by Kayaille

Chapter 1: A New Pair Of Wings
A/N: Hello hello ^^. This is my first attempt at writing. I mean, writing ANYTHING. I plan to write other things as well, just decided to start with this. I need a Beta/Editor/Sounding-Board/Punching Bag. And one who is willing to put up with cursing, stupid schedules, so forth so forth.

*Edit-Major change to the story. I found that it makes my character THAT much more awesome. (Down with Mary Sues. Thank you!)

*Just to clear things up, my heroine will remain unnamed as long as possible.

“Hey there sweetheart, wanna come to my house?” asked a handsome man. His fingers stroked lightly down my back. Normally, any other girl would have been thrilled. Not me.

“I’m sorry, I’m a girl, sir.” I apologized quickly. Why in the world did I choose to work at a gay bar?

The man’s eyes widened. “But you look so much like a guy…and a girl.”
I caught sight of my reflection in a mirror. A heart-shaped face, big brown eyes, and a slender body.

“Yeah, well, I’m a girl.” The man pouted.

“When you get a sex change operation, come find me!”
That’s the third one already.

“I’m home!” I called. My mom popped her head out of the kitchen doorway. “Oh, good. Can you help me set up the table? Your older brother is coming to visit.”
Michael? I better set up two extra plates. He’ll probably have a new girlfriend coming along.

“So, how are you doing, little sis?” asked Michael. Surprisingly, he didn’t bring a girlfriend, but a guy friend, Sean. Today, mom’s cooking was surprisingly good. So, Michael has no girlfriend in tow, Mom’s cooking is edible for once. What’s wrong with the world today?

“Fine. School’s fine, work is fine, and swimming is fine.”

Sean, who was very nice, asked, “What do you do for work?”

My mom snorted. I flushed. “I work at a gay bar.” Wait for it…

Sean’s mouth dropped open. “Re-really? Do you get hit on?”

I murmured into my drink. Sean asked, “…I’m sorry, what was that?”

I raised my voice. “I said, yes, and by both genders, unfortunately.” My mom couldn’t take it anymore and started cracking up.
Michael and Sean were exchanging uncertain glances.

“An example?” asked Michael.

“Like today, I got hit on by a guy. He even told me to get a sex change operation, so that I could, quote ‘come find me’.”
My mom was still laughing. Michael and Sean started cracking up as well. I threw my hands up in the air.

“I’m straight! It’s not funny!”

Michael hugged me after dinner. “Thanks for putting up with us, little sis.” Then, he murmured into my ear. “I think Sean might be a little infatuated with you.”
I stared, completely shocked. “Uh, isn’t he two years older than you?”


“Then, aren’t we four years apart, since you are two years older than me?”


“Ew, is he a pedophile?”

“Sis, four years in age difference doesn’t make a cougar or pedophile out of a person.”

“Really?” For some reason, Michael threw his hands in the air.

“Anyways, there’s a new game being released in the US. It’s called Second Life, so buy it immediately and start playing right away, okay? PM me ingame, and I’ll help you out.”

“Okay. First off, what’s a PM?”

Michael seemed to be dumbstruck. “…Just find some cute guy in-game to teach you how to play. I gotta run to catch my flight back to China.”

“Alright. Bye, Michael!” I waved to him as he started to drive crazily out of our driveway.

Man, Michael was right! A new game with a ninety-nine percent of realism popped out in the US, and it connected with players all around the world, not just the US servers. If it weren’t for Michael’s forewarning, I would have never bought it in time. Luckily, I did, and started waiting for the online start. Unfortunately, my clock is always set early…
When I put on the helmet, I was immediately thrust into a pitch black darkness. How dark, you ask? So dark, that if I closed one eye and waved my hand right in front of my face, there was a hundred percent chance that I would not see my hand.

After waiting quietly and patiently for five minutes, I…decided to start singing.
“Jeegum go ga hanun yaegee, no napulgae jee molah ah. Ah moon ee jook do monomoso haedeh kuh yeah-ah…(Translation-What I am about to say\I don’t know if it might hurt you. It might hurt so bad you would want to kill me…)” Odd, why did this pop into my head? I tried again.

