The Legend of Sun Knight V4C10: “Slay the Dragon” Doujin Manhua

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My first scanlation ever! Read right-to-left and top-to-bottom.
If the pictures seem too small, right-click and open image in new tab, or copy image url and paste it in a new tab.


Artist: Chi Yu

Disclaimer from the artist:

    1) Because this is based on a novel, I definitely copied stuff~

2) To make the manhua flow better and express their emotions better (either because the original text is too long or my hand would become disabled were I to draw it), the scenes and dialogue in the novel were altered slightly.

3) Some places that Miss Ya Sha did not draw (because that part was blocked by something, e.g. a weapon) were improvised.

18 Responses

  1. Willowtm

    Lovely! You just made my day! ^_^ It was wonderful! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read this!! <3

  2. Mokona

    mutch beatter than the manhwa wheare Sun and Judgment have those stupid wings

    • antoinette1084

      I soooo agree with you. Luckily they changed the format in chapter 13.

  3. Blueberry

    Love the work =D it’s so well drawn and really makes the chapter look even more awesome

  4. Little Writer

    Ah~ Roland is so awesome looking. Question: Can Dragon’s Saint Brigadine suck Roland’s blood if he doesn’t have any?
    Also, the artwork is awesome. Plus, this chapter was a really touching chapter for me.

  5. LennyThynn

    I’m so glad you translated this one<3 The artwork is awesome, and makes me wish the artist was the official artist for LSK.


    If only the official manhua was this beautiful and amazing and anatomically correct ;_; (Has a severe irritation towards the official manhua. It's too… sparkly.)

  6. kayue

    Great work!
    The only problem is…. The other knights are prettier than Sun. ;)

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