Update: July 2019

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July Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C4: School Wonders Part 3—That Angel, That Demon
  2. GOD V2C8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part Two
  3. No Hero V7C7: Lion, A Different Kind
  4. Dominion's End V4C7: Tier Two Duel, Part One

Congratulations to kamui and mizuhino for winning our Vampire Three Course Meal Contest! You can check out everyone’s cool entries over here.

This month, we have exciting chapters to share with you. Look forward to them! (Action! Mystery! Horror??)

Contributor I WANT MORE CONTESTS would like to know about contest participation.

As always, you can submit poll ideas here!

Have a great July~

By the way, we have a new game in the public forums. Click here to see.

Vampire Three-Course Meal Contest – Winners Announcement

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Hello everyone!

The judges finally came to a verdict.

Congratulations to the following participants:

Grand Prize Winner: kamui Our jury was impressed by your recipe. The Ceviche uses a very unusual and difficult cooking technique, which made your submission stand out.

Consolation Prize Winner: mizuhino Our jury really like the fact that you provided alternatives in case you couldn’t find ingredients and explained why.

Both of you came very close during the judging. Ohmygod will bestow you with a shiny forum badge in a couple of hours. We will contact you soon enough to know which prizes you wish to receive.

Also, two other participants came in a tie for third place, however due to having very few submissions we decided that only two people would get a prize.

Thank you everyone for participating.

Update: June 2019

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June Chapters

  1. No Hero V7C6: Self Destruction, By One's Own Hand
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C4: School Wonders Part 2—The Forgotten People
  3. GOD V2C8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part One
  4. Dominion's End V4C6: Brute Strength is Life

Look what showed up. It’s an update post. ;)

Last month, Maternibaby won the poll of being the most likely to scare Jiang Ziya when viewed from his truth-seeing eye. Just what would Maternibaby look like to him?

This month’s poll is about killing bugs, from DieBabySpiderDie. The poor baby spider…

As always, we’d love more poll ideas. You can submit them here!

We shall return with releases, as well as an announcement of our winners of the recipe contest. Look forward to everything!

Update: May 2019

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May Chapters

  1. No Hero V7C5: Paradise, the Ideal City
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C4: School Wonders Part 1—Step by Step
  3. GOD V2C7: Overlord of the Seas VS Sovereign of the Skies, Part Two
  4. Dominion's End V4C5: An Unexpected Encounter, Part Two

Here’s what we’ll be releasing in May!

Our current contest is a No Hero recipe contest that runs until the end of this month, May 31st. Come take a look~. We have handcrafted cutouts by Arcedemius that you can win, among other cool prizes. :D

Last month, 1/2 Prince won the poll of which series Jiang Shuyu should trip into (which actually happens in the April Fools’ chapter~. Translator had such fun with that).

The idea for the poll this month is thanks to ArmadaTW. Thanks so much!

We’d love to hear poll ideas from everyone. You can submit them here.