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Hi, this is Ray again. After learning how to write a post by myself, I can say… You guys are going to be seeing a lot more of me. (I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but you’ll just have to deal with it, I guess?) … The people at PR have no idea what they unleashed. XD

Well, I have actually translated quite a bit of various things here and there, being the avid LSK fan that I am, so I thought I might as well share some of them with you guys. One of which is as the title claims.

Just to be curious, I’ll conduct a small interest poll. Are you guys more interested in:
1) Plurk translations from Yu Wo (of course, nothing spoilerific)
2) Sharing amusing stories within PR!
3) Interviews at the back of the LSK manhua volumes
4) Random fan drawings/merchandises
5) Sharing information about all of Yu Wo’s novels, where to read them in English (if available , etc.
6) List of recommended other novels! Including Japanese ones. XP

You can say all, but tell me which ones you are more interested in so that I know. Well, if there’s not much interest, then obviously I wouldn’t be doing it, so yeah.



Cat Ten Character1 – Afterwords:

Hi everyone~ I am Cat Ten Character who is in charge of drawing the manhua version of  “Legend of the Sun Knight” this time OwO/

First of all, let me thank the people who have let me have the chance to draw this. They are Dù Bǐ, Yú ér, Lily Chou-Chou, Yu Wo, One Free Year Publishing House and Angel Publishing House!

At first, when I knew that a manhua version will be drawn for “Legend of the Sun Knight”, I was really surprised!! I suspected that my luck energy had been depleted. @[email protected] I keep having the feeling that it was impossible… Until Taiwan released the first set, then I realized that this was the truth. (*explodes*)

When I had just started drawing the first round, everything was a stranger to me. Every time I drew a character, I had to refer to the design sheet to be able to draw their clothes… But that’s only until recently~ Only the Death Knight would give me a bigger headache. XD (I will conquer him sooner or later!!…)

Backgrounds are also a portion that took up a lot of time~ Just the Holy Church and the scenery outside the Church took up a whole day! However, the effect seems to be pretty good… and it can be re-used. (*is sent flying*) Drawing something satisfactory makes me very happy. QwQ

Did anyone discover that the dialogue in the first round is strangely a lot more than the other rounds? Actually, when I was drawing, I was very worried that the words will be more than the pictures~ However, after having a discussion with Lily Chou-Chou, everyone felt that those God of Light nonsense is the essence of the Sun Knight!! Thus, anything that could be squeezed in was all squeezed into the pictures. XD

It became less starting from the second round, for it wasn’t possible to draw all of the content~ It’s somewhat a pity…  But no matter what~ I hope to be able to express the original feel well. >w<!!

Last of all, I want to thank Lily Chou-Chou, Dolphin, and my little helper KAZE wind~ It’s been tough on you guys every time before the draft. >3<” (*is beat up by the crowd*)

P.S: The insert pictures below are “A wolf in sheep’s clothing” (Earth) and “A sheep in wolf’s clothing” (Storm)~ When I was drawing the character designs, I realized that they were completely having a relation like this! XD  (T/N: If someone wants to see a pic of it, I can take a low quality pic with my laptop next time XD)

See you next time!
Cat Ten Character


30 Questions to Cat Ten Character

This time, we have especially prepared 30 questions for teacher Cat Ten Character, hope that everyone will be able to understand teacher Cat Ten Character more!

About self

1. Origin of the Pen name:
“Cat” was because when I was in secondary school, I was a night owl2. Plus, I had always wanted to raise a cat (After raising one then I realized it was very queenly. ) Hmm…Afterwards, whenever I changed my pen name, I have always kept the word “cat”~ “Ten Character3” is referring to the cross, as I like to collect accessories with a cross ^^ (I also like dots… But I don’t want to be called “Cat dot”… What if one gets more round as they are called?)

