Female Warrior: Gender Crisis?

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Here are the pictures of the first generation Twelve Holy Knights!

Which are male and which are female? Not all of the characters have appeared in the novels yet, so only Yu Wo knows the answer for now… But what do you guys think? It’s speculation time!

Also, match the pictures to the knights =)

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  1. H. Y.

    If not all of the characters have appeared in the novel yet, does that mean all the pictures here are also fan speculations? Very beautiful illustrations by the way! =)

    • @黒
      Actually, I take that back. What I meant to say was that the first and second pictures look female. Upon further inspection, the one in the red cloak is probably not Earth.

    • @黒
      I think the derpy one with the chick flying above might be the original earth knight? The second picture I’m guessing to be a female Judgement Knight (which if so is awesooooome~ XD) After all, she (he?) is the only one with black hair and black eyes of the bunch, so. XD

    • Jasae Bushae

      or an ice that has a bad relationship with sun and doesnt bake sweets ^^;
      OMG! everyone knows the sun knight and judgment knight hate eachother and are bitter enemies!

    • Ayiana

      @Jasae Bushae
      Sun and Judgment are not bitter enemies, they just don’t see eye to eye. They must get along enough to make a Church together and be it’s 2 heads, but not get along well because they have different points of view of the world. And Sun, as a Benevolent Sun, gets along with Judgment, while Judgment just don’t approve his benevolence.

  2. CocoFlower

    Aaah so beautiful! *O* Okay guessing time (from left to right):
    Sun, female
    Blaze, female
    Storm, male
    Moon, female
    Cloud, female?
    Leaf, male
    Judge?, male
    Metal, male
    Blaze, male
    Hell, male
    Moon, male
    Ice, male

    They all look so androgynous >-<

    • immasweetslovinggirl

      I know right? They all look so girlish and yet strongly male i stopped guessing which gender they were a long time ago and i will be waiting for Princerevolution to release the translations soon then I’ll quench my thirst for they’re gender

    • bites

      I know this comment is 2014 whatevaa.. BTW, I don’t see earth on your list but 2 moons female/males lol xD

  3. As for matching the pictures to the knights, my guesses are…
    Row 1: Sun, Judge, Storm
    Row 2: Moon, Cloud, Leaf
    Row 3: Stone, Earth, Blaze
    Row 4: Hell, Metal, Ice

    • Gohankuten

      I agree with your guesses on which picture is which knight.
      And to add on my guesses on gender
      Row 1: Female, Female, Male
      Row 2: Female, Female, Male(and is an elf)
      Row 3: Male, Male, Male
      Row 4: Male, Male, Male

      And the picture in row 1 column 1 is very easy to tell that it’s female I think. I mean I see a noticeable chest so hard to not guess it’s female. And she is obviously Sun going by the hair and eye color lol.

    • @Gohankuten
      I was thinking the same thing about Sun at first, but now I can’t decide if the shirt is just loose.
      For gender guesses, I’ll go with Judgment as definitely female, Sun maybe, and the rest of them male.

    • [PR]azakura

      ch-ch-ch-ch-chest?? @__@ er er erm more pictures at Female Warrior’s “List of Novels and Novel Synopses”

    • zeek17

      As for me, I think females are Sun, Cloud and Leaf. Well, perhaps Moon too, but not sure. And Leaf’s arguable since he/she if an elf..

    • katanara

      sun’s a male that looks like a female if you look closely that is not a chest but a gap between his body and arm

  4. Aurelia

    Oh my God of Light. /clutches heart
    I think I forgot to breathe for a moment there. /fans face
    Well, they are beautiful, whether male or female. /swoons
    I’m currently assuming that they’re in this order… From left to right.
    Sun, Judgement, Storm, Moon, Cloud, Stone, Earth, Blaze, Hell, Metal and Ice.
    At least, I pray that I’m right… But that doesn’t really matter. This is fun :D
    I never thought I’d say this, but…
    I feel that only Judgement looks female.
    /clutches face in horror
    .. But the concept is cool :D It’s Female Warrior anyway..
    Alrighty! Can’t wait for the translations~ /rubs hands together
    That’s all. I’m done with my ramblings.
    Thanks for the pictures! I’ve been dying to see them :D

  5. Jasae Bushae

    well if leafs green hair is because hes an elf i wonder what that means about storm, ice and all the rest…
    what i find more curious is that the hell knight has the same design of a face mask~ XD im gonna throw out the theory that hell knight was the original judgment knight XD
    hmm…if leaf was an elf i wonder if cloud was a ghost…
    and im going to proclaim my hope that the original storm knight was a woman~ (though i know its unlikely XD )

  6. ~Ren The Witch~

    I only see 3 famales, Sun, Jugdement and…cloud is the one with silver hair right?

