Eclipse Hunter V3C3: Struggling Between Ruthlessness and Sincerity

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Three: Struggling Between Ruthlessness and Sincerity—translated by Trespasserby

Why haven’t Ezart and the others gone to warn Dark Sun yet?

Elian was silently worrying. Dark Sun had already signed one, maybe two hundred photos. Even someone more vigilant than him would have dropped their guard by now. Also, the Principal was really quite cunning. As soon as he noticed the situation in the plaza, he had immediately notified Elian and Death and had them hide and wait in the line to carry out their ambush.

Elian looked at his surroundings. He and Death weren’t the only ones around. Many Elite Combat Class students were lying in wait. They were all there to surround Dark Sun and keep him from escaping. It looked like the Principal had really invested a lot into this attempt.

“Please sign this for me!”

Death had reached the front of the line where Dark Sun was. Dark Sun remained expressionless as usual. Death was beaming as he made his request, and he handed the huge autograph board and pen he was holding to Dark Sun.

Death wants to attack Dark Sun while he’s giving his autograph?

Elian frowned. It was indeed a good opportunity. While signing an autograph, Dark Sun would be focused on writing. In addition, the huge autograph board would also help block Dark Sun’s line of sight. If Death really did attack and injure Ah Ye, the situation would become very bad. Elian hadn’t forgotten that “a certain person” was supporting Ah Ye from the shadows.

I have to think of a way to warn Dark Sun… Bastards! Are the three of them here yet?

But Elian didn’t have time to check on such a thing. At that moment he saw Dark Sun reaching out to take the autograph board from Death. He also couldn’t give a direct signal to him. The Principal would definitely be using the security cameras to observe the current situation. If he did warn Dark Sun directly, he would definitely be carefully monitored by the Principal afterwards, making the situation worse.

While Elian was mired in his dilemma, Dark Sun hadn’t continued. He didn’t accept Death’s autograph board and instead slowly raised his head to look at Death and Elian. There was still no expression on his face, so it impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Did he realize something was wrong? Elian’s hopes soared.

Dark Sun opened his mouth. In a flat voice he said, “You two…”

“Dark Sun!”

Dark Sun stopped what he was saying and turned his head in the direction of the voice. The voice belonged to Eloise, so Dark Sun… Or it should be said, Ah Ye didn’t give it much thought as he turned his head to look. Eloise, Ezart, and Eli were running toward him. Eloise looked panicked, and even Ezart was frowning.

Oh no! I didn’t meet up with them… Ah Ye panicked. In that instant, Dark Sun’s calmness was replaced by Ri Xiang Ye’s guilt and panic.


Death had a faint smile on his face. He wordlessly kicked out the small blade hidden within the toe of his shoe, stabbing directly at Dark Sun’s knee… Only to see Dark Sun stumble forward. His attack had actually succeeded!


Death let out a loud, wild laugh. As he laughed, he ruthlessly kicked toward Dark Sun’s other knee. However, Dark Sun was already on guard and dodged to the side. But due to his knee injury, Death still grazed a line of blood across his thigh.

Shoot! With one knee damaged, Dark Sun won’t be able to fully use his superior maneuverability. The color of Elian’s face changed drastically. In this situation, with Death and himself attacking from both sides in addition to the Elite Combat Class members surrounding him, even Dark Sun wouldn’t be able to escape!

At that instant, a voice suddenly came over the school intercom.

“Attention all students. This is Principal Ah Na Yi. There is an Elite Combat Class combat exercise underway at the moment in the plaza. Please do not enter the battle if you are not an Elite Combat Class student, and evacuate the ring in the center of the plaza.”

Clusters of twos and threes in the crowd began complaining, saying things along the lines of, “What the heck? I was just about to get to the front of the line!” But since it was the Principal’s order, everyone still left the middle of the plaza and stood in a ring outside to watch.

As this was happening, all the hidden Elite Combat Class students emerged from the crowd. They formed a circle, a pair in each clock position for a total of twelve teams. In addition to Death and Elian at the center, there was a total of twenty-six of them.

