Update: April 2021

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April Fool’s Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story #20: Blueberry Coffee (April Fool's)
  2. Big and Little Sun Go Go 27: Blueberry Clafoutis (April Fool's)
  3. GOD V4Prologue: Shooting Star Bread (April Fool's)
  4. ½ Prince Side Stories Part 3: Meat Floss Bun (April Fool's)
  5. Dominion's End V6C1: The God of Many Eyes (April Fool's)
April Chapters
  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 27: The Player's Summon
  2. Dominion's End V6C1: On the Eve of War
  3. Big and Little Sun Go Go 28: Aldrizzt
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C5: Library, Part 3—Book
  5. Eclipse Hunter V3C3: Struggling Between Ruthlessness and Sincerity

This month, we have an important announcement to make. After months on end of social distancing and self reflection, the members of PR! have gone through a deep soul searching exercise and have discovered our true callings as pastry chefs. We will soon be opening a shop called [Pastry Recipes!] with all our cute and round baked goods that are guaranteed to make your mouths water before you can chant “meatbun” three times fast.

We can’t wait to serve you our sugary pastries, savory buns, and succulent tarts at our shop, but with the current state of the world we understand that this may not be an option for everyone. As such, we will instead be sharing our pastry recipes with you right here on PR!.org so you can enjoy these decadent delights as you read about the daring deeds of the likes of Shooting Star, Prince, and Grisia Sun! Let April showers bring baking flours! Please enjoy~

ETA: Chapter list for the month is now up. :)

ETA 2: The ILT character intros and GOD chapter will come in May.

6 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    Well darn~! I will miss all of those wonderful Yu Wo stories~
    Ah well, these recipes shall fill the hole in my heart and stomach!

    Quite a delight. Im really surprised at them

  2. silentghost

    You’d better have something blueberry, so I can eat while I read Sun Knight~! 😁

  3. Mizuhino

    I am so behind on my cooking. This is great! I need to start up again. ^_~

  4. Jasae Bushae

    Im kinda surprised by the number of chapters we have awaiting this month
    I didn’t think there would be this many

    • [PR]lucathia

      We’ll try our best! Last month with the shorter chapter list was a good break. Currently, we have finished translations of all of the chapters listed and are working on proofreading and C/E. :) Though, some chapters might trickle in after April 30 if we don’t manage to finish proofreading by then.

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