  7. DeZwoelf

    Would Left to Right, Top to Bottom be:
    Sun, Judge, Storm
    Ice, Cloud, Leaf
    Stone, Earth, Blaze
    Hell, Metal, Moon

    I’m not even going to guess the genders…

  8. EliSan

    Well this is my guess
    Sun- female
    Metal- female
    Storm- male?
    Judgement- female?
    Cloud- female
    Leaf- male?
    Stone- male
    Earth- male
    Blaze- male
    Hell- male?
    Moon- male
    Ice- male

  9. Jasae Bushae

    and i confess, looking at this i cant tell which one that is with the white hair…
    row 1: sun, judgment, storm
    row 2: moon, ???, leaf
    row 3: metal/stone? , earth, blaze
    row 4: hell, cloud, ice

  10. Xephi

    mkay well here’s my best guess…(also from left to right)

    Sun – Female
    Judge – Male?
    Storm – Male
    Metal – Male
    Leaf – Male
    Stone – Male
    Earth – Male
    Blaze – Male
    Hell – Male
    Cloud – Male
    Ice – Male

    i don’t know why, with the exception of Sun they all look like guys to me…
    [P.S. i can’t believe i actually posted a comment….first time people, first time….]

  11. kuro

    What is this? Harem of the Sun knight?
    Leaf is an elf? well okay that is not totally surprising.
    But since when has Cloud knight been albino?
    And why out of all of them dose Judgement (the one with the red cape) look the youngest?
    And wait if Sun is a girl, then would that make she and Earth lovers? maybe?

    • shiro

      Ah… but then we would have a problem… “The Sun Knight can only love the God of Light” would not exist as a rule.

      Also, the Cloud Knight is quite pale and not very fond of bright places, so…

  12. EliSan

    Judgment is the hardest to guess…I can’t find anyone that would fit perfectly. The second one might be him but then why he’s in a red clothes? Why not black? He should wear black right? Or am I wrong?

  13. starnorma

    here’s my guesses
    row 1: sun knight-female, judgment knight-female, storm knight-female?
    row 2: moon knight?-female, cloud knight-female, leaf knight-female elf!
    row 3: stone knight-male, earth knight-female, blaze knight-male
    row 4: hell knight-female, metal knight?-female, ice knight-male
    Is it just me, or are some of them drawn with a slightly hidden Adam’s apple, or is that just their throats?

  14. Jasae Bushae

    three people with blue hair
    two people with purple hair
    two with brown hair
    one guy with white hair
    an elf with green hair
    a red head
    a blonde
    and a auburne
    so either hair dye is really popular or half of them are not normal….or maybe being especially gifted in specific elements translates to hair color? (like how grislas hair turned black)

    • @Jasae Bushae
      According to the List of Characters, Red Cloak has black hair, and the one in the bottom left corner might also have black hair. It’s hard to tell with these images.
      I like your idea about the hair colors coinciding with the elements – I never thought about it that way. And come to think of it, I’ve never heard of the Ice Knight dying his hair blue, even though he seems to have light bluish hair on the cover of volume 4. Although I can’t remember if that was specifically stated in the text.

    • @Jasae Bushae
      Weird, in other pictures I’ve seen, it looked like Cloud had white/grayish hair. That’s why I guessed the one with white hair here was Cloud. I’ll have to go look for his description somewhere in vol. 2.

    • @黒
      Hmm.. The only description of Cloud’s hair I found was in Side Story #2, but it didn’t mention color: “Furthermore, his face was pale, his figure slim and weak, and his hair covered half of his face…” If Cloud’s hair color on the character page is just based off the picture, maybe it’s is actually closer to white? After all, Judgment’s hair looks more blue than black in his pic.

      Specifics aside, I wonder if hair color had anything to do with how they picked their names.