“E-Everyone was mobilized?” Elian looked around him. He took a deep breath. Including Eloise and Eli, there would be twenty-eight people in all. Even so, there were two people missing. However, those people were rumored to be on a secret mission, so almost no one had ever seen them before.

At this moment, the Principal issued further commands. “Eloise and Eli, go to the team at three o’clock. And Ezart, leave the central plaza.”

Ezart frowned. He looked at Dark Sun’s knee injury and the twenty-eight Elite Combat Class students. He coldly huffed and said, “Interesting! I’ve been wanting to fight a few rounds with the Elite Combat Class. Let’s see who’s stronger!”

Having said this, he resolutely remained within the center of the plaza and slammed his gloved fists together.

Elian secretly cheered on Ezart for his actions.

But the Principal was already prepared for this. The intercom sounded once again. “After ten seconds, any students not from the Elite Combat Class still within the plaza will be expelled!”

Ezart and Elian both stiffened at the same time. Ezart hesitated for a moment, unable to decide whether or not to leave.

But the battle in the plaza couldn’t wait ten seconds. Death had already launched another attack. The attack with his leg was so fast, it was just a blur. Because of the sharp blade in the toe of Death’s shoe, Dark Sun had no choice but to use his injured leg to evade the attack. However, because of his leg injury, he was unable to dodge as usual and could only use his hands to block.

Dark Sun’s blade-like nails were already extended. He used them to block Death’s leg. At the same time, he used his nails to stab the other person’s calf, ripping apart the pants covering it. But instead of the sound of a sharp blade tearing through flesh, it was the ear piercing sound of steel scraping against steel.

After those crisp sounds, the two combatants separated once more. Death began laughing maniacally, while Dark Sun didn’t show any reaction, just as always.

Everyone stared. Three long, broken, metal nails glinted on the ground. Everyone looked at Death’s leg in shock, but they didn’t see the bloody skin that they expected. Instead, they saw a metal boot. It looked like it wasn’t just the tip of Death’s boot that had a trick; his entire shoe was a weapon. Then they looked toward Dark Sun’s hand and saw that three nails had snapped off his left hand. The remaining two were the ineffective ring and pinky nails.

Against the thick metal boot, Dark Sun’s nails were too fragile and had no way of piercing through, having even snapped off in the first clash.

Death didn’t give Dark Sun any room to breathe. He immediately mounted another assault. This time, Dark Sun didn’t try to meet him head on and dodged instead. Just as it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to dodge in time, he evaded the blade and struck Death in the underside of his leg. But regardless of whether he was attacking or dodging blades, every action took a huge toll on his injured knee. Most people would probably have been rolling on the floor in pain already. But he didn’t let out a single sound. Most of the bystanders felt more strongly than before that the two combatants didn’t seem quite human…

While the two people in the center fought fiercely, off to the side and under the threat of being expelled for not getting out within ten seconds, Ezart had no choice but to move toward the plaza’s edge for now. He deliberately stood on the boundary between the inside and the outside of the perimeter. His eyes were still fixated on the situation in the center of the plaza. If things really were to go south for Dark Sun, Ezart couldn’t let being unable to graduate hold him back.

Elian’s expression was unsightly. He hadn’t expected Dark Sun to be at a disadvantage. That first blow had affected him too much. Because Dark Sun had always heavily relied upon perfectly precise movements to attack and dodge, once his joints were injured, it had a greater impact on him than anyone else.

By this point, Eloise and Eli had reached three o’clock. The two of them watched the situation in the center with pale faces. They didn’t know what they could do.

Suddenly, Eli froze. He quietly said to Eloise, “Dark Sun, h-he’s talking to me…”

“What? What’s Ah Ye saying?” Eloise asked anxiously.

“An Te Qi. Scythe. Reaper.”

“What? I only understood ‘An Te Qi.’ Isn’t that Ah Ye’s dad?” Eloise frowned.

