Yu Wo’s Christmas/End of the Year Event Prompt Gathering

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Remember the Christmas Event Yu Wo ran last year? She plans on running another Christmas/end of the year event this year, though it’s a little different. ;)

Here’s a translation of her blog post that details the event for this year.

I’d like play a Christmas or End of the Year event with everyone. Even though it’ll still be awhile, I need time to write the short stories, so I need to prepare in advance. XD

The event will probably be like this: suggest a few characters’ stories, and everyone will vote to see which story they want to read. Then I will write a Christmas or End of the Year story for everyone. How’s that?

You can all reply here in my blog about the characters you want to see, what time you want to see them, and what action they’re taking. You might see your suggestion as one of the options for voting later!

For example:

Characters: Neo and Aldrizzt
Time: After they help Grisia
Action: The adventurer life of the Dark Human Squad

Example 2:

Characters: ZhaoSuo and Ex (they’re from No Hero)
Time: When ZhaoSuo worked as Ex’s butler
Action: Everyday life

Example 3: Even stories that haven’t been published yet that can only be found in my blog are okay too

Story: the continuation of I am E.X.
Story: In Female Warrior, how Silvie and Ohmygod met

This post isn’t the voting post. ^^ This is for choosing the options. I will let everyone vote from the choices I make here later. I will probably write the stories for the top 1~3 choices.

So for those readers who want to see specific stories, quickly write down the contents of the stories you want to see!

This is a great chance to throw ideas at Yu Wo! If you have anything you want to see from Yu Wo, comment here and I’ll try to translate as many of your comments as I can. I’ll be busy in November though, so I might not be able to translate them all if we get a lot. After your message gets translated into Chinese, please comment with the translated message yourself in Yu Wo’s post (so we don’t spam her with a bunch of comments from the same person). The comment box is in English, so I’m sure you can navigate it. :) Please make sure you use this form:


If you ask for something that already happens in Yu Wo’s stories, I’ll let you know so you can think of something else. ^^

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  1. Characters: Arctic Fox/Cold Fox
    Time: Some time in his recent past
    Action: One of his more interesting adventures in his special hidden assassin career.

    • [PR]lucathia

      (comment with the following at Yu Wo’s blog! also, yayy, Cold Fox!)


  2. Characters: Gui and/or (anyone who didn’t know about ‘Prince’s identity before reveal)
    Time:Meeting ‘Prince’ for the first time
    Action: The reveal of ‘Prince’s identity from a different View Point and Characters personal thoughts on said reveal.

    • [PR]lucathia

      For the time, are you asking for the time Gui first “meets” Prince in real life?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Comment with the following in Yu Wo’s blog post!
      角色:居 (或者任何原來不知道王子身分的人)

      The following is the same, just with more clarification if you mean meeting Prince for the first time in Real Life. Use this one instead if that’s what you mean.
      角色:居 (或者任何原來不知道王子身分的人)

  3. Characters: The Twelve Knights
    Time: After Grisia regains his memories
    Action: The Knights fighting the Dragon

    • [PR]lucathia

      Since Yu Wo already writes about them fighting the dragon, I added “fighting the dragon in detail” under action.

      Here’s the translation! Please comment with this yourself over at Yu Wo’s blog if you wish to post it as a suggestion for her.


  4. Characters: Van & Nan Gong Zui (and his relatives)
    Time: before ‘second life’
    Action: how are they connected with each other in real life (not only rivalry but brooder. Maybe how they met. Who is Van in real life. Ice Phoenix?)
    PS: I’ll vote for Cold Fox too

    • [PR]lucathia

      What do you mean by brooder? We never do find out about Fan in real life, but we do get to know a bit more about Ice Phoenix (though not a lot). I could possibly rephrase to ask for more detail about Ice Phoenix in the last question instead of just asking about her in general?

    • SnowStorm

      Isn;t it Fan?
      And I was thinking about F/Van’s real identity too (while reading the manhua).

