No Hero V9C3: It Has Come

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No Hero Volume 9: Endless Days

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The End NO.3: It Has Come—translated by Ever (proofread by Trespasserby & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

Dìdi, do you not recognize me? It’s Gēge.”

Awaiting orders.

“You must call him Dark Sun for him to work. That was the name we inputted. Of course, you can also change it. You only have to give the command and clearly say what his name will be changed to.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Dìdi? Ah Ye?”

“Dark Sun. Turn around and confirm your highest priority master.”

Order received.

Taking action: verify highest priority master.

“Confirming highest priority master. Appearance: Match. Iris recognition: Match. Preliminary confirmation of Master verified. If a second matching profile and iris is found, will proceed with DNA confirmation. Does Master wish to initiate the name changing sequence?”

“Change names? Change what name? Your name has never changed! You are not Dark Sun! You are ‘Ri Xiang Ye,’ my only dìdi!”

Interpreting: change of name ordered by highest priority master.

Taking action: initiating name changing sequence.

“Ri Xiang Ye. Name changing sequence completed. Dìdi also accepted as a nickname.”

Analyzing highest master: sad, bitter, coughed blood.

Taking action: inquire.

Taking action: send to hospital.


Warning: someone intends to assassinate the highest master!

Another big quake.

I was now very certain that this was not an earthquake, but was definitely an explosion. Such a big explosion. Is someone trying to break into this place? Using such strong ammunition does not seem like something X would do.

I let out a sigh of relief, but was not completely reassured, since I had just seen X undercover, and he did not seem to be as old-fashioned as I had thought. There were a lot of things that I did not know.

“From the looks of the current situation, the Church is not as in control of the situation as I had imagined.” I said as calmly as possible, “It seems that someone is trying to break in.”

Lieder’s expression was fairly strange as he muttered, “Break in? This level of explosion was definitely caused by a missile.”

Missile? Before I had time to think about anything, Lieder started to shake vigorously, falling off the chair and across the floor, his body jerking uncontrollably.

Electrocuted? I felt a sense of glee. Although delighting in others’ suffering was not very nice, Lieder had brought too much trouble for us. Whenever I remembered how the young master had been tied to a cross after he had just undergone surgery; when the young master could have rested and rehabilitated in peace and quiet, but was forced to run around with a hurt knee, I wished Lieder would get shocked more often.

Lieder crawled back onto the chair with difficulty and once again declared, “I cannot tell you anything.”

I nodded my head, determined to try my best to lure him into talking.

“If it was a missile, then it should not be X?”

Lieder opened his mouth, but immediately closed it again.

I laughed and said, “If you do not speak to me, how will you get information about X from me?”

Lieder frowned and was silent for a while before saying, “It’s not E.X. This has nothing to do with you. It’s some other enemy.”

Other enemy? With a sudden turn of thought, something dawned on me and I realized this was Lieder giving me a hint. Perhaps I should not have wanted to see him get shocked so much.

How many forces were there that dared fire missiles at the Sin Elimination Committee of the Church? Even if there really were other enemies, the probability of them attacking coincidentally at this time was not high.

Who was it? Was it the young master or Curtis?

I cheered myself up. No matter whom it was, I would definitely not let myself become a burden, so I should stay calm… Calm?

I could not help but look at Lieder. His hand was shaking as he put a piece of candy in his mouth. When he noticed my gaze, he asked out of courtesy, “Would you like one?”


Lieder’s face was suddenly filled with surprise and he asked, “Vampires eat candy too? I was only asking. I didn’t think you would really eat it.”

I smiled and said, “No, candy is almost tasteless to vampires. I simply wanted to get revenge on you. Even eating a piece of your candy would be good.”

Hearing so, Lieder rolled his eyes exaggeratedly but still gave me a piece of candy.

I savored the candy in my mouth, and as expected, I could not taste any sweetness, but when the outer shell melted, a strong taste of blood shot up my nasal cavity. The flavor was so strong that it could let any vampire suddenly become alert.

Lieder asked me curiously, “It seems like you’re enjoying it. Do you taste anything?”

As he asked, we felt the building shake again. I really admired how strong this building was, although this was not good news for those trapped inside.

“Yes. The candy is yours, and with the shaking sound of missiles hitting, I have tasted revenge strongly.”

Lieder said in frustration, “I’ve at least saved your life once. Can’t we count that as even?”

