Unbeatable Part 3: Sun Knight – Neo Sun

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 3: Sun Knight – Neo Sun – translated by dahlys

If there was any way in which Neo acted like a companion, it was that he was always leading the way out in front!

Also, he was indeed a competent companion, never letting any enemies run past him to attack the mage in the back.

In addition, he was rather strong, even by the standards of Aldrizzt’s people, who were very well versed in combat.

However, this was where Aldrizzt’s understanding of Neo’s strength ended.

Besides the fact that mages did not understand sword-wielding classes very well, the two of them truly did not run into many difficulties. Maybe it’s because we have been continuously trying to find a way out and haven’t actually entered the depths of the forest! Therefore, although he knew that Neo was rather strong, Aldrizzt did not know exactly how strong he truly was.

Although he was extremely curious about this human called Neo, Aldrizzt did not ask him about anything at all.

This was because Neo had also never questioned the dark elf’s past, not even why he was being hunted by his own people. Thus, Aldrizzt would similarly not ask about Neo’s past. He hadn’t even asked Neo for his surname.

Since Neo had respected him, Aldrizzt would obviously also respect Neo.

However, as they spent more time together, the dark elf became more and more convinced that… maybe Neo was just too lazy to ask him.

With this understanding, Aldrizzt began to feel that resisting the urge to ask was perhaps a very stupid thing to do.

In order to test this, he chose the simplest question.

“Neo, what is your surname?”

Neo raised an eyebrow, but did not immediately answer.

“You don’t have to say it if you don’t want to. I won’t mind,” Aldrizzt immediately clarified.

“No,” Neo shrugged and said, “I was just thinking about which surname I should use now.”

Which surname he should use? Aldrizzt was a little confused.

“Forget it. I’ve used it for most of my life, so changing back to my original surname is too weird.” Neo said simply, “I am Neo Sun.”

“What an unusual surname.” Aldrizzt silently repeated his companion’s full name to himself. He then explained, “I have forsaken my surname and will no longer use any.”

Neo did not seem to mind him not answering, but then he seemed to remember something and asked, “Oh, anyway, I nearly forgot to ask you, why have you come to the surface?”

Aldrizzt froze.

Neo frowned and callously insisted, “Hurry up and tell me!”

As expected, the reason Neo hadn’t asked anything had nothing to do with mutual respect… Aldrizzt grumbled, “Why should I tell you? You’ve never told me about your origins either.”

On hearing that, Neo did not answer his question but instead asked, “Have you heard of the Church of the God of Light?”

Aldrizzt was confused. Even though he did not understand why Neo suddenly brought up the Church, he nodded and replied, “Yes, it is the largest religion on the surface.”

Actually, it shouldn’t be considered the largest anymore! The Pope very much wants to restore it to its former glory, but by now the Monastery of the God of War already has many more followers. Even the Cathedral of the Shadow God is showing signs of overtaking the Church.

Although the Church of the God of Light probably needs to work harder, that is now Grisia’s problem. Not bothered in the least, Neo explained casually, “I am the thirty-seventh generation Sun Knight who has just retired. That’s all.”

…What did I just hear?

“You’re the Sun Knight?” Aldrizzt jumped in shock.

Neo shrugged and corrected, “I’m the former Sun Knight.”

Aldrizzt stared at him in disbelief and said, trembling, “Are you going to catch me and put me on trial at the Church?”

“Trial? Are you crazy? I am the former Sun Knight, not the Judgment Knight. Anyway, have you done anything that requires a trial?”

“I am a dark elf.” Aldrizzt was not at all convinced that the Sun Knight of the Church of the God of Light would let a dark elf go.

Neo said a little impatiently, “How many times must you repeat that? I’m not blind; I can see that you’re very dark.”

Aldrizzt was rather anxious, and for a second he wanted to run away at once. But he knew that once he ran, he would probably never find another person who would talk with him properly.

The loneliness he felt when he had run away from his homeland would creep up on him again. Besides, would I be able to find another “Neo” next time?

Aldrizzt sat down and did not speak for a very long time. Neo didn’t press him.

