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Ah! Yu Wo already posted the poll with the choices she made out of her readers’ suggestions. Looks like the time for submitting our prompts has passed. Very sorry I did not manage to get around to translating everyone’s. But good news! The prompt for Cold Fox has made it into the poll, and I do believe that one originated from our suggestions here since most of the people on Yu Wo’s site didn’t ask about 1/2 Prince. XD; (Most of the suggestions were for LSK and No Hero, though I wonder if the “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher” one also inspired by one of our suggestions? :DDDD) She seems to have spread the choices over her series, with 1~2 choices from each (well, 3 for No Hero, sort of. I think she considers I AM E.X. separate from No Hero).

The final poll can be found in Yu Wo’s forums.

Here’s a translation of the poll:

[Poll] If Yu Wo were to write a story for the holidays, which one would you like to see the most?
Multiple option vote: (Can choose up to 3) (here it says how many people have voted)

(here it says how much time is left for the poll. days/hours/minutes)

1. [Emperor] Liaola’s day of ascension (Kill No More)

2. [The Secret] DSII’s tiny little secret (No Hero)

3. The continuation of I AM E.X. (No Hero)

4. [The Beginning of Light] How Silvie and Ohmygod met (Female Warrior)

5. [Who’s the Commander?!] A short story for GOD (GOD)

6. [Sinful Love] Kaiyisuo and Aiweixila* (No Hero)

7. [When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher] A short story about the 37th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights, unspecified characters (Legend of Sun Knight)

8. [We Are Not the Dark Human Squad] A story about Neo and Aldrizzt’s adventures (Legend of Sun Knight/Unbeatable)

9. [Beneath the Tree] A story about Leaf Lord and Gong Hua (Gong Hua)

10. [Flying Dagger] Cold Fox’s story as an assassin/hit man (1/2 Prince)

Just what am I on, I actually thought of names for all of these stories already…

I’m only planning on writing the top choices…whatever, what’s life without plotbunnies? (*gets killed by everyone*)

Anyway, these are the topics for the holiday/new years celebration. Everyone, please vote for which one you want to see the most~

After that, I’ll write them according to their ranking. I’m not sure how many I’ll write yet…

I’ll write at least two though. ^^ So the higher ranked they are, the more easily I’ll get to them. XD

If there’s a topic you want to see a lot, please give it your blessed vote ^0^ ~~

Each person can make up to three choices. Of course, you can also just vote for one~~

I’m so curious about which one will end up as the top choice~ Haha.

ETA: Alright, I’ll write at least three stories (*looks at two specific choices…*)

So don’t be too discouraged if you want to see one of the others. >”< The third choice is also on the guaranteed list!!!

*Names not translated. This is merely their pronunciation. (I actually didn’t remember these characters and had to google them…)

Currently in 1st and 2nd are #7 and #8. Man, Neo sure is popular, haha. Third at the moment is #1, and 4th is #10. I would be happy with any of those choices being written. *___* (Well, I would be happy if any on this list were written, but I’m so hoping Cold Fox’s will make it in!) You can vote for a total of 3 choices. Yu Wo was thinking of only writing the top two or so, but since it looks like the top two will both be about LSK (*coughs* Neo *coughs*), she says that she will definitely write the third most popular choice too. *fingers crossed for Cold Fox* I actually voted for #1, #5, and #10, since I adore Kill No More and GOD (and #10 is a given because come on, Cold Fox!), hoping that one of them would be 3rd popular since LSK is doing well even without my vote, haha.

Which choice(s) do you want to see the most?

(If you’d like to vote officially in Yu Wo’s poll, you must have an account at her forum. If you want to register for an account, let me know and maybe I can walk you through it…)

43 Responses

  1. Wish I could read that language.
    Please vote for the Cold Fox idea! The Flying Dagger name is awesome, btw.

    Love you all!

  2. I just want to see Ohmygod. <3
    He's (It's?) the cutest thing ever! /fangirls
    I voted #1, #4, #10, because #7 and #8 are leading already anyway.
    Might as well help the others xD

  3. i would like to vote too, but i dont know any chinese T_Tlll

  4. I would also like to vote but don’t think I would be able to register even if I had someone that could guide me through it lol.

  5. awww~ darn~ ah wells, ill just have to hope that Yu Wo gets around to telling Moon’s story at a later date ^^;

    well anyways…ALOT of those go over my head XD
    the Gong Hua one interests me but I doubt i’ll ever get to see the short story if she does it ^^;
    not going to vote for female warrior since i dont know context….
    i KNOW when teacher wasnt teacher was from princerevolution because not to many people have such a weird phrasing for it XD so i think ill put my support behind that one out of camraderie
    a sequel to unbeatable sounds amusingly fun XD
    cold fox’s story…im not sure about ^^; it would probably be sorta like eclipse hunter and without kenshin, cold fox isnt as exciting to me

  6. wow……babelfish is terrible at this ^^;
    annnnd….yeah, theres no way im gonna be able to register ^^; i got most of the way, but they have one of those ‘spam bot authorization things’ on the site which the translator cant touch for security reasons XD
    darn you foreign language security questions to confirm im not some trolling bot bent on spamming the forum~ XD

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      The spam bot verification question is “What is Yu Wo’s first published novel? 1/2 ??” (fill in the last two characters)

      The answer would be Prince, which is 王子.