2. Mangaka that you like?
伊藤潤二 (Itō Junji), 吉永史(Yoshinaga Fumi)… Their stories are very interesting >V<// (And many others)

3. Manga or animation that you like?
Lord of Lord Ryu Knight (Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight) (OVA version), Tekkaman Blade (Also the OVA version), Macross, Escaflowne, Gundam Seed… In the recent years the series that I finished weren’t many… I forgot to watch. >”<

4. Food that you like?
Coffee, chicken wings, cake, chocolate…

5. Singer or artist that you like?
Miyavi, DIR EN GREY, Sound Horizon, Johnny Depp, Lynn Minmay… (And many others)

6. Songs that you like?
The songs of the above bands and singers. Other than that, I also tend to like FF’s theme songs. >V< (And many others)

7. Movies that you like?
Casshern is my greatest love. (The animation version “CASSHERN SIN” released in 09, I really want to watch it >”<)

8. Do you raise a pet? If yes, what is it?
One very stubborn queen cat (♂) …

9. Other than drawing, what are your interests?
Walking around the streets, playing computer games, KTV, randomly surfing the internet…

10. When you walk around the streets, which place do you go the most frequently?
Mong Kok~ As all the art drafts and essential items in life can be bought there ^^ (T/N: It’s a artist’s heaven street in Hong Kong. Look at all those copic markers!! >.< )

11. Do you use a PC or a Mac?

12. The most frequently used software?
I love using Photoshop 7.0.

13. When did you start to like drawing?
When I was small, I liked to draw everywhere, and I even drew a lot of graffiti under the wallpaper… When I think about it, the landlord was sure pitiful. = =… (<- Lives in a rented house)

14. If you are not restrained by the draft, would you like drawing black and white drafts or a colored one?
I like both~ Both of them give a different feeling~ However, colored copies, after I draw them I can put them on my website…Maybe I like it more by a little bit. XD

15. Your favorite portion to draw? (For example, hair, eyes, backgrounds, etc)
There isn’t a portion that I am extremely fond of drawing. Maybe that’s because I treat every portion with the same feelings… Even if I am drawing the fat pig of a king…

16. Except for drawing materials, what are the essential items during drawing?
A song that suits the moment~ And also coffee! (*feels the condescending stares…* XD )

17. When you are drawing, what do you want to eat the most?
Sometimes I will suddenly feel like eating curry rice, but then I’m very scared of the spiciness, so I would only think about it. XD

18. When you are drawing, what do you usually think about?
Want to sleep. (*is beaten up*) I think about the image that I am drawing~ I have to concentrate a lot especially during storyboarding.

19. When you draw and meet a situation where you are stuck in your manuscript, what will you do?
…Keep thinking about it. If I can’t manage to figure it out by myself, I’ll find my friends and discuss about it. Otherwise, I’ll go take a bath. If that still doesn’t work, then I’ll… leave it for now.

20. What is the thing that makes you the happiest in drawing?
The satisfaction you receive after completing it! If I get recognized for it, I’ll be even happier!! (*floating flowers*)

About Legend of the Sun Knight

21. Who is your favorite character?
Sun, Judgment, Ice, Storm, Blaze, Neo (The former Sun Knight)… I especially like Sun with memory loss. XD

22. Who is your favorite character to draw?
Sun. He is a character who has a serious case of being very different on the inside and the outside, and he has more expressions than the others. XD

23. Who is the most difficult character to draw?
Judgment, I guess~ I’m pretty worried he’ll be stuck outside the toilet doors… (T/N: I think she’s referring to the scene where he’s outside the toliet, and because he’s hard to draw, she probably stopped drawing him after that scene, making it seem like he’s in the toilet forever… At least, that’s what I think she’s implying.)

24. Until now, which scene do you like the most?
Sun and Judgment discussing the God of Light inside the toilet. XD

25. This is the first time that you are drawing a revised work, so what is the most difficult part of it?
Hmm… I’m scared of drawing something wrong in the detailed parts~ That’s because the original novel is already written with many details. If a loophole were to appear, I will be very nervous. @[email protected] For example, during the interrogation of criminals, behind Judgment’s back, there hangs the crest of the God of Light. Also, small problems like whether olden styled toliets should have the door drawn on and such. (*explodes*)

26. Comparing with the manhuas that you have drawn before, is there any difference this time?
The direction of “The Legend of the Sun Knight” is extremely different from the shoujo manhuas that I have drawn in the past. In the future, there will be more scenes that I have not drawn a lot appearing~ Please anticipate it. XD

27. Continuing from the question above, what have you gained from it?
This direction is something that I have always wanted to try. I’m very thankful towards the people that had given me this chance, and also, I ask everyone to support me. >V<

28. The Twelve Holy Knights haven’t all appeared. The characters that you are most looking forward to drawing are?
The spirit behind, Cloud! The Judgment fan, Metal!