Finally, he opened his mouth and said, “Dark elves are a notorious race, and truthfully speaking, this reputation is not unjustified. They… No! It should be we. Everything that we do is indeed very evil. We treat despicable deeds as virtuous, killing as entertainment, and push all the blame for our bad deeds onto our enemies — the elves. I-I have gone on a mission to massacre an elf village before, and I nearly killed an elf with my own hands, even though he was just a child! Although I didn’t kill him, he was subsequently murdered by other members of my race.”

Aldrizzt hung his head as he talked, as if he didn’t dare to look at Neo’s face.

“Then, you didn’t kill any elves, right?”

Aldrizzt looked up and stared at Neo in utter shock.

Neo said confidently, “So there’s no need for you to be afraid of meeting them at all! It’s not like you owe them anything.”

“I witnessed my people massacre an elf village.” Aldrizzt did not think he was innocent after doing something like that.

“If you had rebelled then, could you have won against your people?”

Aldrizzt replied honestly, “No, there were many elites in the squad. And with the strength I had then, I could not possibly have defeated everybody.”

Neo shrugged and said, “Then at most, the only crime you committed was not wanting to die. If you were accused of any other crimes, I would ask the prosecutor, ‘Would you be willing to help in a situation where death was certain, and nobody would be saved?’”

“Yes, I would.”

Neo turned to face Aldrizzt, and the latter looked at him resolutely while emphasizing word-by-word, “If I were given another chance, I would rather die with the child than regret that moment for the rest of my life.”

Seeing the dark elf’s expression, Neo understood that he meant what he said. He smiled and said, “Then you can hold your head up high in front of the elves. You are a dark elf who is willing to die for an elven child’s sake, so why should you hang your head in shame? You should look up with pride.”

On hearing this, Aldrizzt froze for a moment. He then looked up at Neo and said incredulously, “You really believed what I said? Believed the words of a dark elf?”

“What’s there not to believe?” Neo sniggered and asked rhetorically, “How bad can a dark elf that helps strangers wash their clothes, cook food, make beds and hunt be?”

Aldrizzt felt that Neo simply had no sense of caution and argued, “Maybe I did those things in order to gain your trust!”

“Would any other member of your race help a passer-by wash his clothes, cook food, make beds and hunt just to gain his trust?” Neo made a “tsk” sound and continued, “If that is true, then maybe dark elves are even kinder than humans?”

Aldrizzt was speechless again.

“So in that case, let’s go find an elven archer!”

…Did Neo try so hard to convince me simply because he wanted to find an elven archer? Aldrizzt felt relieved, but still said helplessly, “You should be prepared when he and I do not get along well.”

“You’re the one who should be careful! Since we’re all going to be companions, I’m not going to side with either of you.” Neo thought about it and, with some uncertainty, he asked, “But you’re a mage. Aren’t mages very weak against archers?”

“I’m not an ordinary mage, I’m a dark elf.” Aldrizzt smiled and said, “I am probably more agile than the average assassin, and I also know how to use short swords.”

“That’s true,” Neo agreed as he recalled how he had wholeheartedly praised Aldrizzt’s skill when they had first met. He suggested enthusiastically, “Let’s have a duel someday… No! Let’s do it now! We have nothing better to do anyway.”

Hearing this, Aldrizzt smiled a forced smile. Have a melee fight with the Sun Knight?

Judging from his expression, Neo realized that Aldrizzt was very unwilling to duel. He hadn’t fought a satisfactory battle in days and was itching for a fight, so he proposed a better condition, “You can use both short swords and magic. How about it…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly jumped up and pounced toward Aldrizzt.

At first, Aldrizzt thought that Neo wanted to attack him, but he immediately realized his error. Neo had not swung his sword at him. Instead, the moment he’d knocked Aldrizzt over, he’d instantly stood up and turned to face the forest.

There was the crisp ringing of a sword being drawn as Neo unsheathed his blade from his side. He swung it, and the sound of metal-on-metal could be heard clearly.

Only then did Aldrizzt notice the two short arrows on the ground. One had been knocked away by Neo’s sword, and the other was stuck in the place where he had been sitting. If Neo hadn’t knocked him over, he would undoubtedly have been hit by the arrows.

Neo raised his sword, but even though he was 120000% alert, he could not grasp the enemy’s location. He could see the occasional shadows passing by, but was unable to lock onto his opponents to attack them.

