LDK: Legend Of The Dark Knight

Chapter I

It was midday when I, the esteemed Sun Knight, donned my hooded cloak, swept back my golden hair and… jumped out the window of my bedchamber. I concentrated wind magic to soften the blow, feeling the cold winters’ snow crunch underneath my boots as I began to stealthily jog away.

And what possessed the noble and virtuous Sun Knight to act in such a shady manner? A day of quiet! Everytime I tried to sneak out I was met by a barrage of paperwork and chores! I had spent the last week working to clean up the mess caused by the fight with Scarlet. The work load was just too big! (Although I had it nowhere near as bad as the ‘carefree’ Storm Knight)

It was while thinking broodlingly on these escape attempts that I scrabbled over the walls (Ahh my nails! I’m going to have to manicure them when I get back!). It was only ten minutes until I was leisurely strolling down the streets (taking care to keep my face and air hidden) with a hot blueberry pie keeping me company in a small satchel. Slowly the streets filled with shops and stalls changed to houses, then to forest. As much as I despised the dirty forest with its creepy-crawlies and wild animals I remembered a peaceful, quiet area that my teacher had dumped left me to train in as a child. It took another thirty minutes to reach it, and by the end I was tired and, most of all, hungry!

Setting the satchel on a nearby rock I opened it, breathing in the scent of freshly baked blueberries and pastry. I then promptly stuffed a piece (elegantly, of course) in my mouth and sat down to observe my surroundings.

It was a small clearing which gave way to a cliff that displayed acres of plush forest. Everything was laced in ice, reflecting against the soft rays of sunshine peaking through the clouds. I nodded, satisfied, “This is perfect.”

And with that thought in mind I began rummaging amongst the trees for a large boulder, until I finally found one big enough; almost the size of my torso. I sat it down and observed its structure in my mind for a short while, before resting my hands against its rough surface and breathing steadily as I concentrated on it fully until the sound of grinding rock rung through the air and rock dust fell to the ice. I stretched happily, a wide smile on my face.

“Grisia Sun,” a menacing voice startled me out of my reverie. I promptly focused his sensing ability on the culprit… Shit! Lesus! I had been too focused on the rock and hadn’t sensed the ominous figure approaching.

I put on my biggest, brightest smile, “Brother Judgement, under the God of Lights divine rays how may Sun help you today?”

“Cut the crap! What do you think you’re doing running off at a time like this?! The pope is calling for you and he sent me to find you! I’ve been wasting all this time searching for you! If it wasn’t for Leafs sensing ability I wouldn’t have a clue where you were. Why are you out here anyway?”

“Well,” I began sheepishly, “I sort of had something I needed to do…”

With that I grabbed the large boulder and inched it over to face the edge of the cliff, before setting a slice of the pie infront of it. Frowning in puzzlement Lesus walked up beside me to look down at the boulders face. What he saw shocked him into regret.


May you find peace


Lesus bit his lip.

“I’m such an idiot,” Lesus murmured before resting his hand on my arm and saying in a quiet voice, “Grisia I’m sorry, truly. I didn’t even consider-”

“No, don’t say sorry,” I replied firmly, “I won’t lie. I regret killing her, and at the same time I would do it a hundred times over. No matter who she was in my past she tried to kill my brothers. But as the same time she seemed so pitiful… how many years did she chase after me? How many years was she alone, while I was surrounded by family and support?”

I balled up my shaking hands, tears falling silently down my pale white skin before I continued, “I’m being silly. I don’t even remember her, but still… I wish it could have gone differently. If I had just gone with her to start with… Roland would be the sun knight. He wouldn’t have died. Teacher wouldn’t have lost an arm. And you wouldn’t have died…”

I raised my hand to my face, “I feel like all I’ve done as a Sun Knight is cause everybody pain and hardship.”

“That’s not true!” Lesus said fiercely.

I smiled sadly, unconvinced.

“Oh yeah,” I mumbled, digging into my pocket and bringing out the amulet where the last essence of Scarlet remained.

“Grisia…” Lesus said uncomfortably, “You can’t leave that here, It’s too dangerous. If somebody else-”

I cut him off a shake of his head, “I know. I just… Sort of wanted her to know. That she wasn’t lone in the end. That somebody cared, even just a little. She probably isn’t aware of her surroundings in there though.”

We sat in quiet contimplation for some time before I sighed loudly, “We should probably hurry back to the Pope before he chucks a fit.”

This brought on one of Lesus’s small, rare smiles.

I swung back my golden hair and began to fasten the amulet behind my neck carefully before tucking it under my many layers of clothing.

“Shall we go?” I said, flashing a signature ‘Sun Knight’ smile before following Lesus out of the forest.

We walked in silence, feet crunching in the snow in unison before I stopped, and Lesus turned to see what was the problem. When he did he saw me leaning against a tree, my hair hanging infront of my face, seemingly unaware that my pure white gloves were being tarnished by the dark wood.

“Sun?” Lesus asked, taking a step towards me, “What’s wrong?”

“Stay…” I mumbled incoherently, staggering backwards and falling clumsily into the snow.

“Sun?!” Lesus was alarmed now as he crossed the distance between us, kneeling down and grabbing my arm roughly, “What is it? Are you sick?”

“Stay…” I looked up and opened his eyelids to reveal my eyes, a pure black. Underneath us the snow had begun to curl away and the trees surrounding us had begun to rot, “Stay back!”

It was, however, too late. Lesus was flung away by a surge of dark energy which exploded brilliantly from me, sinking my world into darkness.

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