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Hi! Ray here! This is my first time posting here, hope I don’t screw up. *sweatdrops*

ANYWAY, we at PR! have decided to conduct a short interview with some of the staff as to their feelings of the completion of 1/2 Prince!! I am your host for today, so please bear with me XD. We even managed to get our founder to write something as well! What is better to end the series than a motivational speech!  (Well, seeing that we did have an interview in the back of 1/2 Prince PDF Volume 1. What? You haven’t read it? Okay, now you know.)

First of all, I would like to give credit where it is due. Lucathia, our lead translator, has been working realllly hard to give all of you readers updates. She practically handled most of the releases for year 2012. So, please, give your thanks to her. (And worship her like a God (of Light)- *shot*)

Moving on (cause I tend to get side-tracked).


Well, this interview is pretty much madness. Just like the everyday life of PR. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. XD

The Formal questions:

1) Well, it took us about three to four years, but 1/2 Prince has finally ended. What does everyone feel about it?

Arcedemius: It’s the end of an era. I’m sad to see it go, yet glad to have been along for the ride.
dahlys: NOOOOOOO!
raylight: I can’t believe that it has ended… I’m pretty happy in the sense that we would be able to work on new projects, but I feel a little sad about not working on 1/2 Prince, our first project, anymore…. (Hello, host? Why are you answering your own questions?)
null: null.
Lucathia:  What a journey! I feel satisfied seeing the project to the end, and I’d love to congratulate the characters for making it through Yu Wo’s torturing of them. Well, most of them. In comparison with Yu Wo’s other works, 1/2 Prince characters really have it easy though…
eilinel: I can’t believe it finally ended… Yay I guess, mixed with relief, because we have finally completed a series! Let’s complete more!
Azakura: whaaat? It can’t end…… aww… 

2) Was there anything in particular that was memorable in this period of time?

Arcedemius: Prince being more dangerous dead than alive. That memory will stay with me for eternity.
dahlys: There are… just too many of these…
raylight: Hmm… Many various things has happened. From within PR, to the development of the stories HP and LSK… (I still see HP as Harry Potter, btw) But the most shocking question so far to me probably has to be how the heck did I manage to stay in PR all these years when I have short attention span and inability to focus too long on a single task XD (Fine, your host is the most talkative out of all these people.)
null: null null.
Lucathia: Discovering Yu Wo’s other works. Seriously. Now I’m hooked, and I will read pretty much anything she writes.
eilinel:  I don’t know…crazy typo from Ray…the time we spent agonizing over Yu Wo weird names and puns…too many to remember. It’s one heck of a journey! (raylight: Hey! Don’t talk about my typos! It’s not my fault that my hands have a mind of their own, so what I type is not what I write and vice versa… Okay, it’s my fault *facepalm*)
Azakura: meatbun meatbun-bun. 

3) Well, that was an eventful few years, wasn’t it? So… What do you feel about the new projects that we’re going to take on then? (HP sequel – 1 volume, Female Warrior – 2 volumes, etc)

Arcedemius:  Can’t wait to read more from this universe, and the anticipation of working on something new is making me wriggle with joy like i’m a kid all over again.
dahlys: Yay!
raylight: It’s kind of sad that HP ended… But then again, new projects! YAY! I’m very happy about Female Warrior, because ever since I read it, I’ve been wanting to translate it for our fellow LSK fans. The HP sequel is also rather fun to translate. Above all, I’m pretty excited about No Hero, cause it’s another series that I love from Yu Wo. It’s a bit lengthy though, so I’ll require the help of everyone in PR~
null: null!
Lucathia: Prepare for excitement! The 1/2 Prince sequel features a few different POVs, which I found makes for a fascinating read for me. However, if you’re the type that rages over having canon be too defined with what happens to everyone later on in their life (for example, if you’ve raged hard because of Harry Potter’s epilogue), this might be something you want to skip. I’m happy Female Warrior is up next, though really, it’s much more of a teaser than anything, since the main story hasn’t even been written yet. No Hero will be exciting as well, especially being Yu Wo’s third series that’s written in 1st person, and his POV can be considered an outsider’s POV on heroes. I really hope we can get around to other projects too, since my second most favorite series from Yu Wo isn’t even on our list of future projects yet!
eilinel: No hero is my favorite series so I’m happy we could start it~ but thinking of the 8 or 9 volumes make me go OTZ. Need to work hard! Waiting for the official novel of Female Warrior.
Azakura: Female Warrior is so amazing!! FW ftw~ It makes me roll on my belly on the floor.

4) Our staff list sure have expanded a lot, didn’t they? From a small team to a whole community now… Including our international languages translators, of course. What do you feel about that? Or just about the PR staff in general?

