Update: September 2016

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September Chapters
  1. Magical Exchange Short Story 1: Prologue
  2. No Hero V4C7: Endelis, the Last Elysees
  3. Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story Book Writer Chapter 2: The Temple of Light
  4. No Hero V4C8: Avexila, Non-Human
  5. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C4: Teacher's... Part 3—Return
  6. Dominion's End V2C5: The Phoenix of Good Fortune

Hi all, here are your scheduled September chapters. Enjoy~. We’ll have another two chapters of No Hero. Will things settle down for our protagonists, or will they escalate?

We’ll also be publishing the prologue of Magical Exchange, a story that is related to Romance RPG. It features God Charity and Devil Chaos from the antique shop. Magical Exchange is actually a series of short stories featuring the antique shop, with Romance RPG being the longest story in the universe. Along with the short prologue, we’ll be publishing two more short stories from Magical Exchange. They’re the two completed stories we could find. Yu Wo has another incomplete story posted in her blog, but as it has been years since it was updated, we won’t be translating it and leaving everyone on a cliffhanger.

Moving along, in the Illusions, Lies, Truth side story “Book Writer,” we’ll be seeing more of Yu Shu’s adventures in bringing her children to life as “illusions.” Our poll question this month is related to that~.

In 39 Legend of Sun Knight, we’ve arrived at the final chapter of the main story of V1. There are only the extras left after this. Will Yu Wo release V2 before we finish publishing all of V1, or will we be done with publishing V1 before V2 is released in Chinese? We don’t know, but it’s likely there will be a gap in our releases of 39 LSK since V2 doesn’t exist yet, and even when it’s released, it’ll take a bit of time for it to get into our hands. We hope it will be published soon!

As for Dominion’s End, after the bombshell of the previous chapter, we’re sure you’re dying for more. As always.

Thanks to Listening Daisy, we have a PDF of Romance RPG! You can grab it here.

In August, our poll was about synchronized swimming. 549 votes went to The Twelve Holy Knights for winning the synchronized swimming competition, with the rest of the results being 317 votes for The Jiang Dominion Troop, 85 votes for Odd Squad, and 50 votes for the Four Great Heroes.

The poll this month is about bringing characters to life as illusions!

Update: August 2016

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August Chapters
  1. Romance RPG V1C32: Part Thirty-two
  2. No Hero V4C5: N/H, the Farce of Rejecting Humans Yet Acting Human
  3. Romance RPG V1C33: Part Thirty-three
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story Book Writer Chapter 1: The Children that Can't be Touched
  5. No Hero V4C6: Heroes, Believing and Being Believed
  6. Romance RPG V1C34: Part Thirty-four (End)
  7. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C4: Teacher's... Part 2—Student
  8. Dominion's End V2C4: The Jin Family

We’re here. We’re finishing yet another project! Join us in the conclusion of Sword Spirit and Meng’s adventure. This month, we’re also releasing the first of the Illusion, Lies, Truth side stories. This one is best read between volume 1 and volume 2. When Yu Wo first asked readers if they would like to see a side story about Jiang Ziya, Lu Yang, or Yu Shu, the responses were dominated by demands for Yu Shu, and so “Book Writer” resulted.

Thanks to Listening Daisy, we have a PDF of Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1! Grab it here~

Wonder what the carrion-bloom bird looks like? This artist drew Shuyu fighting against it.

Last month, our poll was about what power you’d wish for if you experienced the black fog from Dominion’s End. First place went to The power of electricity (25%, 269 Votes)! Electricity is very useful and powerful indeed. The rest of the results were The power of healing (22%, 239 Votes), The power of ice (16%, 170 Votes), The power of looking drop dead gorgeous (11%, 123 Votes), The power of wind (10%, 108 Votes), The power of water (7%, 71 Votes), The power of fire (5%, 58 Votes), The power of detection (4%, 34 Votes). Looks like 11% of you would like to be drop dead gorgeous. ;)

This month, because of the Olympics, we have a question about sports! It’s synchronized swimming time!

Update: July 2016

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July Chapters
  1. Romance RPG V1C29: Part Twenty-nine
  2. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C4: Teacher's... Part 1—True Love
  3. Romance RPG V1C30: Part Thirty
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C5: House Keeper Part 3 – The True and False World
  5. No Hero V4C4: Melody, the Symphony Woven from Joy and Sorrow
  6. Romance RPG V1C31: Part Thirty-one
  7. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1Epilogue: Terminology
  8. Dominion's End V2C3: Red as Blood, Dazzling as Flowers

We wrap up V1 of Illusions, Lies, Truth this month, and we have another three chapters of Romance RPG. Enjoy! Some of you might have already noticed that we’ve added a project page for GOD. Releases of GOD will start sometime after we finish publishing Romance RPG. We hope you’ll enjoy this project, as GOD was very much a starting point for Yu Wo. Many similar themes and ideas from the series can be found in Yu Wo’s later works. GOD is complete at 11 volumes. However, we are translating from the revised, 2014 edition, which currently stands at 3 volumes. The 2014 edition contains many revisions, and the latter part of the series will supposedly contain expanded scenes and development. Get hyped! ;)

Our Legendary Sun Knight Test came to a close, and the top scores went to Cherrychimchim, tsukiyo16, and hazel81. You can look at the results over here! Included is an answer key. The prizes are making their way to their new homes. :) Check out our Twitter or Facebook for pics.