    • Jasae Bushae

      yah, clouds a bit confusing ^^;
      though if you accept the white haired person as cloud that leaves one character with purple hair and blond streaks despite none off the present day knights having that specific style (the only purple haired person were sure of is moon at this point)
      hmm….i think the hair to names theory might work for some of them like ice, leaf, earth and blaze but i kinda doubt it was a universal logic given theres no real color for judgment, hell, stone, moon was probably named for narcasistic tendencies more than purple hair and metal has brown hair which isnt a metal color i am familiar with (finding out the logic behind metals name is something im eager to discover ^^ )

  15. Little Writer

    Ha. Maybe Judgement and Sun became bitter enemies while fighting over a guy.
    If they were both girls, that is.
    Ooh, can’t wait for this to come out.

    • SnowStorm

      @Little Writer
      Hah. I don’t think I’ll be able to get used to seeing Sun as a friend of Earth’s, nor as an enemy of Judgement’s.

  16. Immortaltear

    Sun (Male), Judge (Female), Storm (Male)
    Moon (Male), Cloud (Male), Leaf (Male)
    Stone (Male), Earth (Male), Blaze (Male)
    Hell (Male), Metal (Male), Ice (Male)

    • AC

      I pretty much agree, but I would like to open the possibility that Moon, Cloud, Blaze and Metal could be female. Like, I don’t think they are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

  17. Jasae Bushae

    omg, while stumbling around randomly i may have found a group shot of female warrior~
    *potential spoiler removed as per your request =D As for the rest of you, do not start googling if you don’t wanna see spoilers, because it’s super easy to find them.*

  18. Crues

    If would be better if they translate the 39 – legend of sun knight. = _ =
    it would be the best in the best

  19. missreadsalot

    Going from left to right:
    Sun Knight: Female (100% confidence.)
    Judgement Knight: Female (No doubts, for me. I can’t wait to see if s/he and Sun are actually enemies!)
    Storm Knight: Male (Either that or Moon. But s/he has blue hair, and a sort of confident look with him/her)
    Moon Knight: Female (I’m not quite convinced with this one, but the hair’s violet)
    Cloud Knight: …female(?) (Definitely most androgynous)
    Leaf Knight Male (as comments asked above, do I see elven ears?)
    Metal Knight (?): Male (He’s either Metal or Stone, in my opinion.)
    Earth Knight: Male (Is it just me, or does anyone look at the baby chick and think “Chikus”? I had to keep telling myself, “NO, it’s not Chikus.”)
    Blaze Knight: Male (Red hair and triumphant look)
    Hell Knight: Male (Mask gave it away, to me)
    Stone Knight: Male (Either that or Storm, but he doesn’t have blue hair. If he were stubborn, in my opinion, he’d be the type that would listen to your idea, say, “Nope!” very cheerfully, then go ahead with his plan)
    Ice Knight: Male (For this person, it was Ice vs. Metal vs. Moon)

  20. Crues

    now i think of it
    poor the other generation of sun knight
    you know why?
    because : the 1st sun knight is a girl so defintely she will give her heart to the god of light and don’t even glare at the most beauty female. They have to practice the elegant, too.
    poor them!!!!

  21. immasweetslovinggirl


  22. r05e

    from left to right

    Sun – female
    Judgement – female
    Storm – female?(as the current knights are practically all bishies, he/she could be male; however, Storm knights are told to stay close to Sun when being swarmed by girls so…)
    Moon – female(poor Moon, all because the first Moon knight had a vanity issue)
    Cloud – either, definitely either
    Leaf – male(and an elf!)
    Stone/Metal -male
    Earth – male(it’s going to be so weird reading about an Earth knight that’s actually honest and friendly with sun…)
    Blaze -male(easiest to guess hands down)
    Hell – male
    Metal/Stone – male(still debatable who is who)
    Ice – male

  23. Faa

    I just cannot get the summary out of my head, and from that I’ve got the feeling that Sun IS male (just that he looks very feminine) and that Judgement is female (the pic also looks female to me).
    And the reason why Sun won’t look at females is because Sun is fated to end up with Judgement.
    As for the other knights, they all look pretty much male to me.

  24. Foo

    Okay, left to right!
    Row 1: Sun (female), Judge (female), Storm (male)
    Row 2: Moon (female), Cloud (female?), Leaf (elf…not sure,)
    Row 3: Stone (male), Earth (male..probably), Blaze (male)
    Row 4: Hell (female?), Metal (?), Ice (male)
    Either way, the pictures are really awesome!