Arcedemius: We do have a huge staff now, and they’re all incredibly friendly and helpful. I’m proud to have worked with so many people who have at times put every spare hour they had into working so that others could appreciate these stories.
raylight: It’s kind of sad that many PR staff has left us or become inactive, but on the bright side, we do have many more coming in~ PR always feels like a big happy family to me, and we chat often and stuff. And there’s always people you can ask in case you have translation questions~ Thank you all guys, for being the awesome people you are!
null: null?
Lucathia: PR’s staff is amazing. Very talented too (I cannot believe how young some of the others are). And I really should get on chat more instead of just emailing people to hunt down translations. =P
eilinel: Really sad that SR isn’t here at this moment…because I often commented to her how much PR! has grown…from a small blog wih 5 members (translator + proofreader) when I had just joined to now, a team consisting of over 20 members and our own site and everything… Thank you all (current members and all the member who are inactive now) for your hard work! and thank you readers for being there with us all this time~! I saw some of you commenting 4 years ago, and I still see you commenting 4 years later…please support us for another 4 years! Or hopefully, many more than 4 years~ XD.
Azakura: I’m new so… Greetings senpais.. onegaishimasu 

5) Anything you want to tell our readers?

Arcedemius: I hope everyone gained just as many odd looks while reading HP as i did from random strangers and flatmates alike. I wish many loud laughs to everyone at the oddest of times!
dahlys: Let’s make sure the whole world hears us laughing at Yu Wo’s stories, ya?
null: null…
raylight: This one here shall continue to work hard on translating and I hope that everyone will continue to support us~ Help advertise us, and spread the love of Yu Wo all around! (Why am I so serious compared to the others XD)
Lucathia: Readers, you also played a huge part in helping PR! come this far! It’s great seeing everyone’s thoughts on the chapters. I hope more discussion will be possible in the future too, such as opportunities for meta.
eilinel:  Oops I think I covered this in no.4 XD.
Azakura: the cake is a lie, but blueberry cookies are real! 

Following that huge chunk of text, we have a BONUS QUESTION! (Which Arc missed due to having answered first. Sorry! >w< )

6) How did you discover 1/2 Prince/ how did you join PR?

dahlys: Discovered HP: My friend’s fault. Discovered PR: Linked from the manhua. Joined PR: Part of my plan for world domination Spread the laughter contagion.
Discovered HP: While checking out gender-bender manga in mangafox, I found it, and it was pretty interesting… Unfortunately at that time, releases were pretty slow, so I forgot about it after a while… Until the releases started going a lot faster. XD
Discovered PR: Linked from the manhua. I was pretty excited to find out that HP originated from a novel. After reading whatever PR had to offer in English, I immediately went to read it up in Chinese.
Joined PR: Admittedly, the main reason I joined PR was for LSK. I mean, I love HP, but LSK just ups it by a notch XD After reading the prologue and chapter 1 in English, translated by Erialis, I was hooked, and then I decided to read the whole series of LSK and to join PR. Well, it also helps that I just finished my O’ Levels (some major examination), and I had a lot of free time (about 3-5 months time, in fact), and PR happened to be recruiting, so…
Lucathia:  Same as raylight, I came across HP because I was looking for genderbender manga to read. I was hooked quite soon because of Lan’s personality, and I adored that she was playing a virtual game. Following that, I read all of the 1/2 Prince novels. I think in one day. Or maybe two. Whoops. As for joining PR, I didn’t join until much later. It was after I got hooked on LSK that I thought I’d try my hand at translating too. I was dying to chat with more people about LSK, and being among staff who also enjoyed LSK and who had read just as far as I had made that much easier.
eilinel: Search term = prince. Ok I was in the mood for some prince/princess romance back then…never thought I would end up with something totally different and awesome though! Found PR! advertising on mangafox forum…and decided to try my hand at translation.
Azakura: Found HP from recommendations from .hack series and found PR! from HP novel and joined it because their language is sophisticated, fitting and amazing!

Now that the formalities are out of the way, time to get random!


1) Your favorite character in HP? And why?

Arcedemius: Himura Kenshin. Yu Wo paid homage to Nobuhiro Watsuki in the best way possible.
dahlys: Prince. I like funny people.
raylight: … Ming Huang. Don’t question it. (Okay, I like my angry, violent tsunderes, okay?) (In fact, I’ll give anyone cookies if they can figure out all the types of characters I like. There’s a lot. XD )
null: null…!
Lucathia: Cold Fox. He completely won me over in volume 8 with his elite skills and his no nonsense attitude in the real world. He didn’t cut Lan any slack, refusing to let her to wallow in self-doubt. I also enjoyed how he pretty much stalked Kenshin, haha. What a persistent guy. I also found his RL identity super fascinating.
eilinel: GUI! Nuff said =p.
Azakura: Nan Gong Zui! He’s hot!

