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EDIT: The new updated list is OVER HERE. Please refer to that from now on. ^^

Hi, this is Ray. Because many people seem to be interested (well, it ranked pretty high when I did a poll, and it kind of is a pre-requisite for No. 6), so here is a complete list of Yu Wo’s works, in order of oldest to newest. Here, I will be posting the status of the novel (whether it is ongoing or complete), and where to read it if available. Also, I will posting short info about it, and the summary of volume 1 (Because I suck at summaries, ha. I can never get it to sound interesting without revealing too much of the plot >.< )

Anyways. Most of Yu Wo’s later works are better, so if you guys have the chance, go read them XP Also, I suck at name translations, so I’ll be leaving most of them in Chinese.

(As for the rest of the poll, I’ll be doing the list of recommended light novels next, and then the plurks, I believe. It’s just that it’s taking me a long time to gather the list… ) (Actually, news flash, the plurks are just as popular. But both are time-consuming. *eye twitches* I’ll do depending on mood then.)

Well, anyways, enjoy!

1/2 Prince
Status: Complete (8 volumes, 1 sequel volume)
Where to read this: You are here. (Sequel translations ongoing @PR!)
Info: Yu Wo’s first work. It brought her to fame. Not her best work, but definitely the one of the most famous.

If you need a summary for this, then why are you here? XD If you really do want one, though, go to our 1/2 Prince main page.

Kill No More
Status: Complete (13 volumes/ 8 repacked volumes, 1 side story volume)
Where to read this: Currently there is no one translating it, I believe (EDIT: It’s now being translated at Japtem.)
Info: I haven’t read it, but apparently it involves machines, magic and dragons.

“Killing, is for survival; Not killing, is to uphold a promise”

Liaula: An assassin who promises not to kill again. (The reason for not committing suicide, is because even suicide counts as killing someone, and I don’t kill)

Kaiser: In the beginning of an era of chaos, a lazy person who seeks only to survive. (Bastard! Liaula, will it kill you to create less trouble for me?)

A downhearted assassin + a lazy person who wouldn’t move a finger more than needed to earn money as long as he has enough to survive = The duo who is super good at stirring up trouble?

This two people who are only lacking of going to the Shao Lin Temple to become a monk, how did they stir up so much trouble? (Kaiser: Bastard! Who wants to go to the Shao Lin Temple to become a monk? One still has to wake up early to recite sutras there! How troublesome!)

And the assassin who insists on not killing, in this era of killing, can he still retain his principles?

(Credits: I took the name translations from Luka. More for info, visit Luka at this post. )

Romance RPG
Status: Complete (1 volume)
Where to read it: Currently there is no one translating it.
Info: A short rare romance comedy from Yu Wo. Yu Wo claims not to be able to write romance… But I think she did pretty okay for this book.

Unable to control his own mouth, Lin Jian Yin’s barbed tongue has already scared off six ex-girlfriends and six ex-managers. Finally unable to take it, he came to a strange antique shop under the recommendation of his friend. Inside there, there was supposed to be something that could help him.

Though Nintendo Cartridges were a little old and probably no one plays it anymore right now, but does one have to exaggerate it so much as to display it in an antique shop to sell?

Carrying the Nintendo home, Lin Jian Yin plugged in the cartridge that the boss had sold at a large discount at, and then discovered that it was actually a raising(simulation) game. The female lead inside was neither a cute loli (little girl), or a mature onee-sama (strong mature woman). Instead, it was someone with the hair of an auntie, wearing blue and white slippers. To say that that terrifying woman is a Taiwanese babe would be severely disgracing Taiwanese babes.

God! His mission is actually to marry this woman to a perfect prince, how is this possible!!

Wait a moment, as the main male lead, Lin Jian Yin actually isn’t that prince. T-then, who exactly is he… No, ‘what’ exactly is he?

Status: Complete (11 volumes)
Where to read it: Currently there is no one translating it
Info: The plot seems to go nowhere at first, but it turns into a struggle for the universe. I was kind of accidentally spoiled about the the ending, doesn’t seem like one I would like.

What kind of manner should a book’s lead male character act in? Handsome and stylish?
Wrong! He looks cute, and likes to act innocent!

Wrong again! He’s vicious in his attacks, and likes to rub salt into other people’s wounds for fun. He doesn’t use the XXX Holy Sword (XXX Insert any random god’s name), but likes to use a bloody serpent whip to SM others.

Someone who likes to train so much that they become an idiot?
I’m sorry, but someone who likes to ‘eat’ so much that they become an idiot, is that okay?

Have a special interest in rescuing princesses?
This point is completely correct. After rescuing them, he can conveniently collect them as a pet!

This… What kind of lead male character is this?
To let someone like this become the main character~~ Chaos, the moment this story started, it’s already chaos!

Legend of the Sun Knight
Status: Complete (8 volumes)
Where to read: … Do you even need to ask? XD
Info: Probably the most famous and best-selling work of Yu Wo so far. It’s the most popular in Taiwan as well as Singapore. In Thailand it’s a different story altogether.  

