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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Afterword—translated by lucathia (proofread by Minthe, Arcedemius & Trespasserby)

If volume 3 were the final volume, I would probably get beaten up by everyone until Yu Wo becomes Mashed Pota-Wo.

That’s why this isn’t the final volume. This isn’t the final volume. This isn’t the final volume. This really isn’t the final volume!

There are still two volumes after this, so don’t get riled up and grab weapons to come after me!

In the first two books, even though Ah Ye was slightly rebellious, it was still within the cute boundaries of stubbornness (I think…). In this book, he is truly rebellious.

Really, Ah Ye isn’t the obedient type. He started to rebel so soon after leaving the lab. But you can also say that this is recoil from being confined too long. Ah Ye has experienced being imprisoned for too long. He has had enough of it. That kind of feeling!

So, in this book, he has begun to rebel. His fath… I mean, his brother Ri Xiang Yan has begun to experience that children are actually… Wrong again! He has begun to experience that Dìdi won’t always listen obediently. He has his own way of thinking and doing things.

When it all comes down to it, Eclipse Hunter is all about “the conflict and connection between father and son.”

Even though I try to call it a “relationship between brothers,” Ri Xiang Yan and Ri Xiang Ye’s relationship is more like that of a parent and child. After all, they have a ten year gap, and Ah Yan was even the one who raised Ah Ye until he was seven.

Volume 3 is the beginning of Ah Ye’s rebellion. Volume 4 will be the climax of the rebellion? Though, I can’t actually call it the climax. After all, later on during No Hero, Ah Ye even runs off to live by himself, angering Ah Yan so much that he fights a cold war with him.

In this book, I sometimes call Ah Ye “Dark Sun” and sometimes “Ri Xiang Ye.” I mostly wanted to highlight the change in attitude he has while he’s doing something. Sometimes, he’s a naïve child. Other times, he’s a ruthless robot. This is another conflict, especially when these two personalities are really the same person. How severe might the tug of war be within?

Truthfully, everyone has an Ah Ye and Dark Sun within, an angel on one side, and a devil on the other side. Sometimes, we listen to the angel’s advice. Sometimes, we succumb to the devil’s temptation. Truthfully, there is no right or wrong, no good or evil.

The angel’s conclusion might be a weak one, despite being kind. The devil’s conclusion might be the most feasible and keeps casualties to a minimum, despite being cruel.

Even though angel and devil mostly refer to Ah Ye and Dark Sun, they can also be used to describe Ah Ye and Ah Yan.

As the business sovereign at the top of the world, it feels kind of impossible for him to be kind-hearted. Even though I don’t want to admit it, people who are too kind are unable to get by in many places, especially when it comes to money.

To me, Ri Xiang Yan is a good example. Every aspect of humanity has a price in his heart. If the price is right, then he can sell it… The exception being Ri Xiang Ye—his precious darling, his conscience, his weak point.

If he tosses away that concern, he can obviously become even more perfect and completely without any weaknesses. Yet, he’s unable to toss it away. He would rather die than suffer the loss! In regards to Ri Xiang Yan, this was the point that I wanted to write the most.

A sovereign whose weakness has been exploited is truly too captivating.

By Yu Wo

Afterword for Clearing Things Up (Old Afterword)

If this were the conclusion to Eclipse Hunter, Yu Wo’s blog would definitely get a record high amount of traffic. Everyone’s resentment would bomb the blog until it crashes!

So, for the sake of my life, Yu Wo wants to quickly clarify here that this isn’t the ending. This isn’t the ending. This isn’t the ending… (Repeat this ten thousand times)

Eclipse Hunter has gone through these books: Protection, Friendship, and Humanity. What might the next book be?

Dun dun dun dun~~~ It’s the legendary “S!”

Come! Take a guess. What S word will it be?

(Yu Wo: Anyone who guesses Superman will be sentenced to death via the Death Scythe!)

When it comes to S, of course it’s Study!

After our little Ah Ye experienced humanity’s complicated dark side and responded with “I don’t understand” countless times, of course he has to begin to study! Otherwise, how will he “understand?”

However, our Ah Ye has already slowly been growing up! Has anyone noticed? Our cute Ah Ye who always went “Ah Ye this Ah Ye that” has now gradually begun to address himself with “I?”

So, after experiencing the dark “H” book, what follows will be the warm Study book! (*excited*)

What? You’re saying that the ending to the H book was too dark, so the S book that will follow can’t possibly start off warmly?

My dear guest, you might not know this, but falling to the depths is the reason that there is space to crawl up! This book has already been so miserable, so how could things not look up after this?