  25. Gohankuten

    So has it been long enough that we can at least get confirmation of which picture is which knight and what the gender is for the ones that have already been shown in Female Warrior?

    • [PR]lucathia

      You’ll find out when the story is posted. Well, only for a few characters, because only 4 of these characters have officially shown up! The rest haven’t even appeared yet.

      Please don’t link to my LJ here at PR, thanks! :D;;

    • Ayiana

      Was this a spoiler ? in the entire story only 3 characters appear. Carol, Silvester Uriah Nate and Cale. So unless u count Hell Knight as alternate of one of this 3, there shouldn’t have been 4 … if not some unbelievable invisible guard or such becomes one of the future 12 holy knights xD

  26. lilli

    Ah my god! Everyone’s so pretty, I can die happy now!!!!!!!!! Alas! Almost everything I’ve ever guess at is wrong so I have given up, but the speculation is so great! Knowing (or not knowing) Yu Wo, everything is going to end up as twisted as the 36th generation! Maybe even the legends of the first generation were wrong too…

    (Don’t worry, I know I’m behind in the times. Heck, this was in October.)

    • @lilli
      The 36th generation? Since Grisia’s generation is the 38th, the 36th would be Neo’s teacher. Does Yu Wo write about that later?

  27. Xeraphina

    Wow, they are all so good-looking. For me, only the second picture looks like a girl. In terms of order and who is who:
    Row 1: Sun, Judgement, Storm
    Row 2: Moon, Cloud, Leaf
    Row 3: Stone, Earth Blaze
    Row 4: Hell, Metal, Ice

    Oh well, that’s just my opinion.

  28. Cat

    Row 1: Sun, Judgement, Storm Row 1 Male, Female, Male
    Row 2: Moon, Cloud, Leaf Row 2 Male, Male, Male
    Row 3: Stone, Earth Blaze Row 3 Male, Male, Male
    Row 4: Hell, Metal, Ice Row 4 Male, Male, Male

  29. Leesa

    Row 1: Sun, Judgement, Storm
    Row 2: Moon, Cloud, Leaf
    Row 3: Stone, Earth, Blaze
    Row 4: Hell, Metal, Ice
    Judging from the title FEMALE warrior,
    I guess all of them are female except Stone, Blaze, Ice and maybe Storm (cant really guess because most of his face and neck is covered with his hair fluttering suspiciously)

  30. Jocelyn

    So, I’m guessing it from left to right it’s:
    Male, female, male, female, and then the rest are males?
    Meh they all look so gender neutral.

  31. cleo

    Wait a minute. So leaf was originally an elf? No wonder leaf knights are supposed to be so nice! Arent all elves super nice?

  32. Anon

    Sorry for necromancy
    m(_ _)m

    Anywho…everyone seems to think the ‘albino’ is cloud. I guess I’m going out on a limb here with my oblivious just not seeing it.

    R1. Sun Judge Cloud
    R2. Moon Stone Leaf
    R3. Metal Earth Blaze
    R4. Hell Storm Ice

  33. Anon

    First of all… I messed that up. I think metal is the ‘albino’ and accidentally switched their names.

  34. Anon

    Second of all, my phone is being stupid and submitting stuff before I am ready…

    Ok, I am 100% sure this is right except for the 50/50 divide between ice and moon.

    Genders: The only one that looks female to me the than ‘sun’ and ‘judgement’ is ‘cloud.’

    Row 1 Column 1: Sun
    R1C2: Judgement
    R1C3: Cloud. If you look closely he seems to be looking off into the distance. Also lots of hair to hide behind.

    R2C1: Ice. I was originally 100% sure it was moon, but the guy in lower right has a better head tilt.
    R2C2: Metal. This character is looking too confident for cloud along with the weapon too heavy for clouds combat.
    R2C3: Leaf

    R3C1: Stone. Brunette in heavy armor.
    R3C2: Earth…honest? Looks “down-to-earth”
    R3C3: Blaze

    R4C1: Hell.
    R4C2: Storm. Dat wink.
    R4C3: Moon. Looking down on us. Alt. Ice looking expressionless.

    I am finished now, sorry about that *bows*

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