dagger.

After trying for three whole days, the ice dagger in my hand had taken its complete shape. Although it still didn’t look as impressive as before, it at least looked more like a knife and not just a piece of ice. Its thickness was about two millimeters… I think? Forget it. I shouldn’t lie to myself. One point five millimeters was decent enough.

The hilt of the dagger was too narrow to grip comfortably. I could only add to its width by using my ice ability. Afterwards, I anxiously tested it on all sorts of things.

The blade was very sharp. Practically, nothing in the room or outside of it could win against it. It only got harder to cut when the energy of an ability was involved. However, once I covered the dagger with my own ability, the problem was easily solved, like bamboo splitting on a knife’s edge. But by then, this would be a competition between whose ability was superior, so although the sharpness of the dagger had some influence, it was not the crucial point in the fight.

In the process, the dagger didn’t break or shatter. I even hardened my heart and tried to cut a stone with the dagger. There was some resistance, but the dagger was still able to slice through it. It was just that the deeper it went, the harder it was to move. In the end, it was stuck. I had to spend a huge amount of energy to free it. I was so scared in the process that I almost wanted to get a chainsaw and saw apart the stone to avoid damaging the ice dagger.

But then again, using a chainsaw to rescue a dagger would be too ridiculous. On top of that, Dàgē would ask me about what was going on. If I had to start explaining this, then I could kiss going to Lan City goodbye. If Dàgē knew I wasn’t able to form the spear yet still wanted to enter the city nevertheless, he would definitely lock me up until the day all aberrants have been annihilated. So, I could only steel my heart and forcefully pull it out.


GOD V2C5: Dan’s Uncle, Part One

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Dan’s Uncle, Part One—translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su)

Out of the thirty-six stratagems, fleeing is the best!

Shooting Star took all his belongings—two pets—and fled in the middle of the night through the window.

What a joke! He hadn’t even needed to flee after stealing away an elf worth twenty thousand gold ducats from the Goldenstyle Merchant Guild, yet for the sake of something he had to do every day—bathing—he was forced to jump through the window and flee in the middle of the night!

Sob, sob, sob! Why is Belle so focused on bathing? It forced him to steel his heart and flee from the enticing thought of a palace full of delicious food and a beautiful princess.

Compared to Shooting Star who was reluctant, Bai Saya was pretty much jumping for joy. We’re finally leaving! I can finally escape from a future full of Dan, Philo, and Agid. He was practically so happy that he wanted to kneel down and thank every single god of the Northern, Western, Southern, and Eastern Continents.

One was pulling a face, the other was full of cheer, and the last one had no clue what was going on from start to finish.

“I think… it’s time for me to leave,” Alanmishus said.

“What?! Where are you going?” Shooting Star and Bai Saya were both surprised to the point of speaking simultaneously.

Alanmishus said as if it were a matter of course, “Back to the Eastern Continent.”

“Oh!” Bai Saya nodded and said, “I see. You’re heading back? What a pity. I thought I would be able to adventure with you for a while.”

“I have no interest in adventuring,” Alanmishus answered indifferently.


Dominion’s End V4C2: A Call Without A Response, Part One

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Dominion’s End Volume 4: Battle for Lan City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: A Call Without a Response—translated by Michimochi (proofread by elisa & Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

The trip for Lan City was now scheduled for three days from now. It would have been better if we set off earlier, but I had just returned. I wanted to stay with my big brother and little sister for a bit longer. Plus, it wasn’t as if I had figured out what was going on with the “tattoos” on both of my arms. I had to figure it out before going into the city, or else there wouldn’t even be any weapons for me to use.

My head started hurting when I thought about that time I had just returned home. Dàgē had mistakenly thought that I had these tattoos forced on me. I should stick with calling these “ice patterns” for now. After all, I’ve never seen anyone with silvery blue tattoos before. The color really is beautiful, but if anyone used such a color in a tattoo, that person would probably be poisoned by metal toxicity or something similar.

In order to thoroughly investigate this ice pattern in the full-length mirror in the room, I had cut off the sleeves of my shirt, turning it sleeveless. But with the weather getting colder, I would stick out like a sore thumb if I wore this into the city. I would need to add a jacket as a disguise, but I wasn’t sure if covering the ice pattern would affect the summoning of the spear and the dagger. I had to get this sorted out.

The ice pattern on my right sprawled along almost my entire arm, from the tip of my pinky all the way to my upper arm. Luckily, the lines of the pattern weren’t too clustered. There were just a few, and the icy blue color was very faint. It was nothing too outrageous; or else this delicate face of mine coupled with many complex tattoos would most definitely give an immeasurably odd impression.

The ice pattern on my left, on the other hand, was quite a bit smaller. The lines were thinner, wrapping once around the wrist. If this had been a real tattoo, I think I would be able to accept such a design. It was quite nice to look at.

My guess was that the right one represented the long spear and the left one represented the dagger. Since the gap between the size of the two weapons was quite large, naturally the gap between the size of the two ice patterns would be just as big.

In order to prove this point, I immediately shouted, “Come out, Ice Spear!”