by Dark Ice Dragon

Privacy was something the Knights never really had. Even in the Holy Church they were always held to the standard of their predecessors, (in some cases, they were held to those expected personalities more stringently than when they were amongst the civilians, possibly because some of the higher ups knew about the act) and even away from the eyes of the public, they still sometimes acted out their roles, just in case they slipped at the wrong moment, acting like friends when they were of the opposing faction, or acting like enemies when they were supposed to be allies.

Sun and Judgment never seemed to have that problem, knowing each other and their quirks and mannerisms intimately soon after they’d first met that they knew what the other was actually saying, no matter the words that had come from their mouth. It freaked out the people of the ‘good, warm people’ faction when they saw Sun and Judgment together, ‘arguing’ over what the God of Light wanted for His children, and more than a few times Leaf had jumped in and pulled Sun away with a quick, high-pitched apology to Judgment, in an attempt to ‘save’ him from Judgment’s ‘ire’. It was sort of funny seeing people’s reactions to them talking with each other, when they knew there was nothing to worry about, but it wasn’t so funny when they hadn’t spoken with each other for a while! After being ‘saved’, Sun would have to avoid Judgment, because Leaf would normally be hovering close to him, just in case ‘Judgment decided to come after Sun’s head’. (Except Leaf never used those kind of words. It was just a lot easier to say and that really was what Leaf was worried about, so it would make more sense to translate it, right?)

So the only time they could have true privacy was either just after Judgment had just finished with interrogating a criminal, or when either of them had holed himself up in his bedroom.

Even then, they weren’t completely alone, because obviously the toilets could be needed at some point, no matter that it was deep in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted people’ territory, right next to where Judgment interrogated criminals – you just couldn’t argue with your bladder when it wanted to be emptied. It was the same with going to each other’s room; there was usually an emergency that needed their specific attention, or a Knight seeking them out to make sure a message was delivered promptly and in its entirety.

So that was why any private time any of the Knights were able to amass was always treasured and guarded jealously, though with a smile or cold look as the situation demanded. They just had very little chance to be who they actually were.

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