February 2011 Fanfiction Contest Winner

The Sunflower
by unice5656

Small, dormant life
Calm within my shell
Alive, but not alive
Planted in darkness, waiting.

Then I felt warmth
Beckoning me up,
Up, up to the surface
It was you, life-giving Sun

You made me grow
Life, warmth, energy
From seed grew stem, roots, leaves
A whole, a bright Sunflower

From dawn ‘til dusk
You shine, you glow, and
You dance across the sky
I turn my head to watch you

You don’t notice
My gaze, my awe, my
Worship of your beauty
You just dance, carefree, smiling

When rain and clouds
Separate us, I
Am lonely, but you don’t
Miss me, high up in the sky

I am not the
Only one by far
Entire fields bask in
Your warmth, love and adore you

Whereas you are
Unique and precious,
Irreplaceable, I
Am just one of so many

Now I wonder:
If I disappeared,
Would you miss me? I hope
You would, just a little bit

But then again
I wish you only
Happiness. If you’d feel
Sadness, I would never leave

Regrets, I have
None. That I have basked
In your bright radiance
Is worth any suffering

You are the Sun
I, a Sunflower
Without you, I will die
Without me, you still burn on

But I hope that
You appreciate
This gift: the simple love
Of a humble Sunflower

6 Responses

  1. chicaalterego

    tearing up…. crying…. this was so cute, simple and sweet, a love letter from wiked, im mooved

  2. arc

    omg you made me cry! i never cry! (except in laughter)
    that was amazing, i don’t even like poetry, but that……*sniff* poor wicked…..he’s such a nice guy he deserves a happy ending, but i’m still in gui’s fanclub…..

  3. SnowStorm

    Emotional smile and applause (not out loud, I’m in class!!)
    Loved it

  4. 15B

    If Prince had to end up with either Gui or Wicked, I think I would support Wicked, even if Gui is one of my favorite characters. (Although I’d really prefer it if she didn’t end up with anyone!)

    Thank you for writing this poem.

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