“It’s my people!” Aldrizzt cried out in alarm. His face was extremely pale.

He had thought that his people had given up, since no hunters had been seen in many days. He had originally harbored some small hope; a hope that he could finally escape the days of being hunted. He never imagined that…

Neo swung his sword and knocked more short arrows away as he growled, “Pick up your magic staff, Aldrizzt!”

Startled, Aldrizzt immediately followed Neo’s words and stood up. He gripped his magic staff as tightly as he could and muttered a string of incantations. After that, a half-transparent black curtain rose up in front of the two.

Once the black curtain had risen, their opponents stopped shooting their short arrows. They emerged from the bushes in twos and threes — one, two… five, eight… fifteen, eighteen… twenty-five, thirty…

This is not a squad, it’s an army!

Upon seeing this, Aldrizzt gasped. He had never seen so many hunters before. If this many hunters had appeared before, he would most definitely have already been captured.

I see, so the period of peace was because they were gathering this many dark elves?

Suddenly, Neo, who was standing in front of him, asked in a low voice, “Aldrizzt, do you know roughly the range of those small crossbows?”

“At most ten yards.”

“And the range of their magic spells?”

“At most eighty yards!”

Neo pondered this for a moment, and then asked, “If we run continuously, how long can you keep running for?”

“About half an hour, I guess… Must you express your curiosity now, in this situation?” Aldrizzt was extremely tempted to roll his eyes at Neo. Usually, Neo did not ask about anything. Only now when they were in a life-or-death situation did he have so many questions.

Neo managed to roll his eyes at Aldrizzt first. He said in disdain, “Half an hour? You’re too weak!”

“I am a mage, not a warrior.” Aldrizzt could not resist retorting, “Are human mages any good at running?”

“Err… They would probably be close to collapsing after half a minute.”

Is it really that bad? Aldrizzt was filled with suspicion, but now was not the time to investigate how good human mages’ endurances were.

When fifty members of his race had come out of the bushes, Aldrizzt panicked and said, “What are you going to do now? If you want to run away by yourself, I won’t blame you. You just said that not wanting to die is not considered a crime, so you should quickly flee…”

“I’m going to… do this!”

As he said “do this,” Neo released his battle aura. He concentrated his battle aura onto the sword in his hand and waved the tip of the sword at the ground. His battle aura emerged as a crescent moon shaped attack, and the moment it touched the ground, the earth exploded with a loud bang, creating a huge cloud of dust.

So this is the Sun Knight’s strength?

As the dust eventually settled, Aldrizzt’s jaw dropped when he saw the deep trench that stretched horizontally in front of him. It was so dark and deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen…

He was just about to step forward to view it in more detail when somebody suddenly picked him up horizontally. Astonished, he cried, “Neo?”

Neo started taking big steps, accelerating before he replied, “You’re in charge of distracting the enemy. Give me time to run eighty feet away from them, and then I’ll take care of the rest.”

Aldrizzt was dazed, but then he heard his people come back to their senses and start their relentless pursuit.

He had no choice but to do as Neo had told him to. Besides reinforcing the black curtain that protected the two of them, he began to cast many different types of spells. The types of spells he cast did not include any high-damage magic; instead, he cast spells that were known to the world of magic as little magic tricks. For example, magic that made the floor slippery and magic that made a shocking and deafening sound.

These little magic tricks were all very simple, so he could cast many of them at once and use them to deal with more than fifty enemies. The most important thing was that even though these spells were just small tricks, they were enough to effectively slow down the enemies’ movement.

Sometimes, he would even hide a damaging spell among the tricks, so that the opponents wouldn’t treat all the magic as tricks and ignore them.

After two archers had their faces blasted to bits, the dark elves’ movement slowed down as expected. With great caution, they dodged the “little tricks.”

Although the dark elves had slowed down, Aldrizzt and Neo were still within range of their magic attacks. Quite a lot of dark elemental spells were still being hurled at them.

Regarding these, Aldrizzt was a little bit worried at first. But when he later realized that the most destructive spells all missed due to Neo’s evasive movements, he calmed down a lot as he could easily block all of the remaining minor spells.

