Update: July 2020

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July Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C3: It Has Begun, Part 1—Trouble Arises
  2. No Hero V8C7: The Serpent and the Forbidden Fruit
  3. Big and Little Sun Go Go 1: You Decide Where They Go
  4. Dominion's End V5C5: Danger Lurks Around Every Corner of Lan City
  5. Eclipse Hunter V2C3: The Child and the Demon
  6. Big and Little Sun Go Go 2: Newbie Spinner Wheel
  7. GOD V3C6: The Blue Star, Part One

Hey everyone, here are our July chapters! The order is subject to change, and like last month, you can probably expect these near the end of the month as we get some final touches in on each chapter.

Mark your calendars! In September, our next contest over at our forums will be taking place! \o/ Look forward to that!

As you can see, this month, we are releasing two parts to Yu Wo’s crossover series she has been posting on her Facebook: Big and Little Sun Go Go! This is a crossover that features a big Sun and a little Sun (from LSK) like what the name implies. They are the main characters of this crossover. As the reader, if you visit Yu Wo’s Facebook, you can vote in the comments of the latest update to this story to affect how the story will go before she writes the next part. What characters the Suns will meet, what worlds they will visit, and what items they will get are mostly up to the readers. So far, they have met several characters from different Yu Wo series and acquired items from many series too. It’s basically a crossover with all her different works~

There are currently 71 parts to this story as of today, and it is still ongoing, though releases have slowed down recently. Still, I doubt we will be able to catch up any time soon, but I hope that by bringing awareness to this story, you can join in with voting on the latest posts too, since that part is time sensitive and also what I feel is the most fun about this story. So, hop on over and vote if you get a chance to do so. :)

That brings me to our next piece of news: Proofreader applications are opening soon! Please keep an eye out for that! We are looking for more help with Big and Little Sun and all of our current series: Eclipse Hunter, Dominion’s End, Illusions-Lies-Truth, GOD, and No Hero. We will be posting here when applications open.

The publisher of ILT has just revealed that the next ILT book, Volume 6, will be released at the end of this month during the ACG Fair on July 30, and it will be available to be purchased online and in stores on August 5 (pre-orders for the special edition start August 1). Yu Wo has also mentioned that the next Dominion’s End book, Volume 7, is going to be a summer release, so perhaps we will see that soon too.

We still don’t have news about 39 LSK v2, but Yu Wo has mentioned that she plans to collect Big and Little Sun Go Go into a book after finishing 39 LSK. (What does that mean??)

And last but not least, poll time! Last month, the options for the poll were pretty scary. The result was that the school wonder, the 13th bookcase won. I guess it seems the least terrible. But we’ll find out, huh? (What if our wishes end up making it come true?)

This month, the poll is about Bai Saya from GOD. What is the best way for him to earn some money? This question was submitted by anonymous~. I feel like many of Yu Wo’s characters are… dirt poor. XD

As always, please keep submitting poll ideas here! We love them!

Look forward to our releases, and keep an eye out for when proofreader applications open! :D

Update: June 2020

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June Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C2: Xiang Shui Pan, Part 3—Returning Home
  2. Eclipse Hunter V2C2: A Rocky Start
  3. Dominion's End V5C4: The Clash of Ice and Lightning
  4. No Hero V8C6: The Silver Pieces of Betrayal
  5. GOD V3C5: Saiximili

Happy June~. I’m glad to say that GOD and No Hero make a return this month in our releases. Enjoy!

Our French Team is looking for a proofreader willing to work on 1/2 Prince and would not mind help with other series too. Come join~

Last month, Sun won the poll as the person who would appreciate being forced to stay home the most, followed by Storm. I can definitely see that! (Hopefully Storm doesn’t get stuck with paperwork…)

This month, our poll is about the Seven Wonders, submitted by Listening Daisy. These Seven Wonders are from Illusions, Lies, Truth, which has really been showing its horror roots lately. Though well, I’d say that we’re veering more into mystery and action now. Pretty exciting. :)

We’re always looking for more poll ideas! Toss them at us here.

Look forward to our June chapters!

