Eclipse Hunter V3C2: Simulation, Reality, Death

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter Two: Simulation, Reality, Death—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by elisa & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

Ri Xiang Yan held the black box of memories in his hands. His little brother Ah Ye, being the good child that he was, had gone off to sleep a long time ago. The office had been completely silent for some time when at last, there was the sound of a sigh.


“Yes, Sun Emperor.” Kyle was still waiting on the phone. He was never the one that pressed the button to end a call.

“What should I do?” Ri Xiang Yan held the sparkling crescent necklace. It dazzled before him, like the smile of his first love had.

“I do not know.” Kyle still did his duty and did not provide a reply. He understood very well that this was not a business matter that required his response, and that the Sun Emperor also did not really want him to answer. He was posing the question to himself.

“Ugh! This matter has gone on for so long already, and he’s also hated me for so long. He’s not going to simply forgive me just after hearing a stupid reason like that, right?” Ri Xiang Yan idly spun the crescent necklace around and around.

Kyle quietly waited on the other end of the call.

“As for the revenge thing, just punish him a little. Don’t bother with ousting him anymore.” Ri Xiang Yan listlessly said, “I owe him that much.”


Then Ri Xiang Yan pressed the button to end the call and stared at the crescent necklace in his hands for a long time. In the end, he placed it back into his box of mementoes and placed the cover of the box back on. But seeing the box whole again, he couldn’t help gazing fixedly at the black, finely detailed box again and lightly stroking the rubies on top.


Ri Xiang Yan closed his eyes and slowly leaned back into the chair. He murmured, “If māma hadn’t died or if you didn’t hate Dìdi, wouldn’t that have been great? We would have definitely been a happy family… Unfortunately, ‘what ifs’ have absolutely no meaning.”

He put away the box, sparing it no further attention.

“Bye, An Te Qi-bàba. I’m going to go to school.”

Ri Xiang Ye planted a kiss on An Te Qi’s cheek. An Te Qi was holding a cup of coffee in his hand, his face extremely haggard-looking, his eyes lifeless, and his mind clearly wasn’t entirely there. If a police officer had been present, they no doubt would have immediately arrested him for being under the influence of drugs.

Ezart let out a huge yawn. He looked An Te Qi up and down, and rudely said the conclusion he had drawn, “Is he a madman?”

“An Te Qi-bàba doesn’t have a mental illness.”

Ri Xiang Ye skipped over to Ezart and tried hard to explain, “Every night, Bàba works until it’s really late. But Gēge told Bàba that he has to take good care of me. He has to send me off to school every day and say goodbye to me at the door, otherwise he’ll be executed. So Bàba has no choice but to wake up early and doesn’t have much energy.”

Ezart said somewhat disapprovingly, “Your dad is crazy. He’s so old already and he’s still staying up so late. Same with your bro. You’re how old now? And you still have to say goodbye before going to school.”

As those words were said, a certain druggie suddenly snapped awake. As he scanned his surroundings, he furiously bellowed, “Who was it? Who said that I’m old?”

“… Your dad woke up.”

“Mhm… An Te Qi-bàba, I’ll see you later. I’m going to school.” Ri Xiang Ye hugged An Te Qi again.

“Oh, Ah Ye.”

An Te Qi blankly stared at the two students in front of him. He was somewhat confused about how long he had been standing in the doorway. I can’t remember at all… But since he valued his life, he still obediently did what Ri Xiang Yan said and told Ah Ye goodbye. “Be careful on your way to school.”

“Come on.”

Ezart yelled impatiently, and left on his own first, taking huge strides.

Seeing this, Ri Xiang Ye anxiously tried to catch up, even shouting, “I’m coming! Wait for me, Ezart!”

“Young people are really so full of energy…”

An Te Qi leaned on the side of the door and drank some coffee. He watched the two youngsters leave, one ahead of the other, and then lamented like an old man.

The two people, with one of them ahead of the other, hadn’t been walking at their rapid pace for long before the bigger one in the front reverted to being lazy, walking so that each step wasn’t even a full stride. Ri Xiang Ye didn’t react in time and rushed ahead. He’d passed Ezart by several meters before he blankly realized what happened and hurried back to Ezart.