  5. Characters: Wu Qing and Lolidragon
    Time: Diplomatic trip to the other continents
    Action: When and how Wu Qing fell in love with her XD

    • [PR]lucathia

      Here’s the translation!


  6. Characters: Neo
    Time: When he was a trainee knight
    Action: Everyday life

    • [PR]lucathia

      Here’s the one for Neo!


  7. Ooops, too many ^_^

  8. Characters: Sun + Judge
    Time: A Bit after their first meeting
    Action: How they became best friends who arnt best friends

    • [PR]lucathia

      I think Yu Wo will probably consider that she’s already written this? Here’s the translation though! Feel free to comment with this in her blog post! Maybe ask for more other anecdotes?


  9. Characters: Neo and his teacher
    Time: Selections for the 37th Generation Sun Knight
    Action: how Neo became chosen as the Sun Knight

    • [PR]lucathia

      Here’s the translation! Interesting. I’m curious too! Maybe for his… brilliant blue eyes? Haha. XD; I bet it was his swordsmanship in the end…

      Comment with the following at Yu Wo’s blog!


  10. Hmm……im torn between:

    Characters: Vival moon
    Time: Before the first novel.
    Action: How he met his lover who he values more than his own life. :3


    Characters: Demos Cloud and Grisla Sun
    Time: During Grisla’s lifetime.
    Action: A fun short story about Cloud and Sun!


    Characters: Aivis Stone
    Time: Before the first Novel.
    Action: What lead to his stubbornness to not be stubborn.

    gaaaah~ so many fun choices~ XP
    Which should I pick….Vival’s story sounds so gushy gushy gooey gooey lovey dovey that I just HAVE to see it…
    On the other hand, Cloud is my favorite character and since there isnt a short story about him yet I would love to see it…
    but….Aivis stones story is really intriguing and I can’t help but wonder about someone who goes so far as to refuse to act out his role and find out what motivated him…
    But gah, at that point im basically asking for stories about all the un-short-story knights but Metal…
    Hmm…which should I choose…Gah….They all sound so tempting…

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      One of the side stories Yu Wo has already written is about Cloud and Sun! You’ll probably like it.

    • @[PR]lucathia
      Oh~ Really? yay~
      Hmm…Im….Going to ask for Moon then. With cloud out of the picture it becomes a question of stubborn stubbornness VS goey gushy lovey romance and between those two options, I will pick lovey doveyness~ X3

  11. ~Ren The Witch~

    Characters: Grisia and Earth
    Time: New year party
    Action: Drinking competition

  12. Characters: Grisia & woman
    Time: Whole life of Grisia
    Action: What he do when gets in love for first time

  13. ~Ren The Witch~

    Characters: Sun and his twelve holy knights
    Time: After Rolands joins, before Sun loses his eyesight
    Action: All of them infiltrating a village that only allows women!

    • lulumoon

      @~Ren The Witch~
      I really, really would LOVE to read about this. But would it be them cross-dressing or just sneaking in? And it would be fun if there was a beauty contest or talent competition. Although it would also be a little expected for Sun to somehow win one, and I would vote on Ice winning the other. But if it does go through, I’m counting on Yu Wo to make it NOT what is expected.

    • ~Ren The Witch~

      Cross-dressing twelve bishies ~~~

  14. immasweetslovinggirl

    Characters:Roland Hell
    time: After Sun Knight selections
    Action: What happened after he ran away and how he got to be a royal knight

  15. Character: Grisia
    Time: childhood
    Action: His life before he was chosen as a candidate for the young Sun Knight. What led him to the Church of the God of Light? May there be reasons for his unique magic skills?

  16. Hopefully, this is not in the main story yet. XD (I do want to see it, though)

    Character: The eleven Holy Knights (except Sun), the Church and everyone else?
    Time: When Grisia goes missing
    Action: A certain day during this time period

    Considering he is the walking billboard for the Church, his disappearance would have caused a huge uproar if the residents had known (did they?)

    I was also going to ask for a story about Cold Fox and Kenshin, but I think it might turn into a story without a single dialogue. O_o

    Thank you! <3

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