No Hero V9Extra2: Bygone Era

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No Hero Volume 9: Endless Days

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Extra Chapter 2: Bygone Era—translated by Taffygirl13 (C/E edited by lucathia)

I was listening to what was either Melody’s report or complaint—the latter seeming more accurate.

The 3D image of Melody’s upper body chattered on and on for a very long time, making me truly miss the era of cell phones when there was no face-to-face interaction. That way, I could let my thoughts wander or perhaps I could even handle other matters at the same time. Yet now I could only attentively listen to her complaints… I mean, report.

“The Robot Alliance sent another warning: if we don’t give the adjudication squad basic human rights, they will cease purchase of any products from the Sun Alliance.”

I asked skeptically, “Do they truly realize how many companies belong to the Sun Alliance?”

Melody shrugged. “I don’t even know how many there are.”

“Did we not explain to them long ago that the adjudication squad has no self-awareness?”

I let out a sigh. In the past, the line separating humans and non-humans had already caused me great concern; I had never imagined that there would come this age when even discarding a toaster required considering whether it had human rights.

Melody huffed in annoyance, “Do you think those robots could wrap their heads around that?”

That’s true. I sighed and replied, “Provide wages and housing to the adjudication squad, and choose a few to act as representatives. Have them form a labor union and program them to occasionally fight for things such as rights, salary increases, or vacation. Hm, you can have DSII carry this out. We just need to show the Robot Alliance whatever they wish to see.”

“If you pass this onto DSII, he might actually cause a mess…”

I pondered this for a moment. “That would actually be a fine result. Perhaps it can cause some waves.”

Melody’s expression softened upon hearing this. Then, she quietly asked, “Has he still not regained his spirit?”

I nodded.

“Sigh, it’s impossible to console someone once they’ve grown tired of living.” After some thought, Melody added, “We really should let DSII loose after all. I’m curious to see what he can stir up once all the restrictions are lifted. Leave everything to me, bye.”

The second Melody’s figure vanished, there was a knock on the door. How lively it is today. I immediately called out, “Enter.”

The person who entered was full of smiles. He was called Dong Fang Cheng.

Seeing his features really made me feel nostalgic. Among over ten descendents, Cheng was the most similar to his grandfather—practically cut from the same mold as Dong Fang Lei. However, their personalities were nothing alike. Dong Fang Cheng was honestly…much more energetic.

With a wide smile, Dong Fang Cheng said, “Family Head, I am here to report a matter of great importance.”

Despite saying it was a matter of great importance, his hands were in his pockets, and he had no papers. Is it truly a matter of great importance? Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not. This man was someone who had put down all his work and run across the world to announce to his family head that his wife was pregnant.

I helplessly stated, “What matter would be great enough for you to personally come here? If I recall correctly, are you not currently investigating the private contact made among several economic alliances?”

“That is precisely it!” Dong Fang Cheng’s smile disappeared. Upon seeing this, I realized that this truly was a major issue, as it was enough for him to give up his smile.

“A few large economic alliances are about to jointly announce their refusal to concede to the idea of a country anymore. They each wish to establish their own autonomous city of trade.”

They plan on going that far? While countries had long since fallen into decline, they still had a certain efficacy. I had never approved of officially letting countries become history.

After thinking it over, I replied, “Send a notification to them that if they refuse to acknowledge countries and decide to draw their own territory to rule, then I, Charles Endelis, will do the same as both the Elysees and Ri family head. Moreover, the territory I draw will be the ‘entire world.’ Make sure they properly consider whether they would rather recognize the existence of countries, or submit to the Endelis Empire.”

Dong Fang Cheng chuckled and joked, “I truly wish to see your empire, Family Head. Can you not simply establish one now?”

“A vampire’s empire?” I asked back with a smile.

He paused for a beat, then laughed. “Hah, why not?”

“It is impossible for me.” I chuckled. “Attending to the young master while looking over the accounts for the Elysees and the Ri families is already difficult to manage. If I had a vampire’s empire on top of that, I would not last even without needing to sleep.”

“What a shame.” Dong Fang Cheng sighed. “I will pass the warning—I mean, notification—to those economic alliances.”

“Go ahead and give them a warning.” I folded my hands atop my knee and smiled. “The young master I currently serve does not like disputes. Warn these people that if they dare to stir up any waves, the tide may just swallow them whole.”

