Tournament Round 2 Fanfiction Contest Winner

Ming Huang vs Blaze Knight
by Saddistic_Me

“H-HUH!?! MY OPPONENT IS A FEMALE?!?” Blaze blurted out upon entering the colosseum-like arena, and spotted his opponent on the other end of the stage,clearly clueless of this grave mistake that he had made. Prince, which was with the audience after being forced to cheer for his fellow team mate, though clearly unwilling , could not help but snicker at this comment.’ Ha! See! Anyone would mistake him for a girl!’ Prince thought as he continued with his laughter, further enraging the already annoyed Ming Huang.

The veins on his temple visibly popped, throbbing violently. “F*** YOU!!” Ming Huang roared as he lunged towards Blaze, and aimed mercilessly for his crotch.

‘Uuuugh that must hurt a lot’, prince thought as he winced sympathetically at the sight of the poor man tossing around on the floor, holding on to his groin. Afterall, he/she did know how it felt being kicked at such a …sensitive area, as he had experienced it firsthand. Not just prince, but almost everyone present had been sending the poor man scrambling around on the floor this look of sympathy, knowing how painful it must be to be kicked …you know where. However, apparently almost everyone does not include this terrifying apathetic sadist known as Lolidragon, who was also the judge for this tournament.

She snickered at this scene as she glided towards Blaze, who is still rolling about the floor, as she started counting down to his defeat. You could tell from her voice that she was obviously trying to hold back her laughter.

” ……4…3….2…” Just when everyone had thought that all hope was lost for Blaze, ” GRAAAAAGHHH!!!” Blaze stood as he shouted ” WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM, WOMAN!?!?!” as he sprinted and lunged towards Ming Huang to attack, but missed as Ming Huang dodged it.”

‘…Woman… he called him a woman again…… Oh no was he going to get it or what.’ Prince thought as he shook his head, well not just him, almost all of the people who knew Ming Huang was shaking their heads. On the other hand, those who don’t know Ming Huang was oblivious as well, and was wondering what was wrong with Ming Huang. Sun was, as clueless as he always have been, one of those people, and had been cursing internally at the ‘girl’ for being so brutal towards Blaze for no apparent reason. Blaze was , after all, under him. And kicking him THERE was way too much, however, there was nothing he could do apart from cheering for blaze as well as cursing Ming Huang. Although it’s not entirely that he couldn’t help… It was just that it happened to be a rare off day of his, which was disrupted already by this abrupt tournament that the pope just suddenly popped upon them, and he was not going to ruin it further by having to wreck his brains just to revenge Blaze.

Blaze was once again assaulted by an angry Ming Huang with , who has just decided to finally reveal his source of anger.” F*** YOU WHO’RE YOU CALLING A WOMAN !! CANT YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GUY AND A GIRL?!?!?!”

“GI-GIRL?!?!” *Thud*

The whole hall fell silent as Blaze fainted. It seems that….he couldn’t take the news. I guess it was too much for him to handle with his protozoan brain…

” And the victory goes to Ming Huang!!!” :D

7 Responses

  1. Juliastes

    It’s funny how the winning fics so far are counter to the actual reader outcome of the competition.

  2. MPToki

    Did Blaze finally realize Ming Huang was a boy before he passed out?
    Thank You!!! =D

  3. Hati

    HAhahahaha may the benevolent god of light watch over brother blaze to help his eyes open to the light. XD

  4. Alyss

    I don’t think Blaze would faint from something like that….He’d get shocked for about 3 seconds then get pissed off or something and yell “HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW YOU F*#^ING [email protected]” and proceed to beat Ming Huang up (or get beaten up in the attempt, for all u Ming Huang fans).

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