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No Hero Volume 9: Endless Days

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Afterword—translated by lucathia (proofread by elisa)

The series No Hero actually depicts a lot of human situations I’ve come across. Each volume typically emphasized a different theme. Sometimes, you could even enjoy the book through the lens of current affairs. But, when it comes to the overarching theme of the entire series, the idea that I wanted to get across the most was this one:

A simple “non” draws a line of separation between humans and non-humans.

In the real world, perhaps there isn’t such a clear line drawn by being “non,” but there are many, many lines of separation.

People always like to draw lines. Those on the other side of the lines are outsiders. Those on your side of the lines are your own people. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We all have biases. We have people we like and people we dislike, just like how humans and non-humans have a clear boundary between them.

Whether something is right or wrong, I don’t have an answer to that. I wrote about this so that everyone can see my doubts and ponder along with me. Perhaps you might even think about the morality of these matters further, and then I would receive more feedback after you finish reading.

Some readers think it should be one way. Some readers think it should be a different way. Some readers even bring up in-depth analyses that I hadn’t considered. Reading them really makes me feel that people are truly unique. Everyone has their own way of thinking. Even if we get entangled, how would you and I ever be completely the same?

Therefore, regardless of what side of the line you’re on, you still have your differences, so why even bother drawing a line?

I think I’ve made it too abstract. Anyway, this series interweaves old fashion fealty with modern technology. Technology is attractive, but loyalty is also charming. Paired together, they’re not as incompatible as I thought. Just like our young master and the butler, high tech and ancient relic. They could be unexpectedly compatible!

Finally, the deep discussion has come to an end. Now, it’s time for random craziness.

In actuality, I was hesitant over whether or not I should write the chapter at the very end, “Bygone Era.” It jumps way into the future, so everyone can probably tell that many characters are no longer around. However, there are actually many more stories in between. The characters experienced much more in their lives. Their story doesn’t end with the series No Hero, but “Bygone Era” might make everyone feel this way.

In addition, there will be a spin-off as usual. I already have some ideas of what takes place before “Bygone Era,” so I don’t know if it was a good or bad thing that I wrote that chapter.

However, going by previous series that have concluded, everyone seems to prefer the main story to be more conclusive with what happens to the characters, so I dithered over whether or not to write the last chapter. In the end, I still decided to write “Bygone Era” and touch upon what happens. Does everyone feel that writing it this way makes it feel more complete?

But in actuality, for the full story, you would all need to go and read The Chronicles of the Ri Family’s History that was mentioned in the story.

Moreover, The Chronicles of the Ri Family’s History only covers the Ri family. We still have the Elysees family! I’m going to give the friends who read the afterword some goodies here. Let’s reveal the relationships behind the less flashy Elysees family!

Dong Fang Lei married Curtis’s daughter. They had two boys and a girl. One of the boys took on the Dong Fang surname. He’s Dong Fang Cheng’s father. Therefore, Dong Fang Cheng is also Curtis’s descendent!

Because of changes to his body due to being an Extraordinary, Dong Fang Lei’s lifespan was 1.5 to two times a normal person’s. Later on, his descendants had their lifespan gradually return to normal over a few generations. With respect to generations, the person in power from the Elysees family was from a much lower generation than the Ri family.

For example, Dong Fang Cheng is Dong Fang Lei’s grandson, which makes him Curtis’s great grandson.

On the other hand, Ri Liu Rui can only call Ri Xiang Ye his ancestor because there are too many generations between them. Everyone just refers to him as “Ancestor!”

However, Dong Fang Cheng and Ri Liu Rui both held the leadership position for each of their families during the same time period. (P.S. Dong Fang Cheng isn’t the Elysees family steward. He is the leader of the red bowties.)

What? You want me to cut the crap? You just want to know about the young master?

Oh, all right. Ri Xiang Ye and Briar’s children were a pair of twins, brother and sister. Ri Xiang Ye and Poseidynne… Charles and Soli… Uh, if I were to say any more, this would turn into a chronicle.

There’s truly no end to secrets. This series has given the author a huge headache. I feel that every character has their own story, and each story even gives rise to more stories, multiplying without end.

It makes me want to shout at the setting sun above the ocean horizon, “I ~ can’t ~ finish ~writing!”

You know, I was wrong about the main theme. The main theme of No Hero should be “Everyone has their own story.”

Your story doesn’t lose out to anyone else’s either. I’m sure it’s also extremely exciting, right?

By Yu Wo

Character Introductions


Relationship: The young master’s high school classmate

The Young Master’s Impression: The first + the best friend who’s capable of fighting

Dong Fang Lei

Relationship: Curtis’s personal head butler

Curtis’s Impression: Battle version of the Sun Emperor’s Kyle

Kaius Elysees

Relationship: The butler’s honorable father

The Butler’s Impression: Honorable father who is capable of everything

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  1. Sakura Chi

    I finally finished! Aaaaaah! The emotions! I love this so much! I felt it ended well, but I also want more! The ever dilemma of perfect stories.

  2. Syrup

    I just finished reading, i read Eclipse Hunter before i am most familiar with most characters backstory… the thing is, i still feel like some of my questions is has not been answered after finished volume 9 of no hero.
    -who is solitary butterfly?
    -how was the end of Sun Emperor?
    -did Charles really got together with solitary butterfly?
    What about the other characters that involved in the story? At least they should’ve a tiny bit of side story after everything happened! kyle, Ezart, Eren, first wind,dr. An ti qe babá?


    We never did find out why X was hunted… but, as always with Yu Wo’s stories, this one was a blast. Thank you!

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