Dong Fang Cheng’s expression shifted into a rarely seen frown when he heard me mention the young master, but he instantly regained his smile as he answered, “I look forward to their disregard to the warning so that the future will be a bit more interesting.”

I was well aware of the fact that he did not like the young master. Even the other person does not…

The door was abruptly pushed open, causing me to furrow my brows. However, I was not surprised to see the familiar face. Only he dared to act so rudely.

It was the young master’s face, but slightly more mature, closer to the age of thirty.

He indignantly shouted, “Why not just overthrow those governments? They’re just a bunch of vermin!”

As I looked at that nostalgic face, I asked, “Did we not just recently give guidance to improve many governments?”

He laughed. “Guidance? I can straighten them right up just by sending someone over to control them. Guidance would just be wasting manpower, plus it would require constant supervision to prevent those vermin from repeating their mistakes!”

“You forgot to mention just how many people need to be killed before sending that person over.” I flatly stated, “Do not skip over the casualty numbers. I do not like your attitude of disregarding human lives.”

His face stiffened as he shouted back, “It’s not like you’d ever like me anyways!”

I stared straight at him and asked in confusion, “Why do you say that? Ri Liu Rui, do you think you could stay as the Ri family’s steward if I did not like you?”

In theory, the steward was to be selected by the young master. However, the young master had stated that he truly was unskilled at choosing, so he had tossed the job to me. This was somewhat unsafe, as the Ri family’s trustee and steward should be the one in charge of overseeing me. Yet they had become someone of my choice, a truly foolish act.

Charles, if even you would betray me, then that might really be time for me to die.

There had been no room to refute the young master’s words. If the situation were reversed and the young master betrayed me… Yes, then I would rather ask Poseidynne to submerge me under a gulf—I would not resist in the slightest.

Ri Liu Rui instead stated, “I was not referring to the steward position.”

I seriously studied him. For the first time, I felt some regret about the steward I had selected.

Off to the side, Dong Fang Cheng’s head was lowered as he pretended not to exist. Yet he was bold enough not to excuse himself. He was an Elysees, uninvolved with matters of the Ri family.

I indifferently replied, “In that case, what are you so indignant about? The Ri family’s steward should remain unmoved in face of any matter, regardless of what it is. Your current manner does not meet this standard.”

Ri Liu Rui icily bit out, “My achievements have surpassed the standard since I was young. Everything I do is better than ‘that person.’ I am a direct descendent of the family, while he is just from a branch. Even if you miss your old master, I’m the one who looks more like my ancestor, Ri Xiang Ye!”

That was indeed true. This young man’s face really did resemble the young master’s. Even several of his expressions were similar. I truly felt nostalgic.

It was because of this appearance that I decided to be slightly more lenient with him, and dropped the discussion about his current loss of control.

“However, you are not Young Master Ri Xiang Ye.”

Ri Liu Rui knit his brows at this. “No one can be my ancestor.”

“Indeed.” I agreed. No one could replace the young master.

He opened his mouth, seemingly not understanding at all. Naturally, there was no way he could.

“Charles, Charles!”

I immediately stood as I saw an average-looking youth charge in like a whirlwind as usual. Bowing at the waist, I smiled and answered, “Yes, Young Master, in what way may I serve you?”

“Have you seen my…” Mid-sentence, the young master spotted Ri Liu Rui and Dong Fang Cheng. He tilted his head and attempted to ask, “Are you busy? I’m not in a rush. I can come back later.”

“No, I am not busy.”

“Oh,” the young master replied. However, he sensed that this was not the best response, so he hurriedly greeted Ri Liu Rui and Dong Fang Cheng. “Hello.”

Ri Liu Rui shot him a cold look without replying. Instead, he only declared to me, “I will never give up! I will take my leave, Family Head.”

Then he turned and left without saying a word to the young master. Dong Fang Cheng also dismissed himself with a smile, leaving after Ri Liu Rui. At least his attitude was better. He at least nodded at the young master to greet him when he walked by.

I frowned as I watched the two exit one after another. It did not seem like a good situation, and I hoped that Ri Liu Rui would not take any drastic actions. After all, I had already selected who I would serve, and I had never switched candidates midway. How exactly is he planning to “never give up”?