Eli quietly said, “Use your cell phone to call me. I’ll pretend to pick up. Then I’ll leave and call An Te Qi.”


Once Eloise finished listening, she immediately reached into her pocket stealthily and dialed Eli’s number. A few seconds later, Eli’s cell phone began ringing. He apologized to the Elite Combat Class student next to him and then walked off to the side. Of course, he wasn’t answering a call, but rather hurriedly dialing Ah Ye’s home.

As Eli was making his phone call, Death was urging Elian, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you providing backup?!”

Hearing Death’s urging, Elian’s heart skipped a beat. On the surface, he remained nonchalant and asked, “I thought you wanted to have a duel with Dark Sun? Didn’t you want to prove that you’re stronger than him?”

“Winning means you’re strong. It doesn’t matter if it’s one-on-one or ganging up on them,” Death replied impatiently.

Not even the slightest bit of sportsmanship! Elian silently scolded. But the only thing he could do was grit his teeth and move forward to “gang up” on Dark Sun. Otherwise, the Principal and Death would definitely suspect he and Dark Sun were connected. When that happened, Ri Xiang Ye, who was always hanging around with them but disappeared when Dark Sun appeared and who had such a unique hair color, would definitely fall under suspicion.

The only reason that no one had discovered Dark Sun and Ri Xiang Ye were the same person yet was that no one had compared the two of them. If someone suspected that the two of them were the same and compared them together, then it would definitely be revealed. They were the same person after all. Everything from their hair colors to their physique was identical. It really wasn’t difficult to recognize him.

By now, Dark Sun had backed away. He turned his head to look at Death and the approaching Elian. As Death was about to launch a reckless all-out attack, Dark Sun finally opened his mouth and spoke.

“I agree to meet the Principal.”

As soon as those words were said, the intercom sounded once again. “Stop, Death!”

Already mid-kick, Death’s leg abruptly stopped. The tip of his shoe was only ten centimeters away from Dark Sun’s face. Although his leg had stopped, his handsome face was twisted in a way that didn’t match, as though he were trying to extinguish the flames of his fury. In the end, he slowly lowered his leg.

“Elian, Death. Bring Dark Sun to the Principal’s office.”

“Understood,” the two of them simultaneously replied. Only Elian had on a faint smile. Death‘s face was dark.

After making his statement earlier, Dark Sun spoke no more. Elian walked ahead and gestured to Dark Sun. Dark Sun just silently followed behind Elian, and Death followed behind him, looking just like they were escorting a prisoner.

Even though Elian was smiling, he was extremely worried inside. Principal Ah Na Yi had never taken no for an answer. Just by seeing that the entire Elite Combat Class had been mobilized for the sake of capturing Dark Sun, one could tell that the Principal thought that Dark Sun was a must-have acquisition.

Once Dark Sun entered the lion’s den of the Principal’s office, he would be hard pressed to escape!

The Principal wants to have Dark Sun, but Dark Sun only obeys the Sun Emperor… May heaven have mercy on us. We have to avoid provoking the Sun Emperor at all costs, or the situation will become unimaginably dire. The Sun Emperor’s wrath isn’t something tiny Yelan Academy can bear.

Ring… Ring ring…

In his laboratory, An Te Qi had reached a critical part of his experiment. He delicately let a drop of brown liquid fall onto a petri dish. What looked like an unidentifiable lump of flesh was squirming on it. Once the liquid hit the lump of flesh, the lump stopped moving for a moment, then began crazily writhing.

Ring ring…

“Seems like the dose is too high.” An Te Qi unblinkingly watched the flesh lump struggle, a bit annoyed.


The lump on the petri dish had been madly struggling for some time when it suddenly exploded. It sprayed the entire lab bench with pink slivers of flesh.

Ring ring…

“Well, damn. It looks like the drug’s potency is too high. I can only use it once before the sample is destroyed. I don’t know how I should improve it. Reduce the dosage or reduce the potency? I don’t know which one will damage the sample less.”