“Sora, akakusomeru, kokutan oo no yami, somiko mareta, hoshikuzu tachi, haka naku,somisomoru hai no yuki… (Translation-The sky, is dyed a crimson red, that comes out of the darkness of what needs to be said, the stars we used to know, no longer glow, obscured by all the ash that falls like snow…)” Wait, why am I singing in Japanese? I don’t even know that much Japanese. Or Korean, for that matter. I thought clearly on what language I wanted to sing next.

“There’s a fire, starting in my heart. Reaching a fever pitch, and it’s bringing me out the dark. Finally I can see you crystal clear…” Ooh, Adele.

For the next twenty minutes, I tried singing every song I knew. 2NE1, Adele, f(x), Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, and even some One Direction. Suddenly, a bright light flooded the room. There was a super beautiful person sitting in a floating chair.

“Uh…hello?” I called.
The super beautiful person opened her large, pretty eyes.

“Hello, and welcome to Second Life. This is your first time playing, so please give us a moment to scan your body and record your vocal frequency. That way, you will be able to immediately enter the game once you put the game helmet on.” I waited for something to happen but the person looked confused. “I’m sorry, but the game scanner seems to be broken. It is registering you as a female.”

“…I am a female.”
Her face tensed up, and she immediately apologized. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you.”

“It’s fine, no biggie. I get that a lot.” I refuted.

As the girl relaxed a little, she immediately started speaking. “Now that the scanner has finished, please create your character. Please be aware that you cannot recreate or reroll your character.”

“May I create two characters?” Cool, I can play as a girl and a guy!

“I’m sorry, but each account is only allowed to have one character.”
Dang it. There go my hopes and dreams…

“What happens when you die?” After all, if you only have one character…

“You will return to the rebirth point and lose a level.”
How odd.

“Would you like to create your character now?”

“Oh, yes.”
Immediately, a whole slew of races appeared before me. Holy mother of-Why are there twenty mysterious beings out of a sci-fi movie before me?
Seeing my shock and confusion, the beautiful person said, “Pick whatever you want. I’ll explain it to you.”

“Thank you! This is my first time playing a game of this type,” I explained. “Oh, what should I call you?” I asked, having realized I didn’t even know the beautiful person’s name.

She hesitated. “My name is Kaoru.”

“Ooh, that’s a pretty name.” I said, grinning at her.
Kaoru visibly relaxed. “Well, are you looking for any attributes, such as agility or power?”

I frowned and tapped my lip. “I don’t know if you’ll understand this, but I want to be androgynous. Like, how I am right now, only way prettier. Or handsome, depending on how you view me.”

“Well, then I recommend you choose the angel race. They may sprout wings, are very beautiful, and are already somewhat in between genders.”

“Can I choose an angel with brown wings?”

Kaoru thought for a moment. “That’s usually not possible, but since you seem really nice, and you logged in almost instantaneously, I will grant your request.” I laughed guiltily inside my head. Hey, it’s not my fault my clock is fast.
A beautiful, slim person with black wings outstretched, and a pretty but cold face appeared in front of me. Wow, even if that’s just a version of me, even I can’t tell if that’s a guy or girl.

I frowned. Kaoru asked, “Do you dislike it?” She sounded anxious.

“No, but…Can I change the hair and eye color?”
A window popped up in front of me. It had two columns, and a variety of colors. I selected gray, and the angel’s hair turned into a dark gray. There was also a very pretty color of white, tinged very slightly with blue. selected that one, and Kaoru shook her head.

“It doesn’t look that pretty with your wings.”

I frowned yet again. Kaoru added, “What were you planning on for a name?”

“Some sort of bird-ah! I got it! Her name is Nightingale. Er, its.”

“Nightingales are brown and white, correct?” What kind of weirdo doesn’t know that? Er, then again…I love birds. That might just be me.


“So, let’s make the eyes and hair brown, and you can wear white clothes. I’ll automatically add the beautification effect by thirty percent, if you’re fine by that.” Woah. Even I might fall in love with myself after awhile…Oh my god. Am I a secretly hidden narcissist? I shook myself out of my horrifying train of thought.

“Un. Kaoru, can I meet you in-game? I don’t know anyone but my older brother.” And possibly Sean as well. Didn’t Michael mention something about that?