The young master’s eyes remained on the doorway as he asked in confusion, “What is he not giving up on?”

“He wishes for me to choose him as the one to serve.”

The young master immediately lowered his head as he unhappily said, “He really is annoying. I never liked him.”

“Why is that?” While his dislike had been clearly evident, the young master had not objected when I had chosen Ri Liu Rui as the steward either.

“He looks too much like me.” The young master huffed, “And now he even wants to take you away!”

I chuckled. In truth, the young master had always preferred children that resembled Master, then those that resembled Lady Briar. He disliked the descendents that shared his likeness the most.

Out of all the descendents, Ri Zai Yan had been the child that had closest resembled Master. As a result, he had been personally named by his grandfather and became the most favored child. Fortunately, the young master’s method of doting was always more strict than lenient. The more he liked the child, the more he would happily train them.

That was the reason Ri Zai Yan had become the strongest in combat ability. Unfortunately, his innate business skill had not been high, so I could only have him join the security system where he led troops to countless glorious successes. In the end, he died during a harsh mission, leaving behind his wife and posthumous child—who was also Ri Liu Rui’s father.

At the time, the young master had fallen into a depression for a long time, and had even ended “Ri Xiang Ye”’s life to start a new life. Now, death was too common, and loss was unavoidable.

Even aside from Ri Zai Yan, the Ri family produced endless legends and continued expanding up until this day. There were many members of the family, and their stories had already been recorded in a book. However, to the young master, these people were simply grandchildren—he had given up entirely on remembering who was which grandson, great grandson, great-great-grandson…and any further descendant’s lineage was impossible to even voice.

On the other hand, the Elysees clan was very peaceful. Several centuries passed by as though a single day, and ones as energetic as Dong Fang Cheng were really rare.

“While Liu Rui is quite gifted, it would be no matter to replace him if you truly do not like him.”

Despite having no precedent, the Master’s intention had been beyond clear back then. So long as it was the young master’s wish, I must use both the powers of the Elysees and the Ri family to grant it. Replacing the Ri family steward was a mere trifle.

“No need.” The young master shrugged. “It’s quite a feat to get me to dislike someone. He’s pretty interesting.”

Indeed, the young master had been very listless recently, with no energy to do anything. As a result, his behavior was unremarkable. The entire family had been shocked when I had selected him as my master to serve. In fact, many members of the family had not known such a descendent had existed until then.

“However, I am afraid he will want to bring you harm.”

The young master tilted his head and smiled.

“Then that’ll make things even more interesting.”

I had never imagined that this “interesting” matter would last for as long as a century, leaving even a vampire tired.

All throughout, Ri Liu Rui took care of the Ri family. Moreover, he never did anything that would truly harm the foundation of the Ri family; rather, he even further expanded the Sun Alliance. Otherwise, I honestly would have used my rapiers to pierce a hundred holes in his body, then drank every drop of blood in his body to replenish the exhaustion from the past hundred years.

He never stopped endangering the young master, attempting to snatch control over the Ri family and the Sun Alliance. He had even once dipped his finger into the Elysees’ side, using various means to try threatening or enticing me to change my master. I repeatedly banished and recalled him nearly ten times, yet he never comprehended why I repeatedly gave him more chances.

But after a hundred years, even the most dangerous person would turn old.

“Why did you choose him?”

Ri Liu Rui lay in bed with multiple tubes connected to his body. This was my first time seeing him appear so frail. Despite his undeniable vileness, I had to admit that he was truly a character. Aside from the original master of the Ri family, no one could likely ever match him.

It was a pity that he had been defeated by the master’s most important order of no one ever being allowed to stand in the way of the young master’s ability to live happily without worry for millennia.

“I’m on the verge of death. Can’t you grant this dying old man’s final wish?”

If you hadn’t stirred up so much trouble, you might not have fallen to the brink of death at 130 years old. Most humans these days can live past 150 years old, let alone a Ri family steward.

I was silent for a long while, but I was ultimately no match for his pleading, pitiful expression as I sighed. “I only serve one master.”

The result was Ri Liu Rui’s pitiful face immediately twisting into fury. His hatred for the young master had already reached an unbelievable point.

“He’s not worthy! What has he done in his life for you to be so loyal to him? He’s just a useless piece of trash!”