29. Which holy knight do you wish to become the most?
The Sun Knight! On the left there’s six, and on the right there’s six~ It feels very heart warming. XD And the main point is that I can eat Judgment’s handmade porridge! <- *explodes*

30. Your thoughts regarding this story?
Hmm…To use a few lines to describe this story is impossible… Because every section is very exciting. XD
First of all, I’ll talk about my feelings towards the main character… I think he is a person that would make people curse him as a bastard <- XD, but at the same time feel that he is a person that values his comrades. That’s because no matter what kind of exaggerated matters that this bastard did, he is still a person who is willing to give up everything for his brothers~ No matter how brutal (?) he is to his subordinates, but in actual fact he cares about them a lot~ Seeing the Twelve Holy Knights beside him interact and mature at the same time, it feels like trust is more important than anything else! He is a bastard that makes people love and hates him! XD

Conclusion. Please talk about your thoughts as to drawing this book:
This is a work that is excellent, thus when I received this case, I was both happy and nervous!!
However, there are really a lot of characters. Also, I haven’t drawn before a story with the main character as the center, so I am pretty worried… Thankfully, in the story adaptation department, there is Lily Chou Chou’s help and suggestions.
There was also quite a bit of pressure in the character designing section. I also had quite a few nightmares. (*laughs*) The action scenes that I don’t usually draw are also becoming quite a lot~ And also, on some of the drawings, just drawing the line draft took up a few hours… However, I had a lot of fun drawing. XD
Because Sun is a very interesting character~ Hmm… If possible I want to continue drawing the different feelings that Sun gives off! (Such as Black Sun XD) Therefore, everyone do continue your support~ Let Sun be able to continue being a bastard!! XD


Yu Wo Free Talk

Hello to all the readers, I am the original author of “The Legend of the Sun Knight”, Yu Wo. Because I’m not sure if every reader have seen the original novel, thus I will take it that everyone have not seen the original work, and carry this feeling to write this free talk!

Yu Wo is a novelist. Because of having commonly received many emails saying: Yu Wo, I really like your ½ Prince. This “manhua” book is very good to read… Therefore, this time I’ll like to clarify that I’m a novelist, and is not responsible for the manhua. If the manhua is good to read, you should praise the artist Cat Ten Character teacher!

The Legend of the Sun Knight is my second novel to be adapted into a manhua. Every time my novel is adapted into a manhua, I always feel extremely happy. To be able to see my own works expressed in another manner, I always feel extremely touched, and when I see the new edition, my mood is also very good!

This time, the Legend of the Sun Knight is adapted into a manhua, which makes my mood especially joyous. That’s because within the knights, there are many various kinds of knights (Nonsense), the most important point is that they are also “handsome guys”! (Even if in the book, one isn’t written to be very handsome, but the manhua would most probably still draw them him handsomely so as to benefit everyone!)

As a female, to be able to see a handsome guy would always make one feel joyous, not to mention there’s even twelve of them? However, it’s really going to be tough on Cat Ten Character teacher to draw this many characters. I’m really sorry.

However, at first I was actually a little worried as to whether the Legend of the Sun Knight can be successfully adapted. That is because this is a series from the first person point-of-view, and thus the main character’s inner words are simply a lot. However, in a manhua, one can’t possibly let the main character be stationary, and keep standing there muttering to himself!

However, I didn’t expect that, when I read the manhua, the storyline is relatively smooth!

To be able to change the Sun Knight’s lengthy speech into a manhua with action, and even proceeding this smoothly, I really am too full of admiration for Cat Ten Character teacher and screenwriter Lily Chou-Chou.