“There are practicals today. Remember to let Dark Sun into the battle simulator. I want to have some fun with him today.” Even though Ezart seemed to be saying it nonchalantly, his shining eyes clearly indicated that he was looking forward to fighting Dark Sun.


Ri Xiang Ye was startled, but then he remembered that ever since Ezart, Elian, and his other friends had discovered that he was Dark Sun, and had been threatened by Ri Xiang Yan to never disclose the truth that Ri Xiang Ye wasn’t an ordinary boy, everyone had simply decided to treat Ri Xiang Ye and Dark Sun as two different people. They didn’t want to accidentally let the secret slip one day and get silenced.

Ri Xiang Ye was still the frail young master, and Dark Sun was the bodyguard. This was the consensus everyone had reached.

“But El-gē also said he wants me to… Wants Dark Sun to fight with him today.”

“What?!” Ezart was somewhat unhappy as he said, “Didn’t he fight him last time?”

“But you fought the last last time…” As Ri Xiang Ye spoke, his voice grew softer and softer.

“That’s right! So now it’s my turn. Don’t argue so much. Just go with it,” Ezart went ahead and declared.

Ri Xiang Ye could only blankly say, “Oh,” and continued walking with him until they passed a toy store. He suddenly stopped, and even tugged on the corner of Ezart’s clothes.

Ezart gave him the side-eye and asked suspiciously, “What? If you don’t hurry up, you’re going to be late.”

Ri Xiang Ye pulled out a pink, heart-shaped virtual lover console from his backpack. His eyes shone as he looked at the toy store and said, “Xiao Ai has an upgrade chip out. I want to buy it.”

“… You’re still playing with that thing? And you even want to buy a new update?’ Ezart looked incredulously at the virtual lover console.

After hearing that, Ri Xiang Ye had a pitiful expression full of disappointment. He asked in a small voice, “I can’t buy it…?”

There it is again! The puppy’s begging for a bone! Ezart helplessly facepalmed and growled, “Whatever, just do what you want. If you want to buy it, hurry up. You’re going to be late to class.”

Of course, he didn’t care about being late to class, but any reason was a good one as long as he could leave the toy store faster!

“It’ll be really quick. Ezart, you have to wait for me.”

Ri Xiang Ye rushed into the toy store as soon as he obtained permission. He knew Ezart didn’t have any patience at all when it came to waiting for people, so he wanted to hurry and buy it. Otherwise, he would be left behind.

Ri Xiang Ye was planning to pounce on the counter and shout “give me the newest upgrade chip” as soon as he rushed into the toy store, but there was another customer making a purchase, not just the shop clerk from last time. So Ri Xiang Ye had no choice but to pause. A bit anxious, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

The shop clerk had clearly recognized the big-spending customer and smiled from ear to ear as he called out, “May I ask what you would like to look at?”

“I-I want the newest upgrade chip. The one on TV that said I could feed Xiao Ai food from different countries, do makeup, and give Xiao Ai a pet to raise. It also has a lot of clothes she can change into.” Ri Xiang Ye lifted up the virtual lover console in his hands, rattling off what he had heard from the ad on TV.

“The Virtual Lover 8.0 update? Please wait a moment. I will have it ready for you immediately.” After the shop clerk finished speaking, he immediately lowered his head to look beneath the counter for the merchandise.

“O.K.” Ri Xiang Ye waited obediently.

“A virtual lover game. That sort of thing for little children really does suit you.”

Ri Xiang Ye froze. Then he realized those words had actually come from the other customer at the counter. Although the other person had spoken, they didn’t seem to have any intention of turning to face Ri Xiang Ye.

“Ah… Bai Lian Xing, are you buying toys too?”

“It’s a model!” Bai Lian Xing turned his head and fiercely glared at Ri Xiang Ye. Then he disdainfully glanced at the virtual lover console in Ri Xiang Ye’s hands, and said with contempt, “I have no interest in childish playthings.”

“Models? Is that a fun kind of toy to play with?” Ri Xiang Ye asked curiously.

