Update: March 2021

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March Chapters
  1. GOD V3Epilogue: Character Introductions
  2. Big and Little Sun Go Go 26: Armed to the Teeth
  3. No Hero V9C4: Merciless
  4. Eclipse Hunter V3C2: Simulation, Reality, Death

Gasp, what is this sad looking March? Well, we’re pretty much out of our stockpiled chapters for most of our series, so we’re down to the wire every month, except for Eclipse Hunter. That one is going strong in terms of translations. (Watch, next month, we come back with only EH chapters~)

We might be able to finish another chapter or two near the end of March or beginning of April. So, you’ll either see the chapter list grow, and/or you’ll see an earlier April update as we finish those chapters. Since by the time we finish, it’s probably April already anyway. We have just the finale left of ILTv4, which wraps up the case, “In the Name of God.” V5 and V6 focus on a different case. We also have DEv6c1 in the works, which is a scene-setting chapter.

We just posted the character intros to GODv3~, which has two cool character designs featuring some of the main cast. We hope to start v4 soon. Unfortunately v4 is the last volume of the new edition that has been published, and v5 is nowhere in sight. At the very least, we do have the old edition that we can continue our translations off of, and it would likely be easier to translate as well. The prose is a bit simpler, and the chapters shorter. (I would miss the expanded scenes and polish of the new edition, however, and some things might end up not completely matching up)

We have a new ebooks ready for you, thanks to Listening Daisy!

Eclipse Hunter V2
Dominion’s End V5

In the last poll, the kids have replaced BTS! :O The companions gave them a good run for their money, but in the end, the kids won. I guess we won’t get to see a golden slime, a meatbun, a dragon, a tree, a unicorn, a phoenix, or a flying sword on stage. Though wait, we wouldn’t be able to see the flying sword in the first place, huh…

This month’s poll is abut who you would rather tick off! Uh oh… dangerous choices! Anon, you have asked a very dangerous question.

Do you have any poll ideas? Throw them at us here~

7 Responses

  1. kamui

    A light month indeed, but that is OK! Give Yu Wo the head start to get more works out before you catch up!
    This poll though, is it a question of which big brother figure you want to annoy? 13 should be on there. I really don’t think I would want to annoy him…

  2. Ori

    this poll hurts me bc it’s impossible to pick D:
    i think its possible to get pity from Grisia though! The other two would definitely not pity poor old me…

  3. Blub a Dub Dub

    Can you even live with any of these poll options? 0.0

    Maybe if you very lightly tick off the Sun Knight? The Sun Knight is a public figure after all, so he probably wouldn’t do anything too extreme… Ticking off Jiang Shutian when he only really cares about his siblings and team doesn’t sound appealing, and ticking off the Sun Emperor warrants instant death apparentlly…

  4. Liolia

    aww I am sad there is no dominions end this month and thank you guys for your hard work :)

  5. Liolia

    Oh man, I know how vengeful the sunknight can be, the second option is a HARD no that guy goes straight to murder, Jiang shutian is the most reasonable as long as I did not tick him off by hurting his brother ^^”
    so it is between 1 and 3. Time to reread sunknight to find out xD

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