In the following days ahead there’s the Legend of the Sun Knight manhua to await, this is really great!

Following that, is the author’s thirty questions!

For these thirty questions, I had especially went on Plurk (micro-blogging service) to ask, and pestered my good friends for questions. After inquiring around what kinds of matters everyone wants to know about, I complied the questions into a book (Was there so many) and answered them one by one. However, these are chosen after sorting through, for there are many questions that have less relation to the manhua, and some of them are not drawn in the manhua yet. I’m afraid that the readers who only read the manhua won’t understand, thus I am unable to answer everything. My apologies.


30 Questions to Yu Wo

1. Which character drawn by teacher Cat Ten Character is the favourite of Yu Wo? The one that has the most similar feel to the original work?
I personally like Judgment Knight. All black like that, is very cool!

2. In volume 01, which scene do you like the most?
The part where the Death Knight appeared! (Because his revealing skin is very eye-nourishing) (Wrong)

3. Which scene from the book are you looking forward to the most?
In the volume rescuing a princess, the portion where Sun Knight and Leaf Knight goes to the neighbouring country for a mission. I really want to see the shameless Sun that was carried all the way by Leaf.

4. Which character’s appearance are you looking forward to the most?
Silent Eagle, AwaitSun. That’s because I wrote him to be too handsome, so I’m very curious about his looks. Actually, I’m also rather curious about his wife Alice, because she’s also a great beauty.

5. May I inquire the three interests of Judgment Knight?
The main character is the Sun Knight! Asking about Judgment Knight’s interests first, are you sure that’s right? Okay, I know Judgment Knight is very handsome, strong, and responsible, and is completely a good man(What about Sun?), thus wanting to inquire about him first is normal. Judgment Knight’s interests are pondering over difficult problems, tiding his room and taking care of others.

6. May I inquire the three addictions of Sun Knight?
Why is it that for Judgment Knight it was “interests”, and when it comes to the Sun Knight it became “addictions”? When one hears it, interests seem to be pretty normal, and addictions seem to have a meaning a little like strange hobbies and the like! However that said, this word addictions seem to be really fitting of Sun Knight, this fellow. Sun Knight’s three addictions: Eating blueberry pie, saving his retirement fund, and giving others weird nicknames.

7. May I inquire Yu Wo’s addictions when writing?
Why is it that mine is also “addictions”… Drinking coffee accompanied with potato chips, I guess.

8. Will there be a Legend of the Sun Knight game released?
In the time being, it’s still in planning. However, it’s still in the stage of execution with much hard work.

9. Will there be a Legend of the Sun Knight anime released?
In the time being, there isn’t such a plan. Everyone can slow down your pace a little, the manhua is just released, don’t be in this much of a hurry. If it’s too rapid, even the author will get a fright!

10. Actually, Yu Wo is the real life clone of the Sun Knight?
I am the real, cruel inner version of the Sun Knight. Even if I wanted to be elegant, I can’t!

11. May I ask, if the previous generations of Sun Knights and Judgment Knights were all “good friends that are not friends”?
Not really, but they would at least have the most basic communication between them. After all, they did interact with each other since young, this is called familiarity breeds fondness! (Wrong)

12. May I ask the Sun Knight’s underwear color?
Of course it’s white! If the Sun Knight were to wear black or bright red underwear, and under the situation that white pants are on the outside, wouldn’t that become a horrific situation where the whole body is white and only a “certain place” is black or red? If it were like this, even if one wants to be elegant, they wouldn’t be able to!

13. May I ask the Judgment Knight’s underwear color?
Black. Actually Judgement doesn’t really mind which color it is, since the pants outside are black, so no matter what you wear the color inside wouldn’t be shown and ruin the dignity of the Judgment Knight. It’s just that under the situation that he doesn’t really mind, he ends up wearing black.