“Models are not toys!’ Bai Lian Xing angrily growled.

“Huh?” With a blank expression, Ri Xiang Ye asked, “Isn’t this a toy store? Don’t they only sell toys?”

“Of course not, you moron. Don’t lump the things I’m buying with your toys.”

“P-Please don’t be upset, customers.” The shop clerk hastily came out from under the counter to intervene. “We are a toy store, but we do also sell models. Both of you are correct!”

Ri Xiang Ye cocked his head to think, then he happily laughed and said, “So it’s like that. I didn’t know toy stores sold things other than toys.”

After hearing that, Bai Lian Xing rolled his eyes and walked several steps back. Minding his own business, he continued to thumb through a catalog, trying to distance himself from Ri Xiang Ye.

The shop clerk let out a sigh of relief seeing that the two customers had finally stopped arguing. He put on a professional smile and asked Ri Xiang Ye, “Would you like to view our models?”

I kind of want to look… N-No! Ezart is still waiting outside for me.

Ri Xiang Ye shook his head and hurriedly pulled out his credit card to pay as he said, “I’ll look some other time. Ezart’s outside waiting for me.”

As soon as he saw that credit card, the shop clerk’s face broke out in a smile. He respectfully bowed at a ninety-degree angle. “Very well. I will immediately process your payment. When you have time, we welcome you to look at our models.”

Seeing this, Bai Lian Xing couldn’t help looking at the shop clerk strangely. That level of fawning was excessive. Even he had never received that kind of treatment. He couldn’t help shooting a glance at the credit card in the shop clerk’s hands.

As soon as he saw it, his eyes almost bored holes through it. He simply couldn’t believe it. How could this idiot have the highest level of Sun credit cards?!

This card was so uncommon that not even a hundred of them had been issued, and every person that had one was amongst the world’s most impressive and well-known people. Something unique about the card was that it was completely black, with the golden Sun Bank logo on it. It was extremely easy to recognize.

However, no one in the school knew this guy before him, much less the whole world. Even at school, few people knew he existed!

Immediately after Ri Xiang Ye had just lowered his head to finish signing the bill, an impatient shout came from outside.

“Ah Ye, are you done or not?”


Ri Xiang Ye hurriedly put away his credit card and upgrade chip. He hastily headed for the door and had almost stepped out when he seemingly remembered something. He quickly turned his head back to say, “Bye, Bai Lian Xing.”

Although Bai Lian Xing’s face stiffened, he still nodded. After all, although he didn’t know what kind of background the person in front of him had, it was certain that he wasn’t insignificant.

After Ri Xiang Ye had finished calling out, he hurriedly rushed out of the store. Ezart’s loud voice could be faintly heard coming from outside the store.

“You take so long. Today’s practicals are first and second period. I don’t want to have less time to fight Dark Sun because I was late!”

“No way. Ezart, it doesn’t even take five minutes before you’re defeated by Dark Sun every time.”

“Shut up!”

“Oh. O.K.”

Dark Sun?! Hearing those words, Bai Liang Xing rushed out of the toy store in a hurry. But by that point, Ezart and Ri Xiang Ye were already on a different topic, wrestling with the question of whether or not to have a midnight snack.

He watched the two figures with some uneasiness, and doubtfully asked himself, “Is that idiot actually connected to Dark Sun?”

He has a Sun credit card, when not even a hundred of them have been issued, and he is connected to Dark Sun… Could that idiot An Xiang Ye actually be related to the Sun Alliance?

Bai Lian Xing eyes were fixed on the two receding figures. A hundred thoughts seemed to swirl in his eyes. Finally, he softly called out, “Come out.”

“Yes, sir!”

His three servants leapt out from the shadows of the street. The three of them deferentially clasped their hands and kept their heads lowered in front of Bai Lian Xing and awaited orders.

“Old weirdo, immediately report to Father that I have discovered a classmate who may have a major connection to Dark Sun and the Sun Alliance. Ask him if I could borrow one of the newest modified humans.” He muttered to himself for a bit and added, “Also ask him to lend me a technician. I need someone to modify something for me.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Within their group of three, the short, ugly man put his hands together and bowed, and then turned around and left at lightning speed.

