No Hero V9Extra1: Household Head Butler

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No Hero Volume 9: Endless Days

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Extra 1: Household Head Butler—translated by Taffygirl13 (C/E edited by lucathia)

I stared in confusion at the contract in front of me. When the master had summoned me to sign a contract, I had assumed that the master here merely wished to more officially sign a butler contract. However, this is…

A contract that transfers all of the Ri family’s assets to me, in addition to 53% of shares of the Sun Alliance.

My eyes widened at the contract. I did not know how I should consider this or what this was about. Could this be another test?

I raised my head to see the master haughtily looking down at me as he commanded, “Sign.”


I could only shoot a pleading look at the young master for help.

The young master easily grabbed the contract and swiftly skimmed through it. “Gē, I didn’t know you liked Charles this much.”

The master immediately roared, “Who likes this vampire? If you are willing to replace him, I’d endorse it with both hands and feet raised!”

“No replacing.” The young master was not the least bit concerned. Rather, he asked back, “Gē, you went through so much trouble to test Charles. If you replace him, would you do another test?”

The master’s expression darkened.

“Gē, what exactly do you want?” The young master bluntly stated, “If you don’t state it clearly, Charles won’t dare to sign. He could end up being used without knowing about it.”

I inwardly nodded in agreement.

“What are you saying?” The master unhappily replied, “I’m giving him the entire Ri family. If anything, he should be kneeling in gratitude, yet he doesn’t even dare to sign?”

“That just makes it more terrifying!” The young master shot back, “Aside from me, when has Gē ever made an unprofitable investment?”

As the master glared at the young master, the latter fearlessly met his eyes. After a long while, the master turned his head away and grumbled, “You could never be an unprofitable investment.”

The young master was startled into a smile. “All right, Gē, so what do you really want? Charles’s face is all pale from fear.”

“You’re blaming me for a vampire’s pale face?”

The young master tilted his head as he examined me and laughed. “That’s a good point; Charles’s face was originally pale.”

I felt somewhat powerless as I stared at the brothers. Young Master, I beg of you to please stop digressing. All of the Ri family assets really could frighten even a vampire to death!

“Master, why exactly do you wish to transfer the Ri family to me?”

The master flatly explained, “It’s very simple— I was inspired by your family’s Sadina. If all of the Ri family’s assets are yours, then you will become the Ri household head. However, it will be on a trust fund model, where the trustee will be me, then Ah Ye, then his child. But no matter what, you will be the household head, and the entire Ri family will belong to you forever.”

The young master immediately asked, “Then what about your child, Gēge? That isn’t fair!”

Please wait, Young Master, do you not think that the main issue is that the assets should be transferred to you instead? Your lifespan is also extremely long, is it not? If the master wishes to use Sadina’s eternal family head method, he should be using it on you, not me.

“I’m infertile,” the master indifferently stated.

I stared blankly.

The young master immediately retorted, “You’re lying!”

“It’s true, I found out quite early-on. If you don’t believe me, you can ask An Te Qi to do another examination.”

The young master tightly furrowed his brows at this. “After Charles graduates from medical school, I’ll ask him to conduct an examination. If you’re lying to me…” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Then, I’ll run away with Briar and see whose child you could choose to succeed you.”

The Sun Emperor remained unperturbed, evidently unafraid of an examination. There was no knowing if it was truly because he was infertile or if he had “induced” infertility. But regardless of which situation it was, the Sun Emperor was no longer young. If he had not fathered any children by now, it was likely that he had long since decided not to have any, and would pass everything to the young master…So, why is he now transferring everything to me?

“And so?” The young master continued to question, “Gē, why do you want to give it to Charles?”

The Sun Emperor did not answer directly. Instead, he replied, “I asked An Te Qi to research whether he could make your face automatically adjust itself. There doesn’t need to be any major changes; as long as the facial features are slightly different, changes like wrinkles can form.”

Realization dawned on the young master. “That way, I can slowly turn old!”

The master grunted in affirmation and then said, “Once your older identity reaches a certain age, a few younger models of modified humans can be grown starting from the infant stage. You and DSII can take turns controlling until age fifteen. Then, your older identity can die while you take on the younger identity and restart your life from fifteen years old.”

That is beyond insane! I stared at the master in disbelief; I never would have imagined he had this plan in mind.

The master smiled. “That way, Ah Ye can continue experiencing different lives. How does that sound?”

“Oh, that sounds like it’d be pretty interesting.” The young master cocked his head to the side in comprehension. “So it’s because my identity will be constantly changing that you want to give the Ri family to Charles? After all, everyone knows he’s a vampire that can live for a very long time, so it wouldn’t be weird if the family remained in his hands. It’s a lot simpler than transferring to ‘me’ every so often. Plus, once he has both the Ri family and the Elysees family, even the Church would be unable to cause Charles trouble.”

