Legend Of The Dark Knight: Alternate Ending

Chapter 1: Prologue

A/N: Ok before you start reading just be aware that this is an alternate ending. So if you haven’t read the Legend of the Dark Knight story I posted here this will just be really confusing for you.

(Not that it wasn’t confusing to start with) *Ahem*

This was prompted by Sakura Hyuga’s pm wondering about the alternate world, where she let slip a comment that both enticed me into writing this and almost made me spit my drink all over my bed. In laughter, of course.

As always I love hearing your comments and seeing that you’ve read it!

When I plunged the dagger into my heart I had imagined the world disappearing into darkness, which it did. But afterwards I expected to wake in Utopia or (a possibility which is far more likely) a fiery Hell. After all, I had killed a fair amount of people and was a necromancer. Maybe rebirth. Or being brought back to be killed again for being an idiot.

Actually that last one wasn’t too far from the truth.

Because after I blacked out I was awoken. Rudely.

“WAKE UP YOU LEECHING NECROMANCER!” An angry voice that I affirmed to be Lesus’ yelled out. Is Pink here or something? Lesus sounds pissed~ Glad he’s not angry at me-

Hey wait.

I opened my eyes, startled to see that neither Utopia nor Hell was waiting for me. Instead it was much, much worse.

Lesus was angry.

“Whatever it was, I’ll fix it!” I yelled, holding my hands defensively infront of me and pushing myself into the corner of the bed. Lesus stood infront of my bed, looking every bit the part of the ‘Cruel and Cold-Hearted’ Judgment Knight. He was wearing his black, flowing uniform along with carrying his large, currently very menacing-looking sword. His hair hung in its usual curtain of blackness, framing his steadily darkening face. Ok the ‘dark’ and ‘black’ parts were just filling in the gaps, after all I am still blind. But even with the lack of eyesight I could see that, standing next to him and looking greatly amused, was Roland. And he was alive.

Oh. That’s right.

I wasn’t the Sun Knight. I was Grisia… something or rather (Actually it was pretty likely I didn’t have a last name) and I had wreaked havoc over Leaf Bud City for who knows how long, in the process taking Rolands arm, Adair’s eye and just angering the Twelve Holy Knights in general. But more importantly…

“I’m not dead?” I asked dubiously, looking down at my very alive looking body in confusion. I was wearing a plain set of clothes; consisting of a button-up, wrist length top and long, baggy pants. I was also sitting on a bed that was, in fact, not mine.

“Of course you did,” Lesus sneered angrily, “You’re harder to kill than a cockroach.”

“Hey! Even if I’m me, don’t you think this is a bit much?” I said, trying to ignore the cockroach comment, “After all, nothing human could survive being stabbed through the heart!”

“Whether or not you’re human is still debatable,” Lesus muttered, turning away as though he didn’t want to look at me. Ouch.

“Grisia…” Roland said slowly with a mix of suspicion and bewilderment, “When you did that… you couldn’t possibly have been… aiming at your heart?”

I looked at him blankly and nodded in confirmation, unsure as to why he would have to clarify that. I mean, a dagger sticking out of my chest should be obvious… right? It couldn’t be that I took away some of his brain too, right?

Suddenly he started to chuckle to himself, confirming my doubts about his brain damage. In a quavering voice he continued, “I know your swordsmanship has always been terrible,” He stopped, the laughs seeming to confuse him before he continued, “But this is other-worldly!”

“Hey! My swordsmanship isn’t that bad! And what are you even laughing about?!” I snapped, outraged.

Even if it’s bad… you don’t have to say it so plainly! *sob*

“I’m sorry,” he said, controlling himself before continuing in a serious voice, “Grisia the reasons I laughed was because, well…” He looked embarrassed, “You stabbed yourself closer to the shoulder than the heart…”

I take it back! I take it all back! My swordsmanship is really awful!

I looked at him in horror, “You’re joking, right? This is actually the afterlife and you two were sent to tease my swordsmanship for the rest of eternity, right?”

He shook his head seriously.

I had the sudden urge to bang my head against a wall.

What am I suppose to do now?!

A/N: I hope you enjoyed that little teaser *ahem* I mean prologue. If you haven’t already guess it Sakura’s comment went along the lines of “Maybe he missed his heart? His swordplay was always terrible…”


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