Bai Lian Xing stood outside of the toy store for a while. In the end, he walked back into the toy store and tossed a credit card at the shop clerk.

“Give me a virtual lover game. The same model the kid from just now had.”

Standing in the battle simulator’s plaza while Ezart was full of excitement for battle made it awkward for Ri Xiang Ye when he said, “Ezart, you go in first. I’ll go in later to find you.”

“I’ll be waiting on you! I’m going to fight that Eloise woman first.” After Ezart decided on it, he didn’t even look back as he entered the battle simulator.

Then I should go find a place to change into Dark Sun’s clothes too!

Ri Xiang Ye lifted his backpack. He was going to walk into the dense woods on campus as usual to take off his uniform, then put on his visor and become the mysterious expert, Dark Sun.

Elian had reported back to the Principal that Dark Sun was too strong and that he wasn’t willing to see the Principal, so they had been unable to retrieve Dark Sun. But the Principal seemingly was still unwilling to give up and had installed countless cameras on campus just to find Dark Sun. Luckily, Elian and the others became double agents, telling Ri Xiang Ye where the security cameras were installed along with helping him to find a place to change his clothes.

Although Ri Xiang Ye was very grateful for Elian and the others’ help, he couldn’t help thinking that really, he didn’t need to turn into Dark Sun again… Except that Elian and Ezart were both battle fanatics who always asked him to go into the battle simulator to fight with them during practicals.

Of course, he couldn’t fight them every practical. Otherwise, the Principal would definitely realize that Dark Sun and Elian’s group were connected. Similarly, he also couldn’t go into the battle simulator together with Ezart. Naturally, the reason for that was they were afraid the connection between Dark Sun and Ezart would be discovered.

Thinking about this, Ri Xiang Ye grew more and more worried. He frowned and said, “I hope no one finds out I’m Dark Sun. Otherwise, Gēge will definitely be really mad.”

Throwing off his uniform, he exposed the red, form-fitting clothes underneath. At the same time, he put on his silver visor. Afterward, he stuffed the uniform into his backpack and hid the backpack within the undergrowth, finally finishing the ritual he did each time to become Dark Sun.

“Ah! The expression, the expression!”

Ri Xiang Ye shut his eyes and slapped his cheeks hard. His innocent expression gradually disappeared and was replaced by… No, there was nothing replacing it. His face was completely devoid of emotion. Even when he opened his eyes, they held no trace of humanity.

Unfeeling, heartless, seeming more inhuman than human—this was Dark Sun.

Mission: Enter the battle simulator. Fight Ezart and Elian.

After confirming his assignment, Dark Sun quickly strode out of the woods, heading directly for the battle simulator. But he hadn’t gone far before he heard his name being called on his way there. At the same time, some people had followed behind him. Although they weren’t following closely behind, staying at least ten paces back, Dark Sun didn’t allow people to follow behind him where he couldn’t see them.

When the number of people following him started to grow more and more, Dark Sun finally stopped. The number of people already reached a level where they could be a threat and could not be ignored any longer.

He turned around to observe the people. These people did not make any threatening actions, but their following behavior had already triggered an alarm in Dark Sun’s brain. He instinctively thought, Attack them. Defeat their troops…

No! They’re all my classmates. Don’t hurt them. Ri Xiang Ye’s thoughts interrupted Dark Sun’s plan of action.

As a result, Dark Sun stopped what he was doing and quietly watched the crowd. Since he was not allowed to preemptively attack, then he could only wait for an opportunity to strike.

The crowd was split into many small groups. Everyone was whispering:

“Dark Sun! He turned around.”

“So cool.”

”It’s Dark Sun! He finally came. I’ve been waiting for three days now. He’s a really strong fighter.”

“Do you think he’ll give autographs?”

Dark Sun stood there for a while. After he determined that the people were not hostile and were not going to attack, he turned back around and continued walking toward the battle simulator.

However, he had just turned around when he immediately noticed someone drawing closer. Dark Sun instantly whirled around, silently extending the nails on his hand.