Aldrizzt couldn’t help but praise, “For a person who has no way to turn around and look, you dodge really accurately.”

Neo snorted and said, “Turn around? To the Sun Knight, the dark element is easily sensed, just like a mouse smelling a cake. Even a sniff would be enough! I don’t need to look!”

At this moment, Neo suddenly leapt forcefully and dodged a large magic spell. As he was about to land, an assassin jumped out from the bushes, the dagger in his hand seemingly about to stab into Neo’s arm. Since he was about to land and he was also carrying Aldrizzt with both arms, he had no way to dodge or block the attack with his sword.

Suddenly, with a “boom” sound, the assassin was sent flying by a dark magic spell shaped like a ball. He fell back into the bushes and never stood up again.

After sending the assassin flying, Aldrizzt looked behind Neo. Few spells were being hurled at the two now, most likely because the mages were no longer able to keep up. However, quite a few assassins and warriors were still hot on their heels. He suggested, “Neo, let me crawl onto your back so that your hands are free to use your sword.”

Neo glanced at him and said coolly, “Go ahead and crawl! Just make sure you hold on tight and don’t fall off because I am not going to turn around and pick you up.”

Aldrizzt rolled his eyes at Neo and then began moving.

Dark elves are so agile! Neo praised silently. Such a large movement didn’t seem to affect his running at all, and the speed of it was just shocking.

Aldrizzt merely grabbed Neo’s shoulder, and with a large swinging motion, he had effortlessly swung himself onto Neo’s back.

With his hands free, Neo immediately drew his sword and split all the sword and dagger wielding-dark elves in half. The occasional fish that slipped through the net were then sent flying by Aldrizzt’s magic.

Just like that, the two of them were hunted for most of the day. By now, the number of assassins and warriors had lessened, but they were still hot on their heels. The moment they stopped to rest, more dark elves would instantly catch up.

Although there was no problem with Neo’s endurance, carrying a person while running was not a pleasant thing to do. He asked the person on his back sullenly, “Aldrizzt, did you do anything serious when you ran away from home? Aren’t they a little too persistent?”

“Err… I destroyed a temple, several streets, a city gate and a bridge.”

“Couldn’t you have just run away quietly?” Neo said sarcastically, “If you make such a big scene, they have to hunt you down whether they want to or not, because otherwise, it would be totally embarrassing!”

Aldrizzt laughed and couldn’t resist retorting, “I had no choice. They locked me in a temple, so I had to destroy the temple; they refused to open the city gates to let me leave, so I had to destroy the city gates; then they kept chasing me, so I had to blow up the bridge right after I crossed it.”

Neo rolled his eyes and grumbled, “You might as well just burn down this entire forest!”

“Burning down forests is your forte, not mine. I only know how to cook.”

“You call that cooking? At best, the food you cook can only be considered edible.”

“At least it’s better than that pile of… garbage you cooked that even a slime wasn’t willing to eat when you threw your cooking at it!”

“It just so happened that the slime wasn’t hungry…”

The road suddenly became noisy when the two of them started bickering.

After an unknown length of time, Aldrizzt was suddenly woken by a violent jolt. The moment he woke up, he cried softly in shock, “I fell asleep? I-I…”

Neo was painstakingly carrying me and escaping, yet I actually fell asleep!

As if he didn’t mind at all, Neo said, “It’s not like you can do anything even if you don’t sleep.”

“Let me come down and run, you should be tired.”

Even though Aldrizzt felt that the fairest thing to do would be to carry Neo in return, he knew that with his physical endurance, he really would collapse after carrying a person and running for half a minute. Thus, the only thing he could do was to run on his own.

“Tired? Who do you think I am?” Neo snorted. Without bothering to hide his proud tone, he said, “I am a holy knight, a class known for its endurance. Also, I am the highest-ranking holy knight, the Sun Knight! Something as minor as this couldn’t possibly tire me out.”

Seeing that Neo was not pushing himself at all, Aldrizzt relaxed but still said, “Let me down so I can run on my own, or else my entire body will be nearly frozen stiff from maintaining this position.”

Without further ado, Neo finally stopped running and let Aldrizzt climb off his back.

Aldrizzt stretched his arms and legs a little while Neo took the opportunity to take several bites of dried rations. After that, the two people started to flee again.