Update: May 2020

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May Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C2: Xiang Shui Pan, Part 2—Dustfall
  2. Eclipse Hunter V2C1: A Demon Incarnate
  3. Dominion's End V5C3: Leader's Little Brother Is In Charge of Looking Pretty

I hope this month finds everyone safe and healthy! We are a bit busier than usual lately, so you’ll see that our release list is a bit on the short side. GOD and No Hero should return next month, though their fate the month after is still up in the air. If you are interested in helping us translate No Hero, please shoot us an email! We have less than two volumes left to go~

We have a new pdf of Eclipse Hunter v1 thanks to ListeningDaisy! You can grab it over here.

We have several new pieces of Dominion’s End fanart submitted by Yukio-Art! Check it out in our fanart gallery and the forums.

Last month, our poll was about what kind of fruit tree Shuyu should plant, with apple tree winning the poll! This poll was inspired by Animal Crossing, as those are the five main fruits you can plant in that game.

This month, the poll is about which holy knight would appreciate having to stay at home, considering most of us are currently stuck at home. This poll was submitted by anon. Thanks anon!

Please keep throwing poll ideas at us here!

Update: April Chapters

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April Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C2: Xiang Shui Pan, Part 1—From Coffee to Pears to Apples (April Fool's)
  2. No Hero V8C5: Red Balloons (April Fool's)
  3. GOD V3C4: The Avian Nation
  4. No Hero V8C5: Red Bowties
  5. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C2: Xiang Shui Pan, Part 1—From Liuqing to Tea to Coffee Today
  6. Dominion's End V5C2: Dàgē and Xiaomèi Leave the House
  7. Eclipse Hunter V2Prologue: Prologue

Hey all! Due to time constraints and things that have been happening globally, I had to shuffle some chapters around last month and move last month’s GOD chapter to this month. Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you are all safe and well!

To make up for it, we do have two of our April chapters ready for you already, so I’m releasing them right away! Enjoy! Don’t forget to return to our March releases to read our Eclipse Hunter entries. We released four just yesterday to round off volume 1~

I’m still in the middle of going over our chapters and figuring out what chapters will be ready for this month, so you’ll see more chapters popping up in our list of releases later on. Check back for them! There will definitely be a DE chapter, so don’t worry~

Last month, the “no one dares to make pie” option won the poll! I guess there’s no pie for anyone when Sun doesn’t get his pie~

This month’s poll is all about fruits!

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable April!

Update: March 2020

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March Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C1: In the Name of God, Part 3—Coming True
  2. No Hero V8C4: That Which Hides in the Darkness...
  3. Dominion's End V5C1: The Ice Spears, in the Making
  4. Eclipse Hunter V1Extra1: I Don't Love You
  5. Eclipse Hunter V1Extra2: The Origin of Eclipse Hunter
  6. Eclipse Hunter V1Extra3: Angel VS Demon
  7. Eclipse Hunter V1Afterword: Afterword and Character Introductions

March chapters are around the corner~. We’ll be wrapping up volume 1 of Eclipse Hunter with some extras as well as Yu Wo’s afterword. It’s pretty amusing seeing how different Yu Wo’s afterword is in the new edition compared to the old edition. We’ll be releasing both versions.

We have a new pdf thanks to ListeningDaisy! You can grab a pdf of Dominion’s End v4 from here.

This month, our poll is about Pi Day! To the anon who submitted this question, I’ve kept your question safe since last year! o/

The poll options were a bit too long for our poll, so I will include them here instead.

It is time to celebrate Pi Day! Pies must be made, but as Sun has managed to irritate Judgment again, he has been banned from sweets! Who shall be making the best pies and what flavors should they be?

1. Charles shall, upon Young Master’s request, make a full course meal from nothing but pie: Portuguese custard for starters, Chicken pot pie for the main course, and a bright, red, cherry pie for dessert!

2. Lolidragon shall attempt, despite being drunk and at a bar, to create a culinary masterpiece using what is available: a layered, Bailey’s jello shot and spiked chocolate ganache dessert of dubious edibility, but it is in a round, pie-like shape.

3. Jiang Shujun shall use the ingredients available (which is a lot) to create a pie made for Shuyu! A frozen Key lime pie!

4. No one dares to make, or consume, Pie when Sun is not allowed to enjoy Ice’s special blueberry pies!

Thanks for the poll ideas! Do you have a poll idea? Toss them over here at us~.

ETA: Hello! Due to time constraints and all this stuff that has been happening globally, our chapter release order will be shuffled around, and some chapters may be moved to April. Thank you for your understanding!