2) sjoajfojsdffjm o too brain dead to think properly. People suggest questions to ask. I DON’T KNOW *flails* Sleep sounds good. Yeah it does. (I’M SORRY. I was severely sleep-deprived at that moment. )

Arcedemius: kegejeeshehehsilalauudmn quick! there goes my thinking capacity! it escaped out the window! =_=
dahlys: Sleep sounds fantastic.
raylight: Sleeeeepppppp is good. Too bad I have insomnia. It’s like “WHY BODY YOU NO SLEEP”
null: null null, null null null, null… null null NULL null!
Lucathia: Sleep is the best.
eilinel: I demand 8 hours of sleep before I can translate! And ice cream. Preferably cookies and cream. Or chocolate XD. (raylight: That sounds good to me too… Vanilla ice cream for the win! And sleep. orz )
Azakura: Sleep is good!


That’s the end of our interview! We hope that you enjoyed it! Now next on the agenda, we have a message from our dear founder who haven’t been keeping contact with us regularly. *stares* (Talk to us more)


From Erialis,

A Message from Erialis

Howdy, y’all!

It’s difficult to believe that nearly four years have passed since I first messaged Yu Wo and posted the first translated chapter of 1/2 Prince onto the old wordpress website, complete with unholy run-on sentences and awkwardly over-literal translations. And now the series has been completely translated – something that seemed like such a faraway goal at the time.

So many fans have stepped forward over these four years to offer their services as translators, proof-readers, and editors, and even regular readers have contributed to the translations by catching errors, challenging translation decisions, and boosting morale with your comments. So as the “retired founder” (I’d like to know who came up with that title! Amgine?) and a current lurker, I’d like to say…

Congratulations and thank you, Prince Revolution! and all those who have made the journey with Feng Lan, Odd Squad, and PR over these years! And here’s to more amazing, amazing translations from the present team! *raises virtual ale mug*

Happy new year!

Signing out,

Right, that was our gracious motivational speech from our founder. Now, all good things have to come to an end, and so do all word limits. We shall leave this here for now, and let the Q&A session begin!

Readers, if there’s anything that you would like to ask us, please leave us a number- I mean message below, and we will answer to our best of our abilities. (Thou shall not inquire about the typos.) 

Dear Readers, may you all have happy days ahead, and please continue to support us with your amazing conditional love, and look forward to our new projects!

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  1. About them stares from strangers when reading, I get too many. But when one has to laugh, one has to laugh, and when it’s Prince… XD

  2. Ah.. I have no questions, but THANK YOU ALL.
    Thank you all for the commitments you all made to this project, this community, this family.
    My life would have been totally different without PR!’s translation of 1/2 Prince, really.
    (okay, now I just sound creepy)
    So.. basically, yeah, thanks! I really admire all of you for being able to commit yourself to translate something so long and wordy (and within the deadline D: that’s freaking amazing!) I was really tempted to join PR! after my Os (which is like.. now.) but I knew I couldn’t, because I’ll be the one black sheep that’ll hold back the team’s efforts, because I can’t meet the deadline…
    I know how hard it is, because I’m translating another novel now and damn, it’s hard! D: (well, I’m attempting to anyway)

    So yeah. THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 I love you guys.
    /offers lots and lots of dessert and cookies~
    I'll always support Prince Revolution! Maybe someday in the far-off future, I'll apply to join your big family(:
    Well, till that day comes, I'll always be a loyal supporter! (:

    • [PR]raylight

      Thank you for your support! You’re welcome to come and join us anytime. We’ll always welcome new people with wide open arms. And oh? The novel you said you were translating interests me. May I know the name of it? XP

  3. I would just like to say, that while i couldn’t do anything to help with translations of anything, you guys kept Having my “lurker support”, i have been with you guys since volume 1 chapter 2 of HP and i would just like to be the first to congratulate you guys on your wonderful achievement of bringing HP to the non-chinese (taiwanese) speaking people you know as lurkers, now congratulations on finishing HP and here’s hoping for another yeah of the magnificience (dunno if thats spelled wrong) that is Yu Wo. CHEERS!!!!

  4. Wowwie that was fun ^^
    okie question~
    ‘what kind of organization is prince revolution’?
    Are you really a buncha translators plotting to take over the world when your not translating Yu Wo novels?!
    and how many of you speak Null?