Summary: I seriously don’t see the need for a summary, but if you want one… Go here: Sun Knight Main page
Eclipse Hunter
Status: Complete (5 volumes)
Where to read: Currently, can be read at OSS (3 volumes translated here)
Info: The prelude to No Hero, though can be read separately. Where do I even begin… It’s a pretty good read, though a little stale in the middle cause it’s too normal. But it has a pretty dramatic start and end. It’s a tale of two brothers who would do anything for each other.

“I was born for the sake of protecting my brother.”
“If that is the case, then, my dear brother, I was born for the sake of protecting your freedom. Go on and do whatever makes you happy. If you wish to destroy the Earth, I would prepare the grenades for you. If you wish to destroy me, then before you kill me, please call me ‘brother’ one last time.”

In the year 2105, the country declined… The Earth had been divided into several hundreds of economic organizations. Yet, these several hundreds of economic organizations had all formed into various economic unions for their benefit. Among them, the biggest union is the Sun Union, that has control over thirty percent of the world’s economy. The leader of the Sun Union is also believed to have the world’s greatest power.

Originally, the Sun Union had yet to rise to the top five unions. However, after Devon (Ri Xiang Yan) rose to the position of leader, under his leadership, their influence expanded ceaselessly. Devon (Ri Xiang Yan) appeared to crave for power intensely, continuously expanding, constantly expanding…

It wasn’t that no organizations had tried to keep this organization that was expanding too rapidly under control, but Devon (Ri Xiang Yan) seemed to be able to predict their moves, and would often destroy his opponents first before the crisis arrived. Otherwise, he would follow their movements, and those who schemed against him would often find themselves actually becoming the one being schemed against right at the critical moment. Everyone would furiously yell that a bit more and they would have defeated him… Unfortunately, they would precisely be defeated right before that crucial moment.

Once, twice. When every time became as such, the people finally understood. This was not an coincidence, or Heaven’s will. It was the Sun Emperor controlling all this!

Every opponent who had once tried to compete with him, each of them swore never to match this person again.

Every single person said that everything was under his control, and any kind of cunning planning nor sinister plots could not be hidden from him.

In this world, his existence is like that of a God’s.

He cannot be defeated.

People then named this legendary existence out of respect – The Sun Emperor.

‘However, a great achievement would usually have an reason that cannot be more simple.”

All is for your sake, my beloved little brother.
I care nothing but
Only you
Nothing is more important than you.

No Hero
Status: Ongoing (Currently at 8 volumes. Estimated to finish in 9 volumes)
Where to read: PR! is planning to take this up after Female Warrior. There’s also Asmodea’s translations (Up to Chapter 3 here)
Info: The sequel to Eclipse Hunter, though can be read separately. Personally, I have read it and liked it. It’s like LSK, except exposing the cruel realities of heroes rather than knights. Well, it’s not as funny without a snarky narrator though… XP

Summary: (I think Asmodea’s summary is also better than mine. *sobs*)

My name is Zhao Suo Endless. My occupation is a butler, and I am currently seeking employment.

I was born into an traditional family who has been butlers for generations, and have received the strictest butler education. If I were to be modest and say that I am still a pretty good butler, probably no one in the world would dare to claim that they are a perfect butler.

Even so, I am always out of a job. However, this has nothing to do with my capabilities in this field, but rather, a problem regarding a case of racial discrimination.

I am a vampire.

After much difficulty, I found a young master who didn’t have an inkling of racial discrimination at all. Just when I was happily immersing myself into a role of a butler, bit by bit I discovered that this young master of mine was probably also not a normal human…

Dear Father:
Please bless your only child from the heavens, and let this young master who isn’t an ordinary person with his vampire butler live an ordinary life!

From your son,
Zhao Suo Endless

Magical Exchange
Status: Complete (1 volume)
Where to read: No one is translating it
Info: I haven’t seen a completed version of it online, nor have I seen the book being sold, so I reckon I wouldn’t know how good it is. But I think it’s slightly related to Romance RPG, in the sense that this is the mysterious shop he went to XD

God can help you to become virtuous
Devil can help you to become evil
The price
If it’s small, it’s like dropping a strand of hair
If it’s big, then suffer a torture that is even more painful than death
You, do you dare to bet?
Between God and the Devil,
You, which one would you choose?

Two similar but different handsome pretty guys, with the same slender and fine physique, refined facial features, eyes that can cause others to become intoxicated, and a temperament that could attract others.

Golden-haired and blue-eyed, with a gentle and amiable gaze and a faint smile that could always let people feel at ease. From head to toe, he emitted an aura that would make people feel happy and content, and his voice seemed to be able to erase all sorrow. He was someone who was gentle and benevolent, a person who had gathered all that was good and beautiful into one body.

Black-haired and red-eyed, with a dangerous undertone in his gaze and a dangerous smile that could always let people feel fidgety. From head to toe, he emitted an aura of a deadly attractiveness, and his voice seemed to be able to take away your spirit. He was someone dangerous and deadly, a person who had gathered all that was ruthless and unfeeling into one body.

Then now, tell us your wish. If you wish to become good, then God Charity will serve you. If you wish to become evil, then Demon Chaos would be your best choice.

