Update: June 2022

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June Chapters
  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 43: Big Brother Foolishly Jumps Into a Pitfall
  2. Big and Little Sun Go Go 44: [spoiler]
  3. No Hero V9Extra1: Household Head Butler

Hey everyone, guess what we have this month? The return of Big and Little Sun! The real chapters, not the fake April Fool’s ones, haha. We also inch closer to finishing all of No Hero. Here’s the first of two extras. Enjoy!

Last time, Jiang Shutian was voted as the winner of the Triwizard Tournament! :O

This month, we have a poll about which mercenary or assassin you would bet on to deliver a bounty first. This poll was thanks to ArmadaTW! :D

We love your poll ideas! Keep them coming here!

  1. Kamui

    Hahaha, I can’t believe Neo and Carol are even considered to deliver bounties first. No doubt that they COULD do it and are certainly some of the strongest on the list, but to actually finish DELIVERING the bounty? Without assistance with directions? Nope. Still, amusing question.

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