With the help of what Lieder had said earlier, I was able to stay calm throughout. I still had many devices attached to me, so I could not risk letting them analyze anything from me. Thankfully this situation itself was strange enough, so it would be more difficult for them to figure out the truth.

“I have already said so before. Even if you did not come, the young master would not kill me, so that time does not count. Instead, we need to count this time when you brought me to the Sin Elimination Committee. So if we were to keep a tab, you have much to pay back.”

Lieder laughed out loud, jeering, “Why, you’re actually getting serious! You’re already trapped here. Even if I wanted to pay you back, I have no way of doing so. Guess I can only give you a few more candies!”

I frowned purposely but still said, “Give it.”

Lieder helplessly gave me another candy.

I ate another one, and as I thought, only the outer part of this candy was made of sugar, while the inside was actually made of condensed blood. I wonder if the one Lieder ate initially was a candy made without blood, or did he try his best to eat the same ones?

Aside from blood, does this candy provide any other effects? Is Lieder doing this voluntarily or did someone bribe him to help me?

Just when I was thinking about this, the current situation changed again. Lieder suddenly stood up and turned around to face the entrance. I also followed his gaze and saw that the door had been opened, and two people in priest robes stood there. However, the layers of energy nets were quite thick and blocked my vision, not allowing me to see the priests’ faces clearly.

Is one of them Sin?

I frowned as the other party walked in. It was indeed Sin, and beside him was another priest—Father Yue?

“Calm down!” Lieder suddenly said, “Don’t get stirred up just because Sin is here. As long as you cooperate, he won’t even touch a single strand of your hair.”

Following Lieder’s words, I slowly calmed down and smirked. “He is the head of the Sin Elimination Committee. You want a vampire to stay calm in front of Sin? Perhaps only when the Sin Elimination Committee stops targeting vampires will this be able to happen!”

I fought back lightly with words and used Lieder’s power of words to stay calm at the same time. I tried hard not to look at Father Yue too much, only glancing at him briefly, making sure that it was Father Yue indeed. The Father Yue right now looks serious and cold, like all other priests…

And then, these two men bolted inside. Despite being priests, they looked more reckless than vampires.

“Tsk, why is this energy net still here?” Father Yue looked very impatient. If he was fully armed like last time, perhaps he would have attacked already.

Sin lifted his arm and looked at the watch on his wrist, saying, “We’re here early. There’s one minute left.”

“Can’t they be early for a minute? Why do they have to be so on time? The more time we can save the better. This is the Church’s Sin Elimination Committee! Every extra second here might kill us!”

Father Yue scrunched his brows, looking very irritated. This impatient attitude made him look exactly like Yue Gang. Even the tone and speed they spoke in was very similar. There was no doubt that they were father and son.

To my surprise, Sin comforted him, saying, “Calm down, Yue Jin. Why have you become more and more aggressive?”

“I’ve told you already. Once I pick up the gun again, I’ll never be able to calm down!”

I looked at the two of them, dumbfounded, having absolutely no clue about what was going on.

Sin sighed and said, “If you don’t pick up the gun, do you want me to handle the deal we’ve made with the Sun Emperor alone? Those people who call themselves the Extraordinaries are not easy to handle.”

The Extraordinaries? Looking at Sin and Father Yue, an idea suddenly dawned on me, and I realized right then that this person was not Sin, he was—Alex!

“It’s gone!” Father Yue said happily.

The energy net started to fade one strand at a time, and at the same time, someone started to tear off the devices that were attached to me. It was Lieder.

After Lieder ripped off those cables, he turned his head around and shouted, “Did you guys get the key to the handcuffs?”

Without the energy net blocking their way, Alex and Father Yue walked toward us. I was very confused at this moment and opened my mouth to speak but did not know where to start asking. Looking at the Alex that was wearing Sin’s face, I was even more dumbfounded. Is this the superb makeup transformation seen so often in movies?

Alex took out a card and waved it at Lieder.

“Then open it. What are you waiting for?” Lieder asked in confusion.

“The signal.” Alex explained, “This type of lock is very complicated. We need to initiate the unlocking sequence from the main control room before we can use this card. If any one of these steps went wrong, it will not only tighten its grip on Charles, but also send strong waves of electricity through his body until he faints.”

That sounds very awful. Especially since I am unable to faint right now, I can only stay awake and endure the torture.

As Alex was busy unlocking the handcuffs, I looked at Father Yue who had nothing to do, and finally found my tongue and asked the question that I wanted to know the most.

