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  1. NoyGirl

    I saw that!
    A little late but I saw that.
    And I am happy that you are still there and maybe next time I see the update much earlier.

    Till next time

  2. カムイ大先生様たん

    You aren’t allowed to sneak! There must be fanfare! *proceeds to make joyful fanfare in room*

  3. MissOpportunity

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been really looing forward to this chapter! You guys are the best!

  4. Blaquestarr

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’ve been feening for Dominion’s End and was hoping for a chapter for Halloween.
    I know things have really slowed down on this site since before the panini, but we still appreciate every update you give us.

  5. Kamui

    No sneaking! Sneaking is absolutely forbidden!
    I tried to post a similar comment…back in September, but clearly the system hates me, or the black hole in which I live is yet again manipulating upload success rates. Either way, the above comments still stand.
    Further more, a happy thanksgiving to the PR peoples. Really, thanks for sticking around. The last two years have, for lack of a more descriptive and lengthy word, sucked. Yet, I can and still do look forward to posts from you guys. I understand lack of motivation and RL problems. And I definitely get lack of translatable materials. But still, thanks.

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