The price, will be decided by us.

Gong Hua (Black Flower)
Status: On hiatus at the moment due to the cover artist’s pregnancy. Will be ongoing afterwards(Currently at 3 volumes. Estimated to finish in 5 volumes)
Where to read: Giraffe Corps (Translated up to Volume 1 Chapter 4 – Giraffe Corps)
Info: A different twist than Yu Wo’s usual works. She tried going for a dark tragedy. So for those who want a lot of humor, this book may not be for you. The main character is someone who lives only for revenge, that’s how dark this book is. While I have not read this book, someone in the PR staff have commented that “It’s like a train wreck. You can’t look away”. So I presume it’s good.

Summary: (You might want to read the summary at Giraffecorps… it’s better OTL)

The tree let out a great sad cry before its death, the Leaf tribe gathering under all filled with deep grief. Before the tree withered, it gave birth to a flower who was responsible for protecting the Leaf tribe.

Faced with their strongest protector full of strength, the Leaf tribe lost their heads out of fear… A guardian flower that has lost its tree… is likely to go crazy. We could not keep him, definitely not. The protector that was abandoned by its tribe was instead picked up by humans. The humans gave him a name – Gong Hua. The gentle human taught him love; The passing away of all his loved ones taught him hate. Gong Hua who was just starting to understand things of the world discovered that the first thing that he ought to do was… Revenge. However, at the same time, he discovered that he himself was also a recipient of someone’s vengeance.

The desire for revenge and the instinct to protect constantly clashes. He abruptly found out, before taking his revenge, he still had to learn- To chose Yin Qie Zi, Gong Hua; Two names, two kinds of instincts. In the end, which should he choose?

Female Warrior
Status: Not started yet. (2 volumes of side stories published)
Where to read: To be on PR! soon
Info: It’s about the 1st generation of the Twelve Holy Knights. Unfortunately  lots of things haven’t been revealed due to Yu Wo not having started on the main story yet. However, all character designs are already out.

For a short summary… Go here!
Legend of the Sun Knight 39
Status: Ongoing (Currently at 1 volume, estimated to finish in 3 volumes)
Where to read: PR! will be translating it when LSK ends. Which is a long time, but trust me, it has spoilers inside so you would want to wait till you finish LSK
Info: Sequel/spin-off of Legend of the Sun Knight. The protagonist is not Grisia Sun.


I am a holy knight. To be more precise, I am the Church of the God of Light’s Sun Knight… in training.
The Church of the God of Light worships and serves the God of Light, and theirs is one of the three largest religions on this continent.

As the whole continent knows, the Church of the God of Light has the Twelve Holy Knights, and each one has his own unique personality and features.

To be the Sun Knight is to have shining golden hair, sky blue eyes, a compassionate nature, and a brilliant smile. – Even if you’re a Sun Knight in training, there is not exception to the rule.

– Rest of summary omitted for fear of minor spoilers XD –

Illusion, Lies and Truth – Human Doll Contract
Status: Ongoing (Volume 1 to be released, no info about the number of volumes yet)
Where to read: Yu Wo haven’t released yet, no way to read it XP
Info: This was actually a series that she posted sometimes on her blog and left alone for a long time, but it seems like she finally managed to get enough materials to publish it. It’s kind of supernatural, and involves Ball-Jointed Dolls XD It has a very pretty cover. XP (If you want to see the cover, go to here)

Summary: (on the book cover picture)
Calling their name once would wish them into illusion.
Calling their name twice would change them into lies.
Calling their name thrice would turn them into real.
Do you know, the things that are beside you, how many of them are real, and how many of them are lies?

Future works: (Not sure when)
– Female Warrior
– Searching for Roland
And that would be all. Phew, what a pain it was to translate all of that! Technically, I could copy the translations of the other group for the summary… but that would be plagiarism, and that’s not nice. So instead, you can go over through those links to see the better translations *cough*

So, this concludes my poll no. 5. I hope you guys liked it! Comments would be nice. Very nice. This blog post is a non-repeatable quest, and there shall not be future posts. And I shall end this post. As per usual, Ray’s Q&A corner is open, so shoot any questions you have at me! (No actual bullets please, thank you very much)

If there is anything regarding Yu Wo (news, etc) that you guys want me to help translate, you can suggest it to me too, I’ll try my best to translate it for you guys. Of course, it would only be when I’m free. (Don’t ask me to translate the whole of GOD or Kill No More though.. I’ll cry)

So. Q&A. Any questions/requests?  


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  1. MNeilG

    wow! GOD, Kil no more and romance RPG seems interesting! i wonder why no one is translating them…?

