Update: February 2021

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February Chapters
  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 23: NPC
  2. Dominion's End V6Prologue: Murder Your Way Forward
  3. Big and Little Sun Go Go 24: The Daily Life of a Holy Knight
  4. No Hero V9C3: It Has Come
  5. Big and Little Sun Go Go 25: Spinning the Wheel Again
  6. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C5: Library, Part 2—Angel
  7. Eclipse Hunter V3C1: Memories of Yue Ya'er in the Evening
  8. GOD V3C10: Encroaching Death

GOD returns this month with a wrap up to voume 3! It’s quite a long chapter, with a familiar spell you might remember from LSK. We start with a bang with tons of action in the prologue of Dominion’s End v6, which really sets the tone for the rest of the book. With this volume, we’re now on the latest volume available of Dominion’s End. We hope volume 7 will be published before we finish v6! Here’s hoping! Will we see 39 LSK v2, DE v7, or something else from Yu Wo next?

Last month, “Being reincarnated as a person of the opposite gender living through the apocalypse (without the knowledge that Shuyu had in his world)” was the top choice of what people wanted to avoid the most. Good luck everyone!

This time, the poll is about the members of BTS being replaced. Oh no! Who are they replaced by? This poll was submitted by anon.

Poll ideas! We want them! Please submit them here~

ETA: Happy release day? Most chapters are up now! We’ll be back with GOD.
ETA2: The GOD chapter is now available! Afterword and character introductions to come.

5 Responses

  1. ArmadaTW

    The companion team would be really interesting to see as a performing group. Some special choreography with flying acrobatics, lightning effects, and cute mascots could easily make for great entertainment. I feel like Angel Doll from Magical Exchange and DSII from No Hero should be added to the group as well though.

    • Kamui

      For entertainment value, I agree. I actually haven’t listened to or seen any BTS performances, so I have no idea what would make interesting replacements, but I would be all for watching non-human visuals, especially if DSII is in bike form. Don’t know if anyone else has seen the crazy dirt bikes-in-a-spherical-cage stunts, but they are cool.

  2. 15B

    There’s already girl groups and even famous child singers! Of course the companions would be the best! Who else has a slime god, tiny dragon, meat bun, unicorn, phoenix, zooming sword idol group?

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