    • @[PR]lucathia
      Oooh~ thanks~ annnnd im now in! ^^
      Though now I can’t post…ah, you also have to read this mail…which my translator cant work out…*goes to find an online dictionary* ah, you need to submit an avatar picture…and i mannaged to do it though im not quite sure what buttons i pressed to get to the edit profile sectioN~ XD though its pretty easy and straight forward when you find it
      alright…i have an avatar stuck in there but i still cant post…hmm..what am i doing wrong…

    • @Jasae Bushae
      aaaaah~ you cnat post until the moderator looks at your registration and lets you join~

      and gah, 7 is winning the poll by a large margin. 8 not far behind. with 1 just barley holding third place and 10 edging to take it
      seems neo is really popular. XD

  7. I got through registration mostly okay, but for the [註冊原因:] which i keep getting translated as ‘registration reasons’, i keep getting a red x and: [ 您輸入的驗證碼不正確,無法提交,請修改。], which was translated by my browser as ‘The verification code you entered is incorrect can not be submitted, please modify.’ Please help me out here!! i wanna vote for Cold Fox… What do i reply to that?!!?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hm, that does say registration reason! Entering the reason why you want to register should be fine. A few words should do it?

    • Willowtm

      Well, i kept trying, but no matter what i put it wouldn’t go through…maybe something else was the problem? I don’t know…Maybe i should go back and double check everything else as well. I’ll just keep on trying i guess. ^_^

    • @Willowtm
      Um, I had that problem too…
      What I did was, I went back to the first registration page and entered the new verification number given. (: Sometimes the browser gets it wrong, I think.
      As for 注册原因,most people (okay, I’m vouching for me and my friends) just put 为了投票… Which is translated as ‘To vote’.
      It should be fine by then… Then it’s time to wait for Yu Wo to approve your account, followed by uploading a profile picture, then it’s done (:
      Hoped that helped. :D
      Happy voting! But it’s sad that #4 is losing… T-T (for me, that is.)

    • @Aurelia
      *pats on head*
      i can relate ^^; i was really rooting for number 9 *ish a gong hua fan* even if at best it will be several years before princerevolution gets to it due to the scedule already having remainder of 1/2 prince, female warrior, legend of sun knight and that legend of sun knight sequel followed by i think no hero
      though im sorta assuming prince revolution intends to get to all of Yu Wo’s works eventually (barring them getting an american release) so its only a matter of time :3

    • Raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      Giraffecorps are already translating Gong Hua though? And it really depends on how many series we have at the moment, and if others are already translating it. For example, OSS is already translating Eclipse Hunter, so we wouldn’t be translating it. (Not unless they drop the project)

      Female Warrior probably wouldn’t take as long as you think… It’s really short! I estimate that it can be finished in a year or a year plus. The Legend of the Sun Knight sequel will only be translated after LSK is done, and it’s supposed to end in 3 volumes…

      I believe No Hero will start after Female Warrior is done. ^^

      Anyways, if there is anything of Yu Wo work’s that you guys want to read, you can still make a suggestion XD

    • @Raylight
      aaahs, I see. squee~ gong hua is so fun X3

      As for suggestions, Id like to see ‘RPG Love’ and ‘Magical Exchange’ since according to wikipedia, their both one volume stories which I presume means they could be translated relatively easier than ‘GOD’ or ‘Kill No More’
      Also it would put a few more ‘completed’ projects under PrinceRevolutions belt :3
      *assumes rpg love would be sorta similar to 1/2 prince and falls in love with magical exchange for the title despite not knowing much about it*

    • Raylight

      I can’t seem to reply back to your reply, so I shall do so here~

      We may pick up on ‘Romance RPG/Love RPG’ (whatever it’s called), since it’s pretty short and it’s a completed series. Though ‘Magical Exchange’ is completed, there isn’t a complete online version in chinese, so it might be difficult for us to translate.