  2. SnowStorm

    Lin Jian Yin… What is he? O.O
    I really, really, really, really want to know….
    Also… GOD saounds so good…. T-T
    Why can’t I read Chinese??? T-T (<– Note, not an actual question, just me whining…)

  3. [PR]lucathia

    I read what Yu Wo posted of Human Doll Contract after she announced that it’s getting published. Wow, it’s creepy. XD;

  4. master_tonberry

    Legend of sun knight 39 sounds like it would be about grisia’s apprentice……may the god of light shine mercifully upon his soul

    • Little Writer

      No doubt it’s Grisia. Remember, Grisia was known as the one closest to the Sun Knight’s actual image. And even though Neo is awesome and all, Grisia defeated the Death Knight/Lord, defeated the Undying Lich, slew a dragon, etc. etc.
      I would never want to be a Sun Knight, especially when you have to put up with such scary teachers…Poor 39th Sun Knight, he’s merely got one hell of a teacher. A devil teacher. (if you got the reference, good for you ^.^)

  5. AC

    Human Doll Contract seems lovely disturbing, and I so want to read about the 39-th generation! Where can I read the summary WITH spoilers?

    • [PR]raylight

      Why would you want to read the summary with spoilers? XP Oh well, if you can find a way for me to send you the details or something, I’ll send it over to you. ^^;

    • AC

      I check PR’s secret base prety often, you could create a topic there. Or send me an e-mail. The admin’s have my e-mail, or is it better if I post my e-mail adress here?

    • [PR]raylight

      Sorry that it took so long. Give me a moment, I’ll PM you on secretbase ^^;

  6. Yoko

    Legend of sun knight 39 … I can’t wait to see what training (damage) will Grisia’s student recive.

  7. Jasae Bushae

    yay! a list of Yu Wo stories~ Thank you~
    hmm…I declare, this ‘1/2 Prince’ sounds quite interesting, I simply must go read it since some awesome translation group took the trouble to translate the whole thing!

    Kill No More also sounds like alot of fun (and it was pretty much what i expected given the title) Dragons, robots and a shao lin temple…sounds like the ingredients for insane fun XD I hope PR tries to tackle this one after No Hero ^^ (probably be years from now, but im thinking ahead ^^;
    question though, what is a repacked volume?

    PFFFFFT~ WHAAAAAT?! XD RPG is about a guy with a very surreal copy of princess maker?! (its a real game) Golly…Golly golly gosh…That might be the most insane story ever…and its a romance novel?! Gosh…I really want to read this one XD

    Umm…From the description, GOD sounds like a less insane version of sun knight so it might be alot of fun though…It doesnt sound as insane as Sun Knight ^^;
    Well its interesting to see that Yu Wo did such a long series (between this and kill no more, it seems like she had a problem with length initially)

    *Claps* Gosh, this Legend of Sun Knight is an awesome story~ thank you for providing a synopsis on it! XD

    Yeah….I kinda forgot about it but Eclipse Hunter started out pretty bloody dark initially ^^; Comparing it to the status quo before 3’s finale and its kinda surreal in a way

    Hah? mister morning chasers surname is endless? @[email protected] huh, the names some ‘people’ have XD annnnd the summery specifically mentions his whole vampire thing and the hero thing so i can safly make lots of batman jokes to my hearts content~ yipee~ yay for the batman(butler) vampire~
    Im really looking forward to it XD

    magical exchange…sounds very trippy/tragic/dark…A shame a completed version cannot be found online though (or for sale for that matter) hmm…So Yu Wo sorta has a series about a magic shoppe where you can buy mysterious things at and does one volume shorts on this store without connecting the stories beyond the shoppe…Darn, id have totally asked for a short story about this store if I knew about it XD
    back to magical exchange, it sounds like it could be very good (and possibly very sad) and if i knew the language id probably try trawling around for a copy ^^;
    Odd though that its only partially posted up online…One would expect it to come as a whole

    Umm, to clarify on Gong Hua, its only at three chapters so far. The giraffe corps translated the fourth chapter but havnt done that proof reading stuff thus havnt actually released it for people to see.
    The one problem with tragic emotional train wrecks is you become much more frustrated by slow translations ^^; Not that GC are necesarily slow, their doing a swell job and its an amazing read. ^^ But…Its like reading a story where every chapter ended on the current sun knight stories ‘prologue’ in terms of tone and cliffhangeryness
    A very good story and it is super duper tragical

    Ooooh, so these Female Warrior volumes are short stories? Here I thought it was similar to the first two novels of Sun Knight where Yu Wo stressed it was more of an introduction to the characters and setting. Hmm…Should be interesting…Any news whether Yu Wo will be doing more short story volumes or instead be moving on to the story proper next?

    @[email protected] *reading the summery of Sun Knight 39* wow…
    The way that is worded alone sounds a bit spoilery but…Hmm…I think I probably shouldnt speculate when were still more or less halfway through the original…Umm one non spoilery question though, what is the name of the young sun knight to be?

    *reads human doll contract* wow…as a mega big super fan of Rozen Maiden, this series is going to make me squee in delight!!!!! X3 Seems pretty interesting! Squee~ and the cover has a fishie!

    ah, and searching for roland is separate from sun knight 39?

    squeee~ thank you very much for providing this information~ Much appreciated as it gives us language impaired fans a chance to truly know the many diverse and wonderful directions Yu Wo has taken~ thank you!