“C-Could you sign this for me?” A shy girl was walking closer and holding out a photo. Her face was flushed red from embarrassment. Behind her were a couple of girls shouting encouragement.

Dark Sun looked at the girl. He determined that her short skirt and spaghetti strap top had no room to conceal weapons. At the same time, he was also looking at her muscles and figure. She didn’t pose any sort of threat. In his mind, the softhearted Ri Xiang Ye had already nodded in agreement, so Dark Sun retracted his nails and silently accepted the photo. Surprisingly, the photo’s image was of him fighting in the battle simulator…

He signed the words “Dark Sun” on it. The lettering was so neat that at first glance, it seemed like it had been typed by a computer. Then he handed the photo back to the girl.

“Th-Thank you!”

The girl took back the photo, and embarrassed but happy, ran back to her little group. The girls shrieked happily.

Dark Sun immediately turned around to carry out his mission to battle, but as he turned around, he felt another person draw close. Only this time it wasn’t just one person, but several dozen people. The alarm in his head instantly began sounding loudly. His blade-like nails once again came out, and as he turned, his hands were in a position ready to attack, prepared to face the numerous enemies behind him…

Thirty or so people behind him lifted up photos at the same time, respectfully asking, “Please sign this for me!”

Dark Sun suddenly froze where he stood. He wanted to complete his mission to battle, but the emotional part of his mind had gone softhearted once more. So he could only stop and take the nearest person’s pen and photo to write the words “Dark Sun” again.

It’s just signing my name. It won’t take too long. I can go back to finding Ezart and the others in a little bit. Ri Xiang Ye was thinking.

After he had finished writing the first name on the photograph and looked up, the thirty people had already turned into three hundred people.

“That brat Ah Ye!” Ezart furiously smashed his fist into the wall next to him, shouting, “He actually ditched me!”

“Even Lian got called away by the Principal. It’s so boring! We should just head out, Eli.” Eloise was sitting on the ground, bored out of her mind. She used her finger to poke holes in the stone slabs paved on the ground.

Eli looked sideways at the two others. Then he lifted his head again to look around at the ruins surrounding him. It had originally been a bustling business street, but as the two violent people next to him grew impatient while they painfully waited for Dark Sun, it had suffered catastrophic devastation. The students in the battle simulator had all been similarly destroyed.

“Then let’s just go out,” was all Eli could suggest.

“Let’s head out and give that brat Ah Ye some payback,” Ezart coldly huffed. Then without caring about the other two people, he left on his own.

“Hey! You’re not allowed to bully my Ah Ye.”

Eloise hastily stood up and quickly went after him. Eli naturally could only follow along.

“What did the Principal want Lian to do?” Eloise turned her head to ask Eli after she had caught up with Ezart. “Also, he didn’t ask the two of us either. Usually the three of us operate together.”

“No idea,” Eli honestly replied back.

“Really now. If Lian finishes one more mission than us, then wouldn’t he graduate before us?” Eloise pouted and grumbled, “We can’t let him graduate on his own first. We have to make him help us finish a mission later before letting him graduate!”

“We’ve already completed one mission more than him.”

“What?” Eloise’s head instantly swiveled around. Staring at Eli with wide eyes, she exclaimed, “No way!”

“Regarding those missions about Dark Sun last time, our mission was just to collect information about Dark Sun. Elian’s mission was to bring Dark Sun to the Principal.”

Eli looked sideways at Eloise. So even his partner hadn’t clearly understood the contents of the mission in the first place. He could only do his best to explain, “I reported to the Principal that I could not sense Dark Sun’s thoughts at all and that he didn’t seem human. That could still count as collecting information about Dark Sun.”

“So that’s how it was!” Eloise replied a little foolishly. After she replied, she exclaimed again, “Oh no! Then doesn’t that mean that we have to help Lian finish a mission?”

“I think that he won’t need our help at all,” Eli coldly said.

The three of them walked out of the gymnasium, which was also a huge battle simulator, when Ezart, who had been walking in front, suddenly stopped in his tracks. The two people behind him weren’t paying attention and both their faces smacked into his back with a “bang.” Both of them grimaced in pain. They had narrowly avoided their noses becoming crooked from the impact.