    • [PR]raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      Haha, all of us like to have fun, so… XD

      As for your question, well, I think some people in our group has expressed interest to take over the world more than once, da? To say any more than that would be a state secret – (*shot*)

      I’m afraid only Null himself speaks null, cause I don’t understand a single word of it XD Maybe there are much more talented souls out there that can figure out the null language though!

  5. *raises virtual ale mug*
    Hooray to the main team, because we from International Tranlations would have nothing to work with without you!
    And I have a question.

    Where did you translators learn Chinese in first place?
    (Because I feel I really want to learn too…)

    • [PR]raylight

      We thank you too for joining our ranks and making our group bigger, as well as spreading the love!

      Hmm, I’m not sure about the other people living in other countries, but quite a few of us have Chinese heritage to begin with, so we were forced to learn it since young. However, if you truly are interested in learning, I think you can learn some of the basic words online? I think someone else would probably be more fitting to answer this question though, I’m sorry.

    • [PR]eilinel

      I wouldn’t say I was “forced” to learn Chinese, Ray. It’s my first language, English is my second lol. (So forgive me if you see any grammatically weird sentences from me >_<).

    • [PR]lucathia

      Reading manga translated to Chinese and watching Mandarin dubbed Hong Kong shows with Chinese subtitles did wonders for me, though of course that wasn’t everything. XD But the important part was that I always had a use for my Chinese, while some people gave up learning because it just felt tedious.

      (Answering as someone who doesn’t live in a Chinese speaking country XD;; But I am from a Chinese family. Chinese background helps.)

      For people who want to learn, getting used to how the language sounds is key! (Perhaps try watching some Chinese shows with subtitles. Like Ray mentioned, there are sites online that could help with basics. After getting the basics down, grammar… As for recognizing Chinese characters, a lot has to do with memorization. So, perhaps flashcards. There are online flashcard sites too!

    • [PR]raylight

      For traditional chinese, I advise watching Taiwanese variety shows. Especially the ones by Jackie. XP (He’s my favorite host! XD)

      I learnt most of my traditional chinese that way XD (Cause what I learnt in school was actually simplified chinese, more often used in China. Taiwan, on the other hand, uses traditional chinese. What’s the difference, you ask? Basically, simplified chinese is the ‘easier’ version to write. However, it loses it’s original picture drawing kind of meaning sometimes. Cause Chinese words were originally pictures, so some of the words make sense, but simplified Chinese don’t have that. XP )

    • [PR]lucathia

      I find simplified Chinese much harder. =P But then, I haven’t really learned it, so.

      I used to watch a few Taiwanese variety shows fairly often. My favorite was Super Sunday. :3;

    • [PR]raylight

      I used to like “Guess, Guess, Guess” when it was hosted by Jackie. But I like Super Sunday too XD

  6. StarWarrior

    Hazzah! To Prince Revolution! Long may they live in translating and proof reading!

    I will always stay and read for i am your humble supporter.
    But in all seriousness, i was always such a fan and even recommended it to countless friends. One of them is only at volume 4 now but will eventually join our prince’s legend.

    Always keep up the work you do! (OuO)

  7. ~Ren The Witch~

    Oh dear lol Null makes me laugh…but I need a dictionary to understand his “null” comments! :D! Love you guys, keep the goood work! and if you ever need a part time english-to-spanish translator, i’ll be delighted to help anyway i can :)
    Greetings from Chile, i will always support you from facebook and the PR! Revolution site!

  8. This is so touching… Hp is finally finished and ill miss it so much… Dahlys, ur plan for world domination (I mean spread the laughter contagion) is… unstoppable… That is all I have to say right now besides a huge THANK YOU!!!!!! from all the readers (If anyone says otherwise ill…) anyway thank you all so much!

  9. Thank you!
    I may be new here (discovered the site sometime back in July…) but I must say, this place is wonderful. Definitely makes me wish I had found it sooner. And that I knew Chinese… Sigh.
    Anywho, thank you for all of your years of hard work, and here’s hoping that someday I can join :D (is wishing for proofreader spot to be available, lol).
    You guys are awesome! ^o^b
    /presents lifetime supply of homebaked blueberry scones, complete with piles of sugar for topping!

  10. THANK YOU ALL! I have gotten a few stares from laughing too. I also introduced my friend to it (she read it in Chinese though) and we both got a lot of laughs, THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! I hope one day I can read the original.

  11. [PR]lucathia

    I did not know we had a pokemon called Null in our ranks. :O

  12. Can’t belive it’s been four years since I found out about the manga, novel, and you guys, am I the only one thinking you guys need like a standing ovation for all the hard work you guys put in to translate these. :D

  13. Thank you so much Prince Revolution Staff! I’m definitely going to keep reading Yu Wo’s works (translated by you guys of course) and reread Half Prince.

