Update: July 2018

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July Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C8: Sewers, A Stifled Voice
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3Prologue: Prologue
  3. GOD V2C3: Alan the Elf, Part One
  4. Dominion's End V3C10: Returning Home, Part Two

July chapters are here! We’re starting a new volume of Illusions, Lies, Truth. This next case in the series spans two volumes and is called, “In the Name of God.” Hope you enjoy! We’ll also be bringing back GOD this month. Bai Saya and Shooting Star’s adventures continue. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more chapters soon as we get our stockpile rebuilt again over the summer.

Check back soon for more news on our next contest that will be held over at our forums! It is happening this month. Don’t miss it~

Remember, we are always looking for more translators! What better time to start than now? :3 (Especially if you’re on summer vacation~)

Last month, blueberry desserts won the poll for what you regret not stocking up on for the apocalypse. Nothing like having dessert to keep you going!

This month, the poll is about getting a villain on your side, submitted by Juzefa. Who would you choose?

Do you have a poll idea? We are taking ideas over here.

Look forward to the releases!

Translators Needed!

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Bored now that summer’s started and you have all the time in the world on your hands? Want to see all of Yu Wo’s snappy remarks early? Want to work on your translation and wordplay? Love what we do here… To the point that you might even consider trying it yourself?

PR! has your next summer project!

We’re looking for potential translators to help us out! We’re always looking for translators, but particularly so at the moment. As some of you may have noticed, the rate of our translations has been dropping for a while now. If you’re interested in helping out, try out the translator application and send it to english@princerevolution.org. But don’t worry, taking the test itself isn’t a commitment. After you pass, you can confirm if you still want to work with us, or maybe just for a single chapter.

Hope you’ll be joining us!

(P.S. One site I like using is https://mandarinspot.com/annotate for pinyin pronunciations and definitions when you hover over the word. Maybe it’ll help you too.)

Upcoming Contest

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Hello guys,

For a while we have been advertising that a new big contest was going to be held in July. It will be an ultimate test of 100 questions about your knowledge of the novel series that started Yu Wo’s career as a writer: 1/2 Prince. The answers to the questions can be found in all 9 volumes of 1/2 Prince and in the crossover KNM vs 1/2 Prince.

I recommend that you start preparing now as it might take a while to answer. If you could also pass the word around about the upcoming contest to all your friends who have read 1/2 Prince in the past and liked it, it would be very nice. We’re hoping this will at least bring back some of the oldest fans.

Please participate in great numbers, the prizes are going to be awesome. :D

Update: June 2018

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June Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth SS2: Slay; Eliminate
  2. No Hero V6C7: Cross, Upright and Inverted
  3. Dominion’s End V3C10: Returning Home, Part One

Hello to June. We bring you another ILT side story this month. It follows right after the events of the previous side story, so don’t forget to read that one first! Things are getting heated in NH, while I daresay that DE’s climax was May’s chapter. If you haven’t read it yet, I very much recommend doing so.

Please look forward to our next contest, coming in July! It’ll be a big one!

The French team and the German team are looking for new members. Check them out over at PR! International.

Last month, Whitey won the poll as your starter Pokemon! Is it because people like unicorns, Whitey, fairy/electric types, or all of the above? :3

Another June. Another coming of the Black Fog. This month’s poll is about stocking up for the apocalypse, by anon!

Do you have a poll idea? We are taking ideas over here.

We’ll be back with the releases~

Update: May 2018

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May Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth SS1: Lu Yang's Cell Phone Records
  2. No Hero V6C6: Television, the Overlooked Truth
  3. Illusions, Lies, Truth SS1: Lu Yang's Cell Phone Records Manhua
  4. Dominion's End V3C9: Truth, Part Two

Happy May~. We wrapped up ILT v2 last month. This month, we will be bringing you the side story Lu Yang’s Cell Phone Records that was published after v2. There is also a comic version of the side story that is tentatively on the schedule.

Have you checked out the entries to the Dating Sim Contest? We will return to announce the winners soon!

Last month, Leaf Bud City won as the top summer vacation spot. Knights, dragons, magic!

This month’s poll was submitted by The Armada, and it’s about starter Pokemon~

Do you have a poll idea? We are taking ideas over here.

Look forward to the releases, as well as an ebook of ILT v2.

(What is the truth? That seems to be what all these chapters are about. XD)