1/2 Prince Test Reminder

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Hello everyone!

This message concerns all the people participating in the current contest.

I must remind you that it is imperative that you have a forum account on PR!’s public forums to be allowed to participate in the Ultimate 1/2 Prince Test.

I’ve already received a few submissions, and some participants actually don’t have a forum account. You have until before the contest comes to an end to create yourself a forum account, otherwise I will unfortunately have to disqualify you. So make sure the username you’re sending with your submission matches your username on the forums.

Thank you all for participating. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how high the results are in the contest. Maybe we should have made it harder… hahaha XD

*Nooooo!!! Don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me!!*

Update: August 2018

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August Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C9: Safe Room, Safety or Freedom
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C1: College Life Part 1—The Classmate with an Angel
  3. Dominion's End V3Extra: Frozen Heart
  4. GOD V2C3: Alan the Elf, Part Two
  5. Dominion's End V3Epilogue: Afterword

We wrap up Dominion’s End v3 this month with a side chapter. Can you guess who the side story is about? We were told that the previous No Hero chapter was quite the roller coaster… Do you think we’ll be let off of this ride, or is it continuing into the next chapter? :3 You’ll see soon!

The Ultimate 1/2 Prince Test is here! Come test your knowledge of 1/2 Prince, and you might be able to earn some cool prizes! This time’s contest consists of 130 questions about 1/2 Prince. It’s a great time to reread the series, or read the series for the first time. The contest ends on September 26. We await your entry.

Are you interested in translating with us? Send in an application, if so~. We are particularly looking for people wishing to work on Dominion’s End and/or No Hero at the moment.

Last month, Thirteen won the poll of who you would choose to become one of the good guys from the start. I bet he’d be a super dependable comrade!

In celebration of our 1/2 Prince contest, we have a poll from Ryuuchama about what Kenshin is troubled by~

Do you have a poll idea? We are taking ideas over here.

See you later in the month~

The Ultimate 1/2 Prince Test

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The Ultimate ½ Prince test

This contest is brought to you by AkaiiRia, Trespasserby, Elisa and Lucathia.

Deadline: Starts on July 26th and ends when September 26th ends in all time zones.
Winners Announced: after everyone’s answers are graded (depends on how many entries we receive)
How to Win:
(Grand Prize) Be the person who answered the highest number of questions correctly and gotten the highest score in points. In the event of a tie, the person to have submitted their answers first will be our Grand Prize winner.

(Runner Up) Be the person who answered the second highest number of questions correctly and gotten the second highest score in points, or who tied for highest number of questions/score in points but just with a later time stamp.

Given the difficulty of this test and the amount of questions, in the event that the Grand Winner has gotten a perfect score and is the only one with a perfect score, he or she will be rewarded with two prizes of their choice. Warning: Some prizes cannot be combined due to shipping costs.

Contest Description: This is a 130 questions test about ½ Prince, the novel series that started Yu Wo’s career as a writer, with answers coming from all 9 volumes of ½ Prince and the ½ Prince VS KNM volume. More details can be found on the quiz page itself. The test will likely take up a considerable amount of time. Your answers will not be saved if you exit the page, so if you must leave, write your answers down somewhere so you can continue later. The test follows Prince Revolution! terminology.

Click here to go to the forum contest page.


Update: July 2018

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July Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C8: Sewers, A Stifled Voice
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3Prologue: Prologue
  3. GOD V2C3: Alan the Elf, Part One
  4. Dominion's End V3C10: Returning Home, Part Two

July chapters are here! We’re starting a new volume of Illusions, Lies, Truth. This next case in the series spans two volumes and is called, “In the Name of God.” Hope you enjoy! We’ll also be bringing back GOD this month. Bai Saya and Shooting Star’s adventures continue. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more chapters soon as we get our stockpile rebuilt again over the summer.

Check back soon for more news on our next contest that will be held over at our forums! It is happening this month. Don’t miss it~

Remember, we are always looking for more translators! What better time to start than now? :3 (Especially if you’re on summer vacation~)

Last month, blueberry desserts won the poll for what you regret not stocking up on for the apocalypse. Nothing like having dessert to keep you going!

This month, the poll is about getting a villain on your side, submitted by Juzefa. Who would you choose?

Do you have a poll idea? We are taking ideas over here.

Look forward to the releases!

Translators Needed!

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Bored now that summer’s started and you have all the time in the world on your hands? Want to see all of Yu Wo’s snappy remarks early? Want to work on your translation and wordplay? Love what we do here… To the point that you might even consider trying it yourself?

PR! has your next summer project!

We’re looking for potential translators to help us out! We’re always looking for translators, but particularly so at the moment. As some of you may have noticed, the rate of our translations has been dropping for a while now. If you’re interested in helping out, try out the translator application and send it to english@princerevolution.org. But don’t worry, taking the test itself isn’t a commitment. After you pass, you can confirm if you still want to work with us, or maybe just for a single chapter.

Hope you’ll be joining us!

(P.S. One site I like using is https://mandarinspot.com/annotate for pinyin pronunciations and definitions when you hover over the word. Maybe it’ll help you too.)