Ring ring…

Ring ring? What does that mean? An Te Qi blankly wondered. Finally he remembered and shouted, “Ah! It’s the telephone ringing!”

It can’t be Ri Xiang Yan calling home, right? An Te Qi’s complexion darkened. He immediately rushed out of his isolated laboratory. He didn’t even have time to put down the beaker in his hand. Once he reached the room outside, he instantly picked up the phone.

“Hello! This is An Te Qi.”

“Uncle, you finally answered the phone!” Eli didn’t even know if there was any point in having the phone answered now.

“What do you mean ‘uncle?’” An Te Qi grimaced. Uncle? He was only a little over thirty, and he was actually being called uncle?!

“Uncle, Dark Sun is in trouble.”

“Cheeky little bastard, call me Dàgē… What? You said Ah Ye’s in trouble?” An Te Qi was startled. How did something happen again?

Eli explained the entire course of events simply, then said, “Finally, he spoke in his mind your name, uncle, and the words ‘scythe’ and ‘reaper.’”

“Call me Dàgē!” An Te Qi frowned. “I understand. I’ll head over immediately. Meet me at the school gate.”

“Got it.” After he gave his simple reply, Eli hung up.

After hanging up the phone, An Te Qi put all his energy into rushing upstairs. That was where Ri Xiang Ye’s weapons exhibit, training grounds, firing range, and the like were.

His eyes swept across the area, and he quickly found the Death Scythe’s case. When he reached out to grab the box, he realized that in his haste, he was still clutching the beaker from his experiment. The brown liquid inside wobbled back and forth. It was lucky it hadn’t spilled over. He offhandedly set the beaker down and picked up the Death Scythe while muttering to himself.

“Ah Ye’s school life really is full of excitement! It looks like Ri Xiang Yan’s way of thinking was too simple. His little brother could never be an ordinary person.”

Dark Sun was completely silent. The entire time, he only stated that he wished to meet the Principal and then quietly went along with Elian and Death. Nobody knew what he was thinking. Some people were even wondering if he was planning on doing something like directly getting rid of the Principal.

Actually, this wasn’t the result of the rational Dark Sun’s thinking, but rather the emotional Ri Xiang Ye’s decision.

Ah Ye’s way of thinking was simple. He simply had to clarify to the Principal that he only obeyed his older brother and didn’t want to join the Elite Combat Class. Then the Principal wouldn’t come seeking him in the future.

Dark Sun concluded that this was a disadvantageous plan. If the other party refused to let him go, then with his damaged knee joint and without the Death Scythe, it would be difficult to escape. However, his emotions suppressed this rationality. Ri Xiang Ye stubbornly believed that he just had to explain the situation, then the Principal definitely wouldn’t force him to stay.

Since his logic and emotions were running counter to each other, Ri Xiang Ye followed what his brother had said and chose his emotions.

And this was why Dark Sun was obediently going with Elian and Death to the Principal’s office. He didn’t know that he was actually making Elian and Eli extremely worried. Elian knew very well that the Principal wouldn’t give up. If he entered the Principal’s office, coming back out would be a challenge. Eli was distressed that after finally managing to contact An Te Qi, Dark Sun was about to head into the Principal’s office. He and Eloise had no way of getting An Te Qi into the Principal’s office.

This is really bad! Everyone each thought to themselves.

Dark Sun was completely oblivious to the fact that he was worrying everyone. He followed Elian all the way to the Principal’s office. Although it was called an “office,” it was actually a large building. This building had been dubbed the Elite Combat Class’s classroom, but everyone knew that the Elite Combat Class never attended class. To them, this entire building was the Principal’s office where they were assigned missions!

The three people walked into the building. It was heavily guarded, and only Elite Combat Class students with special passes could enter. Elian took out and swiped his card, then pressed his thumb against a fingerprint recognition machine. This made the doors to the building open.

