Prince Revealed?
by Cookie- TheDestroyer

Chapter 1

An Everyone-Finds-Out-Who-Prince-Is Story, with different Points Of View.

A/N I’ve decided because my first three chapters of this story were so short I’m putting them all into this first chapter (just incase people get confused by my edit, also due to me attempting to make the rule of ‘atleast 700 words per chapter’ which means I may also be lengthening the first chapter of ‘I don’t give a damn anymore’).

Xaio Lan POV

I sat in another of Gui’s lectures, drumming my fingers against the desk, bored of waiting to get on to second life. He’d spent the first half of the lesson spouting drivel about Prince and how heroic he’d been in game saving him from something… the closest situation that came to mind was Icepheonix trying to viciously murder Gui… again, while wicked tried to decide whether or not to help her.

The second the bell rang I had already packed my things away and launched myself at the door to get out, I shot a malicious grin at the back of Gui’s before going on my merry way down the corridor to freedom. First I needed to get my homework done… and then I’d be beating Gui to a bloody mess on second life.

A few hours after arriving home I didn’t even need to prepare myself to beat up Gui, I was fuming from the stupid homework he’d given our class, finding myself in the castle I quickly PMed Lolidragon.
Where’s Gui?“I growled cracking my knuckles.
That’s funny he was just asking where you were… he’s whining in the entrance hall, do you need me to come and guide you there?“Lolidragon replied laughing.
My sense of direction’s not THAT bad,“Lolidragon just laughed.

I rounded the corner only to find a purple blur AKA Gui flying at me out of nowhere.
“Your most royal highness!” Gui managed before my armored fist connected with his stomach winding him.
Player Guileastos -50hp.
I glared down at the now shriveled up form of Gui still grinning stupidly up at me. That stupid look annoyed me even further.
“YOU’RE AN IDIOT!” I yelled quickly followed with a swift kick to Gui’s side, the second it connected Gui went flying across the entrance hall over the castle wall and into a flower garden…
Player Guileastos -200hp.
I decided I’d leave it at that… no need to reduce Gui’s level, I’d get in trouble for that and end up having to train him back up. And I did not want to spend my time doing that.
I turned around only to notice everyone’s sudden silence and the dark creepy aura just ahead… I looked fearfully at Yulian Dasao as she glared at me.
“PRINCE! Do you know how much that might’ve cost if you kicked him through a window… or a wall for that matter?” I merely shifted uneasily under her gaze then glancing around, made a run for it.

I managed to get to the kitchen where I very quickly raided it. Then carrying as much food as possible I made my way to my private chambers, which were heavily guarded by NPC’s. I sat on the bed eating as much as possible and also giving Meatbun food whenever he’s started whining and staring up at me with his watery blue eyes. Just then I heard a commotion outside. I went and opened the door, finding Gui held by two guards.
I quickly sent them on their way and dragged Gui into my chambers.
“What do you want Gui? And why’re you sneaking into my room?”
“I wasn’t sneaking in, if I did I wouldn’t come in that way, and anyway I would never dare attempt to sneak into his worshipfulness-
“Shut up with all the titles, my names Prince! Got that you moron?” He pouted at me.
“Anyway, just tell me, why’re you here if you’re not sneaking in?” He instantly perked up.
“I came to show his lord- to show you Prince a new song I wrote!” I nodded sitting down and carrying on eating.


Prince sat down and carried on eating, I wondered what he was thinking as he sat there eating, I eagerly began to play my Guqin, as he listened, stuffing his face to the point where he was comparable to a hamster. I smirked a little and finished the song.
“Prince what did you think?” I asked enthusiastically.
“It was great,” he replied nodding and still eating. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“WHAT?” he cried out, I just laughed a little more at how much he looked like an angry chipmunk.
“It’s nothing my lord,” I replied as he stared at my confused.

Prince POV

I wondered what he was laughing at but he gave nothing away just sat there staring at me adoringly with a slight smirk on his face, I stared at him suspiciously, wondering what he was thinking.
“How’s your day been?” I asked, trying to talk normally to him, it was strange to go this long without pummelling him so instead I had to do something else… Right?
“It’s been good, but it’s even better now I’m with you!” he replied. I rolled my eyes. Obviously he was going to say something like that.

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