Although he knew that he should conserve his energy, Aldrizzt could not hold back his curiosity and asked, “Truthfully speaking, how long can you carry me and run for?”

Neo shrugged and said, “If I don’t rest at all, then about three days.”

That’s incredible… Aldrizzt felt that this was completely inconceivable. Carrying a person and running for three days? In a winding forest too! I’m afraid that not even the best warrior among my people can do such a thing.

He looked to the left and right, planning to inspect the road conditions, but after examining their surrounding landscape, his face suddenly changed dramatically. He quickly held his companion back while saying, “Stop now, Neo!”

Baffled, Neo stopped running and asked, “What’s up… Ah! Do you want to go to the toilet? Shoo, shoo! Get away from me!”

“Who wants to go to the toilet!” Aldrizzt snapped unhappily. Sigh! It’s seriously hard to maintain a nervous composure around Neo.

When Neo raised his eyebrows to express his inquiry, Aldrizzt explained, “Any further and we will be in the elves’ territory.”

“Oh?” Neo asked rhetorically, “Since elves hate dark elves with a passion, they shouldn’t be happy to see so many dark elves in their territory, right?”

Aldrizzt froze for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go there. They should help us chase away my people.”

On the road, the two of them alternately moved and rested. Although Neo didn’t mind carrying a person on his back, Aldrizzt was unwilling to be carried no matter what. He’d rather force himself to keep running until he was completely out of breath.

Noticing that Aldrizzt had run until he was almost winded but still refused to say that he wanted to rest, Neo raised an eyebrow and said, “I’m tired, let’s stop and eat something.”

Only then did Aldrizzt stop running. He was so breathless he couldn’t say anything, but when he looked at the person next to him who was claiming that he was tired, that person’s face was not even red nor was he breathing hard. He doesn’t look tired at all! This really made him wonder whether he should be happy that his companion had such good endurance and would not hold him back in the least, or whether he should hate his companion for having such good endurance and causing him to run until he was dead tired.

Neo calmly took out the dried rations and gave a piece to Aldrizzt before starting to eat. As he chewed, he asked, “How much longer before we reach the elves’ territory?”

Aldrizzt looked around and replied, “We’re almost in the elves’ territory. I’ve only read about them leaving marks on the trees in books, so I’m not sure how deep into their territory we have to go before they will show themselves.”

“About this far!” Neo said.

Neo tossed the last piece of dried ration into his mouth and looked up at the forest, a hand already placed on his sword.

Aldrizzt froze and subsequently also heard the rustling of tree leaves. He looked toward the bushes and noticed that there were people hidden in the gaps between the tree leaves. After that, they showed themselves.

Are these elves, the sworn enemies of the dark elves?

They had long and slender bodies that were not so different from Aldrizzt’s own. The biggest difference was, naturally, the color of their skin, which was pale white in color. Also, no elf had white hair — most of them had golden-brown hair.

The two of them observed the elves, just as the elves watched Aldrizzt. From their faces, they were extremely shocked. However, they eventually became more serious, revealing expressions of anger and hate.

Aldrizzt was not at all surprised to see their reactions, as elves and dark elves had always been sworn enemies. Basically, he had already felt their kind nature when they did not swing their swords at him on sight. If it were the other way around and a group of dark elves had met a lone elf, undoubtedly the best thing that could happen to that elf was a quick death.

Neo stood up. The elves were apparently provoked by his action, so they simultaneously raised their weapons — mostly bows — and pointed them at Neo.

At this point, Aldrizzt also stood up. He walked two steps closer to Neo and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. He then raised his head and looked at the surrounding elves proudly.

Just like Neo had said, he had nothing to be ashamed of.

Even with many bows pointed at him, and the archers being the legendary elven master archers, Neo could still say in a bored drawl, “First, I see dark elves. Then, I see elves. If I had known that adventuring was so much fun, I would have dumped my job on Grisia two years earlier.”

On hearing this, Aldrizzt tilted his head, rolled his eyes at Neo, and said, “I really pity your student.” After that, he turned to face the elves and shouted, “I am a dark elf, but this human beside me is innocent. Please don’t hurt him.”

“Aldrizzt, what nonsense are you spouting? I am indeed innocent, but so are you!”

