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Internal Memo 57:
All PR members are to immediately return their in-progress work and leave work for the day while an internal investigation is being conducted. An update will be provided once the investigation has been concluded.
End communication.

Internal Memo 59:
Results of the internal investigation have shown that productivity has been on the decline since the onset of the lock-downs being in the first quarter of 2020. Following the declaration and meeting, Internal Memo 45 declared an increase in productivity in response to hours that were gained from reduced travel time. The internal investigation shows that a brief peak was followed by a reduced work load and several delayed projects. Productivity has not rebounded after return to in-person work. Readership decline has been correlated with the quality and word-count of published chapters.
Effective immediately, all projects (No Hero; Illusions, Lies, Truth; Dominion’s End; GOD) will be cancelled until the members of the PR! team demonstrate significant improvements in their productivity levels.

All PR! members have been assigned to temporary cleaning of the offices and removal of personal effects. Translation bots loaned from generous interwebs will replace all translators, CE, and proof-reading personnel. A scanner bot has been obtained for the making of pdfs. A trial artificial intelligence YuBot will manage the forums until members currently under suspension are granted permissions for communication monitoring.
End communication.

TranslationBot Chapters
  1. Big and Little Sun 43: The Fourth Wall
  2. Big and Little Sun 44: Bad News

21 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    As someone whose made the unfortunate choice to purchase xianxia books which turned out to be translated by google translate, this is the scariest April Fools day ever

    • Jasae Bushae

      They didn’t even have the decency of adding in sentence structure elements like punctuation or even adding dividing elements when the story changed POV, leading to you reading a block of text that abruptly focused on different people and scenes which should have been divided in some way. T_T

      Makes me really appreciate the work you lot do

  2. Citarra

    Glad to see you didn’t forget the traditions. Best site on the interwebs this time of year, every year!

    Have a cookie (::)
    It’s oatmeal raisin, not chocolate chip.

  3. ArmadaTW

    This is just brilliant! At first, I thought it was a bot publishing some private memos among the PR team that shouldn’t have been published, but then I read the “all projects will be canceled” note, and realized it’s April 1st XD

    The thought of PR! members being part of a business that has offices with cubicles is hilarious! I wonder how well translation bots would do if they ran a whole month’s worth of releases. That could be a fun April Fool’s read as well.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Haha, I had a good laugh over this! At one point (or maybe even now??) some readers did think we worked together at some office… I mean, sometimes we still get contacted by people who seem to think we’re a business or something. :’D

      I mean, the bots would work faster than us? Might not be a bad trade off. :’)

  4. Moony

    Oh no, they’re letting the bots out, ruuun D:
    No, but thank you for the good giggle! May you all stay healthy and safe and as always, thank you so much for the work you do.

  5. Ponchina

    PR! without April Fool’s wouldn’t be PR! 8D You never fall short of my expectations:)

  6. Jojo

    Is this an april fools post? Your volunteer work for free so don’t fire them. The bot idea for extra chapters is good though. Lol

  7. Chay

    I. I. Im scared.

    Thats the scariest thing everrrrr..
    Thats the best and scariest april fools youve all done guys. Well done!

  8. Crimson

    April Fools over at PR! are some of the top notch pranks I’ve liked pver the years

  9. Crystal

    Hehe, thanks for the Aprils’ Fools prank! However, if you ever find yourself burned out, please do not hesitate to take a short break! You deserve rest T^T

  10. Kamui

    Ugh! This is what happens when I am gone on April Fool’s: I forget about the day and get Fooled anyway.
    Nice one!

  11. MissOpportunity

    Me not checking this site on April fools Day so when I finally get around to reading this update it looks really official and now I’m trying to calm myself down from an almost heart attack. If you guys were ever to actually stop translating I would be so sad. Thank you for all the hard work that you do and know that this site is one of my go tos when I need to read something that’s comforting quality content!

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