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While setting up the Female Warrior project page and going over our project pages for 1/2 Prince and LSK, I noticed that our character pages for 1/2 Prince and LSK could use more work. So here we are turning to you readers to help us update these pages! (our staff are a bit tied with translating and proofreading, so no one is dedicated to keeping these pages up to date).

We will be updating the 1/2 Prince character profiles first.

Here is what I’m proposing. Comment with the character’s name. Give us info about the character. If anyone has anything new to add about that character, reply to the first comment where the character is mentioned. In other words, keep everything about a certain character in the same thread. In the end, we’ll try consolidating everything (so we probably won’t be using everything word-for-word). Please make sure you put things in your own words. Do not copy from other wikis.

What we need to know about the characters are:
1) online name
2) race
3) class
4) short sentence about the character in a nutshell
5) character’s history and background (what is the first chapter the character appears in? what key events are they part of? what’s the character’s personality like? do we know their offline name?)

Currently, these characters have no blurbs about them:
Feng Wu Qing
Playboy Lord
Black Lily
Broken Sword
Li’l Strong

There are also several characters that aren’t even listed yet, such as:

Righteous Blades
Nan Gong Zui
Kong Kong
White Bird
Ice Phoenix
Outside the Window

Fire Phoenix

The Four Heavenly Kings and Related Characters
Scorching Flame
Ocean’s Heart
Flowing Wind
Clay Child
Dictator of Life

The Overlords and Related Characters
Northern Flower
Undying Man
Winter Triumph

Other Characters (not sure how to sort them)
Cold Fox
Perfect Princess
Long Dian

If there are any other characters that aren’t listed, feel free to tell us. If you feel a character that already has a blurb needs to be updated too (such as Prince’s section), feel free to start a thread about Prince too.

See how much work our character page needs? HELP would be greatly appreciated. :)

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  1. [PR]lucathia

    Feng Wu Qing

    (Example first comment. Anyone who would like to help with filling out Wu Qing’s info, reply to this comment!)

    • master_tonberry

      @Jasae Bushae
      While he shares his sisters love of food, he seems to lack any skill or interest in making it himself. As such her using food as a threat or a bribe is a common sight. (yeah that sentence…….sounds wrong. Maybe someone else clean it up and make it sound prettier?)

    • Aurelia

      Was mistaken for Prince by Gui.
      Gets clam-sick… (this is truly a minor point…)
      Is the first one to know about his sister being a transsexual elf in game, yet the last to figure it out…
      (I’m not sure how to put this.)
      Is lazy.
      Likes to flirt, and also, annoy Lolidragon.

      .. That’s all I have for now? D:

    • [PR]lucathia

      I’ve updated Wu Qing’s info! If anyone has more to add, feel free to continue commenting in Wu Qing’s thread here.

  2. [PR]lucathia

    Ahaha, I just realized that comments would need to be approved, so let’s just try to keep comments about each character in the same thread (instead of commenting with the name first and then replying to that comment). If someone has already started a thread about a character, please try to reply to that comment to keep everything about a character in the same place. (hopefully the comments will have been approved quickly enough. ^__^ )

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Meatbun is the one of a kind pet of prince. A meatbun who can expand in size, spew meat and be used as a projectile weapon. Is married to the fire phoenix pet belonging to Gui and he sees prince as his mama. (and dictator of life as his father) he has a very childlike personality and doesnt know his own strength (to the point that he could easily kill you on accident) He is very protective of mama prince and will whale on anyone who picks on prince.
    Oh, and when teamed up with fire phoenix, meatbun can make grilled meats
    (just what kind of child would they have?)

    • SnowStorm

      @Jasae Bushae
      He eats his own kind, and refers to himself as Meat Bunbun.
      He is really innocent and speaks very cutely.
      First appeared in Volume 1, Chapter 2.

    • kayue

      Attacks include:
      Dog-beating, Aroma Release, Poison Meatbun, Double Kill
      (As of halfway thru volume 1).

    • kayue

      Volume 2 Meatbun – uses Machine-gun Meat Attack, QQ Dough Wrap,
      Reaches level 40 and learns how to talk. learns ability – Roasted Meatbun,
      Can cry enough to flood an arena.