Dark Sun instinctively scanned his surroundings as soon as he stepped inside. He observed that the sole entrance to the lounge had over ten swiveling security cameras, both in the open and hidden, which had three hundred and sixty degrees of visibility. In addition, the walls of the building didn’t seem to be made of ordinary reinforced concrete.

Dark Sun’s immediate instinct was to escape through the still-not-yet-shut doors, but it again was suppressed by his emotions.

And so, the three people arrived at the Principal’s office on the highest floor. When they opened the doors to the Principal’s office, Principal Ah Na Yi, who Dark Sun had seen before in the battle simulator, was sitting next to a small table. He was leisurely making tea. As soon as he saw Dark Sun and the people accompanying him, he beamed. The laugh lines on his face were so deep that a mosquito could be squished to death inside them.

“Dark Sun! You finally came. I’ve been waiting quite a while for you!” Ah Na Yi greeted as he smiled. “Come sit over here. Let an old man like me have a good look at a beautiful child like you.”

But Dark Sun remained silently standing in the doorway. If he could, he wanted to explain the matter, then turn around and leave. And that’s what he planned on doing.

“I have an employer. I do not want to join the Elite Combat Class. I request to leave.”


It wasn’t just Principal Ah Na Yi who froze. Even Death, who had unusual behavior, was side eyeing Dark Sun and thinking, This guy’s combat ability is inversely proportional to his speaking abilities.

Elian was even more unsure whether to laugh or cry as he thought, Ah Ye… When you don’t talk, people only feel that you’re indifferent. But once you open your mouth, people can immediately tell that something’s off!

“Don’t say such things. Won’t you sit down and drink some tea with an old man?”

The Principal was worthy of being the principal. He was only stunned for a moment before smiling from ear to ear again. He smilingly went to pull Dark Sun over, but Dark Sun dodged to the side.

If it wasn’t necessary, he didn’t want to have anyone touch him. It was extremely dangerous. Especially since he had just been ambushed by Death, he was even more sensitive to this sort of thing.

“Take a seat, Dark Sun. In any case, you can’t leave right now, correct?” Ah Na Yi smiled and looked down at Dark Sun’s knee. Although the blood had already coagulated, the wound still looked ghastly.

Earlier in the plaza, if not for this wound, Dark Sun would have long chosen to turn around and escape instead of staying put and fighting Death. But with his knee injury, Dark Sun’s speed was greatly affected. As soon as he turned around, he probably would have given Death an excellent opportunity to deal a heavy blow, so he was unable to choose to escape.

His current situation was even worse. This room was completely sealed. Death and Elian were blocking the door. His only option was to take the Principal hostage and force Death and Elian to move out of the way.

Sit down first to hear what the Principal has to say! Ri Xiang Ye insistently shouted.

As a result, Dark Sun really did take a seat. The Principal laughed and also sat down, even passing him a cup of tea. Of course, Dark Sun didn’t appreciate the gesture and allowed the cup of tea to remain on the table.

“I wonder who is fortunate enough to be able to hire an expert like you.” Ah Na Yi didn’t pay any mind to Dark Sun’s rude behavior. He was like an elderly neighbor talking with a young person.

Because he didn’t know what Ah Na Yi’s intentions were, Dark Sun remained fixated on his every movement. He only said, “Classified information.”

“Why have you come to Yelan Academy? You aren’t actually here to use the battle simulator, right?” Ah Na Yi chuckled, “An expert like you should be very busy?”

Dark Sun wasn’t listening to a single word Ah Na Yi had said. He asked directly, “What do you want?”

“You really do cut to the heart of the matter.” Ah Na Yi praised and did away with his kindhearted old man act, switching to the expression of a businessman. “Then I’ll get to the point. Ten missions. If any alumni of Yelan Academy’s Elite Combat Class have a mission request of the academy, their missions would all be prioritized by the academy. You don’t have to pay tuition, and I’ll still give you a diploma. Aren’t these conditions wonderful?”

Dark Sun didn’t respond at all.

“These terms are really very good. Other Elite Combat Class students have to complete thirty missions before they can graduate. If they fail a mission, another three missions are added. However, I believe that you won’t fail, so I won’t add this condition.”