“Who sent you to save me?”

Father Yue glanced at Lieder and said, “It’s actually Lieder who contacted us first. When I heard that he was going to save you, how could I refuse?”

“Why not?” I asked very seriously.

Father Yue sighed and said, “Alex and I really want to resolve the hatred between E.X. and the Church. Not everyone in the Church wants E.X. dead. There are also very many who are tired of endlessly giving up lives, especially when E.X. hasn’t caused any trouble in many years. The recent events were all started by the Church’s pursuit, just because of something that happened long, long ago. Do we have to keep sacrificing human lives?”

“Just what happened back then?” I could not help but ask.

Father Yue shook his head and said, “It’s a very long story, and I only know the Church’s point of view. But this is not the time for that. Let’s get out of here first. If you die in the Church’s hands, then we can give up on trying to resolve this hatred. It used to be the Church pursuing E.X., but if you die, then E.X. might turn around to pursue the Church, too!”

Alex agreed as he opened the handcuffs and said, “We do need to leave fast. The Sin Elimination Committee is not an easy place to escape from. They are distracted by missiles right now, so this is the best time to escape. If we miss this chance, then we would not stand a chance later on.”

“The missiles were also launched by you?” I still found it hard to believe that a priest who was holed up in a run-down church had suddenly turned into a fighting master armed with heavy weapons. And not only is he equipped with heavy weapons, he also has the ability to launch missiles?

Father Yue denied immediately, “We have nothing to do with those. I don’t know which side initiated the attack. We wanted to investigate things thoroughly before we started, but you asked to see Lieder at this time, which was a one in a million chance, so we came in a hurry without figuring out what was happening outside.”

I looked at Lieder, but before I was able to ask, I heard Alex say, “It’s open. Let’s hurry.”

I looked down and saw that the indestructible handcuffs had been opened. I took my hands out immediately. The feeling of freedom is so wonderful. Even though I have not walked out of the jail yet, simply freeing my hands feels wonderful.


I lifted my head and Lieder gave me a palm-sized bag. I opened it and saw that it was filled with candy.

“Aside from blood, what else is in the candy?” I asked in confusion. If they only contained concentrated blood, then there seemed to be no need for them. This amount of blood was too little to take any effect, not even to satisfy hunger. It was at most an energy drink for vampires.

“I heard that it contains high caffeine content. Certain effects are similar to anesthetics, and might be able to increase your abilities. The researcher has tried to lower any side effects, but still doesn’t recommend taking it long-term. Oh right, eat at most ten a day. If you overdose…. Er, the person said, ‘nothing will really happen, it’ll just burn up your life energy, and after you’re burned out, you die.’”

That sounds exactly like Doctor An Te Qi!

I became absentminded with shock. I had thought that the situation had developed to the point of no return, but perhaps I did not lose anything at all?

“The young master sent you.”

Lieder spread his hands and denied, “My apologies, no.”

I felt very surprised. No? But only the young master knows about the anesthetic… No, Curtis also knows about it too.

“Is it Curtis?”

Lieder shook his head again.

I have now become utterly confused. Could it be E.X.? But it was impossible for E.X. to be so familiar with Lieder to the point that he could persuade him to do something this dangerous. This did not make sense.

“Hurry!” Father Yue urged, “We haven’t escaped yet. Don’t let your guard down!”

Lieder also nodded seriously and said, “Although my hacker is so impressive that he was able to lock down the Sun Emperor’s safety room and could temporarily control the Church’s system, escaping from here quickly is still the way to go. Once we are discovered and those armed priests surround us, my hacker won’t be able to save us even if he can fly.”

I felt it was laughable and asked, “Is it Doctor Ni Cai?”

Lieder glanced at me, smiling as he gestured for me to stay silent, and then motioned for us to go quickly.

As soon as we stepped outside the room that had held me captive, the building shook again as if we were on a battlefield.

There was no one in the hallway. I wonder if they had all gone to rescue the others from missiles or if Lieder had done something to lure them away, but this was not the time to ask. Everyone followed Alex with a quickened pace. He seemed to be very familiar with this place. Perhaps he had also stayed here for a period of time before.

“Just who is attacking?” Alex said worriedly, “If it weren’t because the Sin Elimination Committee is located in a remote area and has extremely sturdy defenses, firing missiles this relentlessly would result in lots of casualties. I wonder what the situation is like outside. Should we go and help them?”