“Why the hell did you stop like that?!”

Eloise rubbed her face while wailing angrily.

“What the hell is that?”

Ezart had a very strange expression as he pointed in front of him. Only now did the other two realize something wasn’t quite right with the plaza. The crowd was still a crowd, with about the same amount of people as usual, but everyone was in a huge line that curved in many loops. That was a little strange.

“Wow! There’s so many people in line! I want to line up too!” Eloise grew worried. She was afraid that by the time it was her turn, they would stop letting people line up.

“Do you even know what you’re lining up for?” Ezart asked incredulously.

“How would I know? If there’s a line, then line up. Maybe there’s something good!” Eloise replied naturally. After she finished replying, she really did ditch the two men and rushed off to find where the end of the line was, intending to line up.


Seeing Eloise charge through the ranks, Ezart was left speechless.

“Dark Sun,” Eli suddenly said.

“What?” Ezart turned his head to look at Eli. Why’d the weird guy suddenly call out “Dark Sun?”

“Their hearts are mostly calling for Dark Sun,” Eli explained further.

This line has something to do with Ah Ye?

There was a complicated expression on Ezart’s face as he looked at the line. He wanted to see what the line had to do with Ah Ye, but as soon as he saw that the line was so long that its end couldn’t be seen, he didn’t want to set even a single foot in the queue. Just as he was thinking of simply finding the front of the line and cutting there, Eli had started slowly walking ahead.

“Where are you going?”

Eli pointed at Eloise, who had already found the end of the line and was currently waving at them vigorously. She was clearly shouting, “Let’s line up together!”

“… Not interested,” Ezart irritably responded.

Anyway, with Ah Ye’s strength, even if all of these people are his enemies, they won’t be able to do anything to him. Might as well go back to the classroom to sleep.

As he was about to turn around and leave, he heard Eli saying the word, “Wait.”

“What now?”

“Elian is calling me. He’s in the crowd.” Eli scanned the crowd for his teammate.

“El? Didn’t that guy get called away by the Principal?” Ezart frowned. He looked at the crowd. Don’t tell me that El guy is also in line. This is getting ridiculous!

“Principal. Mission…” Eli frowned. He was trying hard to read Elian’s thoughts from within the crowd. He murmured the things that he read aloud, “Dark Sun. Warn.”

Ezart and Eli looked at each other and said at the same time, “The Principal gave him a mission that has to do with Dark Sun?”

“He wants us to warn Dark Sun.” Eli said after nodding. They had been teammates for so long that even with a few words, he could roughly tell what Elian meant.

“But who knows where that guy is! And if the Principal is just relying on El, then he doesn’t have the skills to beat Dark Sun.”

Ezart was still too lazy to care. In any case, Elian had already tried many times to challenge Dark Sun, and Elian’s results were the same as his: defeat after defeat. The most he could last was five minutes, and the most El could last was three more than him.

But Eli shook his head. He explained, “The Principal should also know that Elian can’t beat Dark Sun. He wouldn’t only send him.”

“Even if he has help, Dark Sun doesn’t like fighting. He’s going to run. And if he wants to run, then there’s no one who can stop him!”

As soon as he said that, even Eli had to nod. Dark Sun’s strength was plain for all to see.

But Ezart didn’t feel like leaving now. He muttered, “But if there’s going to be a show, then I might as well finish watching it before going to sleep.”


“Come on, Eli. We’re heading to the front to watch.” Ezart picked Eli up with one hand. Once he had grabbed him, Ezart headed for the very front of the line. Lining up? No way in hell!

Seeing this, Eloise also ran out of the line. She caught up by jogging, and as soon as she had hurried next to the two of them, she began scolding, “Hey! Why aren’t you lining up? Cutting in line is really rude!”

“I’m not lining up. Is there something wrong with standing and watching on the sidelines?” Ezart asked mockingly as a rebuttal.

“This…” Eloise frowned. It seemed like it would be fine.