“No.” Dark Sun didn’t even pause to think before declining.

Ah Na Yi didn’t give up. “If you have an Elite Combat Class diploma from Yelan Academy, no matter where you apply as a bodyguard, at the very least you will be guaranteed the position of team leader.”

At that moment, Elian, who was standing in the doorway, had a very strange expression come across his face. He couldn’t help mentally shouting at the Principal, Principal! The conditions you’re offering really are great, but it’s a pity that the person before you is the Sun Emperor’s little brother. The Sun Emperor already spoils Ah Ye to the point that he’ll give him whatever he wants. How could Ah Ye care about a diploma or any sort of deal?

There’s probably no one on the planet who’d dare to hire the Sun Emperor’s little brother as their bodyguard, right?

“No.” Dark Sun still stood firm.

At this point, Principal Ah Na Yi’s face was becoming unsightly. He sweetened the deal again, “Eight missions. Everything else stands.”


“Six! I can’t make it any lower.” Ah Na Yi revealed his bottom line all at once. This was roughly the number of missions that had been entrusted to the academy that were too difficult for the students to complete. He hoped to win Dark Sun over and get these six missions completed too.

Dark Sun clearly enunciated every word, “I only listen to my current master’s orders.”

Ah Na Yi didn’t seem to know when to give up. He continued trying to persuade Dark Sun, “Not an issue. I’m not in a hurry. When does your bodyguard contract expire?”

Dark Sun was silent for a while. Then he replied, “When I die.”

As soon as those words were said, Ah Na Yi was instantly struck speechless. Even Death couldn’t help but applaud. Right to the point!

“You can’t accept side jobs?” The Principal still wasn’t willing to throw in the towel.

He had no other choice. There were some commissions that were too difficult, and giving them to the students was too dangerous. But if they weren’t completed, Yelan Academy’s reputation would plummet. After a lot of difficulty, he had found a student whose abilities were on par with Death’s. Of course he would do everything to persuade him. He would only have to send Dark Sun together with Death on missions, and those difficult commissions would probably be resolved.

If Dark Sun had immediately replied with “No,” then even Ah Na Yi wouldn’t be able to do anything more, and that would have been the end of the day’s events. But oddly, influenced by his emotions, Dark Sun hesitated. He was hesitating over whether or not to lie to the Principal about this.

This hesitation gave Ah Na Yi an opportunity. He realized it wasn’t that Dark Sun couldn’t accept side jobs, just that he didn’t want to.

“Five missions. In addition, I will never pry into your affairs in the future, and I’ll take down all the security cameras installed around campus.”

Dark Sun thought about it. It wasn’t that he couldn’t accept. And this way, as long as the Principal didn’t investigate Dark Sun’s identity, Ri Xiang Ye would also be much safer. After all, if the surveillance continued, sooner or later it would be discovered that Ri Xiang Ye was Dark Sun.

Dark Sun compromised, but added an extra condition, “I won’t accept missions I don’t want to.”

“Deal!” Ah Na Yi quickly agreed.

“Ah Ye, is it really O.K. for you to accept missions from the Principal?”

Elian was extremely worried. What will happen if the Sun Emperor were to find out about this?

A row of people were standing by the school gate. Even though school hadn’t let out yet, they still planned to wait for An Te Qi, who should be arriving soon, to take Ri Xiang Ye home.

The reason he was going home early was of course so that An Te Qi would have time to treat the injury on Ri Xiang Ye’s knee. If Ri Xiang Yan discovered the injury, then none of Yelan Academy’s students would ever have to come back to class again, as the school would be obliterated by the Sun Emperor.

By this point, Dark Sun had already gone back to looking like Ri Xiang Ye. He quietly replied, “It should be fine… As long as Gēge doesn’t find out.”

This kind of response would make anyone extremely worried! Everyone smiled bitterly.

“Your dad’s here.”