He looked at Lieder and the latter immediately said, “I don’t know. The missiles are definitely not ours.”

“Are you sure that your employer did not do this?” Alex asked in doubt.

Hearing so, Lieder replied hesitantly, “Probably not. If it were them, then they’d tell me to act accordingly, but I didn’t receive any orders regarding this.”

Father Yue said impatiently, “Okay, stop discussing this. The Church has stood unshaken for so many decades. It will not go down because of a few missiles. But we will! Don’t even mention missiles, a few bullets can kill us! Hurry up and walk!”

I doubt a few bullets would be able to kill even one of us.

After turning a few corners, we saw a priest that looked as if he was in a hurry. He was holding a folder and seemed to be in a rush to go somewhere. Because of how focused he was on walking, he was very startled and stared at us blankly when he noticed our presence.

“Sin?” He asked in surprise and hurriedly saluted. But after saluting, he looked at me with his brows furrowed in suspicion.

“Sin, why are you here? The battlefront is very serious right now…” He glanced at the others and asked in confusion, “Is this enough people to transfer such an important non-human? He seems not to be wearing any handcuffs?”

Alex said in a cold, harsh tone, “The situation has changed, and he is now one of us. He will help us capture E.X. at all cost.”

He said as he walked toward the person, and as the person glanced at me in suspicion, Alex pushed out his palm, twisted the person’s wrists, pushed him to the ground, and knocked him unconscious by hitting the back of his neck. Alex’s actions were beautifully fast, swift, and clean.

“Quick, let’s go!” Alex said and everyone left hurriedly.

However, I stooped to pick up the cylinder object that was hanging from the person’s waist. I had seen something similar in the young master’s collection of weapons. If I was not wrong, this should be an energy sword or whip.

After pressing the switch, a white light immediately stretched out at a very fast speed. I twirled the sword around and found that it was a bit too long for my liking. Although I was accustomed to using a rapier, long swords were more difficult to control when using x-speed.

I looked at the hilt of the sword. I remembered that when the young master adjusted First Wind’s weapon, he had said… Although the Death Scythe is the best weapon for me, energy weapons are very convenient too!

First Wind’s weapon is an energy whip, but if we adjust the length and user mode, it could also be a sword, and if we shorten it even more, it can become a dagger!

But not a lot of people use energy daggers, because no matter how we adjust them, energy weapons will still glow, making them unsuitable for assassination, which ruins the point of using a dagger. Hm, but if the formation of the blade is fast enough, then the glow shouldn’t be a problem. Let me try adjusting it a bit more…

Recalling how the young master adjusted weapons, I quickly found a way to turn the energy sword into a dagger with a suitable length. I then tested the speed of the blade formation and found that it was very fast. It seems that the Church did not do any less research in this area than the young master.

“Charles! What are you still doing there?” Everyone stood far up ahead and looked back at me in disbelief. Their expressions seemed as if they wanted to beat me up.

With a step of x-speed, I arrived at their location in an instant. Standing beside them, I said, “Here.”

Just then, everyone slowly turned their heads to look at me with widened eyes. If the young master were here, he would definitely say that their eyes have widened zero point seven five centimeters.

Lieder exclaimed, “You’ve become even faster. Is this because of the candy?”

“I am not sure myself.”

After learning x-speed, I had not tested how fast my speed was, and was unable to judge based on sensation. There was no difference between fast and faster once a certain speed was surpassed.

“This speed is great!” Father Yue said happily, “If there’s any danger, you go on and escape first. With your speed, as long as there’s a path, then you can definitely escape. Don’t worry about us. The Church won’t do anything to us.”

I turned to look at Lieder and asked in confusion, “The Church won’t do anything to you either?”

“Of course they will do something to me, but if there’s a chance, you must run!” Lieder said sincerely, “You must escape in order for me to survive. If you die, then I’m really finished! I don’t mean to complain, but the person protecting you is really… Anyhow, I would rather go hit the Sun Emperor’s head again than imagine what would happen to me if you died.”

The building shook again. This time, I clearly heard sounds of explosion. And then, a siren actually sounded in the hallway, which made Alex and Father Yue’s expressions change immediately.

Alex ripped off the mask he had on his face to reveal his gentle and handsome features, and said to me apologetically, “Sorry, Charles. I’m afraid you and Lieder will have to go the rest of the way on your own. He will bring you to meet up with the others.”

Father Yue nodded seriously and said, “The Church’s defensive wall has been broken, and the enemy will probably start to break in. We cannot leave at this time. Our brothers need our help.”