14. May I ask Yu Wo’s underwear color?
… Are you serious?

15. The moon on Judgment Knight’s head, is it a sticker or a tattoo?
Why do I feel like the questions seem to be jumping the tone more and more, even stickers came out. Of course it’s a tattoo, does a fantasy world have stickers? In the very least, you have to say it’s a magical sticker! (*is beaten up*) Also, hurry up and drag the questions back into the normal boundary~~~

16. If the Judgment Knight were to have a magical lamp, what are the three wishes that he will make?
World peace, world peace and world peace.

17. If the Sun Knight were to have a magical lamp, what are the three wishes that he will make?
Money, babes, and retirement.

18. Then if Yu Wo were to have a magical lamp, what are the three wishes that you will make?
A handsome, well-built, and gentle housekeeper. (Is this three wishes?)

19. Within the Twelve Holy Knights, which character is Yu Wo’s favorite?
The handsome, well-built, and gentle… Judgment Knight. (Eh?)

20. I heard that there is a set released. May I ask what is the difference between the set and the manhua single volume?
The set is set in Taiwan, before the manhua single volume was published for serialization. It is only sold in manhua fairs or sold by Taiwanese people. If there is any extras remaining, it will be sold on consignment. The set usually includes the manhua book (half a volume of the manhua), a paper bag, and a short story.

21. Is Yu Wo’s favorite food sickly sweet blueberry pie?
No no no, actually I’m not fond of extremely sweet stuff. Desserts should be just the right sweetness, sickly sweetness is the Sun Knight’s forte.

22. Then what is Yu Wo’s favorite food?
Coffee. (This doesn’t seem to be a food!)

23. Then what is Judgment Knight’s favorite food?
Home-made everyday dishes.

24. What is the most touching thing that the readers have done for Yu Wo?
Many many things. Such as giving their hand-made presents. What I’m most touched about is probably there was once a reader who would always be the first in the queue during every autograph session! What an great effort to support Yu Wo! I’m happy!

25. What kind of matter will make the Sun Knight the most touched?
A beauty devoting her life to him.

26. Then what kind of matter will make the Judgment Knight the most touched?
Giving oneself up.

27. Then, your favorite novel?
In order to avoid being biased, first let’s take away my own novels. XD My favorite is RA Salvatore’s The Dark Elf Trilogy.

28. Feelings after seeing the manhua?
So many characters had started moving. From text to pictures, there’s a “my created characters had come to life” kind of feeling. Although they didn’t truly come to life, but the artist had drawn them vividly and realistically. Seeing them move in the manhua, one simply feels very happy. At the same time, it also lets me look at my own work from another perspective. Right now, I’m really anticipating the next round, and the round after that. I want to keep seeing them move around!

29. One sentence that you want to tell teacher Cat Ten Character?
Please continue to work hard and try your best! (This is to hasten the manuscript)

30. Then, are there any words you want to say to the readers?
I hope that everyone will like this Legend of the Sun Knight that is shown in a different way!


Lily Chou-Chou’s church

Hello everyone!

I am Lily Chou-Chou who stands side by side with the God of Light!

My church has many powerful knights, including “Cat Knight” – Her ability is drawing many handsome guys to recruit devotees. Legend has it that when she appears, there will be a cross as a background picture, therefore the whole continent has named her as “Cat Ten Character”. “Dolphin Knight” – She has been named as “A very useful baby dolphin”. She is very useful in many aspects as long as one has her, and is a target that everyone fights over. “Fish Knight” – His ability to create and narrate stories is extremely strong, no matter whether it’s martial arts, romance, children’s stories, zombies… There is nothing that he can’t do. He is a knight that both adults and children likes! “Bear Cub Knight” – His ability is to recruit devotees by music, and most importantly he provides musical news for me!

(The following above is purely a spoof)

Official greetings now, hi everyone! I am Lily Chou-Chou who is in charge of screenwriting. Thanks to everyone who had purchased “The Legend of the Sun Knight” manhua version!


This time I’m able to collaborate with Cat Ten Character again, I’m really happy! However, as the works in the past were all original works, this is the first time that I’m adapting a novel, which is another kind of challenge. To adapt a novel into a manhua script is actually even more difficult than I had imagined. That’s because a novel’s approach is very different from a manhua. Moreover, the main character of “Legend of the Sun Knight”, Sun, has more words in his heart, thus in the beginning it was really headache inducing!