    I guess I should try and ask a question: Will the tournament between 1/2 Prince and Sun Knight restart again? Or (more interestingly) which fight between 2 characters- can be in the same or different series – would you want to see that hasn’t occurred yet?

    • [PR]azakura

      The tourney! :0 ~~~~

    • @[PR]azakura
      though is the tourney necessarily viable? ^^; I mean, 1/2 prince had RL and in game power houses with abilities that were very different between the two.
      Plus it kinda becomes a question of at what point in their stories their in the tournament. Amnesia sun was super powerful and could have wiped the floor with much anyone and post death leaf was stronger than pre death leaf.
      On the 1/2 prince side, the entire cast had faced deletion going back to level 1 by the end but their rl selves were super powerful in their own right (not to mention cold fox whose possibly just as powerful in rl as any character in the game)
      I think it would be better if there was just a tournament of 1/2 prince characters and a tournament of Legend of Sun knight characters since it would be much easier to do~ ^^;
      Plus with female warrior and no hero coming along…

    • [PR]azakura

      @Jasae Bushae
      I’ve no idea to be honest. Maybe a tourney with just HP characters since it’s coming to an end? Could do the inter-series tourneys after more has been translated. Have to discuss with the rest of PR! first… No guarantees P:

    • @[PR]azakura
      it would be a nice send off for prince :3

    • @[PR]azakura
      Winner: Meatbun
      >.> That’s probably how it would play out, unless Prince or Fire Phoenix wasn’t eliminated in an earlier round.

  14. If I haven’t look at facebook i would guess that PR staff is on holiday streak or something, and couldn’t update this site. I’m glad to find you guys still alive and update this wonderful site. Thanks for all the scanlations for all the years. Hoped to find another post soon! :D

    Good luck

  15. noodlecharm

    Thank You for your hard work!!!!!!!! XD… I love you guys for translating !!!!!!!!!!!! I am ready to read more!!!!! (Hihihih.. =P) I would’nt have heard of more of Yu Wo’s works without PR!

    Excited and grateful beyond measure,

    Your regular reader who checks the site three times week for new updates and read (or reread) anything posted! (but only types comments once in a while… =P)

    XDDD (Wishes that she can read Chinese… DX)

  16. I love you all. It’s my first coment here but thats only because I’m allways lurking in the shadows (when you wonderful PR! staff members look behind you and see a suspicious shadow thats me) and worshiping you guys along with Yu Wo so I hawe no time to post comments :)
    BTW Your plan for world domi… ahem to spread the laughter is working great! Im from Poland and I saw people from many countries post coments before. Just give me a signal and ill start gathering an army (of your fans) for you… or beather not cause they may steal your clothes to worship you…

    • [PR]raylight

      Hi hi! Thanks for commenting then! The first time is always very scary, isn’t it? But don’t worry, we don’t bite. No vampires in the group, you see? I’m not too sure about having fans steal our clothes. It would be pretty funky to see someone attempt to make a religious cult or something out of PR though!

    • SnowStorm

      For some reason, I think that making a cult would be really easy… *-*

    • @SnowStorm
      Cults are also excellent tools for world domination. (Nods sagely)

  17. Hello everyone and THAAAAAAAANK YOU!!!!! I found your site not long ago and for the first time in my life I laughed so much that my parents gave me weird looks ;)
    I really love your translations and I think you are all AMAZING!
    Btw, I like the idea of international army of PR! fans. You can count on me anytime!
    Greetings from Poland xD

  18. Little Writer

    I loved Half Prince! And still do, lol.
    Anyways, PR!, I’ve said this a lot, but thank you for translating everything. And doing it so well, too!
    I found this…maybe about a year ago? Finished reading it in one day, and then read it again! Wasted so much time as well…
    *Ahemm* Anyways, the ebooks saved my life during testing. When I was done with nothing else to do, whipped out my kindle and started reading like noooo tomorrow. So, thank you for all that you’ve done!
    :) <3 Eternal love for Half Prince~

  19. I love you guys!!! _< Yup, totally my favorite HP character too. Not that I don't love the rest of them…hah-hah…*more nervous laughter* And oh my, Raylight, your sleepiness had me giggling. ^_^ Love you all, eternally grateful, and always here, even if I happen to be lazy and not comment. See ya around!! :3

  20. I haven’t said this pretty often (maybe because I was always way too excited after the I read the chapter or because I tend to be a little timid at times) but thank you for translating HP. You guys made my day time and time again, and even my worst days will turn in happy ones after one chapter.
    I’m never good at writing thanks, I always forget what I wanted to say >.< damn you my bad memory.
    I'm a little sad to let HP go after all this time (I think I started reading the novel two years ago) but can't wait to read other translation, Yu Wo has become one of my favorite writers ever since I started reading HP and LSK.
    I was thinking of translating HP to my language too (romanian) and spread the laughters in my country too (I only found one other person that reads HP in Romania) but I'm not sure I'll have enough time after I start working again.

