Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C4: Reunion Dinner

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Whoa, you’re pickin’ on the butler again? What, you think you can just pick on him ’cause he’s an easy target? That ain’t cool, man!

Guanting stormed into the study, all anger and frustration. Who are you callin’ honest when it comes to that butler guy? Those big blue eyes of yours may be pretty, but they’re blind if you think he’s more honest than you are!

Suddenly, she missed the days when her son Guanting would always be at odds with the butler.

“Can we still choose?” Guanting clenched his fists, feeling both indignant and defeated. “You’re the one who sees with your own eyes, mother. He’s the one who turned us into nobodies. Besides our parents, what other title could be more important?”

Her sons looked at her expectantly, but she knew the answer wouldn’t be easy. “Go clean up the guest room. Your dad will probably stay overnight,” she said, resigned to her fate.

“Yes!” The butler and Guanting exchanged a glance and saw each other’s happiness reflected in their eyes.

Watching her two sons light up with joy like it’s Christmas, YouShu felt like a salted fish. She couldn’t resist reminding them, “Don’t actually call him dad, okay? Jianger was only 20 when he became a father, and your ‘dad’ here looks older than he does! You’ll scare him to death, and it won’t be my fault!”

“I know, right?” The butler grinned.

“Who would actually call him father?” Guanting was stubborn as ever.

Jiang Ziya, who was over the moon to be a father, snored on the couch, completely unaware that his two adopted sons were stealing glimpses of him sleeping.

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  1. NaughtyBot

    Guilty not guilty cuz I recognize mtl anywhere! But I’m just a sore loser and you got me good 🤣 Belated April Fool’s~

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