“Okay, now, what else?” I really, really want to start playing. It sounds so interesting.

“Nothing. Now, you wanted to meet me, so I’ll send you to the Western continent. PM me once you wake up, my name is Kaoru. Don’t forget!”

I merged with the beautiful angel, and we fell into a big hole that appeared.

My consciousness blacked out.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” A concerned girl ran over to me, with her husband following behind.

I lifted my head, still a little sore. “I just started…”

My words trailed off, noticing both the girl and her husband were staring at my face. The girl’s eyes were heart-shaped, while the guy’s was indescribably shiny.

My face paled. “KAORU!” I yelled in PM.

The girl swallowed something down, and asked me, “Are-are you a bishou-I mean, okay?”

“Yeah. Thanks for checking.” I got up, unsteadily. My wings suddenly appeared.

“Angel race?” asked the husband. On spotting my brown wings, he gasped.

I shook hands with both of them. “My name is Nightingale.”

The girl said, “I am DanDan, and this is my hubby, Neurotic.”

“Nightingale, what class are you going to be?” asked Neurotic.

“I was thinking of being a warrior…” I replied. Neurotic and DanDan were walking with me to outside of the village.

DanDan piped up. “Well, go practice killing deer, since they are the lowest level mobs around here. We’ll wait for you by the restaurant in the newbie village.”
I gripped the small knife in my inventory, and stared at the peaceful deer wandering around the woods. I felt like the huntsman from Bambi…

Muahahaha~ Who cares about Bambi now? I had no feeling of guilt whatsoever. The peaceful deer were actually quite vicious (Michael: Isn’t that just because you aggro-ed them first?), so I was able to eat venison. I turned to the deer-free hills. Oh, I leveled up? And five times already.


After distributing the skill points (Kaoru helped me out over PM)
Name: Nightingale| Gender: Unknown (Kaoru sure has a sense of humor…)| Level: 9| Race: Angel-Black| Class: None| Reputation: 0| Health: 180| Mana: 55| Unspent skill points: 0| Strength: 22| Physique: 11 (What does that even mean?)| Agility: 15| Intelligence: 4| Willpower: 3| Wisdom: 4| Charisma: 6 (Isn’t this totally useless?)| Luck: Unknown
I grinned at my stats. Only one more level to go until I can go change to a warrior…
I gripped the small knife and stared at the deer. Meat and experience, here I come!

Neurotic and DanDan came over to see what was wrong. Instead of finding a terrified person that was weakly attacking, they found a wildly attacking person that was already level twelve…
I almost attacked Neurotic by accident. I pulled back the slice enough to not affect Neurotic.

I flipped the hair back from my face. “Sorry.”

He smiled. “Right now, your level is too low to do any damage to me, it’s fine.”

Really? I scratched my head. “So, can I try out one of my abilities on you?” It’s labeled Silver Claw.

Neurotic laughed. “Let’s see if you can even make a mark on me. Go ahead.”

I started with my feet in a straight line, my eyes closed. When I opened them again, I could feel the calm aura radiating from my eyes. In an instant, I reached Neurotic and quickly thrust the dagger into his armor and up.
Riiip. The sound of his leather armor collapsing on itself filled the area, and the dagger touched his neck.

Stunned silence filled the area. Neurotic was staring in shock. “That can’t be, I just had this armor repaired today.”

DanDan was also surprised. “That armor was reinforced with steel underneath. You went through the steel?”

I too, was completely stunned by the skill’s strength. “No way, this sucked on the deer.”

I took a peek at the skill description. “It’s supposed to work best on player armor.”
My mana bar wasn’t even a quarter full, and it looked untouched. I looked up at the couple and smiled. Ultimate technique one-Silver Claw.

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PPS: If you can’t tell I love 2NE1, Adele, and whatever J-Pop song catches my fancy. Maybe C-Pop as well.

Edit-As you can tell, the name changed. FYI-Nightingale was her original name. I then changed it since I thought Raven sounded cooler. And then someone sent me something. And I changed my mind again. Thank you!

I know, I know, the chapter’s not coming out. My ideas aren’t exactly flowing out either. So, apologies from a still-in-school person.

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