Don’t you agree?

Now, let’s advertise the next new series (this should be okay?). Yu Wo will have a new series with Spring Publishers called The Legend of Sun Knight. The contents will be about revealing the true colors of knights… haha! The series is mainly a lighthearted fantasy about knights. I have excerpts of The Legend of Sun Knight on my blog!

Ya Sha is the one drawing the covers again!

I welcome everyone to come to my blog to read the samples (^0^)~ and I hope you will all like it.

If you want to buy the series, the bookstores, 7-11, and the online bookstore will all have it for sale! (Why do I feel like I’m selling snake oil… XD)

The following are Q&A I received on my blog.

1. How many volumes will Eclipse Hunter have?

A: Five to six volumes!

2. When does Eclipse Hunter usually get released?

A: Winter and Summer CWTs have the first releases!

3. Where can I buy Eclipse Hunter?

A: “The Convention Edition” can be bought in two ways. First, as the name implies, you can purchase it at CWT. The quality of the cover is a bit better, but the contents are the same. Also, many extra items are also sold. Second, you can acquire the convention edition through ordering it online. Extra items will also be sold. Here is the website for that:

As for the “regular edition,” you will need to ask your comic book rental stores to order it. Please note, after each initial release, it will take a month for the book to be available, and you will only be able to purchase the book and not any of the extra items.

4. Is there a limited quantity to the “Convention Edition?”

A: Yes. Currently, the first book, P, and related extra items are all out of print. The second book is still being sold. I don’t know if it will be sold out during the summer convention.

If you have any other questions, please come to Yu Wo’s blog and ask in the Yu Rice Ball section. Thank you.

Now comes the cruel preview to whet your appetite:

Since our little Ah Ye has hidden away behind Dark Sun, Ri Xiang Yan succumbs to endless guilt.

An Te Qi racks his brain trying to find a solution. Part of it is for Ah Ye, who is like his own child, while the other part is for the sake of his own insignificant life. The longer Ah Ye takes to recover, the frostier Ri Xiang Yan’s face gets. If things keep continuing like that, Ri Xiang Yan will one day lose his mind and forget his promise, opening fire and shooting An Te Qi dead.

As for Ezart, he optimistically fights Dark Sun all the time. Hey! In any case, when the time is right, that brat Ah Ye will definitely show himself!

Elian and the others go to the Ri house to eat once a week. During that time, they have to painfully suffer through the Ice Age playing out across the Sun Emperor’s face.

Just what do they have to do to allow Ah Ye to return to an innocent state?

Everyone desperately searches for a solution.

However, the person who wakes Ah Ye is someone completely unexpected…

Also, you haven’t forgotten about the missions Dark Sun promised the principal, have you? Just what kinds of missions will be given to him by this no good principal who always treats the students like aliens?

Please look forward Eclipse Hunter, Volume 4, Study. It will be released for the first time at the 2008 Winter CWT!

By Yu Wo

June 2007

Character Intros—translated by Trespasserby


Personality in a Nutshell: Will do whatever it takes to win

Occupation: The combat class’s repeat student who still has no way to graduate

Appearance: Short black hair, green eyes, and a handsome, somewhat androgynous face

Weapon: Metal boots

Catchphrase: “Winning is everything.”

[Ah Na Yi]

Personality in a Nutshell: Shamelessly serving his self-interests

Occupation: Yelan Academy’s principal

Appearance: Otherworldly old man

Weapon: Ensnaring words and tricks of the trade

Catchphrase: “Isn’t this a great offer?”

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  1. ArmadaTW

    Thanks for the chapter! It’s funny to see Yu Wo’s introduction to The Legend of Sun Knight as “mainly a lighthearted fantasy about knights.” I feel like that holds true for maybe the first one or two volumes, but it matures and escalates really quickly in the subsequent volumes.

    • [PR]lucathia

      When I saw LSK mentioned here, I went, oh right, Eclipse Hunter was released before LSK. I’m still amazed by how much she wrote back then. Must have had a lot of inspiration!

      Haha, a “lighthearted fantasy about knights.” Well, it was fairly lighthearted in the beginning and always had a thread of humor, I suppose. XD

  2. Jasae Bushae

    Ah, imagine Eclipse Hunter ending here and No Hero never happening. XD

    But did Volume 3 Humanity really have to be referred to as “the dark H book” It really gives the wrong idea! XD

  3. Erenu

    “A sovereign whose weakness has been exploited is truly too captivating”

    Your dark-sadist vein IS showing, dear author
    I LOVE it

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