After Life
by Kat

Chapter 1&2

[A/N] Disclaimer: I own nothing in the following story. Just the story idea. Hope you enjoy!

Class every day with Professor Min can be described as torture. I miss my team and really want to play with them but after Prince, I don’t want another character. It just wouldn’t be the same. Both Gui and Zhu have new characters and have rejoined their teamates. But not me, not yet.

I glance at the clock on the wall. There is only another half an hour to go. I suddenly get the urge to sneeze and run to the front of the classroom to grab a tissue. Seeing that I am not ill Professor Min continues with his lecture.

Just as I am about to return to my seat, the door behind me bursts open and a pair of arms go around my waist, trapping me in place. The whole class is now staring at me in shock and fear. Something cold and round is pushed into my neck, just below my right ear. Even as I watch, My classmates fear grows to terror. My brother and friends faces are all very pale. ~sob~ what I wouldn’t give to have my Black Dao.

“Now” says the obviously masculine voice from behind me. “I am looking for these characters from second life;

Guiliastes a.k.a. Gui

Ugly Wolf a.k.a. Wolf

and Prince a.k.a. the Blood Elf or The Bloody Overloard.”

The entire room gasps and the still calm looking Professor Min answers him. “I am Gui, Wolf is the school nurse. However you are quite mistaken, Prince does not go to XXX University.” The man behind me lets out an angry huff. “Fine then. You come with me. The rest of you need to stay here and stay quiet. If one of you moves a muscle or even so much let out the smallest of sounds, I will not hesitate to shoot the girl here.

“It takes me a moment to process his words as he backs us out of the classroom with Gui following closly. ‘ Does that mean that the cold thing… on my neck… is a gun? ‘How am I supposed to beat a gun with my Dao? How am I supposed to beat this guy in real life?’


He knew the school very well. He expertly guided us to the health clinic and burst into the place like he owned it. His sense of direction was apparently much better than mine and comparing us made me wish for my Dao that much more. We were ushered into the clinic and Wolf Dage looked up to see us. He quickly stood up when he saw the situation. It took one word from the man. “Come”. And Wolf followed.

*End Flashback*

We make our way to a hovercar and the man puts blindfolds on us before he shoves us into the small back seat and slams the door shut behind us. We don’t dare complain as he speeds away from XXX University and the first wail of a siren pierces through the air.

He just keeps driving. And driving. After what feels like hours later, the car finally pulls to a stop. The man helps us out and leads us into an old, musty smelling building. He leads us down a maze of hallways before stopping and then takes off our blindfolds and shoves us into a poorly lit room with three other, suprised looking, people.

The door shuts behind us and I take the oppertunity to look around the room. It is mostly bare and the walls are all made from stone. On the wall to the left there are three bunk beds lined up so the peolpe sleeping in them would be laying head to feet with their neighbor. The entire center of the floor is covered with a thick rug. The only other thing in the room is a door with a bathroom sign on it.

I finally look at the familiar faces of the strangers standing in front of us. Thats when it hits me. “He got Odd Squad.” I didnt realize that I had spoken out loud until everyone turns their attention to me. Wolf looks around the room and sighs. “I am afraid student Feng Lan is correct. However seeing as how you are here and Prince is not, I can’t help but wonder if this the mans’ true intention.” A stab of guilt runs through me at his honest words. ‘Thats right’ I remind myself ‘They don’t know that I am Prince.’

“Oh! Oh! Doll wants to introduce her team!” Announces Doll as she bounces up and down. Wolf gives his permission and goes to sit with Yu Lian. “Okay! Doll is Doll. She is Yu Lian and next to her is her husband Wolf. On the other bed is Gui and it is Lolidragon.” She finishes her introductions and Lolidragons face turns red in anger. “It?” she asks. Doll just smiles and nods her head.

It takes a while, and all of our blankets in order to tie her up to the bedpost, to convince Lolidragon that harming Doll would not help with our situation. We finally get her to sit still when the door to the room opens and hits the wall behind it with a BOOM. The man walks in and I immediatley want to face-palm.

He is wearing black from head to toes including a ski mask, gloves, and tool belt. “Are you a ninja?” I ask him “You are standing with Odd Squad and you are questioning me?” He counters. Lolidragon puts her hand on my shoulder and Laughs. “Touche.”

I roll my eyes. Leave it to Lolli to be a theif in real life and be able to escape the blankets. “The only way to leave is to play Second Life on my island.” Says the man, unaffected by the team. “And don’t misunderstand. I only want Prince the rest of you are to wait here as bait untill he arrives.”

“Well” says Lolidragon “Lets get playing!” “Very well” says the man “Here are your gaming helmets. Once you log on you will not be allowed to leave untill you have my permission. I have set up my island that I gained from a hidden quest to accomidate any and all needs untill your Prince arrives.” He hands out the helmets and shuts the door. We spend several minutes to pick our beds, then we settle down and enter the world of Second Life.

I wake up and immediatley realize that we seem to be transported to the character creation room. To the left and right of me my teamates are already logged in as their characters. I quickly glance down at myself and am relieved to see that I am still me. A man with white hair and features very similar to Princes appears in front of us, causing both Lolidragon and I to do a double take.

Gui takes two steps towards the man before running full speed to him. “His most Noble Higness Prince!” Yells Gui joyfully as he takes a flying leap at him. The man steps to one side and Gui falles into a heap behind him. “Please allow me to explain further why you are here.” When he hears the look-a-likes voice is not Princes, and he realizes he hasen’t been beaten into the floor, Gui curls up into a ball and starts sobbing. Seeing Guis’ teers makes me want to cry with him. This is the first time I have seen him cry and he is crying over Prince.

I feel the guilt run through my entire body. Why didnt I talk to him sooner. I mentally shake my head. Gui is gay. I never want to disappoint him. What would he think if he found out Gui is female? He said he wouldnt care but I still wonder.

I look up from Guis’ heart quietly sobbing form just in time to see the man disappear. “Well” says Yu Lian “Are you ready?” “Ready?” I ask her. “You didn’t hear a single thing Lee said, did you?” she questions ,disapprovingley. “no” I admit before glancing at Gui “Is he going to be ok?” “Eventually” she says. “He has been like this ever since Prince defeated the Dictator of Life. It usually only lasts for a little while. Guilt rushes through me again “Oh, I see…”

“Anyway the guy who has just introduced himself as Lee said that you appear to have a character but he can not find any information on it so he is just going to have you make a new one. Also, it would appear that he can do anything he wants to on his island so that is how we are able to create another charatcer and he explained that your stats have been pre-set and you can pick your occupation right away. Okay? lets begin.”

“Race?” “Elf”

“Hair?” “A little bit longer please.”

“Beautify by 30%”

“Occupation?” “Warrior.”

“Is there anything else that you want changed” She asks. “Uhm actually can you put a white streak in my hair” I ask. “In honor of Prince.” ” Yup” she smiles “What do you want to be called? “Xiao Lan is fine” I tell her. A PM sent to our team channel catches everyones attention.Welcome to the game. And everything goes black.

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    Maybe because the other is so shy to comment. But anyway, the story is great. Can you put more action into it , please?!

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