Last month, our poll was about which sword you’d prefer. The Divine Sun Sword won the poll, followed by Black Dao. I guess a lot of us will need to be very careful with that ancient sword. Don’t want to be the one to break it… The rest of the results can be viewed over at the polls archive.

The poll this month is about the power you’d like to have if you were to experience the black fog from Dominion’s End!

Update: June 2016

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June Chapters
  1. Romance RPG V1C26: Part Twenty-six
  2. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C3: Secret... Part 3—The Demon King is... Shh!
  3. Romance RPG V1C27: Part Twenty-seven
  4. No Hero V4C3: Sadina, the Love between an Immortal and Mortal
  5. Romance RPG V1C28: Part Twenty-eight
  6. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C5: House Keeper Part 2 – Barrier Dimension
  7. Dominion's End V2C2: The Bitterness and Sweetness of Coffee and Chocolate

We have three Romance RPG chapters scheduled this month, and three more to come each month. We’re heading into the climax of this story, and we’ll see the conclusion in August! Come celebrate the end with us~. We’re also translating a few extras that fall under “Magical Exchange,” which is related to the Romance RPG story. Romance RPG was the bulk of the Magical Exchange story, with two short side stories about other people visiting the antique shop. We’ll post these extras as part of Romance RPG. As for 39 Legend of Sun Knight, No Hero, Illusions-Lies-Truth, and Dominion’s End, we’re publishing one chapter from each project this month. In the meantime, have fun with the chapter titles as you wait for chapter releases. Do comment lots as you read!

Did you know that The Legend of Sun Knight is now officially published in Vietnamese? It’s being published by Amak Books, with the new covers by J.U. Check them out! Congratulations to Yu Wo for getting published in yet another language~. Since LSK is now officially published in Vietnamese, we are taking down our Vietnamese translations.

In May, Yu Wo was interviewed by Elle. You can see the interview at their website, along with pictures of Yu Wo jogging.

Our Legendary Sun Knight Test is just about to wrap up. We’ll get back to everyone with the results as soon as we can. We were astounded by the amount of submissions, so you’ll have to give us some time to finish grading all of them. It’s great to see so much love for LSK! :D

Last month, our site poll was about which teacher you’d like to learn from. In the end, we shockingly had our first tie (ever?). Jiang Shuyu and Grisia tied for first place with 384 votes each, 33% of the votes. The rest of the results were Cold Fox (1/2 Prince) (17%, 205 Votes), Neo (LSK) (6%, 70 Votes), Gle (Kill No More) (4%, 53 Votes), An Te Qi (EH/NH) (3%, 37 Votes), X (No Hero) (2%, 29 Votes), Sword Spirit (RRPG) (2%, 19 Votes).

The poll this month is all about blades and swords!

Update: May 2016

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May Chapters
  1. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C3: Secret... Part 2—What Kind of Fragrance
  2. Romance RPG V1C24: Part Twenty-four
  3. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C5: House Keeper Part 1 – A Deadly Invitation
  4. Romance RPG V1C25: Part Twenty-five
  5. No Hero V4C2: Yue Gang, the Strongest of the Weakest
  6. Human Doll Contract Manhua Chapter 6: Inferno
  7. Dominion's End V2C1: The Way Things Are for the Cool, Suave, and Handsome

Enjoy your chapters of the month! Wishing the best of luck to everyone out there taking exams. You can do it! When you’re feeling drained, stop by and listen to the staff sing the winning songs from the lyrics contest, or try your hand at the latest contest, the Legendary Sun Knight Test. Yes, battle those exams with another exam. This one should be more fun (we hope).

Note: If you create an account over at the forums for this contest, at some point there should be a question that says, “Who is the Sun Knight?” It is very important that you answer this question correctly! There should be a box for you to type your answer in, but if it doesn’t show up, it might be your adblock.

Did you have fun with those aprons last month? The winner of the “Who do you most want to see wearing an apron?” poll went to Jiang Shutian with 318 votes, 38% of the votes. The rest of the results were Neo Sun (LSK) (23%, 275 Votes), Ri Xiang Yan (NH) (15%, 172 Votes), The Dictator of Life (1/2 Prince) (15%, 171 Votes), Ohmygod (FW) (14%, 165 Votes), The Death God (ILT) (3%, 36 Votes), and Sword Spirit (RRPG) (3%, 35 Votes) for a total of 1,172 votes.

The poll this month is “Which teacher would you most like to learn from?”

As always, do comment. You keep us going! :D For the 35 people who voted for Sword Spirit in last month’s poll, we even have a gift for you.

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