      Though it has RPG in the title, it’s not very similar to 1/2 Prince though… 1/2 Prince’s setting is a MMORPG (Mass Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game, check it out if you don’t know what it means!) while Romance RPG is more of a cartridge game, not meant to be played with a lot of players. So if you are hoping for it to be similar to 1/2 Prince, you may be disappointed… But it is one of the rare romance novels that Yu Wo has written. XD

      As for Gong Hua, we’ll see. If the translations are dropped, we may pick it up, except that we would have to wait a while before doing so, or else we’ll catch up to the original. Which would mean waiting for Yu Wo to publish her next novel, which is God knows when. XD

    • @Raylight
      Yah, when a comment string goes to strong it does this to keep messages from getting to squishied.
      Romance novels are grand~ and even if it isnt an MMO, it must still have something to do with games which I would be curious to see. XD *hypothosizing its similar to the sunshine story* squee~ it will be fun to see this lovey dovey romance rpg story~
      A shame about magical exchange though. Without any spoileryness, can I ask what it was about? :3
      and its grand to know if projects get dropped by other translators that the paragons of translationy virtue whose moral fiber rivals that of Grisla sun himself, PrinceRevoluion shall step forward to translate!

    • Raylight


      Well, Yu Wo herself states that she’s not very good at love stories, so XD (Though it’s pretty decent to me) I may translate it if I have time and PR decides not to pick it up after all (It’s a really cute story, that’s why)

      Actually, I have no idea what Magical Exchange is about either… I have yet to read it! XD And I think Yu Wo’s one volume books are out of print, so I don’t think I can get the original novel either… >.>

      And well, within PR, there’s a lot of Yu Wo fans… XD Though I really don’t think we’ll work on more than two series at once. (Unless one is ending) It’s going to take us a long, long time to finish Legend of the Sun Knight though… Though actually we are releasing LSK at a faster pace, Yu Wo intends to release 3 volumes of LSK’s sequel… And I’m not sure how long it’ll take for her to publish them, lol. (She usually rotates her books around to write and publish, and it takes at least 8 months for her to publish a book… You do the maths XD)

      And well, it’s generally easier to start translations on a series of a author who has already given you permission to translate her works…. XD I don’t think there are any big Gong Hua fans in PR! at the moment, but it would be a pity if it get dropped, I guess. I heard the story was really serious so I haven’t read it so far (I usually stay clear of tearjerkers!) but I’ll read it when I have the time XD How far are the translations till, anyways?

      … I think that somehow I should carry this convo elsewhere before I spam the page XD

    • [PR]lucathia

      Raylight, if you want to translate Romance RPG, I’ll help you edit. =P

      Gong Hua is like watching a trainwreck happen… morbidly fascinating. There are still parts where I burst out laughing though. I don’t think Yu Wo can write completely without her humor, haha. The 4th volume was supposed to be her next book, but the artist for the cover is pregnant, so now No Hero volume 8 will be released first. Darn, I was waiting for Gong Hua!

    • @Raylight
      Silly that she would think that given the sheer strength of the romantic sub plot in 1/2 prince. XD Her romanceyness is amazing and I hope one of these days she tells the lovey dovey moon knight story X3

      SQUEEEE~ It sounds so gushy gooey lovey dovey grand~!! X3 Thank you very much!

      Darn~ so Magical Exchange is not only not fully available online but also out of print?! Hmm…I hope thats not the case for any others within Yu Wo’s works…Probably be a devil to get a copy I would imagine. ^_^;

      Yah, on rough average PR translates something like four volumes a year anymore which will probably mean it takes a while but im confident that you marvelous peoples can translate looooooads~ within the next decade~ XD

      and yush~ I imagine PR would be on much shakier ground without permission from Yu Wo~ ^_^; Fortunately shes given the okay which means PR can flourish and sing to the heavens!
      Annnnd….Well…Im sure its not spoiler to tell you that theres one major death in the first volume that motivates the series. Its tragic in alot of ways but VERY well written and worth reading even if it is a tear jerker.
      It also has a very original take on elves which is quite neat ^^
      And sure, in an effort to keep from stretching this page to much, lets continue this on E-mails~ 8D

    • @Jasae Bushae
      I just realized upon reflection that my comment in regards to Gong Hua might come off as spoilery ^^; Umm…Does it count if its in the prologue?

    • Raylight

      Actually, I do want to translate Romance RPG, Luka! Just that I’m pretty busy with school at the moment, so I’m banning myself from translating for the time being. Also, I think I would probably translate some chapters of Female Warrior first, (I want to help clear out the chapters and they’re pretty short and easy, so why not? XD) then one chapter of LSK, (there’s a chapter I really want to reserve…) before starting on my own haha. I would probably need some help with the names (They have terrible puns… I see that Yu Wo’s puns on names didn’t start from LSK OTL) So yes, your help would be greatly appreciated XD

      So she’ll be stopping Gong Hua for the moment then? That’s kind of sad to know. I heard that Gong Hua is supposed to end in 5 volumes. Though ‘Supposed’ is the key word here. She would probably overwrite and then it would end in about 8 volumes again…. I have never seen any of her long series end shorter than 8 volumes before *sweatdrops*

      … At this rate, I wonder if I should set up a Ask box or something for readers to post their questions and I answer. (Seeing that perhaps I should not reveal so much about the inner workings of PR!) Ahahahaha- *shot*

    • [PR]lucathia

      Haha, people probably would be happy finding out what’s going on behind the scenes. ~__~ I think comments are fine for that…

      Yeaaah, some of those names for Romance RPG are… It’ll take some thinking to translate them.