    • [PR]lucathia

      The name of the next Sun Knight would be a spoiler. XD

    • Jasae Bushae

      @Jasae Bushae
      oh wait, or were you being literal? hmm….spoiler sun…it has a certain ring to it XD
      alright, i shall dub this generations sun knight spoiler sun until i discover differently! *pose*

    • SnowStorm

      Wait, really. O.O
      Okay, okay, okay. It’s a kid in the current time. I’m sure of it. *thinks of all kid characters*
      But there aren’t any… DX Unless Pink counts…
      No, no she doesn’t… v.v
      Gah… *flails and gets sudden idea*
      What if Roland becomes the next Gen Sun Knight??
      I mean, that was his wish to begin with and it’s not like he’s dying or getting old anytime soon…
      And who knows if Grisia could even be bothered training anyone.
      Wait, this also makes sense… >w<

    • Little Writer

      Roland can only become the Sun Knight if Grisia doesn’t keep his promise with Neo. Remember that Neo said Grisia must destroy Roland at some point? And plus, Roland’s obsession is to become the Sun Knight. The moment Grisia picks him *poof* Roland disappears!
      It’s too bad, Roland would actually make a super-good Judgement Knight.

    • SnowStorm

      This feels like a… hint. O.O
      Hum, hmmmm, kid characters…
      There was one boy once, a young cleric sent by Leaf to accompany Sun to the battlefield where he met Roland again in Volume 1…
      Wait… I got it. O-O!!
      There was um… a boy… as beautiful as a precious flower…
      Could it be??? Dx
      Or maybe even… the child of Elijah and the Princess. XD That would be unexpected… “<.<
      And… I'm done. o-o
      Thankies very much for reading to the end of this very long comment. ^^"

    • [PR]raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      A repacked volume means that they re-published the whole thing, (I think with different covers). It happens so that the new Kill No More volumes are thicker = less volumes.

      As for Magical Exchange, it’s not being reprinted anymore, so I can’t get the book OTL (I would have wanted to read it too) The reason why it’s half-published is cause Yu Wo posted some of it up on her blog. (She posted the whole of Romance RPG on her blog too XD)

      For Female Warrior, when I asked her at the book event in Singapore, she commented that she would start on Female Warrior after she is done with one of her series, but she keeps coming up with new plots that she wants to write, so I have no idea when she would publish it. Pretty sure that if she did though, it would be moving onto the story properly though.

      I’m trying very hard not to release details about LSK 39 cause it’s spoilery. In minor/major ways. It’s best to be read after the entire series of LSK. However, I’m just letting you guys know that there is a sequel after LSK, so no need for LSK withdrawal symptoms. (Cause this would mean 8 volumes of LSK + 3 sequel volumes)

      I’m pretty interested in Human Doll Contract. However, it’s not so much Rozen Maiden, I’m afraid. It’s a bit more… creepy than that. It reminds me a little more of xxxHolic because the main character has an eye that allows him to see ‘things’. (Yu Wo has some of her old writing on her blog, so yeah, I can give a very vague plot if you want me to)

      Searching for Roland is separate from LSK 39. ^^ However, Yu Wo has yet to give a date/time as to when it would be published.

      Andddd all of you guys’ appreciation is all I need. XD

    • Jasae Bushae

      woo~ thank you for the answers~ ^^
      hmm…i wonder if i should try organizing a petition to ask Yu Wo to post up the rest of contract…*considers it* but then i wouldnt be able to send it since i dont speak chinese so…XD

      spoiler sun is filled with spoilers apparently ^^; it will be fun to find out the details when it comes up XD
      and yay~ a roland story~ i wonder how long it shall be ^^

      more creepy than rozen maiden? a story that included a human collecting doll with a flower growing out of her head and entering peoples minds to change them all willy nilly? o.O wells i enjoyed xxxholic (though i found it more thought provoking than scary) so it still sounds delightfully entertaining ^^
      umm…if its not to much spoiler can you tell me the name of the protaganist? I don’t want to have to much spoiled in the event that PR decides to cover it but the innocent little tidbits should be safe :3

    • LennyThynn

      @Jasae Bushae
      The fourth chapter of Gong Hua is available to read; it hasn’t been proofread, though, so they pretty much put the password on to deter grammar nazi’s, hehe. If you read their FAQ, they state the password is “pie” without quotation marks, and also put a brief warning for said grammar freaks.

      When I first discovered Giraffe Corps, I didn’t know this, and so spent a long period in agony waiting for the next Key of the Sunken Moon chapter to come out… rather sad finding out later that I could have read the chapters earlier and spared myself the pain, though it would have been a rougher copy, so to speak.

      I really have to agree, it’s a very good read. A lot like the feel at the beginning of Eclipse Hunter, being continued throughout the rest of the book… I got hooked immediately. I wish there was more of it translated, the end of the fourth chapter is worse than the end of the third… I am in complete agreement with “Its like reading a story where every chapter ended on the current sun knight stories ‘prologue’ in terms of tone and cliffhangeryness” ;D

  8. Paopu

    If only I knew how to read Chinese. There would need to be a lot of translators to make Yu Wo’s novels all available in English (or lots of time). It would be great if this were a reality someday.