“I understand.” I nodded. Although I was not entirely sure of what was happening, knowing that Father Yue was not a definite enemy was enough. I would not want to be in a life or death situation against Yue Gang’s father.

Alex reminded us carefully, “Lieder, escape from the route I told you before. If everything goes well, you won’t encounter too many people. If you see any of my brothers, remember!” Alex’s gaze suddenly sharpened and he said in a serious tone, “You promised me to not harm any of my brothers. Remember your words. Do not go back on them.”

Lieder did not seem to appreciate being doubted and replied crossly, “I promised you, so I will definitely do it.”

“If your words are true, then that’s all I need.” Alex turned back into his gentle self, and even showed Lieder an apologetic smile.

“Alex, let’s go.” Father Yue waved him over and laughed, “Sin is going to be really crossed when he sees you. It might be better if you went with Charles.”

“No!” Alex refuted softly, “Normally Sin would not want to see me, but he is a rational person who prioritizes the situation at hand. During times like this, he would still welcome me, since I have also gone through the training to become Sin and would make a good addition to their forces.”

The two of them exchanged words as they left quickly. Father Yue turned around suddenly to smile at me, and even blinked a few times. For some reason, I felt that the smile was not out of good will, but also not out of bad will…. Perhaps it was… a prank?

It was the same expression that Father Yue had when we had first met. He knew that I was a vampire, but before exposing me, he urged me to eat some more breakfast. It was that kind of mischievous attitude.

“Charles, over here.”

Lieder pulled me over and walked in another direction. He pushed open another door and entered a hallway that was located in a remote area. This hallway no longer had a white, technological feeling and seemed much humbler. The floor was not as clean as well, with some carts and baskets piled up on it.

Perhaps this is a passageway used by servants?

Lieder carefully reminded me, saying, “If you see someone, stay calm, don’t attack. You know my ability. Let me handle it.”

I nodded and followed him quietly.

Perhaps it was because of the missiles, so all the servants had gone into hiding, but we did not see anyone in the hallway. It was so quiet that only Lieder’s footsteps were heard.

As we walked, Lieder suddenly turned around, and seemed to be startled when he saw that I was behind him.

I looked at him quietly, quite confused.

Lieder let out a sigh of relief and explained, “I didn’t sense anyone behind me and thought you didn’t trust me and ran away by yourself.”

“I was following you all along. I did not go anywhere else.” I said frankly, “To be honest, no matter whom you hand me over to, it would not be any worse than the Church.”

Lieder started walking again. This time he remained beside me instead of walking ahead. He laughed and asked, “Then, how about I hand you over to the Sun Emperor?”

“That would still not be worse than the Church…” Saying so, I became hesitant. If the Sun Emperor were to capture me, would the young master be forced to kill me?

Lieder asked curiously, “Oh? You don’t sound very confident?”

I shook my head. No matter what, the Sun Emperor would not capture me just to let the young master kill me. This kind of action would only hurt the young master and had no other meaning.

But speaking of which, the Sun Emperor’s various actions recently all seemed to be trying to anger the young master. What was this for? Was it only to punish the young master for not being obedient?

The Sun Emperor has always spoiled the young master. Would he really punish the young master this time?

Lieder said softly, “Charles, hide for a bit.”

I took a step back into the darkness, and watched as Lieder confronted two people walking toward us. They did not wear white nor black robes, but only normal work clothes that looked like they were designed to be stain resistant and convenient to move in. This was definitely a special passageway designed for servants. The two people looked at Lieder suspiciously, but Lieder did not hide nor run, which confused them. Perhaps because they were also not of high status, they did not dare to suspect Lieder easily in case they offended someone important. After listening to Lieder speak, they nodded and left, as if they had never seen Lieder before.

Who would be able to force Lieder to come here to rescue me, when he possesses this kind of power? He’s Lieder!

Lieder turned around and paused, asking hesitantly, “Charles, are you still there?”

I frowned in thought, and then used a vampire’s Hollow Roar that echoed, which made the distance from the sound’s source unidentifiable, and asked, “Who hired you to save me?”

Lieder laughed and said, “Someone you know. I swear that you will be happy to see that person too.”

I did not know if I should believe him.

“You know, I could force you to come with me.” Lieder said honestly, “But if you keep struggling, then it will only make the process more dangerous. If possible, I don’t want to do so.”