Once he had scolded Aldrizzt, Neo looked at the numerous elves and yelled loudly, “We are being hunted by a large group of dark elves and seek your protection!”

All the elves froze in shock for a while before turning to look at Aldrizzt.

“He is a…” Neo paused for a moment before he found fitting words. He continued, “An escaped defector of the dark elves. You guys probably wouldn’t kill a dark elf that has changed for the better and a human who is very kind to begin with, right?”

You? Kind? If that were true, then I guess dark elves shouldn’t be considered evil? Aldrizzt worked very hard to prevent his expression from changing.

On hearing this, the elves furrowed their brows in disbelief. Still, they did not attack the two of them. Some elves even put their weapons down and started to talk, as if discussing what to do. However, they spoke in the elven language, which Neo did not understand.

Neo whispered to his companion, “Do you understand the elven language?”

Aldrizzt rolled his eyes and said, “The moment dark elves and elves meet, the only outcome is killing each other. Do you think we would chit-chat with the opponent?”

Neo made a “tsk” sound and half-commanded, “Next time you must learn the elven language, because I won’t allow our elven companion to say bad things about me behind my back in the elven language without me understanding a word!”

Is this the time to worry about whether our future elven companion will say bad things about you behind your back? You should be worrying about whether we are going to be turned into sea urchins by the elves’ arrows!

Aldrizzt secretly glanced at the debating elves. There was no indication of them finishing their discussion as they were talking unhurriedly, with a relaxed attitude, and with no sign of anger on their faces. It seemed as if they were just discussing something very normal, like where they were going to hunt game for the day.

Aldrizzt observed them happily. At the same time, the angry expressions on the faces of the surrounding elves holding weapons gradually faded. Instead, they looked at Aldrizzt curiously.

However, Neo was getting bored of waiting and had yawned who knew how many times already. He complained, “What’s taking them so long? How inefficient.”

Aldrizzt said brusquely, “Their lives are not as short as humans. Do you think they need to care about things like efficiency?”

Neo frowned and made a pained expression. He said, “They’re not going to talk for a hundred years, are they?”

Aldrizzt smiled and shook his head as he said, “It won’t come to that, but since elves live approximately five times longer than humans, the time they take to discuss things should also be about five times longer. So by considering the amount of time humans take to discuss things, you should be able to estimate how much time the elves will spend.”

Neo thought about it and replied, “Based on the amount of time the Judgment Knight and I take to discuss things, the elves would be done in about a minute. But if we estimate using the amount of time the Pope and his clerics take to debate issues…”

“How long would that take?”

“I’d rather go back and fight fifty dark elves than waste my life away here. Know that I am already for…”

Suspicious, Aldrizzt immediately turned his head and asked, “For…?”

“For-For… formally not a young man anymore!” Neo coughed and said impatiently, “You should know, we humans do not live as long as elves or dark elves, so we need to make good use of our time.”

Aldrizzt further narrowed his already very narrow eyes. He looked at Neo very suspiciously, while the latter exercised his twenty years’ experience of being the Sun Knight and smiled dazzlingly at the former like nothing was going on.

“If I may ask, have the two of you finished discussing?”

Both Aldrizzt and Neo were taken aback. They turned around to see all of the elves staring at the two of them, their discussion long finished.

At this moment, an elf walked forward and said courteously in the human language, “If you wish to continue discussing, we don’t mind waiting.”

Neo turned around and asked Aldrizzt, “Do we have anything to discuss?”

Aldrizzt groused, “Would I have anything to say to you?”

Neo shrugged and turned to face the elf. He said, “We’re done discussing.”

The elf in charge of negotiations looked at them a little curiously. Only when he heard Neo’s reply did he nod and say, “We agree to escort you two to the edge of the forest, but you must swear to never enter this forest again. If you dare to take a step into this forest, we will not show any mercy. Please be sure to take note of this point.”

Regarding the elves’ conclusion, Neo was not very satisfied, but Aldrizzt heaved a huge sigh of relief. He was originally prepared to die by the hands of the elves and did not think that the elves would let him go, much less escort him.