    • AC

      If you’re obsessed enough with Yu Wo’s work, you can always find her work on-line and read it with google translator. it’s terrible, but after you get used to it it’s sort of understandable.

  9. Willowtm

    Nice…so many that have yet to be read by me…I wanna read them!!! T^T But no one is translating a whole lot of them…meh. Well, I’ll lurk around constantly, and someone will eventually…right? I can only hope…That or I’m going to have to learn Chinese so I can read it myself. *determined look* Thank you for this! Its nice seeing what other stories Yu Wo has written…and what they are about. And I agree with master_tonberry, what had Grisia’s apprentice done in a past life to make him deserve that?! That poor soul… XD

  10. Jasae Bushae

    hmm…looking at the list in retrospect, the only titles nobody is yet committed to are the giants (kill no more and GOD) and the two one volumes (raising sim game and magic contract) and i guess dolly story but its not even out yet so it doesnt count ^^;

  11. Owin

    No Hero is still being translated. Asmodea came out of hiatus and even recruited another member…

  12. quanta

    I just can’t wait for Female Warrior to come out, and I really look forward to reading more of Yu Wo’s works! I haven’t read 1/2 Prince yet, but I will soon. I just absolutely love LSK though! It is going so well and the plot just keeps thickening!
    I wonder if Grisia is going to train is student just as “wonderful” as Neo trained him in Legend of the Sun Knight 39 XD
    Can’t wait to see what Searching for Roland is about either!
    Oh so much great works to read!!

  13. immasweetslovinggirl

    She’s done a lot and all of them are sure to be good not just 1/2 prince and legend of the sun knight

  14. momiji

    Thank you for translating all that! I know how hard is to translate ._. (I just do it from japanese)
    Yu Wo really writes interesting novels… I have read gong hua in GC and even though I don’t particularly like dark stories that one really captured my attention…
    LSK 39 wow xD exciting~
    Once again thanks for translating!

  15. WhistleLeaf

    I love Yu Wo’s novels, after reading the manga LSK, I liked it so much went and found the translated novel, and when that wasn’t enough, i found it online in chinese and struggled with my poor chinese reading skill and read the entire series (then i had relatives buy the book and bring it to the US), and when even that wasnt enough i started to read other works of Yu Wo, by now i have read almost all of them, and some of them twice or thrice…LSK is still one of my favorites, but i strongly suggest reading Kill No More (i also have this entire series) and No Hero (reading eclipse hunter first will enhance the experience in my opinion) , i love these three of her works the most ^^

  16. monica

    Gong Hua is good. Read once, and you can’t abandon Gong Hua.

    Still, my favorite is LSK.
    Oh, and if some of you haven’t read Lucanthia fics about LSK and HP, read it now! I trully recommend it! Look it up @PR! fanfic tab for info.

    Btw, I tried to read Yu Wo LSK, EH, NH (Chinesse) with google chrome auto translation and I can’t fully comprehend…its bad vocabulary and grammar..
    It’s better to wait for a good translation came up than to read it with google for your brain’s health LOL.

    • angelmicx

      I have read them too.. They are really great, enough to make me suspicious that Lucathia is Yu Wo’s clone or something close to that.. Whenever I read them, I always forget that the stories are just fanfic and not Yu Wo’s official stories…

      So… Paging LUCATHIA, would you please update your fanfics… Pretty please… ^_^
      I’m already at….

    • [PR]lucathia

      Not a Yu Wo clone, just a translator, haha. Feel free to poke me over at the fanfiction pages here… That’s probably a better place to do it than here! But it pleases me to know you’re looking forward to updates. :)

    • angelmicx


      Yup, I’m really looking forward to them, sometimes as much as the original stories..

      Okay, I’ll be poking you at the fanfic pages. If you do not react, I’ll probably poke you with a needle. Haha.. Well, you have been warned. Its bad to keep your fan waiting… ^_^

  17. random person

    Wow. . . Yu Wo sure writes a lot. All of them look so cool too! Can’t wait for “Female Warrior”! “Kill No More” sounds really good as well, but Google Translating the pages on Yu Wo’s blog just gives me a headache. . .

  18. SakuraHyuga

    Does anyone know what Searching for Roland will be about? Probably something to do with LSK, right?

    • [PR]raylight

      Well, it’s probably going to be a story from Roland’s point of view, and it has something to do with the LSK plotline. But I’m not very sure of that, Yu Wo haven’t released much details yet.

    • Sakura-Hyuga


      I tried searching it up, but, well, of course I get nothing. XD Magical Exchange also remeinds me of Sun and Judgment a bit. X3

    • @[PR]raylight
      From Roland’s pov? Searching for Roland makes it sound like someone else is doing the searching.

      But anyways, I’m really excited to see what this will be about. Especially after volume 6 of LSK, the title alone has a bunch of connotations…

    • [PR]raylight

      Uh, I mean it is supposed to be a story about Roland (the Death Lord), and my speculation is that it takes place in the time in between volume 6 and 7 (where you know what happened to Sun)

      (somewhat spoilery)
      Roland actually becomes the leader of an undead army, and I believe that the story may be from one of his follower’s point of view.