I did not say anything, but decided to trust Lieder in the end, since no matter what happened, it would not be as bad as falling into the hands of the Church. If they used me to lure E.X. here, then that would be more horrendous than anything else.

Following Lieder, we did not encounter any more obstacles. This was probably only achievable by hacking the Church’s main computer?

“Doctor Ni Cai is very impressive.” I said sincerely, “Was he able to control the entire security system here?”

“This isn’t even anything worth mentioning. He was able to control the system without the enemy knowing at all!” Lieder said proudly, “Ni Cai has helped me hit the Sun Emperor on the head. You can’t find a second person with his skills and guts!”

That is very true, especially when the person needed to risk his life, all just to hit the Sun Emperor on the head.

“Ni Cai was really hard to hire. Even though I’m good friends with him, the payment he asks for every time is always so high that I feel like coughing up blood.”

“Oh?” I asked without batting an eyelash, “What did you give him this time to help rescue me?”

Lieder glanced at me and said, “Well, this time, his pricing was the same as mine.”

I looked at Lieder intently, not letting him change the topic.

He admitted helplessly, “They agreed to help us settle the Sun Emperor’s and the Elysees family’s hostile pursuit of us.”

This condition was not very surprising. There were only a few people who had the power to do this, but since Lieder had vetoed all of them, no matter how I thought about this answer, it felt like a lie.

“We’re here!”

Lieder pulled at me excitedly and pointed to an entrance in the middle of the wall, which seemed to be the door to a garbage chute.

He asked slyly, “You don’t have mysophobia do you?”

“I am a butler. What do you think?”

Lieder shrugged and said, “Then I can only say, hope you don’t risk your life for the sake of keeping yourself tidy.”

“You misunderstood me. As a butler, even when I see rotten meat buns, stinky underwear, decaying carcasses, or even a bed full of used sex toys, I must still clean and tidy them up.”

Lieder blanked out for a moment and asked in disbelief, “You really did all that? The great leader of the Elysees family washed stinky underwear for others?”


“That’s very respectable—but I’m sure I don’t want to be a butler now.” Lieder gestured toward the garbage chute and said, “After you, Mr. Butler.”

I laughed and jumped into the garbage chute, sliding down the entire way. This was not hard for a vampire, since gliding was one of the basic skills of a vampire. I landed on the ground steadily on both feet, took a step aside, and reached my hand out to catch the falling Lieder.

He stood up straight, pushed his glasses up, and said, “Thanks.”

Only then did I notice the surrounding environment. Immediately in front of us were clumps of weeds, and not far away was a small grove. If we lifted our heads, we could see a city, which was probably Daystar City. On the way here, I was forced to wear a head cover, and not only could I not see, I could not hear either. However, based on the time that had passed, we should not be too far away from Daystar City.

The sound of a sudden explosion made me turn my head around abruptly. The first thing that came into my sight was a cement wall that reached high up as if into the clouds. The wall’s surface was very rough, with no finishing nor decorations, unlike normal buildings.

I could not help but take a few steps back to get a better view of the building. This building was very large, and it was not the only one, but was part of a community with other buildings of various sizes. There were also many wires and pipes in the air, and there was even a cluster of chimneys further back. This seems to be… an abandoned nuclear power site?

The site appeared to be very run down, and there were many warning signs hung up around the place that said things such as to be cautious of radioactive particles. An abandoned nuclear power generation site was undoubtedly a good way to prevent unwanted people from trespassing.

Because this site was too big, it not only blocked my vision but also absorbed a lot of noise. In the opposite direction of the abandoned nuclear site, I could hear lots of gun shots, explosions, and shouting; however, the noise was not very loud, and my vision was blocked by the buildings, so I could not see anything.

Who is attacking the Church? If it is Curtis or the young master, then…

“Forget all that. You didn’t hear anything.”

I turned around and asked, “Pardon me?”

“Let’s go. There’s no more time to waste.” Lieder pointed at the woods and started running immediately.

I followed closely beside him. After crossing a small grove, we saw a road up ahead as we walked out from the trees. A car was parked there, which was probably the people here to pick us up.

I looked at Lieder, and as expected, he nodded his head and walked toward the car.

“Charles, come meet the employer that you’ve been thinking about for such a long time.”

Lieder’s employer has also come? I looked toward the car. As the door to the passenger seat opened, a tall figure stepped out. When the darkness that was brought by the blinding back light had vanished, I finally saw the person’s face clearly…

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