    • Ivy

      @Jasae Bushae
      The Dictator of Life created Meatbun as a gift for Prince. Meatbun addresses the Dictator as “Daddy.” (revealed in V7C6)
      Attack: Machine Gun of Mincemeat

  4. EliSan

    I would like to help but I can’t comment cos I’m entering the site from my phone

  5. EliSan

    Infinite cities political structure

    Liege lord – Prince

    Military department – military advisors – Ugly Wolf
    – White Bird
    – generals – Nan Gong Zui
    – Broken Sword
    – Wicked
    Finance department – Yu Lian
    – Rose
    – Ice Phoenix
    Cobstruction department – planning – Gui
    – Fairsky
    – military infrastructure – Lolidragon
    – Playboy Lord
    – Kong Kong
    – (all thieves)
    Foreign affairs department – Lolidragon
    – Doll
    – Feng Wu Qing

    • [PR]lucathia

      Thanks. Perhaps this can be worked into each character’s info.

  6. master_tonberry

    so I was looking at the characters page and I saw this


    In-game name: Playboy Lord (偷香公子tōu xiāng gōng zĭ)
    Race: Demon; Class: Bard
    In short:

    poor playboy, even his race and class are forgotten

    • master_tonberry

      Playboy Lord
      In-game name: Playboy Lord (偷香公子tōu xiāng gōng zĭ)
      Race: Human; Class: Thief

      First appeared in Volume one, chapter five as a member of Dark Emperor. Real name unknown (and does not show up for any of the rl events in volumes seven and eight).

      A thief focusing less on speed and more on strength in comparison to Lolidragon, he generally only appears with the rest of his team, with the last reference to him (I think) being his appointment to the all-thief military infrastructure group upon Dark Emperors joining infinite city.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Playboy Lord’s info has been updated! I don’t quite remember when the last time he shows up is. I’ll take master_tonberry’s word that the last reference to him was his appointment to the all thief military group, but if anyone remembers otherwise, please speak up. Thanks!

  7. Aurelia

    NPC, has attained self-awareness. Previously known as ‘Demon King’.
    Supposedly based on character from ‘Rurouni Kenshin’. Has a lover, Kaoru, who is dead. I think.
    Prince’s first humanoid pet, acquired on the Eastern Continent through a series of unexpected… coincidences.
    Doesn’t like to talk, has high level of tolerance for incessant talking.
    Level 100, unable to level up anymore.
    Wields a katana, wears a yukata, is it? (unsure..)
    Sandals with white socks.
    Sparring partner of Cold Fox. Doubles as a tea-partner.

    … That is all for now? D: I just typed out whatever I could recall on the spot so… Hope this helped(: May be back with more…
    I apologise in advance for any wrong info… D:

    • Crystal

      Was friends with sunshine before Price found him. Prince also once remarks that the reason Kenshin talks so little can be because he was forced to spend a long time in isolation with Sunshine (as they could only talk to each other).
      Kenshin was also forced by the system to attack any players who approached him unless a certain line of … dialogue (i guess?) was initiated and followed (which Prince manages to accomplish due to his luck and being a fan of Ruroni Kenshin)

    • The Book Girl

      In Capter 6 of Volume 3 it clearly states:
      He has an incredible amount of HP(10,000, to be precise)
      He has 300 strength
      He is unable to level up or learn any new techniques.
      His attacks include:
      -Sword-drawing technique
      -Continual strike
      -Air-Shattering Strike
      -Dragon Flight of Heaven
      -Void Piercer
      -Light Movement
      -Aerial Leap
      -Instant Ignition

      His exact ability strangths are:

      Kenshin is known for his incredible sense of reasoning and his loyalty. Kenshin was the first self-aware NPC our protagonist (Prince) came across. He was come across in the demon cave, on a quest that consisted of the mere task of grabbing his hair band.
      I hope that’s good enough? All I really did was copy information, but if there’s anything wanted, but not here, the chapter with the most information is V3C6. He originated on Eastern Island. That’s all I can really think to look for to find.

  8. Aurelia

    Cold Fox.
    Player, has a cold personality. Wields legendary weapon, Bloodlust.
    First appeared when hired to challenge Prince, with the intention of ‘challenging the strongest’. (not very sure how to put this, argh.)
    Joined Infinite City as Prince’s personal guard.
    As cold as Kenshin. Almost never leaves his side.
    Likes sparring and drinking tea with Kenshin.
    Looks like a high school student in real life.
    But, is a highly dangerous character…
    Acquired Level A in the battle simulator at Second Life’s HQ.
    Ruthless when training.
    Uses flying daggers in real-life.
    Daggers/knives may be the super awesome legendary Xiao Li Fei Dao…
    Bottom line, he’s cold, dangerous and not a character to be trifled with.