Thanks to Yú ér who has a lot of experience with writing for her opinions and help in this section, that allowed the script to be successfully finished!

The other difficult problem about adapting a work is that the novel is already deep inside the people’s hearts. If the reader has already seen the original work,  they would already more or less have their own version of “Legend of the Sun Knight” in their heads, and the version that we have used for the manhua might be different from what people have imagined. However, I still hope that everyone will like Cat Ten Character’s and my hard work in screenwriting and drawing this version.


My friends and readers who know me might all know that I really like Taiwan. In the recent years, I would return to Taiwan at least once a year. At first what attracted me was the Taiwanese bookshops and snacks. Currently, Jay Chou and Mayday are added. Therefore, I am very happy to be able to enter a collaboration with Taiwan’s Angel Publishing House.

I hope that everyone will continue to support us!

Lastly, I’ll like to give Cat Ten Character a big hug~ That’s because she gave me a very beautiful folding page, an extremely cute chibi in rabbit wear.

In the next edition:

The Sun Knight’s Nightmare!

Grisia Sun: The current head of the Twelve Holy Knights, is admired by more than ten thousand people  -> The chief suspect of being the murderer of the Death Knight

What exactly is the Death Knight’s obsession? So he does really know Grisia?

The Death Knight that had suddenly appeared left behind a few words, “Sun Knight, I will definitely come back to find you!” and then escaped. However, these few words have let the Sun Knight become the chief suspect of being the murderer of the Death Knight!

The Legend of the Sun Knight Vol. 02 is going to be released. Please look forward to it!



1 Cat Ten Character is OS Rabbit Cat. OS Rabbit Cat is her pen name for Legend of the Sun Knight.

2 Night owl in Chinese is night cat.

3 The Chinese character for Ten (十) looks like a cross, that’s why it’s called that.

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    Anyways, thanks for translating, and LOL I love Yu Wo’s sense of humor.
    18. Then if Yu Wo were to have a magical lamp, what are the three wishes that you will make?
    A handsome, well-built, and gentle housekeeper. (Is this three wishes?)
    19. Within the Twelve Holy Knights, which character is Yu Wo’s favorite?
    The handsome, well-built, and gentle… Judgment Knight. (Eh?)

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    shouldn’t Cat ten the one whom draw LSK not 1/2 prince?
    thanks for translating bunch that stuff :D

    for the poll i’d like to choose 1 and 4 (i want free things :p)

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    6) List of recommended other novels! Including Japanese ones. XP

    I like those 3 :D

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    I’m interested in reading Yu Wo’s plurks translations. And if the recommendation list is comprised of translated novels available online I’d like to have that too. :)

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    The colour of Judgement’s underwear… *nosebleeds*
    I am totally not a pervert… <.<

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    hm…if I have to pick one, then it will be 1) Plurk translations from Yu Wo

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    Thank you for doing this!<3 It's so interesting and fun!

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    hmm…id have to say id most like to see
    5. as the prospect of acquiring more information regarding Yu Wo’s other series (like maybe a short paragraph explaining it) sounds quite grand and id be eager to get an idea about the kind of series Yu Wo does on a larger scale.
    after that I would want to see
    2. because stories within PR sound fun and grand! XD Tales of attempts at world domination and nullings and sillyness abounding! XD

    those two things are what i most want to see XD though for the sake of completedness in the order of my interestness (even if their not things i want to see as highly as pr stories and series synopsis) ill list the other options in the order of my interestness
    3. this interview was alot of fun and i would enjoy seeing more of it ^^
    1. the last stream of plurks was an amusing treat to read and i think it would be a fun way to pass the time between chapters
    4. well PR already does fanart and lists merchandise so it would be nice to see that stay a thing
    6. umm…yes and no…on one hand i really enjoy finding out about other grand novels out there that are worth reading however i already have a rather large list of light novels i want to read but cant since i dont know any eastern languages which makes it the equivelent to dangling a treat just out of reach ^^;

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