Aldrizzt first thanked the elves with a hand gesture, then said concernedly, “Thank you for offering to escort us, but please dispatch more elves because there are more than fifty dark elves hunting us. Although we killed some of them, they will probably not number less than fifty. Therefore, if there are not enough elves, you might not be able to scare my people away.”

The elf’s face stiffened when he heard the dark elf Aldrizzt’s friendly reminder. But after that, he seemed to feel bad, so he nodded again.

Although he had received this kind of reply, Aldrizzt was still very happy. Previously, even if he met humans, they would not offer him a single nod. Instead, they would most likely scream, run away, or attack him. Now that the elves, who were supposed to be his sworn enemies, were treating him with a more or less friendly response, he felt a deserved sense of accomplishment.

However, Neo was extremely unsatisfied. In all my twenty years of being the Sun Knight, when have I ever received this kind of treatment before? His face was grim as he sneered, “My partner kindly reminded you, yet you show him such attitude? Do you think that you are superior to others?”

“Neo, don’t say that,” Aldrizzt quickly interrupted his companion. He continued, “After all, the elves are not obligated to escort us.”

“Of course they have an obligation! If you met an elf that was being hunted, wouldn’t you give him a helping hand? When you help him, would you act superior?”

In the face of Neo’s rebuke, Aldrizzt hesitated. Naturally, he would extend a helping hand, and he would not act superior. Still…

Neo laughed coldly and said extremely arrogantly, “We would rather fight to the death under the gaze of the God of Light, than accept your charity at the cost of our dignity!”

The elf looked at Neo in utter shock. For a moment he did not know how to react.

“Aldrizzt, it’s time we left!” Without giving the elves time to think, Neo beckoned Aldrizzt to follow, and really turned and walked away.

Aldrizzt gave a start, and then hurried after him.

After the two of them had walked in silence for some distance, Aldrizzt noticed vague signs of people following them. Worried, he observed the stalkers for a while, only to surprisingly discover that the stalkers were in fact…

“The elves are following us,” he whispered to Neo.

Neo angled his head backward and took a glance. He then immediately looked to the front as if nothing had happened and said unappreciatively, “They’re the ones who like following us, I did not want their help.”

Aldrizzt nearly laughed out loud. At the same time, he also relaxed. As long as the fully armed elves were around, his people would not necessarily attack the two of them. This was, after all, the surface. Also, this was the forest where the elves lived, so the dark elves did not have the advantage.

And taking action when they were at a disadvantage was definitely not the dark elves’ style.

The elves were true to their word, escorting the two all the way to the edge of the forest. The journey was extremely peaceful and not a single dark elf was to be seen.

As the two of them stepped out of the forest, they did not see a cliff or a desert, but instead saw a small town not far away. Aldrizzt felt a sense of accomplishment from this. All things were bound to change, and perhaps his extreme bad luck from before had now become good luck.

They heard a sound behind them and turned around simultaneously, only to see an elf appearing beneath the trees. Based on his looks, he was probably the elf that had been in charge of negotiations.

The elf looked at the two of them and said sternly, “We have honored our promise, so please also honor yours. Do not step into the forest ever again.”

Neo only made a “hmph” sound, but Aldrizzt immediately nodded his head.

Although Neo did not express his agreement, the person the elves were most wary of was Aldrizzt. Hence, after Aldrizzt had made his promise, the elf turned to leave.


The elf stopped walking and turned around to face the human who had shouted.

Neo smiled happily while asking a series of questions, “What’s your name? Are you male or female? Are you an archer or a mage?”

Startled, Aldrizzt looked at Neo with a weird expression on his face. He thought, Is Neo really going to ask the elf to join our party?

The elf glared at Neo coldly and said, “I am Evaclair.” After that, she left without turning back.

Only when the elf was further away did Aldrizzt whisper, “Can’t you tell that she is a female elf? How could you ask such a rude question?”

Instead of answering Aldrizzt, Neo asked, “Were all of those elves female?”

Aldrizzt glanced at Neo strangely and answered naturally, “No, there were approximately equal numbers of males and females.”

“I can’t tell at all…”

Aldrizzt suddenly had a bad feeling. He asked quickly, “Wait, you do know that I’m male, right?”

“Of course I do!”

Aldrizzt calmed down.

Neo said proudly, “I found that out three days after we met.”


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