    (: I’m done. There’s more, I think…

  9. EliSan

    Cold Fox
    A coldblooded battle freake
    Appears in V5C1 as a part of adventurers team led by Jin Yong. Jin demands Prince to win over Cold Fox in a duel for them to pledge loyalty to him without telling that Cold Fox is known to be ranked third strongest player in whole Second Life. Moreover he is also using one of the three legendary weapons, Bloodlust. Fortunately Prince was stoped before he could accept the challenge by Nan Gong Zui and asks Kenshin (level 100) to deal with this level 92 opponent. The duel end in Kenshins victory and Cold Fox becomes Princes bodyguard.
    He took part in all big fights since then including becoming a part of Execution Squad and puscuing Long Dian in real life.
    As he learns about Kenshing being an NPC he becomes interested wether it is possible to tern Kenshin into a girl and sell him (Kenshin) to him (Cold Fox) so that he would have a sparing partner and a girlfriend at the same time.
    His real name is still unknown although we do know that he is a high school student with unbelievable martial skills even in real life.

    • SnowStorm

      Proficient with using throwing knives.
      Is known as the Silver-Masked Quick Fox in real life.
      Is a legendary assassin from the Ice Emperor Syndicate, which is why he fights so well, despite being a high-schooler.
      He has, in his terrorist career, killed the Prime Ministers of two countries.

  10. EliSan

    Gu Yun Fei
    Barrier Master
    One of Princes best friends in real life who is known to be a gossip queen. He has same names in real life and in the game. First appears in V2C4 as a classmate. reappears in V3C4 as a player. Originally from Eastern continent.

    • lulumoon

      likes talking to meatbun and can do so for hours
      likes to write tragic stories with Jing with titles like “Saddest-Story-in-the-Universe-and-History-of-Mankind”
      him and Jing own a house together
      wanted Prince to date both Gui and Wicked at the same time

  11. EliSan

    Lu Jing
    One of Princes best friends in real life. First appears in V2C4 as a classmate. reappears in V3C4 as a player. A peerless Taekwondo expert although pretends to be a weak delicate girl. Loves handsome man.

    • Ruirui

      Likes to use her feminine wiles to lure men to their doom.

      It’s true! just check out the ch that she and fen lan met in-game

  12. EliSan

    Nan Gong Zuis sworn enemy. Ice Phoenixs ex boyfriend who used to take advantages of her feelings towards him. First appears in V2C7. Leader of Divine Coalition. After being beaten up by Prince several times considers Prince his sworn enemy.

  13. EliSan

    Nan Gong Zui
    Leader of The Righteous Blades. First appears in V2C7. Becomes part of Infinite city as one of it’s generals. His sworn enemy is Fan, the most precious person to him is his god-sister, Ice Phoenix. A very loyal and nice person. Part of the Execution Squad and also took part in pursu after Long Dian in real life. His real name hapend to be the same as in the game (although I couldn’t find proof to that in the text). In real life he is 25 year old baby faced policeman.

    • SnowStorm

      Very protective of his god-sister, IcePhoenix.
      Originally, Gui and Wicked had a strong rivalry against him.
      Very friendly towards Prince.

  14. EliSan

    Kong Kong
    (most likely a human)
    Part of Righteous Blades but soon after becomes part of Infinite City’s military construction supporters (helps Lolidragon to lay out traps). Related with Nan Gong Zui, Ice Phoenix, Madame White Bird and Chuang Wai.

  15. EliSan

    Madame White Bird
    (most likely a human)
    Among the Righteous Blades she is second-in-comand after Nan Gong Zui. After entering Infinite City she becomes one of military advisors with Ugly Wolf. As an advisor usually does most of the political work in Princes place but never pushes any decisions on him. Appears to be quite sensitive when it conserse Prince uptating a liege lord appearance.

  16. EliSan

    Ice Phoenix
    (most likely a human)
    Appears in V3C2. At first she is in love with Fan but aventualy ternce her affection towards Prince becoming part of his fan club on pair with Gui and Wicked. She is part of Infinite City’s finence department with Yu Lian and Rose.

    • SnowStorm

      Can’t decide between Prince and Fan.
      Has betrayed Prince for Zui once.
      Younger sister of White Bird and godsister of Nan Gong Zui.
      Plays the drums for Infinite Band.

  17. EliSan

    Warrior NPC
    In game he is known as Demon King but after being freed by Prince becomes his pet and after that goes under name “Kenshin” because of his looks (he resembles him just too much). His level is 100 and he is one of Princes bodyguards with Cold Fox and Sunshine.