“That’s right. The most important condition in the contract is that he must attend to the Ri family’s people forever. However, he can freely select who he wishes to serve, and this person does not necessarily have to be the trustee. I know you have no interest in business, so you can just have your posterity earn money to raise you instead.”

The young master immediately burst into laughter. “So every time Charles chooses a different person, it would actually be me?”

“Of course he can only select you. Unless he betrays you.” The master shot an ice-cold look at me. “Don’t think that this contract is the only constraint. Hmph, if you betray him, you’ll die! I’ll have An Te Qi prepare a robot replacement that DSII can control, hmph!”

“Charles would never betray me.”

The master snorted but did not refute the young master this time. He merely glowered at me and roared, “You’ve made me say all that, but you still won’t sign?”

The young master also pointed his shining eyes at me.

I was somewhat at a loss.

The master casually commented, “Oh, right, the Elysees family has the authority to monitor the Ri family so you don’t become their figurehead and vice versa. If such a situation occurs, both parties are obligated to help you regain power over the families.”

My mind was in complete disarray, but the moment I heard the Elysees family, I reflexively stated, “You must seek Curtis for any matters related to the family. I cannot make any decision.”

“No need, when we agreed to make a deal, I already had him review the contract. The clause that ‘both parties must restrict each other’ was his suggestion.”


To err on the side of safety, I forced myself to face the Sun Emperor’s annoyance and the young master’s anticipation while calling Curtis.

“Indeed, Family Head, that is the situation. This contract is beneficial without any drawbacks to you, so I merely suggested the clause for both families to restrict each other, then agreed. Is the Sun Emperor currently asking you to sign it?”


“It appears that he is more generous than I imagined. I assumed that he would wait until he was at old age before signing this contract. After all, after it has been signed, he will no longer own the Ri family in name.”

“So I truly should sign it?” I asked uneasily.

“Why not?” Curtis asked back. “If you have both the Elysees and the Ri family, you would have the power to protect E.X. even if the Church discovers that he is alive.”

I started, then lowered my head to stare at the contract with an indescribable feeling of irony. I had once fled from the Elysees family and abandoned the duties of the family head. Yet in the end, I not only remain the Elysees Family Head, but now I must take on the Ri family as well?

Possessing both the Ri and Elysees family meant having supreme power, even if it appeared to be in name only. However, in order to completely protect the young master, the master would never allow me to be a figurehead. After the master’s lifetime, I would become the true Ri household head. Even if I did not intervene with the detailed matters of the family, I would at least hold the ability to say the final word.

I could imagine how great of a disturbance this would cause, and how many people would wish to steal both families. Moreover, I would be dragged into this maelstrom of the two highest powers.

Despite the desire to say that I would rather not have the power of either family or household head, wishing to live a simple, peaceful life, the master had made it extremely clear to me through the recent incident that I had long since held an unavoidable relationship with these great powers. There was nothing more unreasonable than continuing to attempt to escape these powers.

I required power to protect those I valued, whether it was the young master, X, or even others.

Without any more hesitation, I signed my name.

Thus, I became the head of both the Ri and Elysees families. Life was truly even more surprising than it was in films. This should have been a world-shocking event, yet the Sun Emperor had simply taken one of the two copies of the contract I had signed, then turned to toss it at Mr. Kyle as though it was just another butler employment contract.

I stared at the contract in my hand, not quite certain what to do with it. It seems extremely important; would storing it in a bank safe be sufficient? No, that is too dangerous. Banks cannot be relied on either. I will return and hand it to Curtis for safekeeping instead.

The young master comforted, “Charles, you look really anxious. Don’t worry, to us, this contract doesn’t actually make a difference. In any case, Gē will make sure everything’s done properly, so we can just go about our lives!”

The master’s expression soured.

I felt strangely calmed by these words and nodded, “Indeed, Young Master. I was merely concerned about where the contract could be safely stored. It would not be good if such an important item was lost.”

“If it gets lost, just sign another one.”

Before I could respond, the master viciously spat, “If it gets lost, I’ll make you pay a fortune!”

W-What an expensive bundle of papers! I suddenly felt the weight in my hands become heavier.

The young master laughed non-stop as he said, “Charles, hurry up and lose the contract. Then you can pay my brother with our family’s money.”

The master’s expression twisted further as he sharply warned, “Ah Ye, are you trying to betray your family?”

“It’s not betrayal at all. Charles is our Ri household head, after all!” The young master whipped his head around to grin at me. “Isn’t that right, Household Head Butler? Could you please prepare a glass of milk for me?”

I flashed the standard smile of a butler.

“Of course, Young Master. The milk will be ready at once.”

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