I smiled faintly at these words, then leaned over to quietly state next to the dying old man’s ear, “You had best show greater respect for your ancestor. Otherwise, I am afraid that you will receive some punishment in your last days despite your plentiful contributions to the Ri family.”

Ri Liu Rui stared at me in a stupor, momentarily very lost. However, as expected of a character that had incited trouble for a century, his eyes gradually widened as he soon reached an understanding.

Shock and disbelief flashed through his eyes. In the end, he only let out a long breath of final release.

“I really…”

I turned and bowed to the person that had arrived. “Young Master.”

The young master entered and looked down at the person in bed. Then his face began to transform: the originally aged and wrinkled face gradually reverted to youthfulness. The lines and blemishes vanished, and the sagging skin regained elasticity to ultimately become the face of a youth. It was not any ordinary face, but the young master’s true face that was as pretty and pure as an angel’s.

Ri Liu Rui quietly stared at the young master’s face. After a long silence, he finally said, “I should have realized the truth earlier. There were clearly so many suspicious points. How could the head of the family be devoted to such a useless descendent without good cause? I’m deeply sorry for the…disrespect toward you over the many years.”

It was more than disrespect; there had been various forms of humiliation, sabotage, and even countless assassination attempts. If the young master had not repeatedly countered everything, I would not have bothered to banish him or recall him, but rather directly murder him!

After all, the young master had so many grandchildren he could not even recall their names. Losing one of them would have been trivial!

The young master patted Ri Liu Rui’s head and kindly replied, “I think you’re quite interesting. Among all the children, you’re the one I enjoy the most. I had misjudged you in the beginning; although I haven’t been very inclined to do much in this lifetime, it ended up being a very fresh experience thanks to you.”

Ri Liu Rui smiled and sighed. “I guess this is why I was chosen to be the steward back then? Because I was interesting?”

“Of course not.” The young master honestly confessed, “Charles manages the family very seriously. He believed you were a business genius, just shy of Gēge! The steward naturally had to be you.”

“Family Head said I was a business genius? Just shy of the legendary Sun Emperor?”

Ri Liu Rui’s grin was filled with content. The next day, he did not open his eyes again.

After this, the young master’s mood fell again. Ever since Ri Zai Yan’s death, very few deaths affected him anymore.

He gloomily asked, “Charles, isn’t it about time I died again?”

“Your current identity is 139 years old. Humans these days typically live up to 152 years old. Regardless of whether you continue living or if you end this life, you would be within the norm.”

Of course, if the young master wanted to “die,” doing so at twenty years old would not be a problem either. It could be easily arranged.

The young master pondered this for a moment before candidly replying, “Since Liu Rui’s gone, I feel like this lifetime isn’t any fun now, so let’s just end it! I want to try being the Ri family steward in the next lifetime.”

I was somewhat astonished, but there was no reason to question the young master wanting to be more active after idling around for a century.

“As you command, Young Master.”

Following this decision, the young master grew anxious and added, “But I’m not skilled in business. Even if I start from elementary school, would I really ever be as good as Gēge?” Charles, what happens if I end up ruining the Sun Alliance?”

“That would be quite interesting too, would it not?”

The young master turned to stare at me, but I truly believed it did not matter. If even someone like Ri Liu Rui who persistently tried to assassinate the young master could properly act as the Ri family steward until the end of his life, what would it matter if the young master ruined the Sun Alliance?

“If Master were still alive, he would surely answer ‘How do you want to ruin it? I’ll plan it.’

The young master chuckled.

“Gē really would say that.”

He relaxed completely. With no other worries, he curled up on the sofa lazily. Yet unlike his previous listlessness, he quietly began to sing a song.

The ancient clock chimes twelve times

A shabby coffin lid opens

The charming sunlight of day

has been slain by the black shroud

Don’t scream

There’s nothing

Night is only the haunt of darkness gone mad

Don’t look

Just sleep tight

No blood-sucking monsters wander in daylight

Vampires stalk the streets; Strangers don’t come near; Fresh blood is my favorite drink

Don’t cry Hallelujah; God’s on vacation; Maria is also asleep

I coolly fling my cape aside; Bare my fangs at you; Don’t struggle, I’ll be gentle

When you meet vampires, hurry and scream

God Bless You!


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