    And a question (buahaha) ….. hmmmm….
    Do you guys play MMO games?
    I don't know, that was one of the things that made me read HP in the first place.

    • [PR]raylight

      Thanks for taking the time to write then! I’m also pretty bad with replies, actually… And well, only start translating if you’re sure you have the time for it. I mean, you can take your time, but it’s still pretty time-consuming.

      As for your question (Actually I answered because of the question XD)

      Of course I do play MMORPGs! They’re fun! Well, or at least used to play them. Mac doesn’t support MMOs >.< Among them, my fav is Ragnarok Online lol XD What? The variety of classes are fun! XD Well, there's also Maplestory, and some others I don't quite remember… Actually, a lot of the PR staff plays games owo

  21. oh ive got a good one! Is there a specific Yu Wo book you are really eager to get around to translating? Not a series like no hero but a book like volume seven of sun knight or the first volume of no hero. Which specific book has you the most excited and anticipatedy?

    • [PR]raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      Generally, I like translating individual chapters more than one volume. I’m pretty excited about translating Volume 7 of Sun Knight (Because that’s where things begin to make sense) and Volume 4 of No Hero (It’s actually a really good book XD). Also looking forward to Book 1 of No Hero because it’s fun to do introductions! As for which specific book… I think… hmm… I always like translating LSK, but I’m more excited about No Hero right now due to the fresh change of pace it would bring.

      Does that answer your question?

    • @[PR]raylight
      Yes it does~ thank you very much ^^

    • [PR]eilinel

      Volume 4 of No Hero is my favourite too! I always felt that it will be good if Yu Wo ends thing at Volume 4 lol. Not really looking forward to translating Volume 5 of No Hero onward x_x, but we shall persevere!

    • [PR]lucathia

      I’m not too fond of v4 actually, because I’m not too invested in the “main character”. XD;; There are some parts in v5 onwards that I like a lot, but I also feel the story is rambling a little! I hope we get an awesome ending that wraps most things up though. :3;; I wouldn’t mind translating chapters from v5 onward whenever we get there. I leave the beginning volumes to all of you. =P

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      At this point, volume 7 of LSK, but before it would have been v4 of LSK because…Grisia with amnesia!

      There are many chapters from v6 of LSK that are awesoooome as well.

  22. Just out of curiousity, what is the gender ratio of the team? Mostly females, mostly males, or what? I’m also sort of curious about the readers as well. Personally, I a guy

    • [PR]raylight

      Overwhelming female to male ratio. The number of males that have joined PR! can be counted on one hand. Or two hands. I kind of wish more guys would join so that we can have more guys’ opinions. …And to make it less of a female harem- *shot*

      As for the reader ratio, it’s also more females to males, though probably not as bad as PR’s gender ratio… (The reader ratio info, I believe we did a reader survey in… November 2010… so long ago, lol. We roughly have 71% females and 29% males at that time?)

    • [PR]eilinel

      One hand Ray, one hand >_<

    • [PR]azakura

      One finger on each hand, eili XD

    • [PR]eilinel

      That is current member Aza~ if we are counting past members it would be 5 fingers…? I think XD.

  23. Hey. I’ve been reading the translations here for 2 and a half years and this is my first comment. You guys girls are amazingly awesome for doing what it is you do here and I wanted to thank you for all the amazingness. I was going to ask the question that Dudeman asked (btw I’m a guy) but he’s already asked it so I’ll ask a different one.

    What sort of character would you make if you were to play Second Life (the second life from 1/2 prince not the real second life) and how would you play that character?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Probably an elven mage for me! I like long distance combat over close quarter combat. If not a mage, I’d choose to be an archer. A barrier master would also be interesting…

      I would probably open a shop in Infinite City if I could. :3

    • @Lamphobic
      I’d play a dual sword wielding human warrior! Complete with awesome Jin Yong style martial arts and Street Fighter skills.

      Close combat is the best (what’s more fun than swinging a sword?).

      How to play: Buff buff buff. “CHAAAARGE!!!” The end. (depends on cleric behind to survive) Other than that, I like to wander around, explore uncharted regions, hunt treasure, and hoard money.