    • @[PR]raylight
      I was kind of hoping for a post-LSK story, but anything LSK related is always good XD. One of the drawbacks of a first person story is that we mostly only get to see Grisia’s side. It’ll be interesting to see what’s going on around Roland.

    • [PR]raylight

      There is a post LSK story called LSK 39, which features the 39th generation! Though it focuses on the 39th gen, some members of the 38th gen make an appearance. (actually they’re pretty important to the story) To say anything more other than that is a spoiler. XP

      And yes, that is the drawbacks of a first person point of view story. Even Yu Wo herself admits that www

    • @[PR]raylight
      I saw that! From the brief summary above it appears to be more lighthearted, like how LSK started off as. If the current tone in LSK continues through to the end, I think we’ll all need something a little lighter by then ;>_>. Not that I don’t love all the drama too of course ;).

      Has Yu Wo ever hinted at a sequel with Grisia as the narrator again? That’s probably hoping for too much, but I think it’s finally hitting me that there’s less than two volumes left to go in the main storyline :_(.

    • [PR]raylight

      Don’t worry, it would be a bit more light-hearted after this current chapter! From V7C2 onwards, the series will have humor again :) (But the last few volumes have a lot of drama and serious plot, so it definitely wouldn’t be as light-hearted as the first few volumes)

      Unfortunately, no! There isn’t a sequel with Grisia as the narrator. However, she does write side stories for LSK from time to time on her blog, and Grisia makes a cameo appearance in one of her other series (Though it’s not exactly the Grisia we know. I think I will be spoiling if I tell you which one though, but *hint* I’ll just say that there’s a lot of LSK fans in PR and hence we are translating that series as well!)

    • @[PR]raylight
      That’s a pretty big hint, but I’m still not sure which series it is. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see. :)

      I haven’t started on No Hero yet, but in Eclipse Hunter, the main character’s older brother reminds me a lot of Sun. That’s probably not what you meant though.

  19. Sho

    Thank you for writing all this. It’s nice to know about stories which can possibly be read in the future.

  20. Sen

    Is it bad that I wanna read every single one of them?
    I’m addicted to Yu Wo’s works, I swear XD

    • angelmicx

      Yup, count me in… Sometimes it makes me want to wish I was a Taiwanese or Chinese so I can read them straight without needing translation..

      Still I’m very thankful that we, the non chinese readers, have the second best, which is PR.. ^_^

    • Sakura-Hyuga


      The sad thing for me is that I am Chinese. I’m fluent at speaking, but I swear I can’t even read a word. T_T Feel sooo stupid. XDDDD

  21. Jasae Bushae

    hmm…in retrospect, does anyone have more information on ‘GOD’? just out of curiousness since theres in retrospect not alot of infoness on it and im curious what sorta story it is

    • Raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      Personally, since I have not read the whole of GOD, I can’t exactly say much either… But I’ve read the first 3 volumes and so, and trust me, the plot seems to go nowhere at first XD

      Basically, you have this crazy protagonist who likes to collect beautiful humans, going on quests just so that he can obtain them into his party. (Gotta catch them all~)

      I have heard that later on there’s supposed to be a fight for the universe or something though.

  22. KT

    I love love love No Hero. Even more than i love Eclispe Hunter. I’ve read and re-read the Google translate gibberish so many times, it started looking like English :D I have no problem understanding what is happening now.

    • @KT
      (O_O) Now that’s dedication. Makes me look forward to No Hero even more. :)

  23. 好奇的人

    Hi! Under Kill No More, you mentioned that there was a side story, would that be about the crossover between the worlds of HP and KNM? Is PR going to be translating that crossover after the extra volume of HP is completed? Or would it be too spoilerish for others who haven’t read KNM?

    Thank you for all of your hard work thus far! And I hope you’ll post some more in the staff blog!

    • [PR]lucathia

      It is indeed very spoilerish for Kill No More! It takes place after 1/2 Prince and around the beginning volumes of KNM but spoils for those beginning volumes. We would only translate it after we translated up to that point for KNM, so we will not be translating it at this time.

  24. KrescentEvos

    Is PR going to be translating LSK 39? Also, I heard that no hero was going to be translated after FW or after the last volume of HP. Which one is true? Thank you for all of your translations! I enjoy reading all of them!

    • [PR]lucathia

      Yes, we most definitely will be translating LSK 39. If all goes as planned, we will start publishing No Hero sometime after we finish HP and while we’re still publishing FW.

  25. Umi

    Someone should update the section for Kill no more, because it began being translated by the translation group Japtem.

    • [PR]lucathia

      The Hunting of the Shaded Guardian is the English name given by Yu Wo and her publishers. English fans have been referring to it as Eclipse Hunter because of Odd Squad’s translations.

  26. Sakura-Hyuga

    Grrr, I really want to read Magical Exchange. If you guys find it, could you translate it? It just sounds like Sun and Judgement in there. (Even though I know it isn’t…). And maybe Book Writer too? I saw it at Lucathia’s LJ and it just completely sucked me in since I know some No Hero too.