Ezart lazily pointed outside the school gates. Everyone’s lines of sight followed his finger. As expected, they saw An Te Qi, who had worry written across his entire face, getting out of a taxi. He was carrying a huge box. As soon as he leapt out of the taxi, his head naturally turned toward the school gate, and of course he saw the row of people there, Ri Xiang Ye included.

Seeing that Ri Xiang Ye appeared to be fine, An Te Qi stood next to the road stunned as he carried the box, wondering what he was even here for.

Elian patted Ri Xiang Ye on the back and said, “Go on. Your father must have been worried for quite a while.”

“Mm!” Ri Xiang Ye turned around, smiled, and bid everyone farewell, “Bye, Ezart, El-gē, Eloise, and Eli.”

“Bye, Ah Ye…” One after another, everyone said goodbye to Ah Ye.

Eli’s expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “Uncle, danger!”

Many of them froze. They didn’t quite understand what Eli meant. The only one to react was Eli’s partner, Eloise. As soon as he spoke, Eloise had immediately broken out into a run toward the edge of campus, right where An Te Qi was.


An Te Qi saw Eloise sprinting over and was extremely suspicious. But his suspicions didn’t last for long because a motorcycle quickly rode in front of him. On it were two people, one behind the other. The two people were wearing leather jackets and leather pants along with fully enclosed helmets, so it was impossible to make out their appearance. Then, the person sitting on the back slammed a fist into An Te Qi’s stomach. An Te Qi fainted without even being able to utter a sound. With a single hand, they lifted An Te Qi by the waist and used the other hand to pick up the box he had been carrying.


At that moment, Eloise had caught up. Without another word, she put all her strength into kicking the waist of the one sitting on the front of the motorcycle with the intention to knock him off, and her kick landed solidly. With her strength, even an elephant should have toppled over, but the rider didn’t even budge. Instead, he stepped on the motorcycle’s accelerator.

As soon as the accelerator was floored, the motorcycle shot off in an instant, like a bolt of lightning. Eloise fiercely went in pursuit, but it was clear after several steps that she wouldn’t be able to catch up. All she could do was stop helplessly.

“An Te Qi-bàba!”

At that moment, Ri Xiang Ye rushed after the motorcycle. Despite that the motorcycle was already so far away that it was a mere speck, he wasn’t willing to let the motorcycle go. This sudden action caused the wound on his knee to immediately split open again. Blood poured down his calf onto the road the whole way.

Elian hastily moved forward to hold Ri Xiang Ye while calling out, “Ah Ye, don’t chase them. There’s no way you can catch up.”

“No!” Ri Xiang Ye desperately struggled, shouting, “A-An Te Qi-bàba’s been kidnapped! I have to go save him!”

“Ah Ye…” Eloise saw how frantic Ah Ye was. She also felt extremely anxious, unsure of how to comfort him.


Ezart slapped Ri Xiang Ye with so much strength that Ri Xiang Ye fell backwards. Ri Xiang Ye was sitting on the ground, stunned that he had been hit. He could only hold back his tears and blankly look up at Ezart.

Ezart instead yelled at him, “What are you looking at me for? The only thing you can do to help is to call your brother! Call him now!”


Ri Xiang Ye hastily took out his cell phone from his backpack and dialed his brother’s number. As soon as the call went through, he cried, “Gēge, Gēge!”

“Ah Ye! What’s wrong? Did something happen?” Hearing Ah Ye crying, Ri Xiang Yan was beginning to panic noticeably.

“A-An Te Qi-bàba’s been kidnapped!”

The other end of the line was silent for a while. Then Ri Xiang Yan asked, “Are your four classmates next to you?”

“Yeah…” Ri Xiang Ye replied as he used his sleeve to wipe his tears.

“Press the button for the speaker. I’d like to talk to them.”

“Oh.” Ri Xiang Ye obediently did as he said.

“The four of you are to immediately bring Ah Ye home. Stay by his side. Do not take a single step away from him. You are not to leave the house. Do you understand me?”

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