    • [PR]raylight

      Thief/rogue for me! I love having high agility. XD As for how to play… I guess I’ll wield dual daggers, and learn how to enchant poison? And learn how to make bombs. Taking down enemies with strikes to critical areas and with my speed sounds fun~ And of course, the highlights of the day would be looting the items. What, I have the trademark money-loving trait of thieves down, okay? XD

  24. Congratulations to you guys! I didn’t realise it’s been THAT long since I started to stalk *ha-hum* PR when it was still on the old site. And thank you, really.. back then, I can’t read Hànzì at all, but woaini and stuff like that XD,, anyway, I personally give my biggest thanks to PR staffs for translating HP. HP is the only chinese novel I read, and yeah,, if it wasn’t because of you guys posting your hardwork here, giving me the courage to learn to read chinese, my chinese wouldn’t be as good as it is now, even though it’s still can’t be compared to you guys’.. Just saying… haha
    where do you learn those chinese idioms and puns? I’ve read HP in chinese, and frankly it took me quite a long-time to search for the idiom and re-read the paragraph ’til I get the meaning and the joke in it. (o_o;) I still haven’t finished reading the second volume waahhh (;-;)

    and….keep up the good work! I’ll be rooting for you guys~ 加油加油~

    • [PR]raylight

      Thank you for supporting us all these years too! And good job for working on learning Chinese that long. I know it’s tough learning a new language, I truly do. (*is attempting to learn Japanese*)

      Sadly, I’m afraid that one can only get Chinese idioms and puns by studying/reading more. I know it’s hard, I mean Chinese is my mother tongue, and I still find it difficult! But once you know the really basic ones, the rest you can search in Google. (Especially idioms/puns, seeing that Yu Wo likes to misuse them)

      May I suggest using this site to search for idioms to make things easier? A lot of PR! translators like to use it too, it’s very convenient! XD http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php

      Cheers, and all the best for your studies in Chinese! Feel free to consult me for any more questions, I’ll be happy to entertain ^^

  25. any big super duper secret plans for this year of Yu Wo translations? :3

  26. The Book Girl

    It actually is interesting to find out that probably half the staff found PR! pretty much the same way I did. I was boredly looking for something new to read on an online manga website (because people go out of their way to find and translate that, and it seems to me that doing something like that for free in your own time is pretty awesome) and I stumbled upon HP. Well, I went to the Odd Squad website after finding out about it from a chapter, and as soon as I heard about a novelization, I was reading it. All the way. I actually read all of HP and LSK before I read the manhua, and when I saw it I just couldn’t stand to read it because I already knew what was going to happen.
    Actually, I do kind of want to learn another language, which is easier for me as I am in high school. It’s really easy to find learn-to books at a community library, and I am trying to teach myself Japanese. If I can successfully learn Japanese and my school’s Latin courses, then I will try to pick up Chinese. I just find it interesting how just in what you read in fictional works, you can find out so much about other cultures. It’s just amazing. I admire anyone who knows multiple languages and uses them for others’ conveniences. HP… If you guys didn’t translate HP and LSK, I don’t think any of us readers would even know it existed. I read HP novelization and when I found out about LSK I humored myself, and was greatly entertained. I look forward to future works. Just seeing how this website has expanded over the time I’ve been reading and visiting every day to look for new translations is incredible. As long as I’m forcing innocents to read LSK because it’s hilarious, the community will only continue to expand. With all this progress, I can say for certain that things will only look up. Continuing after LSK and HP will just make weak-hearted fans like me keep coming back unless there’s some sort of obstacle.
    You guys are awesome, end of story. And through several more, I’m guessing, as long as you have people.

    • Aww, thank you :)

      Well, if you ever do successfully learn Japanese, then learning Chinese would be fairly simple because you already know the kanji. And then, and then… you could apply to join PR… we need more translators!

    • The Book Girl

      If I am successful in my studies, I will. In a heartbeat. Because I already know you guys are awesome, and Yu Wo is hilarious.

  27. since alot of people brought it up i confess thats how i found out about this place too. ^^; im an avid reader and stumbled on 1/2 prince the manua by dumb luck while looking up ranma (because i had forgotten the authors name and i wanted to look up rin-ne which was a new series at the time that i vaugly heard about) so i stumbled onto 1/2 prince (which i insist i checked out because it was described as a comedy adventure and i totally deny other tags about it caught my eye~) and read it. While I enjoy reading the occasional manga/manwa now and then though, im more of a book type reader and about halfway through i bothered to actually read the ad which mentioned a translated light novel it was based on, found myself at oddsquad and from there i stumbled onto princerevolution about two years ago~
    funnily enough when i try recomending prince/sun knight to people its my male friends who take an interest XD

  28. O Great and Fantasically Marvelous Being Also Known As Lucathia, 15B is doubly blessed to have witnessed Your awe-inspiring twin gifts of Fanfiction Writing and Translating. Through Your gracious kindness, what would have undoubtedly been a lost soul within a dark, gloomy world has become an enlightened existence with the aid of your glorious Fanfics. When despair fills Your lowly fangirl, 15B rereads Your beautiful creations and is instantaneously filled with joy and laughter.