    • [PR]lucathia

      I have no idea where to find Magical Exchange. I don’t think the version posted online in Yu Wo’s blog is complete (not sure, haven’t read it). Book Writer though, I would love to translate. ;) But the main series for that would have to come first, since Book Writer is a spin off…

    • Sakura-Hyuga

      Yes, of course, but I just saw Grisia and Charles, so I guess it’ll be after LSK? And while No Hero is going on? I don’t know, I could get it without the other series, so yeah. (Tsk tsk, I forgot the name…) Ehh, I’m just fangirling about LSK. XDDD

    • [PR]raylight


      Book Writer is best read after the main story, Volume 1 of Human Doll Contract – Illusions. Lies. Truth cause it explains a lot about the setting of the story.

      As for Grisia and Charles, they are a different version of the one in their respective series, so it’s not exactly a side story…

      I would love to translate it, but I’ll have to get translations done to a certain extent before I can put anything up, haha.

      In the meantime, please enjoy your LSK!~

    • Sakura-Hyuga


      Ah, right, of course!

      And Grisia and Charles will alwys be Grisia and Charles, different dimension or not. XDDD

      So, hmm, probably after Human Doll Contract Volume 1? O.O That seems like a long time away…

  27. rose

    for the 39th gen holy knights i think that judge, absenplum, or meetin will be one of the knights xD just a guess i cant think of any other kids in LSK well also the 3kids from awaitsun…. i think those are the only kids…

    • LSK fan

      after reading some comments here, i also started remembering really random children in LSK like Hungri, and that 5yr old kid who hit a death knight… or was it dark knight?.. with a toy XD
      aaahh! just started reading the light novel a week ago and i just can’t put it down! im already at v07 (v08 is the last one!)and i just can’t get enough! i’m really happy i decided to read it since it’s very unique but still, parting ways…. i mean, actually ending a series you really love….. huhuhuhuhu… i’m sure gonna miss’em! >.<.. it just won't be the same! sigh, well, i'm also looking forward to reading author yu wo's other works! :D esp EH and NH , they seem interesting and also GH :) .. but after reading the intro for HP, i can't help but think about SAO, so i'm not particularly ecstatic….i don't mind FW as a segment/prologue to LSK but LSK 39…… although it is mentioned that Grisia would still be there with the rest of the gang, i think, it still won't be the same… or am i just saying this now? :)…….more love to one of my(our) fave writers, Yu Wo! :D :))

    • LSK fan

      @LSK fan
      noooooooooo!!!!!!! i accidentally ‘peeked’ at the LSK 39 characters by mistake!! huhu.. ( I clicked : from the comment above) damn! i was too curious about their heights!… T___T didn’t know it was already posted… noooo!!!!! T_____T T____T T_______T…….. (more cries) i can’t forgive my stupidity… <—- the type of person who hates spoilers…

  28. Aria

    Is there a place where I can find the Chinese raw copy of her novels online? I can read Chinese but I can’t locate the Chinese versions anywhere c:

    • [PR]lucathia

      Google is your friend. If you Google the titles in Chinese, you’ll easily be able to find her stories floating around.

  29. Panda

    I was browsing through yuwo’s blog, and while opening up the tree of links by the side, I discovered this “極短篇” (Short Stories) which branched out to “微小說” (Super Short Stories) and “革命前夕” (Eve Before the Revolution). Does PR! know exactly what they are? Like r they side stories of some other novels that she’s written, or r they short stories set in another world?

    And to the Singaporean PR! staff, do you know where I can buy Book Writer from? Is it too late? >< I haven't checked Kino yet though… Is it possible to buy from there or do I have to order from online? Please help!!

    • [PR]lucathia

      微小說 seems to be super short snippets of stories Yu Wo has posted. 革命前夕, based off of what it says at the end of the prologue she posted for that, is a short story Yu Wo wrote as a prequel to advertise an animated movie called 海盜密令, Kotora on the Run.

      Movie site:

      I’m not in Singapore, but it might be too late to buy Book Writer. I don’t believe it was ever offered in Singapore (but Singaporeans would know better than me!). Book Writer had a very limited printing and is now out of print. You might be able to find it second hand?

    • [PR]raylight

      Yup, Book Writer is out of print so you wouldn’t be able to find it in Kino or online! If you only want to read it, the entire story is up on Yu Wo’s blog already.

      Secondhand is probably your best option.

    • Panda

      Wow thks for the replies Lucathia and Raylight! I was mainly thinking of buying to support the author, but since it’s all sold out already, then nvm. The other part of the reason was just to read it; I didn’t think that the parts posted were already the full story – seemed a little shorter than an actual book. Will go read it now! Much thks again!

    • [PR]lucathia

      If it were written, we would translate it. But Yu Wo hasn’t written the story yet. When she writes it, we’ll translate it!

  30. Pamela

    There’s another chapter of Gong Hua translated in another blog that continues off where giraffecrops stop.

    For human doll contract there is a translated manga version available.

  31. XianRui Sanren

    I’ve finished all translated novels and now I’m awaiting for GOD and Dominion’s End(best apocalypse novel ever!)

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