    • SnowStorm

      He is self-aware and was human once.
      He spends a lot of time with Cold Fox.
      First appeared in Volume 3, Chapter 5.
      Has a cold, distant personality.

  18. EliSan

    Mage NPC
    His in game name is Lantis Ilanyushenlin but he himself preferes Sunshine. After being freed by Prince he becomes his pet. Even thought he is an NPC he falls in love with Fairsky and is now daring her. He is one of Princes bodyguards with Kenshin and Cold Fox.

    • SnowStorm

      First appeared Volume 3, Chapter 5.
      Has a friendly open personality and is always smiling as “there is nothing to be sad about”.
      He appears to look like an Arabic prince, and his flying carpet is one of the main modes of transport for the others.

  19. SquirrelSinger

    Online Name: Snow White Rose
    Race: Elf
    Class: Mage
    In a Nutshell: A kindhearted girl whose appearance is better than Feng Lan’s in every way. Falls in love with Prince but gets over that and marries Broken Sword.
    History/Background: Snow White Rose’s real life identity is Ou Yang Mei, Feng Lan’s twenty-three-year-old distant cousin (mother’s sister’s husband’s uncle’s daughter.) She is baby-faced and looks younger than Feng Lan. Her character is fairly beautiful.

    She first met Prince when he was trying to become a warrior. Along with her team, Team Rose, she helped him fight wolves and complete the warrior quest. Later, she and Fairsky fell in love with him. While Fairsky tried to win Prince over with money and riches, Rose was always quietly loving from afar.

    During the Adventurers’ Tournament, Odd Squad was up against Team Rose. All the males on Team Rose complained that Prince had ruined their team, dropped their weapons, and quit because they didn’t want Fairsky’s money. Rose went over to Prince and told him she would learn to forget him, kissing him before quitting as well.

    Later, Feng Lan found out that Rose was Ou Yang Mei, her cousin, but did not tell Rose who she was in Second Life to avoid making both of them embarrassed. The next time Lan met Rose, in Second Life, Rose was happily married to Broken Sword.

  20. SquirrelSinger

    Online Name: Fairsky
    Race: Human
    Class: Thief
    In a Nutshell: A rich girl who originally thinks money can win her anything in the world, including Prince. Part of Infinite City’s construction/planning department.
    History/Background:Fairsky’s real life identity is not known. She first appeared in V1C3, where she fell in love with Prince on first sight. When Lolidragon and Prince were walking through the town later, she ambushed them and decided to kill Lolidragon so that Prince would love her. She and her goons were scared off by the appearance of Ugly Wolf.

    At the beginning of the Adventurers’ Tournament, Odd Squad and Team Rose had a meal at a restaurant together. Prince forgave Fairsky for her past deeds, which resulted in Fairsky immediately asking to be Prince’s second wife. During the actual fight, it was revealed that Fairsky bought lavish weapons and equipment so that her team could make it through and she could meet Prince again. However, she was devastated when all her team members quit, with Rose even telling her to get over Prince.

    A brief chat with Doll after the fight convinced Fairsky that she should use different methods to try to get Prince to like her. In Infinite City, she joined the competitors for Prince’s affections (Gui, Wicked, and Ice Phoenix); however, when Prince returned from the Eastern Continent, she fell in love with Sunshine. Even after learning he was an NPC, she kept on loving him and was rewarded with her affections being returned.

    Fairsky was one of the people who showed up for the real-life battle with Long Dian, and practically stripped Feng Lan, revealing her true gender offline. She has not yet shown any strange or scary talents.

  21. Snowstorm

    If you want, I have pictures of pretty much all the characters.
    They are drawn by Zhan Bu Lu, and I guess I could give them to you if you need them.

    • SnowStorm

      What e-mail do I mail them to, cos’ they are basically the volume covers, right?
      You’ll need to photoshop each character out… Sorry.
      It would be really convenient if you saw my e-mail (from the comment) and mailed to to which I’d reply.
      Thanks, I’m glad I could help!

  22. SnowStorm

    XiMen Feng (Western Wind)
    Race: Human?
    Class: Warrior
    He appeared during Prince’s first concert (Volume 4, Chapter 9), spoiling it by challenging Prince as the person whose lover had stolen his lover. He turned out to be an old team member of Gui’s who was in love with Lovely Consort (who fell for Gui).
    He was cursed by Anrui, a divine beast, into transforming into a woman during the daytime and returning to a man at night, though he doesn’t really let this affect his mindset as he cusses a lot and uses the men’s bath.
    He also talks like an old man.
    He likes sparring with Prince, even though he always loses.

