by Dark Ice Dragon

Nearly everything about Sun was contradictory, Judgment knew. For one example, he knew that if they switched places, Sun would find being the Judgment Knight a lot easier than he did currently, with absolutely no qualms of torturing criminals. That was contrary to the image that Sun showed of himself when he was in public (and was nearly never out of it, no matter where he was or how hard he tried). He also knew just how well Sun could drink, had seen the act in play and the illusion fall as soon as they were out of sight. Their own close friendship was another item on the long list of what Sun shouldn’t be, but was.

The sweets were another thing altogether.

That was one thing that expected of the Sun Knight that Sun followed, though it was not such a solid rule to live by compared to the others.

Ever since Judgment knew Sun, Sun had a sweet mouth. Not a sweet tooth – a sweet mouth. That was the only explanation for it. He had no idea how Sun could eat nearly pure sugar without a hint of a grimace or his teeth rotting and falling out.

At some point, it became a challenge to see how much sweetness Sun could take. Sun either didn’t notice, or enjoyed them even more.

Staggering slightly, Judgment made his way unsteadily out of the toilet and saw Sun waiting for him, a distant look in his eyes as he sat on one of the stools that he had brought. The trough of water was what held his attention though; he’d been unfortunately messier this time, both before and after going to the toilet.

As always, as soon as Sun saw him, he brightened up and sent him a sparkling smile, leaning forward and handing him the handkerchief. He shook his head, motioning to the state of his gloves. It was only after the gloves had been peeled off that Judgment took the proffered handkerchief and began searching for the batch of sweets he always kept on him. It was probably a good thing they were made of mostly sugar; they kept for longer then.

“May the God of Light always shine on His children!” Sun exclaimed, his eyes shining when he saw the sweets. One of the more brightly coloured ones was instantly picked up and eaten, crumbs flying in its wake from the very first bite. Which was one of the problems of having sweets made nearly purely of sugar – it always left a mess behind. Some had managed to stick to the side of Sun’s face (like it always did) and curiosity always got the best of Judgment.

Surely, the sweets couldn’t be that bad in taste, if Sun could eat them like it was plain bread. His hands were still dirty though, even after being protected by the gloves, so Judgment leaned forward and licked the edge of Sun’s mouth.


Sun merely stared back at him with a small embarrassed smile for him as he pulled away, used to the situation happening every single time they met.

For all that Sun was a contradiction to how he should act as the Sun Knight, maybe it was a good thing that he adored sweets. It was at least one thing that Sun could say where he truly acted like the Sun Knight.

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    The last part made me squeal! Kyaa!~ Good work! Looove it!

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