      No Hero v8 will be published first. Then I guess maybe she’ll return to Gong Hua? Unless the artist takes an even longer break… I imagine the artist would probably want to spend time with her baby. Gong Hua is slated for 6 volumes, isn’t it? The original plan was “3” volumes, but each volume got expanded into 2 volumes, so it’s now 6 volumes… It’s been some time since Gong Hua! LSK 39 v1 even happened before Gong Hua v4.

  8. Do you need an account to view the current standings? And would someone please walk me through creating an account? Japanese I could manage, but Chinese…[email protected]@ (screen shots with click-by-click instructions would be helpful)
    And what are the current standings BTW?

    • @Ivy
      The standing now is #7, #8, #1, #10, #2, #9, #5, #3, #4, #6…
      The old people are very popular.
      I would love to help, but I can’t do the screen shots, I think.
      Will written instructions do?

    • @Aurelia
      Yes please. I’m sorry it’s been a week, my computer crashed (actually my brother broke it.)

    • @Ivy
      Sorry it’s been a week as well! I was kinda busy and didn’t come back to this page either.
      In case you still need to instructions:
      1. Go to her forum page. http://www.pinkcorpse.org
      2. Click the words [註冊] at the top left hand corner of the page, just below the banner and the ‘Menu’ thing.
      3. Registration Form Part I:
      Name: [insert name]
      Password: [insert]
      Password Confirmation: [retype]
      Email: [Email]
      Authorization: [王子] and [whatever number/letters that appear]
      4. Click [下一步]
      5. This is Part II.
      Registration Reason: [投票] ‘voting’ or [支持御我姐] ‘To support Yu Wo’ or anything you want, actually. (:
      6. Click on the [提交] button.
      You’re in! Now you just need to wait for her to approve (:
      An automated email will be sent to your email account. The contents are unimportant…
      After that, head to the webpage again.
      If you’re not signed in, click [登錄] that is right next to the registration button.
      The form is as such:
      Account: [Name]
      Password: [Password]
      Ignore the rest, and click the [登錄] button below.
      Once you’re an approved member, go to http://pinkcorpse.org/thread-30881-1-1.html .
      Vote and, there you go! (: All done.
      I hoped that helped! Feel free to ask any questions ((:
      There’re only 11 days left to vote! (:
      The standings now are #7, #8, #1, #10, #2, #9, #5, #4, #3, #6.
      #4 is still losing… D: /clawsface.

  9. Well with only a couple days left, it seems the poll is pretty fixed. 7, 8, 1, 10, 2, 9, 5

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      I’m happy with the top 3! Though I also wanted to see 10. I hope Yu Wo will be inspired to write more than 3 stories!

    • @[PR]lucathia
      Im optimistic in that regard. XD 10 won by nearly a hundred points over 2 and 9. Yu Wo also said at least three (and if im reading that right had her eye on a couple in particular) Which suggests she might do 4 or maybe even 5 if they catch her fancy…..
      Oh question~ Has Yu Wo ever done a story from the perspective of cold fox before? If not then maybe she will pick it up since its a new idea which increases the chances~

  10. So since the results have been probably made final by now, by any chance does anyone know if Yu Wo declared how many stories she would be doing?

    • lulumoon

      I would like to know too, is there any information on it?

    • [PR]lucathia

      None yet.

      ETA: Yu Wo sounds like she’s just started on writing about the 37th gen (LSK). She’s asking on her plurk about which holy knights people would like to see from the 37th generation.

    • @[PR]lucathia
      From Neos generation? *is pretty sure grislas is the 38th* id be kinda curious about stone or another one of the dark gloom faction since we havnt seen as much of them from the short stories and it would be fun to see if neos relationships with em differed from grislas in his own generation

      but darn, just have to wait and see i suppose XD

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      Yup, Neo’s generation. So far, most people are saying that they want to see Neo, Chasel, Eller (Ice), Lanbi (Storm), Fahr (Blaze), etc (the ones who have already been named). I hope we get introduced to some of the others who haven’t been named yet!

      This is the plurk:

    • lulumoon

      Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully it will be announced soon so we can know for sure which stories may be written.

  11. wendylau

    For those who want to vote!!! Use google translate to translate!! it works!

  12. 9!!! NINE!!! 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Leaf Lord and Gong Hua, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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