    Race: NPC (Self-aware?)
    Anrui, a divine beast was first mentioned as the one who had cursed XiMenFeng by turning him into a female, and appeared in Volume 6, Chapter 3.
    He is a giant clam, and very touchy about people who discriminate against his race.
    He is also a battleship known as the “bi-functional land and sea Supreme Clam Combat Submarine”.
    He really likes Meatbun, who likes him back. XiMen Feng is terrified of him, and Wu Qing dislikes him, though the feeling is mutual.
    Anrui was the one who took all of Prince’s force against the Dictator of Life to the Northern Continent.

    • icekitty :3

      Ximen Feng:
      When he is a in the form of a woman, is very beautiful and a C cup.
      Is scared of Yu lian.

  23. SnowStorm

    Perfect Princess
    Race- Elf
    Class- Mage
    First appeared- V1 Ch7
    Was beaten to pulp by Prince with the rest of her team, as Prince couldn’t stand her harem.
    She likes Prince.

    • Listening Daisy

      She has 5 guys in her harem, a angel priest (strategist), two archers( one human archer and two warriors (a beast man warrior (smaller then wolf-dágé) who wields a giant ax and a human warrior)

      Described as an eye-catching beauty, and later as “I gazed icily at this girl, whose beauty lost to Lolidragon, who was not as cute as Doll, who was not as elegant as Yu Lian-dàsăo, and felt extremely put off. And she has the audacity to plaster herself all over me like some sort of invertebrate now?! Catching a whiff of her disgustingly over-powering perfume, I thought, I am still a woman—just because I look like a guy doesn’t mean I need to be like one and appreciate feminine beauty, do I?!”

      Quote: “It doesn’t matter what kind of team they are. You guys will obtain victory for me, right?”

      Next appearance: ½ Prince V5C6: The Bloody Overlord, it is mentions that they along with Fan are still hostile to takeover of their city, also when they are in the city she says “Prince, you’re the first man who dared to look down on me! I’ll definitely make you pay!” Perfect Princess said while biting on her handkerchief with eyes full of resentment.”

      Also Team Phoenix has no names to speak of.

  24. SnowStorm

    Celestial / Tian Xian
    Race- Nymph (NPC – Self Aware)
    Class- Boss
    First appeared- V5 Ch3
    Likes Doll, and considers her his wife.
    Kidnapped her when they first met, leading to Prince being forced to kill him with Neurotic and DanDan.
    He didn’t die as the Dictator saved him, and appeared later on.
    He cares for no one really, apart from “his wife”.
    However, he is very sensitive when NPCs are killed as he knows they have no life outside the game.
    Uses a technique called Heavenly Satin and can easily summon a number of nymphs to help him.

    • icekitty :3

      One of the first NPC’s to come out of the game (mainly to pester doll) and becomes her bodyguard in real life. At the end, they decide to get married.

  25. Ruirui

    Phoenix Team (all elves or holy men)
    Author never gave them names (I feell sorry for them)
    all hate Prince for for, a) stealing Fire Phoenix, and b) being cooler than they are
    tried to make a comeback with Fan in v5c6, also the same time they anounced their grievance for not having names.
    all wear white shirts and pants, their noses look like noses, too.
    Prince thinks they’re pitful, so he’d always kill them first

    • Jennifer

      Phoenix team
      Races: mostly elves or holy men
      Classes: mostly warriors
      In a nut shell:
      A team oddsquad faces in the Adventurers’ Tournament. They had one pet, fire phoenix. Originally, they mock Odd Squads’ only pet, Meatbun. However, when fire phoenix’s fire attack and Meatbun’s raw meat attack combine to create the most heavenly roasted meat, Odd Squad becomes motivated and completely annihilates Phoenix Team to get their fire phoenix. Fire phoenix ends up as Gui’s pet.
      They later return with a group of people who all also have a grudge against Prince. In the letter of conditions they send Infinite City, they demand for Infinite City to return fire phoenix and drop Prince and Meatbun into the sea. They face Prince and are completely crushed by Meatbun.
      In short:
      The author considered them so unimportant she didn’t bother giving them names. Even the random passerbys were given individual titles.

  26. icekitty :3

    I think that you guys should redo the character organization a bit. Like make bigger categories. One for each of the five continents.

    Also, are we allowed to add characters that show up in the epilogue and sequel?

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