    Want to find a translator who can read WingDings and Null-ish.

    All translators, editors, readers, other people who worked on these projects on PrinceRevolution!, thank you sincerely.

  29. The Book Girl

    Here’s a question: If you guys (or anyone who wants to answer) could keep any NPC as a pet, who would you choose? Any NPC includes the Dictator and Celestial, too. Anyone.
    2. If you could keep any character as a slave, who would you pick? Okay, one’s not enough for that. What would be your top three choices for slaves? Never mind. That’s too tough a decision even for me. What do you think are the top three Players who would be ideal slaves? I mean, we already know Ken-san would be a good servant. (Ken-san… The nickname that Megumi gave sticks…) I would assume the Dictator of life, too. Too easy. So who would be your first picks to be your slaves if you could pick three?
    3. Which character(s?) do you find most like yourself?
    4. What was your favorite chapter of HP?
    5. Are my questions getting annoying yet? If not, I have more.
    6. Which character(s?) do you think you would get along with most? (This is different from Q3, because you can get along with somebody who you’re nothing alike.)
    7. Which character do you think was the most annoying?
    8. Am I annoying you yet? (Not the question.) Okay, last one. For now: Which characters do you think were the most predictable or unpredictable?

    That said, my answers would be: Dictator of Life; (Don’t have an opinion on the second one. I’m too big a Ken-san fan.); Prince(And yes, I do mean as Prince, not in RL. She’s much for fun and amusing in the game.); d) all of the above; LOL; Probably all of them if I really tried; not gonna answer this one; I actually think our famous protagonist, Ken-san, Sunshine, and Gui were all pretty predictable. The Dictator and Lolidragon were kind of going back and forth, and, of course, no overall antagonist is ever predictable in something interesting like HP.
    Oh, and I lied when I said ‘a’ question. I got carried away, and…

    • Little Writer

      @The Book Girl
      1. The OG shopowner NPC from when Prince first started, lol.
      2. Prince and Meatbun combination (cooking), Gui (music), Wicked (decoration).
      3. Nan Gong Zui..? No idea, I’m a disaster unto myself.
      4. ALL OB DEM! No, probably V3C3 for the part at the end about Prince’s 4 admirers.
      5. Hell no, this is fun :D
      6. Sunshine, Meatbun, Gu Yun Fei, Lu Jing…WickedGuiPrinceKenshinAnybishiesintheSeries. :3
      7. Ming Huang. He acts like my annoying older brother. (My brother even called Half Prince “stupid”. Hmph.)
      8. Cold Fox!!! Really unpredictable. I actually thought that he was going to be a background thing, but Yu Wo managed to make him shine. I love Ice Phoenix’s cheesy lines, even though that’s totally unrelated to this question.
      My own question:
      1. What’s the reason that everyone loves Half Prince?

    • The Book Girl

      Oh, that’s easy. Half Prince was designed to be amusing, friendly, and overall exiting to the readers. Although, I must admit, it was a bit childish in scenes, the characters were easy to understand and relate to, the overall concept was interesting, and the somewhat immature sense of humor was kind of refreshing.
      Another question, though, is: How many people have stumbled upon LSK before they found HP? Did anyone?
      I know I found HP first, and then read LSK after I finished all of HP that this site had to offer at that point… And then found myself liking that more, but at that point where it didn’t make sense not to read HP all the way through.

    • @The Book Girl
      Eh, i wanna try answering this too since it seems fun XD
      1. An Rui since I like clams XD *gets killed for trying to lure it into a boiling pot*
      2. umm….im not sure i like this line of questiony but….Storm Knight since he can do all my work for me, the solaris emperors secretary so he could just transcribe my stories and edit them so their nice and perdy….and clay child for no particular reason beyond finding em neat
      3. undying man ^^;
      4. Book One Chapter 4: The Necromancer and the Bard
      5. Eeeeh~ not really XD
      6. cloud, kenshin and coldfox since they would all ignore me ^^;
      7. umm, fairsky early on when she was going all ‘i have money so i can make him like me’ ^^;
      8. PRINCE easily falls under most predictable XD most unpredictable…also prince? XD

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