“Eloise, the Principal just gave another mission to face Dark Sun. Elian wants us to warn him,” Eli conscientiously reported.

“Ah?” Eloise froze. After she exclaimed, “Oh,” she said, “Then let’s go. Dark Sun’s at the front of the line.”

“What? How do you know…” Ezart and Eli were both shocked.

“The people in line said they’re getting Dark Sun’s autograph!”

“Then why are you in line?” Ezart asked incredulously.

“I also want his autograph! Nothing wrong with that, right?” Eloise fanned out five photographs and happily said, “Look! The people next to me even shared Dark Sun photos with me. He looks so handsome!”

That’s not the problem! Dark Sun is clearly Ah Ye, so just ask him to sign them later. Why line up… Ezart facepalmed again.

Eli was used to this and did not react in the slightest.

As the three of them dawdled, the person lying in wait within the crowd was so angry he was about to vomit blood.

What the hell are they doing?! I told them to hurry and warn Dark Sun, but they’re over there talking! Elian was about to explode. He was itching to walk up and smack the three of them on their thick skulls.

“Your face is too stiff, Elian. Don’t hold me back later!” A cold voice said.

“My apologies. I’m just a little sick of waiting.” Elian turned around and smiled charmingly. “Is this better, Death?”

The person next to Elian had a head of short black hair. His face was extremely handsome. He also had a pair of green eyes so piercing, it seemed he was always glaring at people. He was about the same height as Elian but his build was even more slender. At first glance, it was difficult to tell what gender this person was, considering how there weren’t huge differences between men and women in this current age.

“Are you two a couple? You’re really good match!” A small girl asked next to them while blushing. The group of girls next to her also began discussing the pairing.

“The girl is so pretty. The guy is also really good looking too! But the girl seems to be taller…”

Elian bitterly laughed and explained, “Hahaha! No. He’s a boy. We’re just friends.”

“Wow! Boy x Boy!”

Wait a moment, “boy x boy?”

“It’s like a BL pairing of bishies from a manhua!”

“Who do you think is the top and the bottom?”


“Does it even need saying? You can instantly see that the reddish-brown haired one is stronger. It has to be him on top.”

“What were you all saying?!”

Death dangerously narrowed his eyes. He coldly said, “Did you just say I was beneath Elian?”

“D-Don’t be angry, Death. The top and bottom they were talking about wasn’t about whose strength is higher or lower!”

Elian hurriedly tried to intervene. He couldn’t let Death do anything. That guy had no concept of letting someone off lightly. Once he acted, he would take a life. He was a dangerous person who really should be shut in a cell with a sign saying “Danger! Do not release.”

“Did you just say that I was beneath Elian?” Death completely ignored what Elian had said. His hand was already on his weapon. He was only waiting for that group to say “yes” and he would eliminate them along with Elian to demonstrate that his power was definitely higher than Elian’s!

“You’re on top!”

Under Death’s ominous stare and with Elian vigorously signaling by winking, all the girls replied in unison.

Seeing this, Elian finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hmph! Of course I am the strongest.” Death moved his hand off his weapon. He fiercely glared at Elian, and proclaimed, “Whether it’s you or Dark Sun, I will be on top!”

At his declaration, the girls all had fervent gazes as they began talking, one after another.

“Wow! He wants to take on Dark Sun too!”

“Is it a love triangle?”

“Or is it one going after two?”

There’s no point in arguing over top and bottom! Death, you really have no idea what that gaggle of girls mean by “top and bottom…” Elian felt even more like crying. He just hoped that this incident wouldn’t blow up, or he really would want to choke Death!

“I’ve spotted the target. Hey! Don’t hold me back.”

Death coldly sneered at Elian, then in a split second, his expression became gentle. The look in his eyes was no longer lively, but instead as entranced as the fans around him. In an instant, he went from being a felon to a fan.

“Death! The Principal doesn’t want you to kill Dark Sun. Remember that.”

“Shut up!”

Elian bitterly smiled. Maybe the Principal hadn’t partnered him with Death to help him attack Dark Sun, but rather, to prevent Death from killing off Dark Sun.

After all, Death was most skilled at assassination.

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